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Czeromobility Electric Vehicles’ Ecosystem On Blockchain


About Czeromobility

Czeromobility in recent years, climate change and energy security concerns have given rise to a major need to switch to green energy. Majority of the oil imports for most nations are due to the demand in transportation sector. Growing concerns for environment and energy security clubbed with rapid advancements in technologies and innovative newer business models are transforming the automotive business. Automotive industry globally is at the cusp of a major transformation. Today electric mobility is the greatest opportunity for the planet to utilize abundance of clean energy and gradually exit from fossil fuel.

Czeromobility Electromotive & Ecosystems is a startup based out of India and is a recognized startup by Govt. India and the state province Odis-ha as well. C Zero is a disruptive startup fully focused on the complete ecosystem around adoption of Electric Mobility and its sustainable future. Team C Zero consists of people having decades of experience in high end technologies, software and business entrepreneurship with education degree from top Indian universities.

Basic Information

Token symbolCZMT
Social MediaBitex Ico Review : first locally-embedded crypto-bankBitex Ico Review : first locally-embedded crypto-bankKoynce Ico Review: Cryptocurrency brought opportunity however up to this point
Language English
Project protocolERC20
Exchange rate1 ETH = 5000 CZMT @ Stage 1 of Presale
Soft cap$2M
Hard Cap$30M
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

How does it work?

Each of the devices are fitted with IOT chip. These chips will keep sending consumption details such as electricity in kw or distance driven. These IOTA transactions gets recorded in C ZERO Network Block-chain which is a low latency MERCER network. Based on usage and transactions, upon certain threshold crossed, rewards are credited to users wallet. User can either spend those tokens in the C ZERO network for various services or exchange the reward points to public tokens on Reuther main network. Thus our users are Czeromobility miners. This will give rise to adoption of electric vehicles.


Electric mobility is the greatest opportunity for the planet to utilize abundance of clean energy and gradually exit from fossil fuel. However, there are various challenges that need to be addressed to give enough momentum to electric mobility before the planet suffers an irreversible damage. Prohibitive cost of batteries, slow charging, limited life of batteries and meager numbers of charging infrastructure, associated support and service are to name a few challenges to be addressed.


With patented products, Czeromobility has developed and patented several products such as smart charging station, wireless charger, battery swapping station and a few more. All these infrastructure components will be brought on to a block-chain. Every such device and electric vehicles will be fitted with an IOT chip. These IOT devices will send usage information such as distance traveled, or electricity consumed in kilowatt. CZMT Coin is backed by the carbon emission savings done using electric vehicles instead of fossil fuels.

Vision & Mission

To create a sustainable ecosystem around Electric Mobility by creating technically prudent, yet affordable EV infrastructure components and an omnipotent monitoring & support system which encourages mass adoption of EV’s & transit to clean energy conveniently in a cost-effective way.

The Blockchain of CZMT token

To increase the usage of Ecofriendly transportation & increased public awareness & keenness towards crypto currencies, CZero has introduced a reward token system named CZMT which will be like carbon credits for individuals. The intent is to let people associated with the CZero ecosystem earn these crypto tokens proportionate of their usage of the CZero ecosystem.

Token Distribution

czero 2.jpg

  sale to community
 For IOT transaction
 Team, Founders
Advisers, Legal

The formulas and sample calculation

  • CZMT Coin is backed by the carbon emission savings done using electric vehicles instead of fossil
  • About 10 kg. or 20 pounds of carbon dioxide is produced when a gallon of gasoline is burnt.
  • Traditional car travels 20 miles per gallon, hence per mile, it generates 1 pound of carbon dioxide.
  • Electric vehicles consume approximately 0.2 kWh electricity per mile.
  • CZERO Token is pegged to 100 pounds of CO2 savings or per 100-mile travel.
  • 1 CZERO Token = 100 pounds of CO2 savings (or 100-mile travel for a normal car)
  • CZERO has a difficulty factor of 0.95, i.e. every year he will receive 95% of previous year’s rewards.
  • An average young American male drives appx. 15000 miles a year.

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czero 4.jpg

MemberPratik Batra – Co-Founder & CEO

Madhu R – Co-Founder

Vijay Bhaskar – Co-Founder

Vaibhav VK – Engineering

Gaurav Singh – Engineering

James Bonander – Domain Advisor

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What is flyCARE?

What is flyCARE?

FlyCARE offers unique personal care service providers that integrate contact and application platforms, but also, through flyBOX, all the hardware and consumables needed to run the service.
The platform aims to be the solution of easy access to services, an all-in-one offering that includes a variety of services: physiotherapists, hairdressers, dentists, pedicure specialists for example – all at home, enough. flyCARE aims to “fly” (fly) to client service, offering, through complete and localized solutions, motivated and ready-made service providers, various services (CARE) combining convenience, ergonomics and technology.
flyCARE relies on a “utility” token that is used primarily as a means of payment by the flyCARE community (“FCC”). Professionals can satisfy their customers’ requests without any initial investment constraints and without intermediaries, in the autonomous and unique ecosystems based on Blockchain, resolving the exact lack of this type of service, namely mobility, accessibility, and funding.In 2017,
Bruno Lamoureux and Dieter Bauch, founders of NWT, a pioneer of German companies in the manufacture of advanced ISO 13485 certified medical equipment, launched flyCARE with contributions from European and North American experts. flyCARE is a company incorporated under Belgian law, established after several years of research and development.

