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Ecex Exchange – Task Trade Platform

One of the goals of Planet Ziggurat is to bring the tasks on the trading platform Ecex Exchange.
They will create a market environment, a system for trading platforms that are active assignment agreements.
This means changing the owner of many agreements and documents, such as claims, invoices, and factoring agreements, all shared tasks.
It is easy to understand that every investor can buy shares and all assume what is happening in the electronic system market,  how a suitable trade takes place and what the consequences in the account then the deal will finally complete.
PlanetZiggurat aims for 1 million trades per day by the end of the third year. Their revenues come from services including:
– Trading costs,
– System background checks from publishers,
– Signed digitally

– Exchange members’ expenditures, etc.

Cash flow will be similar to the stock exchange business. The only difference is the instrument and the set of agreements. PlanetZiggurat will provide Users with an opportunity to use Ziggurat digital tokens to:
1.  Opportunity to pay partly for services to buy and sell claims, accounts receivable, and mediate insurance contracts,
2.  To pay for various support services related to sales and purchases through exchange, and provide the right practice user to realize your own terms regarding the claim,
3.  Ziggurat cryptocurrency provides the right to profit up to 20% of the Ecex Exchange Trading Platform results, (distribution will be in cryptocurrency, ethereum until disconnected otherwise),
4.  Using Cryptocurrency Ziggurat for internal payments via the Ecex Exchange Platform.
The smart contract from the Ecex Exchange Platform requires a Ziggurat digital token for its work.
Only Ziggurat digital token owners can purchase with a discount service from the Ecex Exchange Platform.
The main purpose of the Ecex Exchange is to make global and universal exchanges in the form of related instruments (claims, duties, cessio – there are many names and it depends on the country).
This is lost at this point and they see it from personal experience that the demand for this type of service is there.
But as a “by-product” they will build a Storage and Trade system that is capable of handling all types of instrument safety.
Whether it can also trade cryptocurrency in any form – no doubt if it will be so arranged.
Is he able to provide private books for certain types of cryptocurrencty / token holders – no problem.
Is he able to provide ICO services – no problem, IPO is supported out of the box and ICO is just a special taste.
and others. Our own Ziggurat Tokens – is that an important part of the system? Most likely not, we will use it in some areas, but in parallel other payment options and cryptos will apply. And it is also the symbiotic beauty of “old” and “new” economic systems. The ZIG Token will give all ICO participants likely to benefit from the Ecex Exchange project and there is no minimum limit as it does in the case of a classical financial scheme. Since many building blocks derived from the “old world” the risks are much lower than building a new product 100% of zero.

Technical solutions, Software, and Hardware

A. For the functions of Registry and Storage Effects, They plan to use Depend, developed by Percival Software Ltd.
The company has been in the Depository and Exchange business since 1986. The company has many international clients from Royal Bank of Canada (RBC Trust (Trinidad & Tobago) to Nasdaq-OMX
, the company has integration with several systems such as T2S, Swift, Crest, etc.
b)  Trading Platform planned to be developed Percival is the final choice, will also ensure maximum compatibility with Storage
. Additional development is planned to integrate the Trading Platform and Storage with the signing authority of the external blockchain.
d. Depending on further developments, there will be a need for some or all:
– Integration with external payment systems
– Integration with external systems for exchanging info, eg broker
– Web interface for online commerce
– Mobile Application


The initial idea

The initial idea of ​​all types of debt instruments market.


Maturing Ideas

The idea of ​​the project develops further. Several workshops with different domain experts take place. The possibility of different dissemination is discussed.


Choose a solution

The decision was made to use a hybrid solution of new blockchain elements and classic Fin-Tech software solutions. It was also decided to roll out a Ziggurat token (ZIG) and allow public participation through ICO.


Ecex Exchange ICO

 Ecex Exchange ICO Begins. Duration of 150 days, Total 531M Ziggurat (ZIG) toknes will be emitted.
Distribution Token:
Public market 66%: 350 460 000,00 ZIG
Foundation 10%: 53 1000 000
Partner  ZIG  7%: 37 170 000,00 ZIG
Founder 7%: 37 170 000.00 ZIG
Adviser 6%: 31 860 000,00 ZIG
Bounty 4%: 21 240 000.00 ZIG


User functionality

Functionality to manage system users. Registration and Login function published on January   2, 2018   is ahead of schedule. Due to the great interest of the community it also provides many registration and payment systems on the Ecex Exchange platform.

The internal account to hold the ZIG token is applied and   the zero cost and a transaction of the instant ZIG token   between internal accoutns is available. The Withdrawal and Deposit function is in progress.


List of Assignments

Functionality to create task list, make offer / offer, sign NDA and contact the other party. With current estimates to be released in March 2018

Commercial activities begin.


ICO Ends

Phase 1 Ends. Bounty and other tokens in the Ecex Exchange account are allowed to be withdrawn. ZIG Tokens will be registered on crypto exchange. ZIG tokens obtained via the ICO payment ethereum address already in the ethereum owner account.


Intelligent Container

Smart Container function to store task-related info and documents. Develop a simple trading platform.


The Bigger and Better

Increased trading platform continues.
Integration of Securities Storage.
More integration with blockchain.
Got a global land.
Start API development.


Diveristy and integration

Provide possibilities for different business areas such as insurance, banking etc.
Provide feed info via API.
Expanding into new areas.
Find new market makers.
Ziggurat Distribution of the Planet Ziggurat OÜ EcexExchange and related
the token creation process will be organized around a smart contract run in Ethereum.
Token Name: ZIG
Total Token Supply: 531.000.000 ZIG.
Tokens that are not sold during Token
Distribution will be destroyed.
Destination: Maximum: $ 53 million.
Our distribution campaign has no minimal capital goal due to project sustainability.
Any sale of Ziggurat Tokens that remain unsold after the conclusion of
crowdsale will be added to PlanetZiggurat Inventory.
Initial value: Ziggurat Token Price is locked to 0.0004561163 ETH per 1 ZIG. 1 ETH = 2400 ZIG.
More info:

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