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Debitum won the ICO Pitch Gambling and Audience Award

Debitum won the ICO Pitch Gambling and Audience Award

On October 31, the Gregorian project won one hundred and twenty different candidates in the prestigious ICO Competitions Competition in colony d10e, the leading international conference on decentralization. Debitum won the prize from the jury and viewers, and at the moment, the interest in this project continues to grow.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 1.34.25 PM.png

Let’s take a closer look at what this idea is. And so Debitum is a fully self-sufficient network that can perform the function of a distribution system consisting of various interconnected facets in the method of financing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – borrowers, risk assessors, insurance companies, investors, debt collectors and other contractors – the World Health Organization uses Debitum token, as this brings huge benefits in this area, such a perspective contributes to the growth of the network as a whole. A positive trend also makes it possible to see that payments between themselves are carried out at intervals. How the utility of the multi-point token Debitum was created: “We analyzed many applicable token models,

Debitum is built as a hybrid platform in which all actions are processed through Ethereum Blockchain, which makes Debitum Network a safe and incorruptible infrastructure. It consists of family smart contracts based on Ethereum, which are calculated by one internal method of payment.
Transactions pass through Fiat currencies, thereby ensuring that companies can actually use this service easily despite the location and from the very start, and this can not but rejoice)


The Debit Network is designed to bring together borrowers and people who help them implement them: investors (lenders), risk assessors, document validators, insurance companies, etc.

Companies or individual professionals working in alternative financing rooms can connect to the network for free and immediately begin facilitating cross-border transactions.

The Debitum Network is built as a hybrid platform

All actions are processed through Ethereal Blockchain, making the Network Debitum a secure and non-destructive infrastructure. It consists of a family-based smart contract based on Ethereal, which is facilitated by one way of internal payments.

Transactions run through Fiat currency, ensuring businesses can actually use these services easily in their region, and from day one.

Global Credit

In accordance with the World Bank’s review, about 70% of all micro, small
and medium-sized enterprises in emerging markets have no access to credit. The strata of small and medium business are the most

Strata of small and medium business is the most promising target audience for financiers Among industry experts, small business financing is considered today as a globalissue address formally registered small business accounted for more than half of GDP in developed countries.

Token Distribution

Road map

Learn more about what we have achieved so far, short-term plans our, and what will we create with
2015 – Q2 2017
Start of the company
2015: Incorporated DEBIFO – finance companies alternative
2016.01: Join the financial platform Mintos p2p
2016.10 : Achieving a financing agreement with private debt fund MUNDUS
2017.02: Debitum Ecosystem envisioned
2017.06: Achieving 3M EUR portfolio, nearly 20M asset turnover EUR
Q3 2017
Creating Proof of Concept
2017.07: Extending core teams with business and technology
advisers 2017.08: Establishing global business development teams
2017.09: Build and deploy the MVP version on Etereum Ropsten block 2017.09
: Align with the first counterparty of the
2017.09 ecosystem Increase funds through Crowdsale
2017.10: Launch marketing campaign
2017.10: Expand the Debitum Network community
2017.10: Combine Debitum Network
2017.12: Chapter Crowdsale A – Raised 1.2 M USD
Q1-Q3 2018
Building Debitum Network 1.0
2018.02: Crowdsale Round B
Product development begun
2018.03: Expanding the Debitum Network team to prepare for global expansion
2018.06: Establishing a Debitum Network in the first target country
2018.09: Testing and auditing Debitum Network 1.0 before public launch
Q4 2018
Debitum 1.0
Network Develops a 1.0 version Debitum Network ecosystem with manual on-boarding generators, additional investors and service providers

Your profits grow with the Debitum Network

We use your contribution to fully launch our solutions in many markets.

Anyone with spare money can join the Debitum Network and lend to Fernando or other companies.

Because the Debit Network is growing all over the world, with a very limited number of DEB tokens on the market, the token value gained can increase by about 10x times.


