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CryptoBnB trust-based blockchain technology

The vacation rental market is directed to fix short-term rental rates. Due to the clogging of artificial intelligence, a large amount of data promises smartphone users to improve their search results and increase real estate sales.
The new market is aimed at increasing the choices available to travelers, offering more search efficiency, 0 percent commissions, lower network costs and flexibility. This new technology delivers blockchain based on a trust system based on voting and voting systems – a platform to learn more about their peers. In addition, this technology will allow peer transactions to be sure to rent the property at no additional cost to trustee services.
CryptoBnB will be built with unique and patented technology that combines several proven tools and technologies, building them with advanced search and targeted marketing capabilities to create a robust and secure ecosystem.
The platform is supported by CryptoDNA, an exclusive technology that addresses the following challenges:
Identify the user to solve the wrong claim.
Voting and rating system, based on trust, so users can know their rankings.
A self-learning smart wallet that captures user preferences.
Commission 0%.
P2P smart contract and no intermediary.
P2P marketing uses AI logic.
Overcome the limitations of micro-transaction networks in the block chain and use IPFS (Interplanetary File System) to overcome them.
CryptoBNB business model
The CryptoBnB business model aims to harmonize the economic benefits for all users in the following ways:
Commission 0%. A review of the current business model will show that this platform generates significant cost, which can be broken down as follows: market cost of 3% -15%. A credit card or a bank bill of 1.7% -4.5%. Forex (currency) when using the currency is not in US dollars of 1% -3%.
Hidden Tasks – Similar platforms charge hidden fees, such as cleaning fees, which can account for 70 percent of daily rent. CryptoBnB will have a market where users can choose the cheapest service they like, provided they decide not to do it themselves.
Arbitration  The main purpose of CryptoBnB is to create as many discussion opportunities as possible. However, disputes are inevitable, so we have created an arbitration center.
CryptoBNB solution.
CryptoBnB will build a smart platform to meet the growth of market segments. The platform will develop tools to make the market more transparent and user-friendly.
CryptoBnB will try to eliminate the technology gap on the current short-term rental.
Business plan and strategy.
The short-term rental business model has proven its value in the modern economy and continues to grow annually (Harpal, 2016). CryptoBnB also has two strategies regarding project maturity.
CryptoBnB will allocate 15 per cent of tokens due to escrow, which rewards all hosts and service providers listed on AirBnB. The list depends on its ranking with a good attitude. Other tokens are granted to these hosts and service providers based on voting and rating systems.
The road to market strategy will be in two major cities in two to three years. The first year after launch will focus on all issues in one city and then expand to four other cities.
Forecasts are calculated for 1-2% of the total market volume for two and three years. It is assumed that the total short-term rental market is $ 100 billion. The US with a growth of 12-15% from year to year.
Although this platform will have the same look as the existing short term rental platform for home, the backend is supported by the CryptoDNA protocol. The results of the CryptoBnB platform will be better than the results of the current platform. The powerful search engine KI supported by CryptoBnB has access to encrypted encrypted data from its users.
CryptoDNA® Smart Wallet
Independent study wallet with AI data and large (large).
Artificial intelligence and large amounts of data, combined with intellectual contracts, will create CryptoDNA, which will provide intelligent search engines to improve tenant-to-property matching, relying on AI and large data collection.
The wallet differentiates the user interface in a variety of ways:
Traveler – CryptoDNA records identification, preferences, history, rating and credit tokens.
, Host – CryptoDNA writes host IDs, property permissions, property information, destinations.
Preferences, History, Ratings and Tokens.
Service Provider – CryptoDNA records SP identifiers, business licensing information, service information, destination (host / traveler) preferences, history, ratings and token credits.
CryptoDNA Level 1- AI, large data integration and allowable block extension.
Structure of SAB structure
Full IPFS connection for locking
List of cryptographic micro transactions in blocks
Excellent data integration
AI integration with large amount of data
CryptoDNA Level 2 – P2P Marketing
Peer-to-Peer Marketing (P2P) encourages customers to attract other customers by offering products or services to their friends or colleagues. Keywords taken from CryptoDNA are used to identify potential partners and push the platform forward.
The power of AI data and a large number of block permissions allows the platform to help travelers and hosts and expand their target market by extracting keywords from CryptoDNA that are publicly available. Travelers and owners can choose destination by location, trading habit, social status and rank.
CryptoBnB will introduce some new technologies to its security platform:
CryptoDNA authentication system
OpenSSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate for security
Blockchain is a safe technology
Details about Ckey token
Common token CKey: 1 000 000 000
1 CKey = $ 0.08
Bonus Token in the Scheduler
HardCap: $ 15.2 million
Minimum cap: $ 5 million
Minimum purchase: $ 75 (0.1 ETH)
Token CKey: ERC20
The membership fee must be in accordance with ERC20
Token Ckey distribution
Selected token button
Reserve 22.50%
Token ICO 30.00%
Team 7.50%
Founder 20.00%
Consultant 2.50%
Host bonus 10.00%
SP bonus 5%
Bounty 2.50%
Allocation of Token
Blockchain Team 15%:
20% marketing and sales
Support for various platforms 15%
Administration and operation 10%
Development Fund 5%, Strategic Partnership
5% legal issues
5% safety and bug bugs
Reserve cost 25%
Founder / Managing Director:
Global entrepreneur, industrialist and business strategist Tariq Alvaidi has more than 20 years of experience in various countries and industries such as FMCG, oil and gas, heavy industry, petrochemicals, energy, construction, food and beverage and real estate. Born and raised in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Tariq is an independent, innovative visionary in the crypto-curent industry, working to create practical applications in the FinTech arena. Mr. Alwahedi received a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from Tulsa University and an EMBA from Kellogg School of Management.
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