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The CryptoCurrency world is increasingly showing its progress. If you like or observe technological developments, hearing the word CryptoCurrency may not sound strange to you. For example, like Bitcon, Bitcoin itself is one of the most commonly used types of CrytoCurrency in the world.

Still about the world of Crypto, have you ever heard of Sales / Purchasing / Auctioning vehicles with digital currency? if you have not heard of it, I will introduce the first e-commerce platform on Ethereum blockchain that lets users sell, buy, and auction vehicles using cryptocurrency as a payment method, which is certainly easy and safe for you.

AUTOBAY, yeah … Autobay makes use of digital currency as a vehicle for payment of a vehicle, helping to make it easier for the vehicle to sell / buy / auction safely.

Autobay provides The Autobay Dapp and website that will help to find your dream car, with filters that will customize searches like model, year, brand and mileage so you can customize to find vehicle results within 20mil radius.

Once you find the car you want, just click “I’m interested” you will find the address and profile of the seller and the seller will receive your profile information as well, so the seller can know who will be interested in the vehicles that have been interested, this will help dealers manage and understand the demand of each of their vehicles.

After you have seen the vehicle from the seller and decided to buy it, you do not need to pay cash as payment, Autobay allows you to pay with various payments or you may pay directly by Autoray tokens (ABX), Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) without the need for cash payment, to buy a vehicle.

In addition, there are also benefits provided by Autobay to buyers and sellers, the seller will have a lot of viewers from the vehicles that have been exhibited on the Autobay website, Buyers will also have a larger vehicle display above the local or regional Auction. Buyers can also purchase at very low rates through CryptoCurrency and Buyers can purchase cryptocurrency before Pre-Sales – General Sale of Autobay tokens at a discount to pay for the next vehicle at a higher price.

Why choose Autobay? why not, Autobay helps Payment and transactions of both parties are reliable, easy and safe, so you don’t have to worry about losing your Crypto money. Autobay provides low rates for payment using ABX, BTC, and ETH. Tokens are used as payments for purchases of vehicles and car posts on the e-commerce platform. Promotions, discounts and prizes will be awarded to users who pay with ABX through other crypto currencies. Verify users via social media, phone numbers, user reviews, etc. Stress is free because it does not require cash payment, easy bidding and simple REVIEW. Users will also be reviewed to make the community better and fairer and Blockchain ensures a solid registry for every transaction detail.

Impressive, there’s no need to bother going to the dealer to buy a vehicle, just open your computer and visit the Autobay website to find and buy the car that you dreamed of, with that it makes it easy for you without getting tired of going to a dealer, of course safely and reliably from Autobay, the first e-commerce platform to make crypto currency as a vehicle for payment of a vehicle, maybe you are interested in this, if you are interested and want to know more?

Info Token

Token ABX
Ethereum Platform
Type ERC20
Price at ICO 1 ABX = 0.0001 ETH
Until May 08 47%
May 09 – June 08 37%
26 June – 09 July 27%
10 – 23 July 17%
July 24 – August 6 7%
Token sold 510.3 million

Investment info

Min. investment 200 USD
Receive ETH, BTC
Distributed in ICO 54%
Soft cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap 24 million USD



Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin has solved many payment and cash transfer problems. ICO happens daily to solve some major problems and AutoBay is one of the most promising ventures because it touches the car market with a value of over $ 3 trillion, with a unique and revolutionary idea of selling and buying a car with cryptocurrency.

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