Additional info:






ODEM.IO A Higher Education Platform Based

ODEM.IO A Higher Education Platform Based on World’s First Blockchain Technology

Successful greetings to all of my crypto buddies wherever you are. May you be healthy all Amiin. on this occasion I will inform you all about one of the ongoing projects, namely ICO ODEM.IO .

What is ODEM.IO. ?

ODEM.IOis a qualified and trusted education industry to create customized curriculum and experience and go straight into the marketplace. The ODEM platform further gives students more options for housing, transportation and other necessities. ODEM will enable international and local students to take ownership of their education. ODEM will facilitate a live-in-classroom experience, supported by online capabilities.
ODEM will be better than just the education market. Through a smart contract based on Ethereum, an agreement between students and professors will be achieved with the least involvement of mediators. Platform exchange utility tokens can act as a common currency to facilitate cross-border payments and provide incentives to professors to keep their programs up to date and relevant. Our dream is to make education from the world’s top educators and accessible to everyone.
Basically worldwide expenditures rose to about $ 6 trillion by 2016, with spending on higher learning expected to rise 8% this year to $ 2.05 trillion. The year-on-year demand growth is fueled by the growing global population and growing middle class in Asia and Africa. Regardless of the prospect of increased spending, students face many obstacles and limitations that reduce access to quality education experience. Increased tuition, student debt and intermediary liaisons, including universities, closed many prospective students, ensuring that the highest quality education is allocated widely to the global elite. For many people, higher education is inaccessible, reliable or relevant for students with ever-changing desires. The ODEM platform does not affect the diverse needs of students, educators, and service providers using leading-edge blockchain technology to improve transparency and efficiency, reduce costs and make education accessible to everyone.
With Lack of Access to Higher Quality Education Improving accessibility, ODEM will address the challenges facing students in obtaining a great education. We recognize that overcoming obstacles is an important part of growth. However, we also believe that creating a global marketplace can assist students in accessing many educational options, adjusting course options, and managing the acquisition of student accommodation and transportation.


  • Financial Barriers
  • Geographical Barriers and Communities
Using blockchain technology and smart contract-based payment platforms, ODEM will enable students and professors to interact directly and participate in educational and learning exchanges, without the involvement of intermediaries. Our goal is to make quality education more accessible and trustworthy by a wider audience.
ODEM and secure, blockchain based platforms allow students to interact with educators fluently and seize the opportunity to access tailor-made courses and educational programs. Students can use ODEM to find a curriculum that meets their needs.
ODEM takes on many industry challenges by:
  • Access to local and international experience, and personal educational experience. While ODEM can provide any kind of learning experience, the program emphasizes direct education in elite institutions around the world.
  • A single educational community where students, educators and service providers can communicate and participate directly in a secure environment.
  • A more efficient way to share and understand the requirements, goals, and details of education to meet the rapidly changing workforce and the globalization of students and educators.
  • Negotiation system, curriculum description and real-time single payment on an agreed schedule.
The ODEM platform is a multi-dimensional education market, accommodating participants, cost, location and scheduling. The effort to fund, plan and organize a complete in-person event requires technical nuances and specific requirements that are translated into well-managed schedules.
How ODEM works:
The ODEM platform will run with a more extensive One-day Teaching or Training Week event, the ODEM platform connects students and educators in any way anywhere in the world. And with a thriving user community, the ODEM platform will be an ideal way to buy or sell tailored education and training programs at cross-border levels.
ODEM users must login to the platform, decide which services to buy, and the purchase records are saved to blockchain. Functions and activities performed prior to purchase, such as finding or adding a new curriculum will be handled by the platform.
ODEM Platform  Infographic
Token Symbol: ODEM
Total Token: 396.969.697
CROWDSALE Will Start On 02/17/18
Given the global Token Sale regime, ODEM SA is committed to following certain best practices. ODEM token purchases will require KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) protection measures to ensure contributors can legally participate in token sales. ODEM believes to be a leader in the application of best practices. KYC form will be available in, home.

