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Varyon (VAR) general payment / exchange of goods and services

This time I will introduce to you Varyon challenging, if you are curious let us refer to as follows.
Varyon (VAR) is a general purpose payment token for the exchange of goods and services in the Blue Frontiers ecosystem, other ecosystems, and between token holders. Blue Frontiers plans to use the proceeds to expand its ecosystem and create SeaZones and seastead, and will only accept Varyon (VAR) for its products and services.
The core structural feature of the current government model is centralization. Too much central authority leads to bureaucratic and inefficient representation being cut off from the people they are supposed to serve. With appropriate technology solutions, governments are ready for decentralization. The technology solution is seasteading.

Seasteading brings decentralization beyond the digital world of bits and into the atomic world by providing a modular, floating structure – seastead – where the evolution of new societies and forms of governance can take place. A promising solution can branch off anytime by physically separating it to create a new seastead – enabling high levels of evolving ability and fast adaptation rates. Mimicking the methods of variation and time-tested elections, the decentralized governance process through voyages will spark the creation and evolution of new advances in civilization.

When our homes and businesses can float to our chosen location, we can easily rearrange our cities and wade our homes to other locations. The government will no longer have a monopoly over the space in which residents live and businesses engage in their commercial activities. Instead, governments need to act like service providers, competing to attract citizens and businesses. As a result, we will have a market that continues to evolve to governments in a decentralized world.

Blue Frontiers, Pte. Ltd. (Blue Frontiers) was founded by the executive team and ambassadors of The Seasteading Institute. The cumulative experience and knowledge of our team, network, government and media relationships make us the most suitable company to deliver the shipping era. We have taken an ambitious long-term vision and built pragmatic steps toward the development of the first person.

Founded in 2017 by the Executive Director and Seavangelist of The Seasteading Institute, a Belarussian businessman, former Polynesian government minister, and a French businessman, Blue Frontiers is a company of passionate individuals from Polynesia and Beyond.

Please check our white paper to find out more about us 

Visit us:
Presale available today for the first 4000 ETH with bonus from 5% to 15%.
Public sale will take place in June. There will be no bonus in public sale.
1 ETH = 14,750 VAR 


4-28%* Public sale

7-8%        Presale

5-6%       Blue Frontiers seed funders

10-15%   Blue Frontiers team

45-72%   Seastead/SeaZone Construction, Development, Administration

Construction of Seastead / SeaZone, Development, Administration Thenumber of Varyon (VAR) allocated to Seastead / SeaZone Construction, Development, Administration is inversely proportional to the amount purchased in the public sale. That is, the more Varyon (VAR) sold in public sales, the less Varyon (VAR) owned for Seastead / SeaZone Construction, Development, Administration. 

Funds collected from crowdsale will be used to carry out the Blue Frontiers mission. The proceeds from token sales are expected to be shared among the following activities:

  • Design & Engineering
  • SeaZone Legal & Administration
  • Community growth
  • General Administration
Blue Frontiers plans to create a first seastead prototype with funds collected from Varyon (VAR) Crowdsale, and to finance additional seastead through sales. The Varyon (VAR) Blue Frontiers hold for Seastead and SeaZone Construction, Development, and Administration will only be used as needed, to create Seasteads and SeaZones and to strengthen the ecosystem of products and services available to Varyon holders (VAR).
4,000 ETH  A soft cap
22.000 ETH  Hard cap
Here are the names of our teams: 
  1. Alexandre Thevenet, France
  2. Bart Roeffen, Netherlands
  3. Benno Gerrit Wissing, Germany
  4. Bryan Adams, USA
  5. Gabrielle Gilliland, USA
  6. Carly Rose Jackson, USA
  7. Greg Delaune, USA
  8. Joshua Kifer, USA
  9. Karina Czapiewska, The Netherlands
  10. Laurel Tincher, USA
  11. Nathalie Mezza-Garcia, Colombia
  12. O. Shane Balloun, USA
Global Team
  1. Alex Passini, Canada
  2. Anderson Klein, Brazil
  3. Chad Elwartowski, French Polynesia
  4. Chris Canaday, Ecuador
  5. Chris Fisher, Hong Kong
  6. Colton Peppleman, USA
  7. Cyprien Noel, France
  8. Daniel Enking, USA
  9. Drew Lamb, USA
  10. Francis Brunelle, Canada
  11. Francis Lavalliere, Canada
  12. François Briant, French Polynesia
  13. Gabriel Rothblatt, As
  14. Gen Gilliland, As
  15. Giuseppe Carusi, Italy
  16. Igor Gassman, Switzerland
  17. Jackson Sullivan, USA
  18. Joe Wagner, USA
  19. John Vance, USA
  20. Jordan Atwood, USA
  21. Josh Lopez, USA
  22. Marcus Gilliland, Iraq
  23. Mark Frazier, USA
  24. Michael Collins, USA
  25. Mrray Galbraith, Australia
  26. Pascoe Bowen, USA
  27. Pasha Tyzhuk, Ukraine
  28. Paul Gambill, USA
  29. Pete Schobel, USA
  30. Philippe Lemonnier, French Polynesia
  31. Renan Castro, Australia
  32. Robert Viglione, USA
  33. Ron Mitchell, USA
  34. Sergey Tiraspolsky, USA
  35. Simon Nummy, UAE
  36. Steve Zeiger, Australia
  37. Steven Das, USA
  38. Tim Wood, USA
  39. Todd Rawlings, ASYuri Lobyntsev, Russia
I will explain about and founder
Randy Hencken  /  San Francisco Bay Area
Director at The Seasteading Institute since 2011; creator and leader of the Floating City Project The Seasteading Institute; Real estate investors, business investors, early Bitcoin users, Ethereum and altcoin, philanthropic guardians.
Joe Quirk  /  San Francisco Bay Area
President and Seavangelist from The Seasteading Institute; Co-author with Patri Friedman of ‘Seasteading: How Floating Countries Will Restore the Environment, Enrich the Poor, Heal the Sick, and Release the Humanity of the Politicians’.
Marc Collins  /  Tahiti, French Polynesia
Entrepreneurs serial and former politicians. Over the past 20 years, Collins founded and incubated more than a dozen companies. He also served as Tourism Minister of French Polynesia in 2007-2008.
Nicolas Germineau  /  French / English
Information Technology and Services, Web Entrepreneurs; co-Founder and Owner of 2NAPPS; Former software development and project management for Actio Corporation, Apple, and INFOVIVE; Ambassador to The Seasteading Institute since 2011.
Egor Ryjikov  /  Republic of Belarus
Co-founder and co-owner of Weber CoMechanics Group, comprising 16 companies employing over 600 people in engineering, robotics, manufacturing, and development and application of new technologies; Inventor, serial entrepreneur and business investor angel, including blockchain investment in cryptography; Ambassador of The Seasteading Institute since 2009.
2017  : Signing MOU with French Polynesia; launches Blue Frontiers; researcher conducted Floating Island Research: Science & Technology Meeting at UC Berkeley Gump Station on Moorea Island. Co-hosts the first international gathering gathering in Tahiti. Conduct significant economic, legal and environmental research; developing new seastead design; build a global team
2018 Q1  : launches Blue Frontiers Global & Blue Frontiers Communities
2018 Q2  : launches Varyon
2018 Q3-Q4  : obtains SeaZone from host country; continue negotiations for additional SeaZones; engineer and sea blueprint design
2019 Q1 / Q2  : prototype seasteads; wave model testing; manufacturers and supply chain assessment
2019 Q3 / Q4  : manufacturer and selection of construction team. Construction / manufacturing begins
2021  : Seastead first deployed

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