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WINIOTO ICO And Bounty Company

About company 

WINIOTA develops a community based on the On-Tangle Provably Fair Casino & Artificial Intelligence, an improved platform for sports betting. WINIOTA aims to be a world leader in an innovative decentralized game and betting industry, focusing on transparent and fair technologies. The platform is based on transparent, almost instant, peer-to-peer Open Blockchain technology – Iota channels and Iota channel.

Unlike the vast majority of crypto casinos, WINiota uses the IOTA communication environment, not the blockchain. The advantage for WINiota community is of great importance: micro-rates and high-speed gameplay through Iota Flash Channels revolutionize the experience of online casinos.

WINIOTA want everyone to join the WINiota community of players. That’s why they offer flexible micro transactions. The WINiota team consists of experts on online gambling with traceable work records in the top 5 online gambling companies; IT specialists and blockchain involved in Iota projects; and experienced entrepreneurs involved in marketing, finance and legal issues. To comply with the rules and regulations, WINiota will receive a license Gibraltar Gambling.


Official site 
ANN BitcoinTalk 
Bounty BitcoinTalk 

ICO Details 

General information
Token: WIT
Platform: ERC-20
Standard: Ethereum
Quantity: 1,000,000,000 WIT
Price: 1 ETH = 22,000 WIT

Soft cap: 2,400 ETH
Hard cap: 24,000 ETH

Count: 5,300 ETH
Start: 06/01/2018
Finish: 06/14/2018
Bonus: 15%

Quantity: Prior to Hard cap
Beginning: 01/07/2018
Completion: 01.08.2018
Bonus: 1 day – 6%, 2-4 day – 3%, 5-20 day – 2%


Shane O’Neil
Co Founder, General Manager Senior bookmaker with extensive knowledge in all sports, as well as in the casino. 10-year experience in leading gaming companies in Gibraltar. Controls several mergers in the industry.

Friedrich Endlicher
Co is a founder, developer of CTO Core, game programming, a Full Stack programmer with 8 years of experience in leading teams for developing websites and mobile devices. Developer of the UCL Trinity wallet

Bastian Fritsche
Co, founder of CFO CRM Manager at bwin. Auditor officer and hotel director, including Alltours / Thomas Cook for more than 10 years.

Pontus Persson
User Experience Lead Lead UX designer with more than 10 years of experience in creating digital products for the industry’s leading brands. He worked on the HUGE, perhaps leading UX designer on the multi-award-winning (Cannes, Clios, Campaign, etc.) Appendix Adidas Glitch.

Karen Mareš
Head of the game design for leading gaming and television companies working both online and print media for companies such as NetEnt, Odobo, Playtech and Ladbrokes Coral, as well as Discovery Channel, National Geographic, BBC and Sky.

Anton Natarov
Full Stack Developer Game programming, a robotics engineer with more than 10 years of experience. Co-founder of

Scott Malsbury
Head of Communications Senior Quality and business management, previous experience with multibillion projects around the world. Head of Communications in Etlande.

Shalini Wood
PR and public relations manager More than 10 years of experience. He worked in the forecast markets of Delphy, Honeywell, Sheraton Hotels, Grand Hyatt Hotels.

Ulf Karlsson
Head of Affiliate Marketing Specializes in content marketing, SEO, social networking. More than 10 years of experience in games. I worked for GTech, Workation.

Patrick Soh
Relations with investors and the community manager Huge experience in managing communities and strategies ICO. Previously worked for EverMarkets, VeriME and IATokens.

Shabir Yunos Investor
Relations and Community Manager Previously worked for Delta Airlines and Yamaha. An experienced analyst and community manager. Previous experience includes the following Exchange, VeriME and EverMarkets.

Mandy Picolin
Project Manager Games 8 years experience in several roles in the gaming sector. He worked at bwin, Poker Strategy, Asian Logic.

Jessica Lee Green
Head of operations in the casino More than 10 years of experience in several managerial roles in the gaming sector. He worked for Bet365, Ladbrokes Coral Group.


Joshua Scigala
Adviser to the General Manager of Vaultoro, BTC / Gold. Early bitkoyin-investor. Serial Entrepreneur

Todd Price
Adviser Wallet Systems, Cryptocurrency Advocate, worked on

Anastasija Plotnikova
Legal Counsel A commercial lawyer based in Gibraltar and Vilnius specializing in international business and taxation.

Road map 

January 2016
The first idea of ​​a casino slimming club.

April 2018
Launched mvp: winiota is the first in the world to develop a game in a casino that uses iota flash channel technology.

June 2018
The beginning of the preliminary ico.

July 2018
Start ico.

August 2018
Development of further games in the casino. Comprehensive development of the sports betting platform and the deep study model. Listing exchange. We will contact the leading crypto-exchangers to get a list of wit. After the end of ico, the digital currency will be available for public auction.

November 2018
Launch of the following casino games, such as blackjack, roulette, video poker, etc. The launch of the sportsbetting section in the existing gaming platform.

March 2019
Full offer of games online.

May 2019
Integration of the artificial intelligence model in the sports betting section of winiotas.

