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Hi guys, This time I will discuss an article about gaming, that is TRUEGAME.
see the explanation as follows:
Will bitcoin prices grow or fall – no one knows. But I’m sure there there is nothing better than the real industry behind the blockchain. Success projects in the industry will benefit society and investors. And today I am happy to introduce such a project to you. Last year we presented a gambling project that works entirely for the public.
Truegame gets very positive feedback from the professional community. We closed private investment on the first day and even before to refuse any of the funds in full repayment of the project. We do not even the first, but the only one that presents a fully working blockchain gambling-based projects with unique measurable architecture and growth potency.
We progress consistently: we do not do ICO in hype from 2017, but instead developed a unique product, collected a feedback, improve platforms and attract players.
Now when we look at Truegame’s usability, we’re ready for it market expansion and scaling, which is why my team consists of a high level development specialists and powerful marketing professionals with great expertise in user acquisition, email marketing, iGaming traffi c attractions and promotions. We are also proud to have our high-class team experts in the sign list on crypto exchange. And only after a successful year we can successfully er Truegame
to you. Choose projects from the real blockchain industry!
Throughout history, people have been interested in coincidences. Every day millions of people around the world play raffle games, take part in the lottery, spend time in poker rooms or play slot machines. Many of these games are now played online. The igaming market is growing rapidly every year. If in 2016 the volume of the gaming industry in the global market is around USD 44.16 billion, and by 2022 it is estimated by the analysis to be USD 81.71 billion. The annual growth of the market for the year 2017-2021 is expected to grow by 18%
With the development of blockchain technology, iGaming world can experience a strong change. Blockchain allows to transfer winnings, generate random numbers, isolate pulls from any manipulation, Therefore, it brings full transparency and reliability in the game process. Gambling is probably one of the few areas where all the advantages of a blockchain solution can be fully disclosed – decentralization, transparency, low transaction costs and high data quality.
The idea of ​​combining blockchain and gambling lies at the heart of our platform. Truegame solves the above trust issues through the use of innovative blockchain and intelligent contract technologies. We develop infrastructure based on Blockchain Ethereum and by 2017 we are launching a full working platform, which already has more than 10 games and users are actively playing it. Gifts, sweepstakes and some types scratchcards available on platform All games are completely transparent and proven on the basis RNG algorithm.
Unlike most projects that are in front of us, we develop and launch a. The platform is fully prepared based on our infrastructure. Our architecture allows us to develop and run games that no one else has done before. Some of them have already been launched and are available to play. More games will be launched as we implement our Roadmap.
Truegame is now a fully finished and done iGaming platform. We have different games, billing systems, and shopping carts, because of the players
Can participate in multiple images at once, buy tickets online as goods on online store
We’re constantly updating our game collection, and every game is based on a safe and open source.
One of the advantages of our platform is its flexibility and mobility, as it allows us to quickly apply a new game – in 2018 plans to launch games like Dice, Giftbox, Smart Roulette and more
We understand the importance of ensuring full transparency, so that every player can know its reliability and honesty. Our algorithm Therefore, we put the code of all smart contracts in Github
Buying tokens without risk: if ICO does not collect softcap, all transfers are returned; Truegame is the first intelligent contract-based gambling project ever on ICO, collected positive feedback from the professional community
A positive cash flow will be guaranteed in the nearest future, and constant new game developments will continue
done, which will positively affect investors’ expectations, and, consequently, token costs; The licensing process has been launched, which will allow the receipt of funds in the traditional way (payment system, credit card) within the next 2-3 months. This will bring this project much more widely target audience;
Our evidence can be a profi table for long-term investments, other than as a natural growth in token prices
developing projects, we also provide commissions from selling game tickets to all token holders;
Short-term positions can also be profitable, as we plan to start actively attracting players soon afterwards
token sale, which must add a token value on the exchange;
We have reached an agreement with crypto exchange, because our team uses an experienced token
professional list, which allows us to quickly enter a large number of exchanges and ensure high liquidity


