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SETHER: Social Media Marketing

SETHER: Social Media Marketing

I am with you again in a new writing. I want to talk a little bit about the project, which is different from the others and investors are supporting a lot while new Ico’s are starting to appear every passing day. Sether Blockchain’s marketing campaigns aim to deliver to you the first smart social marketing platform that is used to distribute, segment, and analyze customer behavior across all social networks. For more extensive and detailed information ( ) you can visit the website and find answers to your questions.


Sether (Social Media Marketing) Businesses, whose first ICO started in December, is a programmatic social media marketing platform that they can use to organize, target, motivate, or find new customers to promote their products. Using Smart Conventions, a tool that is not accessible with community edits, it opens the block chain for advertisers all over the world. Customer loyalty is being held on the front line. If you promote your product on social media channels, we offer special discounts and promotional offers to specific customers.

It uses Sether to respond quickly to your customers, promote services and products accurately, and deliver the right message to the right person. The aim is to provide customer satisfaction.

Sether is used to provide direct promotional discounts based on the social activities of your followers on social media. For example, Facebook or twitter send information about a new computer that one of your followers likes. If he purchases your computer from your site, he offers him a 30% discount on the computer within the next 5 days.
It uses Sether to set specific goals by sending relevant links, pictures or videos, making comments and sharing. You can automatically send messages, and you can see what general keywords are saying about your company, your brand or your products, and more when certain keywords appear in your social channels. Do not lose your time by dealing with all the technical differences between different social media platforms.


SETHER is a platform created on the basis of blocking and smart contracting. This will allow you to analyze data from social networks, which will give you a good advertising engine, with a large audience. At the same time, thanks to a smart contract system, users will be able to interact with your business transparently. At the same time, you can reduce costs and monitor them.

Sether develops blockchain to marketers everywhere, using tools previously unavailable (Intelligent Contracts). They carry transparency so that it can be trusted, but isolated from social networks. Sether brings social networking data that is very well analyzed with smart contracts. Integrating smart contracts into your marketing strategy and you will offer your business to an ad engine that has great, efficient and transparent technology. Provide your clients with a new way to interact with your brand while cutting monitoring and monitoring costs at the same time.



Give discounts and promotional offers to specific customers if they promote your products on social channels. For example, if they tweet about the last 5 items purchased from your company, they automatically get a 15% discount on their next purchase. Using smart contract.


Use Sether to offer direct promotional discounts based on your followers social activity. For example, one of your Facebook followers posts about a new phone that he likes. Offer a 30% discount on that phone if he buys it from your site within the next 5 days. Automatically, using smart contracts, proving bids and discounts is real.


Define clear requirements with your promoters, set goals and deadlines with smart contracts. Monitor, pay or reward based on their social activity, reach and public reactions, without actually getting involved. For example, you employ influencers to promote your product and you need at least 1000 Facebook likes and 500 retweets at the end of your campaign. Pay him 0.1 ETH when you get 50%, and pay the rest if you get 100% on the deadline. Automatically, when you do something else.


There is no way to ensure that both parties reward campaigns, clients and promoters, keep their promises. Using smart contracts, you can automatically pay a promoter of 0.1 ETH only if they create at least 40 posts, with at least 70 characters. Both parties are happy.


There is great pressure to be transparent about how a political campaign is financed, and who is involved in it. Be transparent Set your budget and pay your supporters using smart contracts to openly run your campaigns on social media. Prove to your voters that no ghost companies, shallow investment funds or unwanted parties are involved.


Hire new members to your PR department using smart contracts. You can then reward them if your company, brand or product gets positive feedback on social networks. For example, if public opinion gets a positive boost about a product, you can automatically reward the team responsible for its success, using smart contracts.

By using SETHER, you can conduct a user behavior analysis and will know exactly what they want to see. Thus, you can improve your business and services to suit them.

What about tokens of this platform? This is called SETH.
This token will be compatible with ERC20. This token will be used as the only currency for interaction with the SETHER platform.



For more information please visit the address below: 


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