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KWHCOIN- Cryptocurrency Supported by Clean and Newest Energy Unit

KWHCOIN- Cryptocurrency Supported by Clean and Newest Energy Unit

KWHCoin is the digital currency supported by the measurement of the equivalent deliverables of the network participants. Network participants utilize data, smart meter, sensor readings and Green Button data to produce this output. The output is then tokenized to create a digital asset on the blockchain.

What distinguishes KWHCoin from other cryptococcal projects in the renewable energy sector is that our focus is on the “grid edge”. We define “fringe” grids as smaller distributed energy sources, such as solar panels in the housing market, electric vehicles, microgrids, wind farms and demand response technologies, to name a few. It consists of elements for a new two-way energy distribution model.

Vision of KWHCOIN Mission

We believe that everyone in this world must have access to renewable energy essential for sustainable development. We have a vision of an energy future where everyone has access and a 100% energy generation can be renewed and all members contribute and receive value for their participation.

To get there we have five main pillars:

  • Decentralization of Energy
  • Democratize Grid Value
  • Digitize Data
  • Share Green Local Energy
  • Develop a Virtual Alternative Grid

KWHCoin is the digital currency that converts distributed energy data resources to digital tokens on a blockchain. This distributed energy
resource will be received from solar power plants, solar communities,
microgrids, electric vehicles, energy storage, wind energy, and hydroelectric power generation

Future Cryptocurrency

Contributors receive tokens to add new data to the system, which in turn is purchased by other users. All contributors are immediately rewarded with internal credit for adding new data to the system. These credits can be spent in the system

By 2015, US electric utilities spend $ 103 billion on capital spending to maintain and improve the grid. Distributed energy resources can be combined to deliver services to the power grid dramatically reducing costs and improving energy efficiency.

KWHCoin Value

KWHCoin adds value by lowering the cost of integration of renewable energy into the grid by providing a platform for consumers and consumers to connect and configure their energy sources. When we turn to energy distribution systems based on two-way power generation from distributed energy sources from multiple sources, the aggregation and value of these resources present challenges for the energy and utility industries because grid modernization is a top priority.

total supply of KWHCoins and their publishing rates will be determined by the scale of the assets
created, based on the distribution of distributed energy sources. The results below are subject
to change based on the Board’s final input:

● 195,000,000 KWHCoins will be created to start this decentralized peer-to-peer energy economy
● 19.5 million KWHCoins will be used to fund microgrids development and off-grid technology development in Africa, Puerto Rico, South America, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean
● 50,000,000 KWHCoins for Founders and Partnerships with Social Impact organizations to build a sustainable local economy
● 101,169,000 KWHCoins will be publicly announced in late January for public Initial Coin offerings

KWHCoin Token will consist of distributed energy source data which is not shared from multiple sources to generate tokens using the following models:

  • Energy-Saving Token
  • Energy Storage Token
  • Motor Vehicle Token
  • Request Inquiry Token
  • Mikrogrid Token
  • Combined Heat and Power Token
  • Humanitarian Token

STATEMENT: KWHCoin is working on final settings for decentralized Apps development with multiple partners to develop comprehensive apps to handle estimated transaction volumes from platforms. More detailed technical analysis will be published before ICO in the revised white paper will include technical application details.


Author: mzul

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