ArсBlосk – The World’s first blockchain ecosystem for building

ArсBlосk – The World’s first blockchain ecosystem for building and deploying decentralized applications.

ArcBlock is a phase and system for building and implementing hierarchical blockchain applications. The passing phase for the essential segments is expected to use blockchain to reinforce the complex business rules. It interfaces existing frameworks with blockchain systems, allowing you to formalize business forms using information and personality related to existing frameworks.
The basic goal of ArcBlock is to remove an obstacle that has reduced blockchain adoption in the total population. We are also looking forward to building a type-approach that will completely promote the blockchain improvement.

ArcBlock Platform

ArcBlock is a market driven platform for administration, segmentation, and even reusable applications. “Workers” in the ArcBlock stages not only bring the outsourced assets, but also help build the stages together by introducing reuse segments, new governments and even Preparing to send the application. Property or government providers will be paid by the cards to create a positive, self-supporting development phase to grow independently of anyone else. Phase advantage ArcBlock is not our own creation. It was produced by the ArcBlock team which we recently started another unrest.
Introducing ArcBlock to the Open Chain Access Protocol allows for open networks through various blockchain conventions. The designers now have the opportunity to evaluate the blockchain convention, and even forward and backward between the two. The Open Chain Access Protocol encourages the use of new blockchains as creatives create. This kills the main phases problem and allows the application the opportunity to continue running on some kind of square structure, greatly enhancing the engineers and customers encountered.
Blocklet is another progressive segment that uses the most recent microservice model and computing initiatives without a server. Blocklet is an abnormal state application convention that can be implemented with any stage or dialect. It uses the full limit of the first stage and provides a similar level of performance, as opposed to running on poorly performing virtual machines.
Blocklet is just blockchains. It communicates with existing information sources, and implements chain and off-chain processing.
Our special outline is expected to create a highly efficient, easy-to-use, financial and literate process analytics. We believe that ArcBlock is a remarkable creative process that will convey the 3.0’s of blockchain applications.

Advantages of Arcblock

Building and implementing a distributed blockchain application with ArcBlock has important advantages for commercially available systems that are specifically accessible today.
Working for the New Token Economy The
ArcBlock is a self-development biology community not just a product stage made by a simple association. We at ArcBlock, Inc., the ArcBlock Foundation simply start venturing; The stage will evolve to grow and create independence from anyone else.
All ArcBlock authorities are controlled by the token economy. Instead of a basic management stage, ArcBlock is an economy driven by the motivations of closely collaborating collaborative teams to better collect biological communities.

Simplify the best experience

We build ArcBlock stages using the “best” procedure, focusing on customer encounters. On the other hand, many current arrangements focus on stopping the innovation itself from compromising ease of use. Applications that work with ArcBlock provide a seamless and easy-to-learn experience. Customers can only access it from a web program (no additional modules required), or download mobile applications easily from the app store. Either way, the procedure is not far off.
ArcBlock also significantly improves engineer engagement. There is no compelling reason to manage the lowland blockchain convention. With our production blockchain connectors, engineers do not have to run nearby blocks to start creating and testing their applications.

Work to Cloud

ArcBlock is intended to run locally in the cloud. It can continue to run on a computer for testing and progress.
This planning rule makes ArcBlock in the general sense not exactly the same as the different stages in the blockchain world. In ArcBlock, a hub can be a “coherent computer” that includes at least one virtual machine, or a set of collaborative cloud benefits such as search scenarios. This approach demonstrates a remarkable advance that will advance blockchain applications and decentralization to the next level, including delayed patenting.
ArcBlock will initially be based on AWS and Windows Azure, which at that time extended to help Google Compute Engine, China’s main computer distribution analyst and various stages.
Working with open standards The ArcBlock works with open rules.
We try not to rediscover the haggle people who create the desires and needs of application engineers. Although opening up the assets of our center, we will also effectively add to the blockchain innovation group. Our colleagues are required to be effective with guidance associations, charities, and boards. It now includes the Blockchann Community W3C Community Group, the IEEE Blockchain Community, the Ethereal Enterprise Alliance, the Linux Foundation, and the Hyperledger Foundation. This rundown will evolve over time.