Token truegame.
The global online gambling market is USD 44.16 billion by 2016 and estimated at USD 81.71 billion in 2022, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.8% [6]. The global mobile gambling market is estimated growing faster, at a CAGR of 18.84% over the period 2017-2021
The overall online gambling and betting market is usually segmented by type, platform, device used or geographic area. On the basis of its kind, the market is segmented into online casino games (bingo, slots, roulette, keno etc), card games (poker, blackjack, baccarat etc), online sports betting, fantasy sports, lotteries and social games. By 2015, sports betting holds the largest share of global online gambling industry with 48 percent market share
The global online gambling market is characterized by the presence of several competing vendors to earn
Market dominance The main vendors in this market are – 888 Holdings,, GVC Holdings, Ladbrokes Coral Group, MGM Resorts, Unibet Group. Other leading vendors on the market include Betsson, Camelot Group, Genting UK, NetEnt, Paddy Power, Playtech, Ranking Group, Star Group, and William Hill
Problem :  Distrust the player against the casino manager. In most cases with online casinos, players do not have the opportunity to check randomness determining the winner Generating random numbers is not transparent, and even in the case of educational algorithms, players can not do it 100% sure to be trusted from the party who monitors the game.
Solution :  Truegame solves this problem using blockchain and smart contract technology. Our algorithm
to generate a random number available in GitHub. and can be checked by anyone. Generation of  Random numbers and winning distributions do not occur on our servers, but in an autonomous environment From blockchain, therefore, no party can intervene in this process.
Issue :  Most gambling industry websites can not provide users with adequate transparency
ensuring complete integrity of the player in the integrity of the site manager. Players can not see how many
people actually take part in a particular game, which one they won and how many wins?
Solution :  Our platform presents a completely transparent system – all transactions are stored in blockchain.
They can not be changed or deleted. Anyone can check and see the progress of all our pictures on a platform independent (eg Etherscan) or on its corresponding computer blockchain environments are deployed.
Problem : Players can not check the ability of the casino operator to pay. The user can not confirm whether
casino management has funds for payment, and whether the promised Jackpot can be really provided.
Solution : Truegame provides full transparency – all the accumulated funds are consolidated on smart contracts.
Anyone can see the size of the Jackpot on an independent platform, ensuring our ability to pay a victory.
TGAME is a utility token launched on the Ethereum platform as per ERC20 standard. The total number of tokens released is 300,000,000. More marks outside this number will not be released. The tokens allocated to the team will be held for 6 months with subsequent releases of no more than 5% of the total
of the team token per month
1. Token name: TGAME
2. Number of tokens to be issued: 300,000,000 TGAME
3. Total for sale: 70% of total tokens or 210,000,000 TGAME
4. Cryptocurrency accepted: Ethereal (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC)
5. Soft: 2,000,000 USDT
6. Hard cap: 9,000,000 USDT
7. Sales Token will be done in three stages: Private-sale, Pre-Sale, Main Sale
Private Sale:
1. Date: 10.02.2018 – 25.02.2018
2. Hard cap at Private-Sale: 31,450,000 TGAME
3. Private Selling Price: 1 ETH = 18,500 TGAME (incl bonus)
4. Bonus is + 100% for Prime Sales price
5. Minimum Purchase Amount: 5 ET
Date: 26.02.2018 – 18.03.2018
Minimum Buying Amount: 0.2 ETH
Bonus in the first week of Pre-Sale is 40% for Prime Sales price, 1 ETH = 12,950 TGAME (incl bonus)
The bonus in the second week of Pre-Sale is 30% for the Price of Main Sale, 1 ETH = 12,025 TGAME (bonus including)
The bonus in the third week of Pre-Sale is 20% for Prime Sales price, 1 ETH = 11,100 TGAME (bonus including)

