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ICO Mossland, mobile AR game based on location!

With each we see an increasing number of ICOs, the growth of new projects is carried out in a geometric progression, accordingly, a sensible project becomes more difficult to choose. Trying to find the one, I came across a promising and interesting project from all sides.
Mossland is a mobile game in which real city objects interact with elements of augmented reality (“Augmented Reality”). Players will be able to acquire real estate in close proximity to themselves, and subsequently trade it for the Moss Coin crypto currency. The player can improve the controlled object with the help of elements of augmented reality, thereby increasing its value. Changing the familiar urban landscape with various visual additions will have a viral effect on users, attracting increased attention to the game.

Agree it sounds cool and it seems quite recently, it was beyond the scope of fiction. And now, these virtual things in the game can be sold, as well as liquefied thanks to the function of the crypto currency trading, and customers have to spend time and effort to increase the value of their property.

The main goal of the game is the virtual ownership of building objects, both residential and industrial purposes. Users compete against each other for the ownership of more expensive buildings, shopping centers and Check-in Games. On the other hand, this approach can not be considered completely new, because a few years ago, large technical companies Google and Facebook added to their applications with the option of instant registration, as well as services that determine the exact location of the user.
mobile game Mossland has sufficient potential to enter the world market. And, all thanks to improvements in the performance and power consumption of the AR service, whose task is to play video fragments in real time with the use of virtual elements.
uploaded (1) .png
For interaction with virtual objects, players will receive a reward in the form of in-game currency, motivating players to travel around the city in order to search for new elements of augmented reality, similar game mechanics are presented in PokemonGo.

Mossland will provide players with a game real estate opportunity to place on their sites advertising. Any user in a convenient interface will be able to create an advertising company paid for by the Moss Coin crypto currency. All advertising formats will be based on payment for actions (Cost Per Action, CPA). For the performance of the actions of the advertiser (viewing the advertisement, visit, purchase), the user will receive part of the advertising budget. This function will be very popular with small local shops, since advertising can attract the target audience nearby. The scheme of work is presented
Advertising blocks on virtual real estate objects
Mobile game Mossland offers a new concept of placing advertising banners, based on the location of a property. Attracting advertising companies to their buildings, you can earn additional funds in a short time. If you are participating in the system as an advertiser, then it is beneficial for you to cooperate with large developers in the development of AR elements.

          Features of the game Mossland. 
Registration of the visited object. Unlike similar projects, as a result of registering one’s position in a certain object, the user will receive Gold and Objects. They can be spent on improving their property or buying a new one. Registration in different objects gives random items and the number of virtual coins. This will further warm up interest in visiting new buildings. To the owner every visit to his property, in addition to the likes and enthusiastic comments in social networks, gives an increase in the price of his object.

          Currency in the game. There are three types of currency in Mossland:

Gold. It is earned in the game itself. Refill through purchases in the app store. Unlimited use. Little value.
Gems. The cost is higher than gold. Purchased in the app store. Used to obtain premium features and privileges.
Moss. The amount is strictly limited. Purchased in the application store, or for crypto currency BTC or ETH. Used to buy property and pay for advertising in the game.

The auction hall. Its property or additions can be sold to other players at special auctions for the game currency. Sales operations should only take place through the auction hall, direct sales are prohibited by the rules of the game.



General information on the token:

  • 1eth = 10,000 MOC. 1MOC = 0.0001eth
  • The total volume of the release of the token is 500,000,000 MOC.
  • At ICO, 250,000,000 MOCs (50%) of them will be sold, 5% of them on PRE-ICO
  • The team – 75 000 000 MOC (15%)
  • Advisers – 25 000 000 MOC (5%)
  • Tokens available for purchase in the appendix – 75 000 000 MOC (15%)
  • Reserve – 75 000 000 MOC (15%)


Mobile game on the basis of AR under the original name Mossland is characterized by high performance, added functionality, powerful video and audio systems, as well as a user registration system. It is to be hoped that the introduction of new technologies will allow applications with AR subjects and using the widespread GPS tracking function to reach a new level and to press traditional mobile games and programs for personal computers.

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DocTailor, Legal Platform Customized Legal Couple Platform

DocTailor is its own unique smart contract customization customization platform,  enabling lawyers, individuals, and organizations to post  and create smart contracts and deals tailored to the law of  blockchain.