ArcTlock Token (ABT)

ArcBlock Token (ABT) is the first ArcBlock stage. To perform high-performance interchange, we created an ideal blockchain committed to ArcBlock’s token management and open profile. The goal of the plan is to achieve> 100,000 Tx / s, all that may be needed for a wide variety of uses. The latter blockchain can be redesigned for a wider reason. ABT is made up as a useful sign that can be used as part of different situations. In ArcBlock, ABT’s basic estimate is to pay for the use of the ArcBlock framework. Like distributed computer governance, ABT is a token utility to pay the costs associated with using this management. Unlike Ethereum or Bitcoin, where customers typically pay a fee for each exchange they make, ArcBlock is designed to allow application providers to pay transaction fees to their end customers. This approach greatly enhances the customer’s encounter. Designers pay for the month, allowing them to include small units and spare cash. ArcBlock also suggested that some designers make some from the ABT tags as incentives when they ask the basic regulators.

For more information, visit; /




What is SP8DE?

Sp8de is a protocol for a decentralized, blockbuster based platform with many features that are necessary for the growing blockchain gambling industry and whose robust implementation is missing in any of the currently existing projects in this space.

Token Utility

Software License

Accessing the application universe simply requires having a proprietary token of our SPX system.

Game chip

The rates within the Sp8de ecosystem are only performed using SPX. With SPX, you participate in the success of the protocol.


SPX is used to reward developers at the protocol level.


Game Search Engine

Spade is a platform for developing decentralized applications for casinos.

Inspired to create

Spade is a decentralized market for frictionless games and no barriers to entry.

White Noises Powered Fair

The voting mechanism is implemented at the protocol level: the rating of the application reflects the true consensus of the interested parties and is unchanged.

From a legal point of view

Spade is designed to fully meet all the necessary requirements.


Decentralized 3.0

The basis of Sp8de, the Cardano is the first Proof-Of-Stake protocol without compromising security.

Scalability and efficiency

Tens of thousands of transactions per second: no user experience limitations.

Smart contracts Sp8de

The scripting language Smart-Contracts, specifically designed for this

Each token sold has a specific factor associated with it, the jackpot factor. The probability of winning is much proportional to this factor.

Of course, that jackpot factors are ordered: even during one round of sales, the previous fee is rewarded with more “powerful” tokens. The distribution of these factors for each round is shown in the table above.

Participants in earlier rounds of the jackpot have a small chance to win a big game, while those who later participate have a higher chance of winning, but are awarded in smaller batches.

In addition, earlier participants participate in more rounds of the jackpot. This should not prevent late participation: the largest pooled pool of prize tokens is played during the fourth round of the jackpot.

Distribution of tokens

There are 8,888,888,888 SPX tokens that are ever delivered. Initially, during the ICO, SPX will be released on the Ethereum block chain as ERC20 tokens. More detailed information can be found in the technical document and the description of the SPX ICO. The sale of tokens is organized into 9 stages: one pre-sale and four sales of tokens, followed by a round of jackpots.

As shown above, the price of one SPX coin increases with each round of sale. The number of tokens sold and purchased increases every subsequent round, except for presale sale. Each jackpot is played back among all existing tokens holders.

Early participation allows you to participate in more jackpot-rounds. For example, participation in the Pre-Sale and the first sale gives access to all four jackpots. Nevertheless, participation in, say, a third sale will only give access to Jackpots three and four.

Before taking part in this event, make sure that you understand the mechanics of the Spade ICO process. Do not rely solely on the chart and do not forget to understand the meaning of all of its components and especially the dedicated segments of the jackpot.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev (middle front) and Alexei Kashirsky (right) at the Moscow Mining University. At that time Alexey taught information technology in the mining industry.
Now Alexey is a senior research fellow at the Blockchain Center and Quantum Technologies MISiS (National University of Science and Technology MISiS).