OTPPAY – The Crypto to Fiat payment solution

OTPPAY is “Omni Token Platform for Payments”, Blockchain for Purchase of Portfolio (Buy | Sell | Exchange & Pay). OTPPAY will be the largest platform in the world where you can buy, trade and make payments to merchants at low cost directly or in guarantee. Cryptographic flashpoint for the conversion of fiat by pontificated merchant. Yes, using our artificial intelligence engine and the learning engine based on the order / our inventory-based matching engine, we will convert criptocurrency to the OTPPAY tokens and the OTPPAY tokens to know the currency in time . OTPPAY is a single payment platform, which will have a way to use your favorite cryptographic key to pay sellers / merchants instantly. We provide sellers with the security and convenience of receiving funds in the currency of the coin. You can even change the main payment option of power encryption to OTPPAY tokens or direct currency, protecting them from the volatility of the criptocurrency market. Our OTPPAY security system will be designed combining traditional currency security standards and the latest block blocking technology. We will act as a catalyst to allow e-commerce transactions and cross-border transactions in time that will reduce dependence on forex media. Our solution will interrupt the forex / cross-border financial markets instantly. Our API will interact with the global eKYC interface and the main book to avoid antisocial transactions. Our omnipresent data infrastructure will help us build a suspicious database of suspicious transactions and block them in the future, saving time and cryptographic money. In the near future, our intelligent AI engine will be used to frame the Crypto Credit Rating (CCR) system, where merchants and users will benefit from the OTPPAY Gift feature.


We are a team of developers, engineers, artists, fixers, economists and first adopters who work every day to build a sustainable cryptographic economy. Think, design, test, build and go to the market. We recognize the needs of consumer innovation, as we imagine OTPPAY. Whether you are trading cryptography or cryptographic payments, this is your one stop solution. We strive for openness, trust and innovation, but most importantly we strive to be a significant contribution for our clients. OTPPAY: Omni Token Platform for
Payments, we believe to overcome the gap between cryptography and direct payments directly. Our vision of openness not only translates to our technology, but also to our corporate culture. We believe in sharing, creating together and valuing each other.

The Omni Token Plat for Payments platform (OTPPAY) grows well to overcome the gap between payments and Crypto payments. OTPPAY includes the following services.

Buy & amp; Sale: Otppay will be the most preferred way to buy and sell criptocurrency or digital assets backed by Artificial Intelligence and amp; Automatic learning
Send & amp; Accept: Cryptocurrency or Cryptography asset instantly. Otppay plans to offer very low transaction costs among the main actors in the crypt in the world.

Exchange: The exchange of encryption / crypto assets that, just in time from one stock exchange to another instantly. AI & amp; Requests for change driven by the ML demand allow cross-fertilization and broad demand for change, offering lower prices for the industry.
Payments: Merchants Merchants will be given a unique identification code that is embedded with a QR code so that users can directly transfer the payment by simply scanning the QR, the intelligent smart change machine that would end up with the currency traders directly. With Tap to Pay-NFC based, we offer the best non-contact payment system in class.

Donate OTPPAY: instant loans Prohibition OTPPAY cripto instant deposit. Through the OTPPAY loan selection, the operators are able to provide 2X to 5 times the sum of monthly sales as a short-term credit. Limit calculates the sales performance of the merchant and notes CCR & amp; payment system.

Private sale: LIVE
private sale until: MAR
PRE SALE FI: April 3 2,018
the ICO STAGE ONE: April 4 2,018
the ICO PHASE 1 EXTREMS: May 3, 2,018
ICO Second stage: May 4. 2018
ICO STAGE 2 ends: 2 June 2018


OTPPAY can be brought to the market through our expert implants with the payment method of mobile, digital, financial, cryptography, UX technologies and the business world below. Together we will induce the experience in other companies to create a supersonic project. Here are some background and process allocations.

Here is a chat diagram distributed by OTTPAY

OTTPAY road map and progress

More information:

Technical Report:
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Facebook: https: / /

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