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Both Video Broadcasts and Blocks in Remote Markets Chain – OnLive Platform

Both Video Broadcasts and Blocks in Remote Markets Chain Based Revolution: OnLive Platform

The OnLive Platform is revolutionizing both video broadcast and remote consultation markets. It offers unlimited scalability and availability using Blockchain Technology and a completely decentralized Peer-to-Peer network. If processing power and bandwidth are available, everyone can contribute to the system. The smart encouragement of these contributions guarantees localization and creates a new economy driven by ONL markers . You can visit white paper for more information .

Usage examples

The On.Live platform allows users to deliver services from almost anywhere and offers them the ability to monetize (Pay Per View, Minute Payment, In-Stream Payments) to deliver valuable content in a variety of business models. The main purpose of the project is to be the market leader in the live consulting platform market. The customer always has access to a team of experts and access to information to find valuable content. The OnLive platform is a huge blockbuster, aiming to sell a large audience at affordable prices, with space for live ecosystem and live broadcast content that allows services to be sold through broadcasts.

Live services

The market allows service providers to sell any services they need. It allows you to schedule live broadcasts in real time in HD quality, pay billing, chat and special offers ONL icons.

This applies to many industries – Lawyers, Doctors, Slimming Centers, Work In Progress, Fitness, Education, Insurance, Language Learning, Financial Advice, etc.

Live Broadcasts

It allows service providers to offer HD live broadcasts to an unlimited number of viewers, pay per minute and billing per pay-per-view models, and schedule future live broadcasts. Powerful B2B and B2C technology, Workshops, Practical lessons, Sports, Conferences, TV, SVOD, Music, e-Learning, Welfare, It can be used in various industries such as.

How does it work?

  • The Creator is also servicing, live services 1: 1,

They can broadcast 1: 8 or a broader audience: PPV, PPM, PPD etc. Sign a lot of people wisely sign the transcoding and transfer services.

  • Customers pay for completed services and access to various live video feeds.

What does OnLive TV do for you?

It’s a great way to use countless aids to help users quickly get out of the house and out of the house. Join professionals or live events around the world. Viewers have a lot of interesting content. A complementary system and services that are only provided to users. OnLiveTV is equipped with relevant tools and functions to meet the needs of both publishers and viewers. The two communication paths address the creation of public broadcasters, large groups of viewers, and private, individual consultations. Each of these options allows authors to monetize their activities while providing high-quality services to users.

OnLive.TV offers a wide range of possibilities:

  • Anyone with access to the Internet can be a user of the platform: individuals (eg doctors, lawyers, teachers, consultants)
  • Companies (for example, law firms, medical and training centers, insurance companies),
  • Large businesses (eg TV stations, advertising networks, event companies).

Lives’ commercial success is mainly driven by the steady growth of new Buyers and Sellers. Other Basic Performance Indicators of the Operator, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Repeated Service Cost (RCS) and Life Long Value of Customer (CLTV all) are interpreted as discounted value per customer.

Token Distribution

ONL token is an unmatched part of the OnLive Platform. It is used as a service to convertComputerComputer to video publicationsComputerComputerCodeConversionServices. The implementation is the default for my platform.

  • ONL was built as an ERC20 speculator in Ethereum blockzincide
  • Token Type: Utility icon
  • Maximum feed: 111,000,000 ONL
  • Icons available before ICO: 12.210.000 ONL
  • Symbols available in ICO: 61,050,000 ONL
  • Before ICO hard cap: Disk 14,000 ETH
  • ICO Hard cap: 100,000 ETH

ICO process:

Pre-ico start  : 2018-01-22 (depending on the number of blocks published before the start of sales)

Pre-ico closing: 2018-02-22 (determined by the number of blocks after the start of sale) Discount: -30% Status tbotators: 12.210.000

ONL ICO Start: 2018-03-11 (ApproximatelyDepending on the number of pages posted before the start of the sale)

ONL ICO Closing: 2018-04-11 (determined by the number of blocks after the beginning of the sale)

  • Available tokens: 61,050,000 ONL OnLive platform startup Immediately after the icons become transferable May 2018
  • Commercial Documents are not transferable until 2018-05-11.

How do I join?

Detailed instructions have been prepared for anyone who is not yet comfortable with the world of cryptocracy. You should check out the steps for creating a wallet, how to buy Ethereum (ETH) and how to send ETH to OnLive during sales of tokens for ONL Sims.

