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KICKCITY A Social Networking Platform And Blockchain Based Marketing


KickCity is a social and marketing networking platform that is driven by a prize-based crypt- cicle incentive called a KICK token. It works like Facebook because you can create your own profile, your own event, and your own group.

KickCity is one of the leading companies that a few years ago, tickets purchased or sold offline. and is now being developed online. The new event ticketing stage is based on social interaction. Users not only want to buy tickets, but know and interact with fellow participants before, during and after the event.

So Kickcity is a service that focuses on developing event management and future marketing. With an exceptional reward system that enables effective marketing that has been using the BlockChain system this will be a very easy way for users of this service. and for Kickcity’s own purpose is to build an enlarged utulity token on the Etereum network where Kickcity itself is an online startup school Y Combinator Alumnus.

With the advent of the technology of Blokchain to make the technological and economic development of the world unified where by this technology will give birth to a decentralized mainstay crypto, which by this time the financial system around the world tends to be played by the upper classes and with this development many have given birth to their new Crypto offering service offer for global economic development, as well as trevel service, property, banking, data security and so on. and the project I am writing is the first service that offers the Decentralized Event Management & Marketing Protocol on the Blockchain network. this will open a vast management and marketing program to continue to grow with the services it has to offer.

The Kickcity Platform makes it easy to build community-based social events for event organizers and participants. and ‘KickCity, Inc.’ focuses on building communities around the show, providing
event organizers with tools to create, promote and monetize their events. Each user has a
profile and someone can invite friends to the event and enjoy personalized content.

KickCity token (KCY) is an intelligent ERC20 token that implements the Bancor protocol. and the KickCity Protocol is designed to run millions of events where each event is a subgroup with N participants. The activities of each participant and subgroup potentially benefit the entire system. It aims to succeed an event.


Target: USD 12.5 Million;
Launch date: October 2017
Sales token: 30 days
USD 1.00 = 10 KICK;
Special offer to donate more than 1000 ETH (please email directly)
Discounts and prizes will be announced near the date of ICO.
160 million smart tokens will be available for the crowd
They will receive: Bitcoin, Ethereal, Litecoin and waves


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IIOT Internet Industry In terms of Telecommunications in Blockchain

Last week in Amsterdam, we successfully presented our project in the CryptoEconomy forum. We received many interesting and difficult questions. We got good feedback from the crypto community and potential investors. There’s something to think about and what to fix. In general, the IIoT Telecom project was approved and generated public interest as one of Crypto’s useful projects.

What is the Internet of Things? 

There is a lot of information available today about, including Internet Of Things. Some people think of it as flat-irons connected to the internet, or a smart fridge. Another dream of a spaceship rushing into Space. However, Internet Things are various “smart” devices, sensors without human intervention, can collect certain information and send it to the “Platform Internet of Things” (IoT Platform).

What are the devices and their sensors? There are many variations, for example:

  • Smart, electric water meter with the ability to connect to the IIoT platform (Industrial IoT, Platform IIoT) via the LoRaWAN protocol (will discuss it in separate articles);
  • Smart parking sensor with connectivity to IIoT Platform, which allows to find free space and order it through a special mobile phone application, before entering the Parking;
  • Sensors for intelligent lighting – easily adapted to weather conditions, throughout the year. It is centralized and allows to save about 30% of energy;
  • Intelligent sensors used in agriculture, such as the automatic watering of the fields depending on the soil moisture and are only turned on where needed.
  • Sensors that fight global warming and store information about it in Blockchain.

IIOT Telecom is working to provide services for the Internet industry by using blockchain technology. There are two main components of their business. They are a wireless LoRaWAN network, and a decentralized platform for IIoT. The IIoT platform will collect large amounts of data from smart devices that will then be stored in blockchain and processed using special algorithms. The information stored in blockchain has the ability to be sent to various business systems for analysis and visualization. Blockchain technology creates an independent and widely available platform.

