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Overview of ICO Wealth Migrate – Real Estate Investment

Wealth Migrate uses a phased approach to reduce the global wealth deficit.
As the first platform began its work in October 2013, Wealth Migrate realizes its vision of the democratization of wealth for all by owning real estate. To date, it has contributed to real estate investments worth $ 392 million on its global platform thanks to more than 1,700 transactions, all tested through a block chain, from investors in 46 countries.
The platform has members from 111 countries. Over the past 12 months, the number of members of the platform has increased by 63.9% each month. In 2016, the Wealth Migrate platform was also named one of the leading companies of KPMG Leading Global Fintech Top 50. In addition, it was the world’s first joint, global, intellectual investment platform using blockchain technology.
4 directions in the ecosystem of the global system Wealth Migrate.

1. Wealth University , to provide analytics, the best education and control package for investors. 
2. Wealth Create , to obtain local solutions in each country. Search for partners in critical markets and the adoption of a licensing model, in the form of a franchise. Licensing platforms for the best partners in specific countries. 
3. Wealth Migrate . In the next five years, Wealth Migrate will continue to grow in a reliable global real estate market. This will allow investors to invest safely internationally. 
4. Wealth Movement . Collect friends and family from around the world to learn about the latest achievements of fi nitek, block chain, crypto terminals and all exponential technologies that democratize access to Wealth for all. 

The founding team, board and management have many years of experience in the international real estate market. They achieved significant success on 5 continents with a total investment value of over $ 1.34 billion. The team has combined this vast global real estate experience with their equally impressive technological options for creating the Wealth Group’s platform and scale ecosystem.
At the same time, Wealth Migrate continues to be a technological leader, providing its WealthE TM token to accelerate the growth of its business and truly expand the ecosystem.

Platform and its significant functions:

Wealth Migrate operates under three main values: trust, transparency and, most importantly, respect for interests. 

The company was founded on the principle that, by increasing the purchasing power, investors can realize solid profits and gain access to a wider range of quality investments than ever, and also reduce risk. Thanks to the alliance of technologies, block chain, cryptothermins, varifikation and real estate, Wealth Migrate offers a crypto currency marker called WealthE TM, which provides an exciting range of benefits for token owners to become wealthy using real estate-based electronic assets.


GENERAL SUPPLY: 600 million
TOKEN PRICE:  WRE equivalent to US $ 0.10
Up to US $ 1 million or December 15, 2017, whichever comes first
Basic sale :
Start 4.04.18, end on May 21, 1818 or up to $ 30 million.
Tokens are distributed as follows:
– Team 20%
– Mass sale 50%
– Reserve 20%
– Development 10%
Wealth Migrate achieved the first of a three-stage approach to the democratization of property ownership and enters the second phase – the introduction of the WealthE TM digital token – to deepen and expand into the real estate ecosystem.
By purchasing the WealthE TM coin, investors will join a community that helps solve one of the biggest problems – by investing in real estate they create significant assets for themselves.
To date, the Wealth Migrate project has:
1. On our platform, 10,000+ participants from 105 countries are registered.
2. 2.65 million + invested from investors from 42 countries
. 3. 1,450 + transactions with an average transaction size of $ 44,000.
4. 70% re-investment by our investors $
5. 3.4 million + earned in dividends on customers



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