Recommended flyCARE offer:

1. Application flyCARE applications in harmony with the digital economy and new consumption mode.
2. Equipment designed for home care, with revolutionary ergonomics and hygiene (flyBOX).
3. Dynamic and innovative logistics tailored to consumables used every day by care professionals and in harmony with trends in relevant industries.
4. In partnership with the consumption industry, care professionals can access practical work / continue education to hone their skills.
5. flyCARE provides maintenance professionals with access to flybox hardware without initial investment.
6. flyCARE, a secure platform for financial transactions as well as for user profiles and professional caregivers


The flyCARE app

In harmony with the digital economy and new consumption modes.
Each patient deals with a recognized and validated practitioner in real time, for home care services, at a lower cost. flyCARE is a turnkey solution designed by pioneering industry players in medical equipment to improve communication between practitioners and their patients, and tailored to the way the digital economy operates. It is a combination of revolutionary hardware (flyBOX) that allows quality home maintenance, on the one hand, and on the other hand, applications designed for new consumption modes, which make flyCARE a complete and unmatched offer for patients and providers.
More visibility for healthcare providers, fast and accurate services for their patients. Adaptive applications on smartphones, tablets and computers allow individuals with connected objects to make appointments easy and safe, and to receive home care. Thanks to geolocation and ordering algorithms, customers can make sure to receive care or order instantly and always without obstacles, wherever  he is, with the practitioner of his choice, with a simple click. Scores of user  schemes and systematic verification of professional certificates are guaranteed to have qualified practitioners.
For practitioners, flyCARE offers a simple way to optimize his / her schedule, without having to worry about managing phone calls and reservations. It is also a gateway to new revenue sources for services that do not require more holds in the office and that adjust to their geographic schedule and preferences. The mobile app, which is common for the type of treatment proposed, is a guarantee of increased visibility, enhanced by general traffic, with potential customers. It also provides a simple way to manage the management of consumables and small appliances needed for home care.



Flexible flyCARE platform for financial transactions as well as for user profiles and professional caregivers. 
          flyCARE will build an easy-to-use mobile platform (Mobile Application) to be integrated into the Blockchain ecosystem to ensure transparency, security and transaction efficiency and lower-priced payments through token. StakeHolder  Technology flyCARE will affect the following players:

flyCARE : service / home care application
flyBOX : the equipment used by flyPRO (service provider)
flyINDUS : an acknowledged active producer in this sector, ensuring the delivery of consumable goods and / or materials needed to integrate in flyBOX.
flyDIS : partner ensures flyPRO implementation within its Territory.
flyPRO : practitioners doing home care.
HAPPYfly : happy to receive patient care.
Urban Area: Area (city) where flyPRO provides its services.
totoCARE : electric vehicles specially designed for professionals who do not want or can not walk or commute with flyBOX
flyCARE will offer a unique platform for contacts between the users of the service ” HAPPYfly ” and professional ” flyPRO “, which is meant to order the desired type of care through geolocation system, to pay for their treatment and to assess the care received, according to Uber well. an established model. The platform will use Blockchain technology, which will ensure secure transactions (with providers identified by means of tamper-proof on Blockchain) generated through token issued on ICO to be used as a means of payment.


          Thanks to the standard Ethereum Token ERC 20 technology, the flyCARE platform will use the FCC token as a means of payment. All necessary incentives will be enforced so that in the end all transactions within the flyCARE ecosystem will occur within the FCC token.
          To enable quick and toll-free payments for users, flyCARE will use so-called second-tier solutions of the μRaiden type. This technology has a special advantage that allows a higher degree of confidentiality than found in conventional Blockchain. Our ecosystem will be simple, secure and fast.The flyCARE user will be able to:
+ Manage its assets in cryptocurrency accounts (wallets or purses) in Blockchain,
+ Track the balance in the account,
+ Send and receive digital currencies,
+ Ask and review their transaction history.
(Read the “Role and ICO Token” section for more details on using tokens on the flyCARE platform, as well as the benefits provided by the FCC Token to various stakeholders.)
Smart contract
          flyCARE aims to provide services based on smart contracts. It relies on Blockchain technology to make their terms and conditions of execution falsify evidence. In the flyCARE ecosystem, transaction registrations (within the FCC) will be performed on the anti-corrupted registry that is shared among all users, ensuring their permanent traceability. This process will ensure the integrity of the transaction.
          The smart contract will be a program that directly controls the flyCARE user’s digital assets.This will freeze the rules in Blockchain while ensuring asset transfers – whatever that is – when the contractual conditions are met (for example, when flyPRO will provide maintenance to the customer).The flyCARE platform will automatically check that conditions are met and will then execute the appropriate contract terms (debiting the customer’s digital assets, and crediting flyPRO’s)
          The flyCARE business model based on medical care or personal well-being, the platform will comply with applicable rules, especially with regard to data protection. Our identification process will advance, whether it is remote online identification, encryption / decryption or evaluation (customer ratings or ratings). Ultimately, we can introduce biometrics (face and voice recognition) into our identification process, to further enhance the trust and security of users in our ecosystem.
Machine learning
          Given the growing Big Data in the global economy in recent years, and the potential for data conservation and enhanced computing power inherent in it, flyCARE intends to integrate machine learning into its future processes. We will use applications, logistic regression models, software and behavioral scorecards to detect and report fraud, manage risk, and further platform empower.According to McKinsey, personal care will greatly benefit from technological breakthroughs, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, especially in the fields of health (medical and paramedical) and “everyday desires.” Providers “can earn more than US $ 1 trillion by 2025 by providing basic, long-distance or home care,
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