The IIoT platform plans to take advantage of established technologies from beginners like SONM. In this way, they can focus more on things like programming and advanced algorithms. LoRaWAN devices will be manufactured at partner facilities to reduce costs as well. The plan is to provide medium- to large-sized cities with wireless network coverage using LoRaWAN technology. This network will facilitate the transport of data.

Some potential services include this option. There is data that can be collected from utility meters such as water, electricity, and gas. Parking and reservation systems are possible. The use of sensors can help determine the optimal placement and movement of equipment or goods in the factory. In addition, sensors can be used to help find pauses in oil or gas pipelines. There are also many other potential applications of this technology. By 2022, the goal is to be in more than a thousand cities worldwide with over fifty million connections.

To pay for services that will use the IIoT platform, payments will be made using their own key crypto token based on Ethereal blockchain. People who use IIoT technology for their business have the potential to reduce costs and increase profits compared to other companies.
For complete information can visit the official website:

DeHedge: Platform That Protects Investors

Hello friends, come back with me Shony In this post I will discuss a project called DeHedge. I think DeHedge project is very interesting, why? because DeHedge has a very helpful concept for investors with a new fundamental format with developed infrastructure and complex advanced tools for crypto investment protection. rather than curious let’s look at the article I wrote as follows:

What is DeHege?

The DeHedge platform is a fundamentally new format with developed infrastructure and complex advanced tools for crypto investment protection.

DeHedge can also protect you from exchange rate volatility with existing coins. This is actually the most interesting part of my platform. You can include various volatility that you can bear. If and when token out of the range you paid.

Their team is from Moscow who has been the center of crypto innovation. So they are in a good community and seem to have a fairly complete team for this stage in their development.

If the project fails, you automatically get your hedging payment.

How DeHege Works?

The essence of the DeHedge platform, the progressive grading model for the accurate and objective evaluation of ICO projects is the development of authors based on large data analysis with investor protection guarantees in case of a decrease in the token level or project liquidation.

Forecast of DHT token exchange rate growth (DeHege):

According to preliminary estimates by DeHedge, up to 15% of all tokens in free float will be used simultaneously in the hedge. At the same time, hedge market experts estimate that payments will be made through 25% hedging. Therefore, the number of tokens will be reduced by a quarter. DeHedge plans to increase the offer of hedging products for crypto-economic and crypto investors.

DeHedge token level growth is influenced by four indicators:
• Reduction of the number of free token tokens;
• Increase hedge reserves;
• Increased demand for hedging;
• Increase product line with hedging

Features Offered By DeHege

  • For Agricultural Mining Vendor: DeHege protects against exchange rate volatility
  • For Head of Mutual Fund: DeHege maintains profitability and attracts new investors
  • For the ICO project: DeHege helps attract investors and protects from pumping schemes and post-listing dumping
  • For ICO Investors: Security of your investment
  • For ICO Trade Place: DeHege helps attract large investments in a project
  • For Cryptocurrency Traders: DeHege protects against exchange rate volatility


This post is my own personal opinion about the DeHege project, I get paid to create this content. I am not a financial advisor and not a part of the project.

For More Info visit:






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Youtoken ico best to invest

What is YouToken? 

YouToken is a unique platform that allows people to turn human intelligence into a financial asset (token). YouToken helps employers apply ICO power and raise funds for their ideas / projects. 
YouToken is a blockchain based crowdfunding platform that turns human intelligence into a financial asset (token). We help investors and entrepreneurs build connections via crypto token. 

Entrepreneurs can “sell themselves” and their ideas on YouToken while investors can buy “human intelligence” in our markets.As a result, talented entrepreneurs can quickly get financial support for their projects, and investors get the opportunity to invest in “Steve Jobs” or “Elon Musk” others in the early stages of their success. This platform introduces users to a new financial asset – “Human Intelligence”. This platform allows users to “sell themselves” in the form of a personal token (YTN_creatorname) in return for receiving financial support. 