About DocTailor

There is a tremendous demand for smart contracts, although few use the services already available. In fact, while almost half of all senior executives believe there is value in smart contracts in blockchain, and while they will be happy. To use the intelligent contract service, reports show that only 13% actually incorporate technology into their work. This highlight the fact that something is missing from existing services preventing widespread adoption.

This report is made for legal professionals, organizations, and individuals, discussing long-term responsibilities tailored to self-intelligent legal documents in blockchain. In particular, his report  will focus on the automatic platform DocTailor, given the technological capability to position itself in such a way as to enhance, innovate, and disrupt the existing tailor law and existing document landscape.

The DocTailor platform will enable all users, regardless of experience developers, to disseminate legal documents with smartly integrated contract features The goal of the technology is to create a new ecosystem designed to show ways in which the progress of blockchain can be exploited in the legal industry.

Destination DocTailor

DocTailor aims to:
• Enhance the accessibility of smart contracts tailored
• Enhance the ease of smart contract development, acquisition and distribution
• Offer easy payment options, save crypto and fiat money
• Facilitate the use of other DocTailor and / or COD token tokens
• Operate on P2P , B2C, and B2B as needed
• Integrate with business infrastructure to deliver value to real-world situations
• Manage and monitor smart contracts and deployments deployed The
introduction of the DocTailor platform coincides with an increasing concern about the low adoption rate of blockchain technology.

The report shows that about 40% of senior executives do not understand how blockchain could benefit their business or their industry business, citing a bit of knowledge about technology. To date, it appears that blockchain adoption rates vary greatly according to sectors. There are some challenges that have been referred to as primers. Obstacles that hinder the widespread adoption of blockchain, including integration issues, lack of expertise in newly emerging industries, high costs, volatility, and concerns related to consumer protection are yet to be addressed. While specific aspects of this issue have been addressed, through the launch of appropriate multi-currency and crypto wallets. Debit options with backend liquidity, more needs to be done to address the ‘last mile’ adoption of blockchain. The key to bringing in daily life blockchain is arguably the ability to build and deploy intelligent contracts in addition to payments made using various crypto. This is the aspect that has been discussed in terms of standard digital payments, with smart contract solutions in place through service providers like Paypal and Visa. This contract offers consumer protection against fraud and disputes that thing is mainly lacking in the cryptocurrency sector. The use of smart contracts in blockchain holds the potential to address not only these issues, but also concerns directly. The DocTailor platform for the development and deployment of smart contracts for multi currency payments can play a role in increasing the adoption rate of blockchain on a global scale. The key to bringing in daily life blockchain is arguably the ability to build and deploy intelligent contracts in addition to payments made using various crypto. This is the aspect that has been discussed in terms of standard digital payments, with smart contract solutions in place through service providers like Paypal and Visa. This contract offers consumer protection against fraud and disputes that thing is mainly lacking in the cryptocurrency sector. The use of smart contracts in blockchain holds the potential to address not only these issues, but also concerns directly. The DocTailor platform for the development and deployment of smart contracts for multi currency payments can play a role in increasing the adoption rate of blockchain on a global scale. The key to bringing in daily life blockchain is arguably the ability to build and deploy intelligent contracts in addition to payments made using various crypto. This is the aspect that has been discussed in terms of standard digital payments, with smart contract solutions in place through service providers like Paypal and Visa. This contract offers consumer protection against fraud and disputes that thing is mainly lacking in the cryptocurrency sector. The use of smart contracts in blockchain holds the potential to address not only these issues, but also concerns directly. The DocTailor platform for the development and deployment of smart contracts for multi currency payments can play a role in increasing the adoption rate of blockchain on a global scale.

Use of Intelligent Contracts in

CryptoCurrency Market

The cryptocurrency market is anticipated to grow from the current $ 730 billion to $ 10 trillion in the next 15 years, reinforcing the importance of cryptocurrency holders as an integral part of a decentralized new economy. The total market cryptocurrency of capitalization has steadily grown in recent years.

This economy will rely heavily on automated automation, tailor-made legal agreements and smart contracts. DocTailor’s mission is to lay the foundations for this new economy by allowing non-crypto business to fully utilize blockchain technology, while encouraging crypto-busine acceleration.