Road map


  • Q1-Platforma is affiliated with marketing and communication activities. Create Team.On.Live Pre-ICO and ICO – Token distribution, wait for the tokens to be saved in crypto exchanges. Preparing to launch On.Live platform
  • Q2-UK receives the first critical mass of users / publishers in the U.S. and U.S., and launches the platform. PPM, PPM, PPE Escrow, SmartSession, ONL Market, Pay.On.Live, Partnership launch. ONL token is an integral part of the OnLive Platform. It is used as a fee for publications. Multiple publishing (WEB) is a one-time payment option.
  • Q3- Start with multiple paid (WEB), public (centralized) publications, all paid models. Looking for partners all over the world


  • H1- Expanding the activity to new areas increases the number of users / publishers who install the mobile version of the app (IOS and Android) for an individual module. Real-time Smart Contract, Eskar, Öde.On.Live
  • H2- Open one to multiple public posts, code for everyone. Allow any publisher to send a live video to the network, transfer it encoded in various formats and bit rates, and sell it.


  • H1- Full Centeness Live services and no public broadcasting censorship. Allow participants to contribute to, and be compensated for, transactional power and bandwidth rates in transcoding and video delivery services.


  • Chris Rybka : Founder, 17 years experience in telecommunication and IT industries. more than 30 different companies operating at national and international levels were on board or audit boards.
  • Anna Rybka: Director, Anna is a Professional Manager with experience in numerous undergraduate degrees in Information Technology and MS Project 2013, ITILv3 Foundation, PRINCE2 (2009) Practitioner, Agile Practitioner and Project Management Specialist (PMP).
  • Daniel Bayer : CEO is a pharmacoeconomics, marketing and law firm with a postgraduate degree in the field of Civil Law, with extensive experience in business development in the private sector with a wide range of business contacts in Poland and other CEE markets.
  • Simon Polok: Code and development, a 17-year-old developer of both web services and custom desktop / server applications for different operating systems (including MacOS X, Windows and Linux).
  • Paweł Josiek: INSPECTION IOS, ANDROID AND PRE- TEAM, Board Member and ownership – mobile and web-based software house with over 100 projects delivered.
  • Igor Farafanow: UX EXPERT, CONTROLLER USER EXPERIENCE TEAM In his 10-year career, Igor has focused mostly on designing the perfect user experience: UX Designer, UX Team Leader, Product Manager, CEO (lastly, often requires user-focused approach to be successful).
  • Adam Ochmański: ADMINISTRATOR ‘S TEAM ADVISOR, IT IS A SPECIAL IT SYSTEM MANAGER IN THE LEVEL OF THE LEVELS OF LEVELS TO THE LEVELS OF LEVELS . It has more than 12 years experience in the installation and management of the 20 year MooseFS file system, including 7 years of experience.
  • Chris Janik: CONTROLLED AND FINANCIALS In business finance management, especially in control, building competencies are over 11 years old. Experience with the implementation of the control system and the financial model to prepare long-term forecasts in PGE Capital Group, one of Poland’s largest companies. Day-to-day co-operation with SMEs, which are leaders in the markets.
  • Wiktor Żołnowski: BLOCKCHAIN ​​EXPERT, SUPERVISOR USER BLOCKCHAIN ​​OCTOBER, Pragmatic Coders CEO, Blockchain Business Advisor, with over 12 years experience in IT and business development areas. It combines business, economics and technological expertise while designing new markets for crypto-currencies.
  • Kuba Stefański: BLOCKCHAIN ​​EXPERT, LEAD BLOCHCHAIN ​​DEVELOPER, Pragmatic Coders Bridge Suppressor Developer with 9 years of experience in Software Development. Expert in the development of financial and trading platforms, specialist in Blockchain and Distribution Lead Technologies.
  • Paweł Maciszewski: SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT MANAGER, Director, programmer and team for developers who have ten years of experience in developing and programming web applications for: Use Lab, Brain Juice Interactive, QDO-Ventures / WhoElse, Hypermedia ISOBAR, Dentsu Aegis Network,
  • MichałJasiński : Lawyer with extensive experience in Legal Counsel, Banking & Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions. Secured and unsecured lending and borrowing has been found in numerous financial transactions, including debt instruments and asset financing. With more than 12 years of experience, international law firms and companies publicly traded in Poland.


  • Tim Luft: Computers, Adv. Manufacturing focuses on automotive supply chain, Digital Tim, digital, computer systems, advanced production and automotive supply chains. In digital media, it has extensive experience in serious games, ICT, advanced engineering, e-Learning and simulation.
  • Mark Shaw has over 20 years of experience in supporting and growing SMEs through ICT, Space and Aviation, Satellite Apps, Defense, Security, Mark, investment, or organically. BEA Systems works within and among global companies such as Oracle and IBM, the company has changed its way to work with small companies that are global leaders in IT and IT security.

Join the world of live service, live broadcast and computing power! And this site is being treated!

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