Each user can change his / her human intelligence into a financial asset (token creator).Just as Apple or Amazon sell their shares in the stock market, YouToken’s businessman sells their “Human Intelligence” which is depicted in the form of financial assets in our market. Intelligent investors contribute to the individual and not the product; Thus, we give people a chance to invest in another company “Sergey Brin” or “Steve Jobs” in the early stages of their success, and not “Google” or “Apple” 

Fundraising and Platform Launching Phase

February 1, 2018 – March 15, 2018 Pre-order

March 16, 2018 – April 1, 2018 Proof of Crowdsale Concept (100 million tokens on offer,


Currently YouToken is in negotiations with some leading exchanges to include YTN after the token sale expires.

YTN plans to be listed on multiple exchanges in September 2018. To get YTN tokens before price increases, make sure you subscribe to token sales notices via the website and Slack and Telegram channels.

Market Facts and Value Propositions Crypto and Blockchain Markets At all levels, the market is booming.The global blockchain market is estimated to be worth more than $ 20 billion by 2024: ● Significant growth in user cryptocurrency: By the end of 2015, the number of Blockchain wallets is 5.4 million. By the end of 2017, that number nearly quadrupled to 21.5 million wallets. (, ● ICO Boom as a fund-raising tool: The number of ICOs by 2016, the total increased by $ 96,389,917; at 2017-279 project raised $ 4,801,224,551 ( ● The rapid growth of the number of businesses and developers Blocking: 26 885 in the GitHub project in 2016, until today there are more than 87,000 ( 


Terms The YouToken platform is designed to connect two types of users:

● Entrepreneurs ● Investors


● Crowdsale – raise funds for this project

● Production – funds raised and entrepreneurs start developing their projects

● Existence – developed projects and business processes are launched. Vault is a storage program that stores funds for the “Production” stage of a project.


The first thing to do is sign up for the youtoken platform using social registration or by email and passward.

Once the email is received, youtoken will verify and access the token.

Next is how you want to start:

As an entrepreneur, now as you have to fund your idea to get support from the community 1%


As an investor, invest in talented entrepreneurs in the early stages of their success from $ 10 Now, followed by setting up your profile that requires you to provide all this information as an entrepreneur: 1. Full Name, 2. Gender, 3. Date of Birth, 4. Name creator (will be used to name YTN_creatorname tokens). Creator name can not be edited once is giving, 5. Country / city, 6. Profile Photos, 7. You describe yourself, 8. List your profile details on social networking. After that all you need to do is to include your experience or project in youtoken market shops. ROAD MAP: 2017 October>  ● Initial development of the core concept of YouToken. December> 


● We launch the YouToken education program (“Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin,” Cryptocurrency Universum, “and” Blockchain for People, Not For Geeks. “) 

2018 January>  
● Development of the YouToken market prototype 

February – March>  
● Proof of Crowdsale Concept ( 100 million tokens on offer, min cap = $ 300k) 

● The establishment of hybrid legal structure (the US, the EU, Global)

● YouToken Marketplace Beta version released

● The opening of the headquarters in Silicon Valley

● YouToken achieve its goal of 100+ creator of “tokenized” displayed on the platform

● Development of sales and marketing, promotion

in May – June>
● YouToken starts DAICO – Business Acceleration (min cap = $ 3M)

August – September>
● YTN is available on public crypto market


From February 1st to March 15th We started the pre-order stage for the “proof-of- concept-crowdsale “with just a few tokens.They are each priced at a low amount of $ 0.01. But as of March 1, YTN’s price was raised to $ 0.10. For those who believe in our project and are willing to contribute in the Pre-Order Stage we offer 30% bonus. $ 0.10 = 1 YTN bonus bonus 30% at this stage bonus bonus 5% you will get if token purchase through link referral  








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