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BITBLISSCOIN – The world’s first e-commerce, credit platform and cryptobookstore

BITBLISSCOIN – The world’s first e-commerce, credit platform and cryptobookstore

BITBLISSCOIN-Currently, the worldwide development of cryptocurrencies is growing very fast. According to data published by Google’s search engine, the search results for “Bitcoin” and “Altc” have risen sharply, proving that the current cryptocurrency world is seen by many as part of the transactions and financial sector revolution.

First steps development

Accordingly, we see a gap in it. Bitcoin is too high a price to make this cryptocurrency very risky for us. And we also see that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that are now popular do not have a promising product variant, so investment opportunities are based only on the price of the cryptocurrency. We see this as a form that is not in line with the cryptocurrency objective of maximizing the maximum investment for the public.

We recognize this as a serious matter and start to develop a platform that will provide you with a cryptocurrency as a means of payment and an investment opportunity for the public. We designed this platform to leverage blockchain technology as the foundation for our platform development. Because since the first show Blockchain offers online transactions fast and secure and supports all types of data and cryptocurrencies. The technology used by Blockchain uses a system where each transaction is recorded and can not be changed forever, so that transaction security and transparency can be maintained and the likelihood of data fraud is reduced.

How does it work?

We have created this platform to be the best alternative to today’s popular coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, where this currency can be used in the real world as dollars or euros, this is in digital form, allowing users to trade in real time and transfer ownership indefinitely. Every transaction you make is secured with our secure server and peer-to-peer network, and of course every transaction is anonymous.

Using BitBliss Coin as a form of payment for your business network gives you many benefits, with more time-saving payments and fewer deductions to free you from complicated bank issues. Everything you can do with the touch of your finger via smartphone or web. The platform also we offer an interest to anyone who keeps a coin in their purse as it helps to get network security in 5 different ways; Rental, trade, piles, mining and referencing.


Our ultimate goal is to become not just a digital currency that can meet the needs of the public with the highest technological standards, but also the most convenient and accepted source of the cryptocurrency and currency curriculum. We prefer the Blockchain technology because this technology is safer than today’s technology. Unlike traditional technology, blockchain technology does not require third-party vendors, so it’s safer and less expensive. And blockchain technology is the least system error, so this technology is better and more reliable.

In line with our vision as the world’s first ecommerce, Lending Platform & Cryptobookstore. We also offer BITBLISSCOIN Crypto Bookstore under the name ALTCOINBOOKS, which aims to provide public cryptocurrency education in the form of high-quality digital books.


With this opportunity we invite you to enlarge this platform to reach the broader society. We will release the token under the name “BIBC Token”, here is the data.

  • Coin Name: BitBlissCoin
    • Abbreviation: BIBC
    • Coin Algorithm / Type: Scrypt POW / POS
    • Total Coin Offering: 38,500,000 BIBC
    • ICO Coin Supply: 12,400,000
    • Total Prisoner Block: 2,500,000
    • Coin Base Maturity: 20 Blocks
    • POW Block Reward: 55 BIBC
    • Number of confirmations: 4
    • POS interest: 10%
    • Block distance: 2 minutes
    • Minimum age: 15 days
    • Maximum working age: 90 days


For more information, please visit:

TWITTER: bitblisscoin

Moonlite- bitcoin mining

Moonlite- bitcoin mining

Moonlite-Mining is the process of adding transaction records to Bitcoin’s ledger on past transactions and a mining rig is a daily metaphor for a single computer system that does the calculations required for mining. The past big transaction book is called chain block because this is a chain block. The block chain serves to confirm transactions across the network as it has occurred. Binding nodes use block chains to differentiate legitimate Bitcoin transactions from attempts to refinance coins that have been issued elsewhere.

Mining is purposely designed to be an intensive and difficult resource so that the number of blocks found every day by miners remains stable. Individual blocks must contain work evidence that should be considered valid. This work proof is verified by other Bitcoin nodes whenever they receive a block. Bitcoin uses the hashcash proof-of-work function.
The MoonLite project will operate in the Crypto-Currency Mining space, and is planned to start with mining mostly Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH & Litecoin on an industrial scale. Operations will begin in August 2018, and aim to be in time, one of the larger global crypto mining companies. We will build our data centers in countries where contractual supplies are clean & green, reliable, cost-effective, and politically stable. Our first data center is planned to be in the country of Iceland, where the average tariff for industrial connections is about 0.045 USD per kWh.We have the best operational team to oversee and maintain our effective data center operations,
The MoonLite project aims to add value to all token holders using the latest technology, launched in the most efficient manner, and run by the most appropriate team to meet and exceed all performance and growth targets. We will only use 100% clean, green, and sustainable energy resources.MoonLite will embrace youth, technology, fun, and aim to be the best talent-making company available. We embrace Blockchain Technology, and will continue to advance companies and teams in parallel.
The results of the mining operations will be divided as follows:
• Dissembling percentages into paper currency for traditional operational and investment costs, re-investing ad-hoc operations, and other crypto and blocking opportunities
• Maintaining a certain percentage of crypto currency for appreciation value and investment through, investing in some crypto-protection funds, and investment despite other traditional investment channels
• Maintaining a certain percentage of the crypto currency to be used for the purchase and expansion of planned equipment.
Moonlite Strategy
  • The largest and most stable currency mine uses the most efficient equipment
  • Mine on an industrial scale and capitalize on economies of scale and reduce proportional overhead costs
  • Aggressive expansion and replacement of policy tools
  • Mining in some pools, and nodes inside the house for each currency
  • The cost of manpower and human resources is maintained at least in areas with low electricity costs
  • Redundancy is built into every system
  • The split results into a ratio of 60:20:20
Strength and Competence The essence, strength will be achieved in the introduction and maintenance of security and redundancy measures:
  • Some stable currencies are mined
  • Some pools are managed as well as local nodes
  • Some power supplies and internet connection
  • Some mining sites
  • Backup server
  • Some cool and cold storage wallets
  • Backup PSU, hardware and system
We are a blocking company and believe in 100% public transparency. All operational, investment, and executive decisions are sent to a public vote, where the token holder has the final say. In addition, all financial records, crypto, and trade records will be independently audited each year, with results publicly published.MoonLite will issue MoonLite Tokens (MNL) through an audited and tested Intelligent Contract, established to run in the Ethereum ecosystem .
ICO was launched on 28 February 2018 at 12:00 GMT and ended on 15 March 2018 at 12:00 GMT
Token Name:  Monlite
Symbol  : MNL
Standard Token: Ethereum ERC20
Token Swap Price: 0.002 ETH = 1 MNL
1 ETH = 500 MNL
Target Swap Token: Maximum: 70,000,000 MNLFor more information on this project you can visit the following link:

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