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GBcoin – A single global decentralization of the Ethereum

GBcoin – A single global decentralization of  the Ethereum + Blockchain platform for client services in the international banking system

GBcoin is a digital currency that is sent directly to each other over the Internet. GBcoin (GBCN) still applies to the original crypto: the financial system owned by the user, ie the national currency. GBcoin is not ruled by the world’s major banks nor by mining hardware producers, but can be mined by profitable people. Fair distribution without pre-mining, ICO or Airdrop, GBcoin is being developed by volunteer community members, and the project is fully funded by donations. It represents a resource similar to gold, which you can be sure that GBcoin protects your money from other stakeholders, that transaction costs are proportioned and shared between a large number of miners.

Agree on a private bank system with offices in various countries working for the benefit of the community. GBcoin is responsible for the overall functionality of international transactions, the overall budget and the financial framework of banks provided by our system.

GBCoin 150 years of cryptocurrency storage capacity, ie until 2170. To date the number will reach 24 million. That would cause a stir in the market because cryptococcus and inflation are impossible. And as a result, the currency will take a leading position amongst crypto in the area of ​​cost.

GB system consists of several banks located in the EU region, Russia is also a bank in the United States, and also will soon open the ranks we will join the bank from China. Our financial system is constantly evolving and aiming for improvement for our clients.

To this end, we are reunited in one of the world’s major financial networks that can provide banking services to our clients and communities, GBCoin currency, crypto crypto exchanges – where everyone, or professional trader, will be able to raise capital, by trade stock. For convenience we also create cool wallets from GB Wallet with all services from payment service providers. Even to increase capital for clients, we create GB Fund where in trust management, clients can get a good enough percentage which is charged once a month to do as our professional trader.

Our financial system keeps increasing every month, then in the next office in various countries will be opened which will enable to use our service to the citizen or country. Our service is faithful to all our clients.

We provide consumer loans, car loans, mortgage loans, below the minimum percentage, open deposits and investment deposits, deposits on trust management, good opportunity insurance, currency exchange, payment systems, it is also possible to pay with our GBCoin Double crypto taxi service . in various countries, to pay for tours on tour operators, on a loyalty system has the opportunity to receive rebates and money back at partner food stores and many other things. . With us, you will have everything in one system and no need to face third party structures. Comfort and Quality for all clients.

What makes GBcoin Systems?

1) Banking sector in various countries.
2) exchange of cryptocurrency
3) business investment.
4) Brokerage Company.
5) Stock Exchange for storage of deposits
Grande Finance (Russia)
Plastic cards Visa, MasterCard, Union Investment deposits, Deposits. Insurance. Credit. Foundation charity.
Grande Bank (Europe)
Plastic cards Visa, MasterCard, Union. Investment Deposit Insurance Account. Car Loans Mortgage Loans Consumer Loans A charitable foundation.
Business funds Work on Financial trust management, on deposit accounts.
Exchange cryptocurrencies with TOP20 world sky crypto.
Network GB a? Regulator on bank card release
Visa, MasterCard, Unionpay. Directions Network Marketing Multicards.
GBCharity Foundation
Help the children, the disabled, the elderly, the needy young families, their own mothers and their own fathers.
GB Wallet
Cold wallet for storage means: Cryptocurrency, Dollar, Euro, Rub, GBP.
Token sales of the GB system project and all related processes are based on smart contracts working on the Ethereal + Blockchain platform.
Starting from the initial token sale 30.12.17
Complete sale token 01.01.18-01.05.18
The exchange rate of Token 0.04 ETH
The minimum goal is $ 300000000
Currency received ETH, BTC
The maximum goal
$ 600000000.
The GBCoin (GBCN) mark will be the basis of our financial system. The token owner will be able to use it to earn commissions from all purchases and expenses of all GB financial systems worldwide, as well as partner companies on the platform. In January, 2018 we will enter the GBCNon (GBCN) market on the cryptoexchange process that can be purchased on our system. This Token will be authorized by using all necessary procedures as stock security from GB Grande Bank’s financial system, GB Grande Finance, GB Markets, GB Network, GB Social, GB Trade, GB Fund, GB Royal Polo Club, GB Port Russia. Which gives great opportunities for each of our clients.
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