Igor Ribakov (right) Founder of TechnoNICOL and Ribakova Foundation and student and entrepreneur Mikhail Krapivoy (left) at the Predactum World Cup final on the initiative of Group. Michael is a champion in online poker and chess. He believes that Blockhane is here to save the world.

Team and advisers

The General Director and co-founder of the
IT mining engineer
graduated from Moscow State University in
the MBA program of mining engineer Nitu “MISiS” to the
General Director of
NP “Miners of Russia” and to the
adviser of the Russian Academy of
Natural Sciences
in the association
“Industrial minerals” –
presidential aide.

Alexei Kashirsky and co-founder

CIO and co-founder of
ex Ceo of Man & Machine
Robotics Research Company

Champion of several entrepreneurs in online poker and chess.
Member of the research association AI
Blockchain Evangelist
And just a cool guy.

Mikhail Krapivoy CIO and Co-Founder

experienced business expert,
specializing in
investments in crypto-currencies,
Fin-Tech and affiliate
marketing from 2013.
Co-founder of a number of Fin-Tech projects, the
last of which is DCEX,
digital currency exchange.

Evgeny BorchersCVO & Co-Founder

Responsible for
marketing, media
and creative
development  content
to develop and
maintain brands of a
number of enterprises.

Alexander BaikievCMO & Co-Founder

A crypto-currency
evangelist, an experienced
trader of virtual assets
and very passionate
about the
development of business
in Blockchain Space.
8 years of experience in
business development.

Sergey NovoseltsevCBDO

Highly specialized senior
architect of the blockhouse
with more than 3 years

experience in developing

distributed systems,
secure multi-party protocols
and demonstrable security.
released during the first
round of funding)

Has deep knowledge of
Solidity, Ember.js
and PostgreSQL and others.

Zhusup BolotbekovBlokrain developer and games

A highly specialized
senior architect of the blockade
with more than 5 years of
experience developing
systems, secure
multi-party protocols
and demonstrable security.

Dmitry Lipnikov

Social media

With 8 years experience
copying writer
email marketing

Renata GalikbarovaMarketing

Radion has 7 years
as a seller

he sold securities
for large corporations
across Russia and Kazakhstan.
He very much believes in
bitkoyn and crypto

Manager Radion MartynshSales

Being a
risk manager  in a number of firms in
the financial services industry, he has
built systems and risk processes that
support the provision of liquidity for
crypto-currency exchanges,
and has developed
arbitrage trading strategies. The Economic Advisor
of the Open Trading Network project and the
chief expert on strategy for
exchange – DCEX.

Lyubomir Serafimov Adviser on Defense Issues

far-sighted. He has experience in
placing ICO in several
projects (SONM, Humaniq, etc.).
Director General of the
digital agency “Russian Media”. 8-year
experience of Internet
and creation of web services.

Alexander Uglov Marketing Adviser

user interface designer and visual
and visual style for
web and mobile applications. Manager of
visual design and
head of design department, studio “Yodiz”.
Cool dude.
He loves Blockhane.

Advisor Artemy ZorinGraphics Design

Road map


The online gambling industry is ready to bet on Blockchain.
The new start-up, SP 8 DE, seems to think so: online casinos lay the table and tear us apart, and Sp8de is here to fix it.

Sp8de announces Blockchain for the internet gambling, Pre-ICO is
Live Blockchain technology, and the emerging crypto currency industry stands for a bold and exciting rethink of online gambling, based on transparency, security and anonymity. Blocked casinos are growing, creating profitable investment opportunities with an approximate growth last year by 292%. Blockchain has the potential to destroy the online gambling industry, providing transparency for all transactions, dramatically reducing the house’s advantage and reducing transaction costs, ensuring the anonymity of participants and the security of all exchanges.

From Las Vegas to the block code. SP8DE ICO goes …
Like everything else, the gambling and betting industry has undergone transition periods, some of them were good, and some were not very good.

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