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Akasic global – technology revolution 4.0

What is Akasic Global?

Akasic Global is a platform that is a cross-platform, cross-platform, coexistence and application of Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) technology with excellent technologies and features developed by Top expert team, based in Korea.

An overview of Akasic Global.

Akasic is a potentially integrated ecosystem that is geared towards a shared economy. It is a distributed multi-platform transaction platform, application of blockchain technology combined with artificial intelligence.
This ecosystem includes: Akamess, Akatrade, Akabot, Akapay, AkaPlay, Akacard, Akastore, Akamining.

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Strong advantage when using Akasic Global’s shared economy model.

Talking about the economy is a bit of a shame for you to understand, let’s just imagine it as a closely matching market between supply and demand, and third parties will be responsible for finding and connecting. They come together, from which to give the right value and the third party will stand in the middle of collecting a small fee to maintain the system. This model is always successful WIN-WIN.

Take a look at Grab, the connection between the roadman, and a pedestrian who is also home on that road, they use the grab to connect each other, the driver has his money right on. The way home, the passers go fast with the cost is extremely cheaper than traditional motorcycle many, Grab eat a small fee on the broker.
And here, Akasic uses the 4.0 technology: big data, blockchain, AI, and shared economy to create a win-win game: Akastore + Akapay + Akacard.

  • Akacard used to withdraw money from ATMs in Akasics
  • Akapay is the place of payment and uses QR code scanning technology to accept payments or transactions
  • The Akastore is a network of mobile stores that accepts Akapay payments and is paid for electronically.

All these things work in a completely closed process. Bigdata will help a large number of users, Akasics is targeting a potentially huge market.

Also, in the future, many new potential crypto products will be coming to Akasics to help them advertise their products to billions of users – thereby increasing their costs to stay strong enough. financially, develop a better ecosystem for billions of people in the future.

This is one of the most amazing combinations of all the best technologies and unique ideas in the current 4.0 revolution.

And remember, a project that focuses on serving the interests of the community, giving the real value to billions of people is always successful, extremely difficult to fail.

And here MASTERNET will be a community connectivity platform for the Akasic Network project to cover all of Akasic Global’s ecosystems.

Overview of MASH:

  • Using the Erc-20 algorithm
  • 100,000,000 MAS: Used to develop products and markets
  • 80,000,000 MAS: for founding team
  • 20,000,000 MAS: for the mentoring team

Market development plan and products in 100 million MAS:

  • 50,000,000 MAS: used to develop investor & trader community
  • 30,000,000 MAS: for product development team
  • 30,000,000 MAS: for partners

Moreover MASH now has trade floor so the liquidity is extremely high:

More Information:

Whitepaper EN:


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