Bounty campaign 

TELEGRAM Moderation – 2% –    Join –   Participants table

Airdrop & Referral – 7% –   Join –   Participants table

Instagram – 4% –   Join  –   Members table

Facebook – 14% –   Join –   Members table

Translation – 5% –   Join –   Participants table

Signature – 21% –   Join –   Participants table

Reddit – 16% –   Join –   Members table

Twitter – 14% –   Join –   Members table

Content – 16% –   Join –   Member Table

Visit bounty thread:


White Paper :

BTT profile:;u=1233872

BIDIUM decentralized cryptocurrency exchange on Blockchain Technology

Bidium is a Revolutionary Auction and Freelance Hiring With Crypto Exchange Powered By Blockchain, by using a bidium freelancer into a blockchain based auction system. This platform offers the first solution in an adequate exchange system along with an effective freelance platform supported with an interactive interface to make it a fun experience for users
Crypto Exchange dedicated to Auction and Hire by empowering Bidders and Entrepreneurs.BIDIUM is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that combines the power of Face Auction with Hiring Freelance over Blockchain Technology. It acts as a bidding market for buyers to purchase with freelance offerings and platforms for employers, who are looking to hire freelancers. The platform offers an adequate exchange solution along with an effective freelance platform supported with an interactive interface to make it a fun experience for the users.Revenue will be distributed among all BIDM token holders that are usually stored on the BIDIUM wallet. This platform facilitates light and fast trading techniques with 50% of revenues generated from trading. There are no transaction fees for sales, purchases, recruitment and trading on BIDIUM platform users.
There is no transaction fee in making sales, purchases, recruitment and trading in the BIDIUM platform.
Revenue will be distributed among all BIDM token holders normally stored in BIDIUM’s wallet.This platform facilitates light and fast trading techniques with 50% of revenues generated from trading.
Transactions can be done with the help of more than 10 coins. The exchange receives BIDM, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other coins to be announced at a later stage.
The core development team of the Bidium project is in INDIA, but our team is from the United States, Russia, Dubai and Pakistan. and Bidium’s judicial and operational institutions are ESTONIA.

Bidium Platform

Another most efficient function of Bidium is the self-regulating decentralized market especially for freelancers and clients. Our platform gives freelancers the opportunity to show their performance for a certain price with the help of the Bidium token as a means of payment. Our platform will give clients the opportunity to choose from different appearances based on rank and price. Market involvement will be arranged between two parties and a smart contract will be used to ensure smooth transactions between the two parties without involving a third party


Lack of Transparency in Skills Evaluation
Usually, prospective freelancers / bidders undergo evaluation tests before being accepted on the bidding platform. The freelancers / bidders submit their qualifications, which are then assessed by the platform staff. Most, freelancers / bidders do not know the reason behind the acceptance or rejection of their application. Decentralized platforms will ensure transparency, making bidding for goods and services competitive.

Poor client support

Currently, the customer support services offered by the online market is not sufficient.Significant customer support is significant against client retention and acquisitions. Therefore, reliable customer support substantially increases the profit generated by a business.
Longer transactions Common occasions in centralized systems are delays in transaction processing and delivery. A decentralized system efficiently reduces these challenges, simplifying the transaction and shipping process while saving large sums of money.

Fraudulent transactions

The inability to do business from any location may be the biggest disadvantage of a centralized system. For this reason, many transactions are often forged. A decentralized platform will utilize blockchain technology, eliminating the possibility of data forgery.

Token BIDM

Bidium uses token (BIDM) to ensure peer-to-peer transactions are safe and therefore unnecessary for third parties such as Bank or government. Our technology provides an easy interface with light and fast trading.
50% of revenues from trading fees are usually rewarded among all holders of BIDM tokens stored in BIDIUM wallets if they fix their tokens in the slot period. There is no transaction fee for BIDM transfers between BIDIUM platform users and only 0.05% trade fees imposed. In a scenario where you have a BIDM, a 0.01% trade fee will be charged. Bidium provides an offline wallet for storing BIDM securely and tokens can be used to bid on products in the BIDM market.

Benefits of Token BIDM

Benefits of BIDM tokens include:
Decentralization – this allows per-to-per-connection on the platform also increases across the network.
Functionality – BIDM tokens provide access to the BIDIUM market where individuals can access the service at any time. Furthermore, digital currency can be converted into cash.
Affordability – the lack of intermediaries significantly reduces service costs.
Instant payments – using smart contracts, BIDM tokens ensure fast and secure transactions.
Safe wallet – besides securely storing BIDM tokens, wallets can be used to send and receive funds.
ICO Bidium Sale Token
The total supply of BIDM tokens is 1,000,000,000. Below are other parameters of crowdsale BIDIUM.
Start date Presale – March 26, 2018
Presale end date – April 24, 2018
ICO start date – May 25, 2018
ICO end date – June 15, 2018
Presale hard cap – $ 1 million
ICO hard hat – $ 10 million
Especially the price during presale will be $ 0.01, while ICO will request $ 0.02 for a single BIDM token.


45% of the funds will be allocated for temporary development
30% of the funds will be allocated for marketing. To carry out all legal procedures
5% of the funds and
15% will be allocated for backup.
5% Management Allocation including advisors and founders.


3% FOUNDER (Locked for 1 year)
RESERVE 10% (Every year 2% will dilute)
Cryptocurrency is one of the easiest and easiest ways to make payments now, as well as profitable ways of investing. Together with blockchain technology, it has enormous capabilities, demonstrated by the BIDIUM system – instant and secure transactions anytime and anywhere.An employer can quickly find a freelancer in the system, get high quality service and pay for it with a BIDIUM token.



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