Cost & Time

The creation of concise legal documents has been referred to as a major concern for businesses operating on a tight budget, as well as for organizations, legal professionals, and individuals with limited resources or earnings limits. In addition, the time required to develop. Such documentation should be considered, with complicated contracts often requiring more time and funds than on the basis of their peers. Cost and time considerations are the main obstacles faced by joint ventures and partnerships. This applies to the practical
industry or any sector. In human resources, for example, it was reported that it could cost the business an average of up to $ 750 to set up a working contract basis. There is an urgent need for solutions such as the DocTailor DocTailor Platform using the ‘clever clause’ feature to automatically identify and highlight the sections of documents, contracts, or other agreement forms that may need to be modified to suit their purposes. DocTailor users can change, replace, or remove the clauses needed to form unique tailors and tailor made smart contracts Research shows that smart contracts may be placed in the Ethereal blockchain in just 14 seconds.


Token sales will begin on March 31, 2017 12:00 GMT

Initial Bonus: 30%
Minimum goal: $ 1,000,000 USD

The DocTailor user will be able to access the clause and ‘pay as you go’ (PAYG) comes with cryptocurrency. Tokens can be used to purchase custom-made legal documents, as well as those additional features
should be included on the platform. Those who use tokens in fiat Money places will be rewarded with additional time added to the account, and access to exclusive documents and templates. Incentives to leverage the platform will come, in part, from users and token holder benefits and revenue.

User Revenue

Users can generate revenue by making smart and customized agreements and contracts on the platform and sharing this document with other users looking for documents with the same terms and clauses

Characteristics & Benefits

DocTailor has been designed to benefit from the following characteristics and advantages:
• Clause Selection: Users can select more than 10,000 legally pre-created
• Merge Clauses: Selected clauses can be merged into existing document
• Document Setup: New contracts can be created for users quickly and efficiently.
• Format: Documents can be downloaded in various formats (eg Word,
• Blockchain: Templates are stored in blockchain, maintaining clarity and
• Tracking: Users can monitor the use of the contract and the recipient’s participation (eg, authorization).
• Contract Management: Documents can be stored and managed online as required.
• Authentication: Alerts are used to mark the signing of documents and contracts.
• Intelligent Contract: A secure agreement is used to protect both parties in Indonesia financial transactions.


And for more information please visit their website:

AIRPOD – comfortable waiting in public places



Greetings to all guests of my blog and today the object of our close study, a unique project – AIRPOD .
Every day, modern people around the world are facing the same problem, a banal expectation, whether at the airport or other transportation places. I happened to experience the same feeling of discomfort more than once, sitting in anticipation of my flight and believe me, this is not the most pleasant feeling, not only that waiting is tedious, boring, having to waste time on uncomfortable, hard, metal chairs at the airport, where there is no opportunity to relax, relax or finish your work. Noisy, uncomfortable, and not comfortable, all this you will have to endure in anticipation of your flight. The company AirPod, is designed to solve all these problems!
This is really a new and promising project, which was not yet available. This is something that will help you relax and relax in any place wherever you are. So, let’s begin!


AIRPOD is a luxurious and fully functional sleeping tray that is designed for overnight stays and short stays. It looks really modern, in high-tech verse, the elegant lines of this capsule attract attention to yourself, and you want to know “there’s something inside”? Inside it is equipped with entertainment functions, it’s the first of its kind, you can safely say – behind it the future of sleeping containers.
The goal is to improve the travel experience by combining this project with the block system, this will allow us to move to a new stage of our life.
AirPod Sleeping Pod  is a private “capsule style” unit intended for installation in public places. It is an ideal solution for people who are looking for a place to relax, sleep, work or have fun in privacy, while being in a public place.

Innovative technologies

AirPod is full of advanced technologies that allow users to perform tasks in complete privacy and comfort while staying in the center of a public or commercial space. AirPod will include the following functions: Wi-Fi, touch screen, air conditioning, sound reinforcement technology, blinds for closed doors in elegant glass, lighting and anti-stress program.
AirPod provides an opportunity to change your perception of the trip in public places!

