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What is mavro ?

Why do people pay attention to this crypto ? First of all, Mr. Sergei Mavro is considered famous by many people in that place. He may not be popular in the West, but anyone from Russia or Ukrain he is very famous. He is the leader of the largest pyramid scheme in the country.
During the 1990s, this was a difficult time, the Soviet Union failed and many people were looking to make money. The situation is dangerous for anyone because people are selling Ponzi schemes without warning from the MMM group. Sergei tries to win many of his businesses, even from stockbrokers and other technology companies, but in the end, the MMM group has all the luck.
And when the crypto period became popular on a world scale, Sergei decided that he would also play a role in the company. It is a new industry and there is the potential for a lot of quick money that anyone can make.
And that’s where Mavro comes from, is currently in the development stage of ICO and is basically an MLM company, very similar to the Ponzi scheme that Sergei uses.
How Does Mavro Affiliate Program Work?
The coin is apparently an old asset by the current talks surrounding this industry. But this is likely to change very quickly because it says there is a change of coins after the ICO. The plan developed by this project is to change the MLM industry, but this is a big red flag. Especially when it comes to crypto. Cryptocurrency with an MLM setup has proven to be a very dangerous reason for anyone to get involved.
For one thing, before ICO is completed, the token was previously traded on an exchange known as YoBit. It is a newly developed company, so you can include enough currency. Also, others, the token comes with a pump and a dump that happened recently.
There is also trading going on every day against the company that is going about 0.2 BTC . But according to testing, this proves that one day it can happen at a much larger amount than it currently does. The tokens are already very unstable, enough to distort the operation of the market.
The older tokens are worthless, and have been discussed by some industry leaders. It also looks like at least some of the tokens can never be exchanged. The company made a lot of promises, but it seems they can not stand it any way. They are exchanged for ERC20 coins , which ultimately hurt many people who buy bitcoins. The company has also tried some way out of this industry.
Although they do not operate with BTC, it seems that the group of people who founded the company eventually became rich too. Most occur when they are traded to pay for the Ponzi MLM Scheme .
Details Mavro MVR ICO
The coins are just another trick. Working with ICO on various social media. And the project has the best past. It claims to have grown rapidly, but in the end a company that even has problems with the government is enough to cover it.
What is Mavro Legit?
According to reports you can find online, they all report that this is pure fraud. They just seem to want to collect Ether and BTC to make money. And the founder had already proven to start a pyramid scheme .
This project is more like BitConnect , NeoConnect, RegalCoin and some other companies that have proven to be total fraud.
Conclusion mavro
It’s been proven to be a ton of some companies that commit fraud. As mentioned earlier, it comes down to a lot of hype and empty promises and companies ran by people looking to make money from the gullible and naive ones.
Should stay away from Mavro Coin, because the token is not supported by anything. And anyone who invests in it, is more likely than not to be cheated.
Also, many people think that investing in ICO is a great idea, which could be true. But the possibility of making money with new emergency crypto is rare. Most people who enter this space look for an easy route, unfortunately that’s not a realist way to make money.
If you want to make money in the crypto-cognitive world, it’s much wiser to take your time, study and choose a legit currency that is not like Mavro.
MAVRO is a flagship of a decentralized and completely transparent platform for
MLM structures based on Ethereal Blockchain
  • Mavro ICO soft cap: 10 000 ETH
  • Mavro ICO hard cap: 100 000 ETH
  • Standard token: ERC23
  • Token name: MVR
  • Total number of tokens: 625 000 000
  • Initial token price: 1 ETH = 4700 MVR



  • Pre-ICO start date: 20.01.2018
  • Pre-ICO end date: 20.02.2018
  • Supply of Pre-ICO Tokens: 25000000


  • ICO start date: 14.03.2018
  • ICO end date: 14.04.2018
  • ICOTOWNSupply: 475000000
  • Soft Cap Size: 10,000 ETH
  • Hard hats 100,000 USD


The developers can be contacted using the link below

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