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Treon Encryption Revolution Utility Payment

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Treon (TXO) Ethereum blockchain Based Utility Token and Secure Fashion Completely Distributed with Robust Technology for Paying Public Fees for e-Wallets

Distributed projects with valuable value for potential investors and investors are one of the projects that increase rapidly as the change in the exchange of digital assets becomes very large earlier this year. The definition of this network uses an extremely unique theme of other block chain platforms in the world and has an investment process with equilibrium value and profit value greater than the capital required for modern digital asset trading. TREON Symbolic economic economy which can start trading personally It is a block chain platform that introduced original ideas first in the market, digital asset exchange platform.

TREON Based on a system that opens more open investor opportunities with symbolic investment, the result of the development of the block chain industry experienced excellent achievements and excellent ideas It is one. This company is one of the first block chain platforms generated and is a block chain platform about the economic weaknesses of many people in the world in the concept of mutual investment as investors, an important point of the platform TREON Most registered investors and potential investors who start business on this platform will participate in the business.

According to platform terms of use TREON Between buyers and sellers is a source of revenue that brings to each other a balanced value of beneficial ecosystems. In this case, if the investor has an economic concept that the average opportunity price is greater than the income of the investment capital, symbolic sales will be deeply allocated to investors who want to profit on this platform. The opportunity to lead to the next project is to make a great effort on legally and safe tobacco trading and token projects in the block chain industry and to develop a balanced analytical system within its own tactics and ideas that many people direct Investor who is going to operate and start TREON Distributed block chain platform aiming to build investment that influences the active aspects of fund management invested in this platform. In other words, this platform is a place for investors all over the world.

Many and current commercial cryptographic markets that dominate the TREON market are presented at the beginning of the year with commercial encryption companies with certain characteristics Empresa TREON Empresa TREON Becoming a great company with great success in the future I will. Transactions in the world of cryptocurrency were immune to the exchange of currency values ​​and currency fluctuations, but this is natural for commercial cryptography companies. Please protect the system from investment. Of course, this is a catastrophe that will be fatal to the company’s destruction. A distributed investment fund in the block chain platform for investors around the world is an effective philosophy provided by this platform With a vision and mission of the concept of mutual benefit between the project owner and the token owner this year, It may be one of the successes that the commercial crypto community can achieve in the world of cryptography of many companies that many companies have to have unique characteristics and creativity that are commercialized. .

Sales of tokens

This company has very special commercial value at each exchange. Offering convenience to potential investors is one of the categories that cryptography companies can classify in the world, but at the same time not only provide clear and detailed information but also whether you are paying real attention to future investors It is a roadmap showing. If you are looking for a market as a place to negotiate the possibility currency, this is a solution that can be taken as one of the key choices in the crypto trading market based on the block chain platform. The latest block chain platform technology TREON It is one of the commercial markets of the currency and is the exchange of cryptography by the market democratic regime and brings great benefit for shareholder benefits It not only TREON but here other markets There is an advantage that can be explained as a place to trade with cryptography rather than.

TREON This is a new trading platform based on a successful block chain method that demonstrates the market and changes the function of the financial ecosystem. This system is a means of supporting the process of negotiating several kinds of incredible assets using counterparts of that platform. In addition, this platform also uses its own encryption method called token transaction. Developers are hoping to create huge liquidity targets that maintain token manipulation that will benefit the token owner. The purpose of this platform is to become a leader who uses block chain technology to transform multiple financial assets. Once you decide to participate in this negotiation site, you will continue to invest and start trading with the founder’s experience and creative ideas, and you can definitely offer you great income and profits.

Platform Future TREON As the first generation platform to provide solutions to investor problems that is impossible in a timely manner, and with the change in the encryption market and the high or low encryption price, this platform They are asked to be ready to receive automatic notifications on the mobile device. Without minimizing its activities, the aim is not only to build an ecosystem that conceptualizes trading and mutual benefits between users, but also to build a platform that can constantly help stabilize revenues. It solves problems that most investors encounter frequently, while providing a smart solution with a platform that improves TREON performance and provides easy access to accounts.

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Benefits Platform people can lead their desires and dating needs

Sugar dating industry overview and challenges

The sugar dating industry is growing at an incredible rate. One of the fastest growing subdivisions of the online dating industry, and more and more people are looking for dating services through sugar dating sites. Because of this, online sugar dating services and applications are in high demand because people are constantly looking for partnerships in an increasingly unfair digital world.
Sugar dating sites not only give sugar dads and moms a chance to stand out from the crowd, but also give the sugar baby a chance to become a habit. Sugar Babies enjoy luxury while enjoying a tranquil life with excellent dinner, exotic travel and allowances. Sugar Daddies and Mommas have been looking for beautiful members to date. Sites like “Seeking Arrangement”, “Sugar Daddy” and “Rich meets Beautiful” give men and women the opportunity to find relationships based on their own conditions.
At first glance, a sugar dating site can be very helpful in providing an established or attractive person, but there are still problems with the online dating industry. Some are more frequent on sugar dating sites.

Who came up with the idea of ​​eating sugar in the block chain?