Available functions / elements:

  • Free access to Amazon Fire TV
  • Free high-speed Wi-Fi for all users
  • Alarm clock
  • Flight Status
  • High quality seat that turns into a bed
  • LED Self-Diagnosis System
  • Power Connectors (USB / Electricity)
  • Desktop
  • Storage of luggage and personal belongings
  • Air and Hepa filter (fresh air and constant temperature)


According to studies conducted by, more than 50% of passengers are willing to pay for a sleeping block at the airport. This in itself indicates what the Airpod solution offers. In addition, AirPod is looking for a set of ICO, which will be launched in March 2018 to mobilize $ 20 million to finance its development.
The founder and CEO of AirPod Technologies is Grega Mrgol. He has a strong, successful history with various startups in the field of production, nutrition, recreation and fitness. In 2004, Grega opened his first company specializing in the distribution and sale in the EU of sports nutrition, fitness and wellness products.

1 * Czfj4l2P_-8ir1Jo3U0v4A.png

During the ICO process, 20 million APOD-based tokens will be released based on the etheric light. Tokens are part of the ecosystem of the AIRPOD flowchart utility and are necessary for the operation of the system. 15 million released tokens will be distributed during the crowd, which will subsequently be systematically purchased by the Airpod system.
The project is really worthwhile, there are more than 10 000 possible locations for these capsules, there is also support for Real Business Economy working on Blockchain, plus a self-developing business economy, supported by Crypto Infrastructure. The company has a distribution partner and an income stream identifier;
You are investing not just in a bright image, but in a project that has already been developed, which has prototypes!


● Dates of the Bounty campaign: March 3, 2018 – April 24, 2018

● Total number of tokens: 250,000,000 APod

● Bounty pool: 4,500,000 APod

● Price of the token: 1 APod = 0.10 $

  • SoftCap: 2 700 000 USD
  • Hard Cap: 20,000,000 USD

The total number of tokens issued is 250,000,000.

The token will be located on the ERC-20 protocol.

The minimum investment will be 1 ETH, a maximum of 300 ETH

Tokens will be distributed as follows

The total amount of 250,000,000 APOD (100%) Tokens will be assigned to:

  • Crowdsale: 200,000,000 APOD (80%)
  • Founders’ Fund: 30,000,000 APOD (12%)
  • Support fund and contractors: 9.000.000 APOD (3.6%)
  • Campaign Bounty – up to 5.000.000 (2%)
  • Advisers – 3.000.000 APOD (1.2%)
  • The company’s reserve is a pool of liquidity: 2.000.000 APOD (0.8%)
  • AirDrop – 1.000.000 APOD (0.4%)

There is also a Bounty campaign, you can join in this way to support the project!

Distribution Bounty pool:

● Twitter campaign: 15%

● Facebook campaign: 15%

● YouTube / Blog campaign: 25%

● Bitcointalk signatures: 15%

● Translation and moderation: 15%

● Telegram campaign: 10%

● Reddit campaign: 5%

More detailed information on the distribution and sale of tokens you can find on the official site. Useful links :





Author: nguyenluancmg

Bittwatt – Energy of the 21st century

What is Bittwatt?

Bittwatt is a dating platform that brings together all market participants and provides a standardized protocol for the exchange of relevant business information, while creating a decentralized service for energy supply, compilation and balancing of accounts.

Bittwatt platform is built to dispense with useless bureaucracy, synchronizing consumption figures. Bittwatt simplifies current operations, eliminating operating costs and transfer fees, all within the framework of an automated workflow that optimizes energy transfer on an hourly basis: it turns ordinary consumers into smart ones.

Bittwatt encapsulates a number of key features that allow you to scale the needs of each brand or each location in your network. With Bittwatt, power plants, suppliers, consumers and other operators can contribute to ensuring that energy is no longer lost.

What to expect from Bittvatt:

Bittwatt provides fast, transparent and reliable settlements between market participants. Based on customer profiles, Bittwatt compares demand with market bids every hour of every day.

Smart power supply
Bittwatt uses artificial intelligence to learn and adapt to what the power system tells it. This allows the demand and response system to optimize supply for all parties, from power plants to smart consumers.

Bittwatt business platform integrates regulatory information and data shared between energy providers, network operators and intelligent consumers – it is the overcoming of a larger software ecosystem and real-world business.

Portable transactions A
secure multilateral framework for international energy cooperation (in areas such as production, conversion, transportation, distribution, settlement of transactions based on intellectual contracts and energy use).

Energy Arbitration and Exchange
Thanks to its energy purse, users can use their energy storage capabilities by buying cheap and sold at the highest prices using the Bitwatt system of crypto currency, exchange and trade.

E-mobility and energy roaming
A single cross-border European charging network for electric vehicles provides intelligent customer identification and Bittwatt purse settlement.


The Bittwatt platform breaks bureaucratic barriers through a transparent and efficient solution that uses block technology to eliminate operational costs and transmission fees, and uses information from energy supply and demand data in real time. Bittwatt is built to turn ordinary, everyday consumers into intelligent consumers who know and use the information that the network can provide them. The system works by analyzing intellectual contracts that link data on production and consumption with energy purses available on the network. These smart contracts are the rules by which Bittwatt matches the company with the best possible partners, making the former energy model a thing of the past.


General Information on Bittwatt Coin

Name: BWT Coin
Symbol: BWT
Platform: Ethereum
Total coin volume: 400,000,000 BWT
Initial price of ICO: 0.12 $

The total volume of BWT coins is 400 million tokens. They are divided into six categories:

  1. 300,000,000 tokens sold during the ICO
  2. For the team, 40,000,000 tokens are reserved
  3. For advisors, 20,000,000 tokens are reserved
  4. For the country’s advisers, 20,000,000 tokens are reserved
  5. 8,000,000 tokens are reserved for bounty
  6. 12,000,000 tokens are reserved for marketing at the country level

Road map

More info:






Author: nguyenluancmg

GYM Rewards – On Pay for Exercise

GYM Rewards is a project consisting of an entire solution to support payouts for practice. From Blockchain which supports Evidence of Exercise to GYM Rewards Exchange for gymnasiums and other partners to come and exchange GYM Tokens. No need to wait for the stock to support GYM and no need to risk getting stuck with useless tokens.

The GYM Rewards application is a patent pending app that rewards you for having been exercising in GYM by introducing Proof of Exercise to the blockchain. The more you exercise in GYM, the more GYM Coins you’ll get. GYM coins can be redeemed at your locally participating gym and will be tradable on the participating crypto market.

As we know today Modern human life, in many cases, loses an important component of the good health movement. Work without power, long travel in transportation, recreation, all these contribute to many diseases. But to maintain your health should exercise only 2-3 times per week. No matter what type of sport is involved in a person whether it is soccer, tennis, cycling or roller skating, or maybe just practice in GYM, exercise will have a beneficial effect on health, well-being and efficiency.

When we start doing one exercise, we are inspired by our goals, get the first result and continue to visit GYM several months a week. But then comes when you miss one exercise, then the second and then throughout the week. And why does class stability and discipline cease? And the fact is that in our day time people need money to live and not everyone is able to spend time for fitness continuously, unless of course they are professional athletes.

Therefore, we face the option to combine it, but spend less time on physical activity or stop. But this is not the right choice, because the most important thing in our life is still healthy. Fortunately, there is the best way to get out of this situation, the solution is the GYM Rewards project, which makes a lot of surprises because you love this sport forever and are able to give more time.

The objective of this project creates a decentralized platform on blockchain, crypto technology where you can make extra money by doing normal physical exercise, exercise, athletic activities and fitness. That is, for this digital currency extraction, you become a farmer yourself and, depending on the activity, you can receive as much as you want and exchange it with other members of this amazing ecosystem.

See how many fun opportunities you have: if you’re already a fan of active training, you’ll combine it with a money-making function, in addition to receiving a rebate on a particular service depending on the number of these tokens, redeeming it. for crypto top-end illumination such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, buy services for them, stuff on this platform.

User interaction on this platform, everything will be very profitable and the motivation will only be high. The sports industry is developing now very strongly: just look at how healthy lifestyles and well-being are enhanced thanks to the famous Crossfit game, more weightlifting and more involved in emerging areas.

The industry’s capitalization is several trillion dollars, as it covers many areas: food, sportswear, online courses, advertising, brands, training programs and therefore should pay particular attention to this idea. Your proof of activity will be recorded in the blockchain and instead you get a GYM token.

All of this will work on a single mobile app, the team has filed a patent application for this invention. Here will be implemented and social networking that will develop harmoniously, and you can also get rewards to refer others.

The idea is very exciting and promising as in making a profit, in terms of helping others reach new levels of life and in motivation to enter the sport.

For more information on this project you can visit the following link:





Author: nguyenluancmg

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