Derek Cajun from is one of the world’s most famous dating coaches. Over the past twelve years, he has learned how men around the world, including CEOs, executives, Hollywood stars, and even astronauts, can be more successful in dating.
Derek is currently the world’s first and largest dating coaching company, Love Systems, which has appeared on numerous television programs including Dr. Phil Show, ABC Nightview, The Tyra Banks, . Derek personally interviewed WGN News, Breakfast Television, Sex Matters, and is an expert on everything related to dating. He showed his skills as a dating expert on the reality TV show ‘Keys To The VIP’. He has achieved the highest level of success in spreading his name across the globe and establishing a dating brand.
In 2012 he wrote a bestselling book ‘Shinto’s Guide to Online Dating’. He explains and solves many of the problems facing modern people while meeting attractive women online. Since Derek started his research on this book, he has followed the development of online dating. Over the past few years he has discovered some amazing advances that no one mentions.
He knew that the date sugar was not going to disappear and that this was the direction the market was heading. This new type of ‘no strings attached’ date has more new safety issues. Sugar dating sites seemed to be happy with how things went, and user safety did not seem to be high on their agenda.
As a man who has devoted an entirely professional career to improving the dating experience of men and women around the world, he felt that everyone on the platform should look for ways to use the latest technology to improve their experience and safety.

Let’s look at what this issue is and see how the platform solves it.

  •  Fake profiles, scammers and catfishing
  •  No trusted reputation system
  •  Confusion about sexual abuse or sexual consent (#metoo)
  •  No warranty before date
  •  There is no transparent and fair payment model.
  •  An outdated way to protect your privacy and data (Ashley Madison hack)
Fake Accounts, Crooks and Fishing Habits Problems: Fake profiles and fake anglers are heavily influenced and exceed most online dating services. Because sugar dating sites fit rich demographics, the percentage of individuals disguised as fake profiles, scammers and others is much higher. Sugar Dad or mom can not be sure they are not trapped. On the other hand, how do you know if sugar babies are as sure as sugar mothers or sugar mothers are actually interested? It turns out that many users at existing sugar sites are positioning themselves as sugar mums and sugar mothers to persuade them to contact the user without a doubt. There is already a solution for this, but there is no effective solution.

Dating benefits

Dating with Benefits is the first sugar can date dating platform based on block chaining technology. It is a platform that lets people directly know what they want and need, and immediately define the relationships they want. Through our profile, members can easily agree on their intentions and expectations through wise agreements that make it easy to make statements and block chains. Finally, you can always get the relationship you wanted.
DWB Solution to Promote Accounts, Crooks and Fake Fishing: DWB solves this problem with block-chain technology. First, when a user uploads a photo of their face, they will receive a video search on our platform. We scan, match, and confirm with face recognition. Your data is encrypted and stored with your public and private keys. After additional security and social media checks are completed, the hashed signed physical identity verification data is written to the block chain. Our Mistproof Block Chain Verification System allows users to trust who they claim to be. This level of confidence increases the probability of a successful date by substantially improving the safety aspects of meeting strangers.
DWB Solution for Reputation: As an advantage, you can solve this problem by using a public reputation system. If a user is dating another user, you can receive positive feedback, and any future user who interacts with that user can view positive feedback and review based on it, just like Uber or Airbnb. We use pre-set tags such as “great manners” and “great congregations” to accomplish this. Of course, we do not use pre-set negative feedback options to keep the atmosphere positive. You do not have to leave a positive review unless you say something positive.
DWB solution for sexual consent: Our built-in smart contract agreement suite provides better protection for users. Before going on a profitable day, both have the option of signing sex. The agreement understands and agrees that sex is not compulsory, and you always have the right to object or change your mind. If the date is good, the user may agree to the gender using another smart agreement. This is an effective way to avoid misunderstandings, uncomfortable feelings, and sexual harassment problems that may arise when strangers meet in dating apps. We have developed additional add-on provisions that allow users to fully customize their live contracts to their liking.
DWB solution to guarantee before date: The key idea of ​​the Dating with Benefits platform is to create a community where supply meets demand. On Google platforms, a person suggesting a date can provide the default digital token, BENEFIT, to the recipient of the invitation. With the advent of password cryptography, users can benefit almost instantly when entering into a contract. You also have the ability to benefit when you make a real plan, and if not, you can confiscate that amount. Making deposits is a sign of real, practical interest and firm commitment to meet each other. It becomes noticeable from the crowd. It’s like ordering a bottle of champagne at a VIP table!

DWB solution lacks a fair and transparent payment model:

Dating with Benefits There are no hidden fees on the platform. Sugar Dad pays the monthly fee with a BENEFIT token. BENEFIT is also used when the user interacts with the platform and charges a 1% commission on the platform to facilitate transactions. Also, we are the only sugar dating platform to sign up to sugar baby! Yes. Part of the marketing budget has been reserved to give incentives for joining major city sugar babies at launch. Other dating sites ask for sugar baby pay – we pay the sugar baby.
DWB solution for privacy and data security: An important part of the block chain technology used with dating benefits is that you can protect your privacy. If Ashley Madison was distributed and password-driven, then there would be no hacker’s goal. A network would have been formed everywhere where hundreds of colleagues believed that financial data and markets would not break. The Dating with Benefits platform does not need to steal user data into the database. Access to data is in the hands of each user, controlling how data is shared.
With multi-signing permissions, only end users can access profile information. If someone is accessing someone else’s account, even if you’re an administrator in your organization, there’s nothing you can do without multi-signing permissions. This is all protected by a block chain ensuring 100% security.

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