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Overview of the Humancoin project


What is Humancoin?

Humancoin is a revolutionary project that combines philanthropists and receivers on a single platform in a practical and transparent way. Donors can quickly make donations around the world, monitor their spending online and receive discounts from platform partners. Charity projects can receive money with minimum operating costs and in a short time in a practical currency.
Humancoin is a revolutionary platform that is revolutionizing the philanthropy sector, created specifically to work effectively with the e-commerce market and cryptocurrency, which has added value. total of $ 3.5 trillion! Humancoin tokens can be easily converted into cards, miles, bonuses, other coupons. Cardholders are encouraged to keep them to enjoy the attractive benefits, which provides long-term stable demand. As the number of partners and the scale of cooperation in the Humancoin network increases, the popularity of cards increases.
This is the first time in the history of a blockchain project, may be a global gathering of e-commerce loyalty programs. With the Charity Card Association, it offers a unique advantage in developing loyalty programs with partners to create powerful emotional resonance. Instead of competing with existing programs, Humancoin signals can be easily integrated into existing systems – just set the conversion rate.

Unique features of Humancoin

 This is the first blockchain project that has the potential to become a global e-commerce clientele
The combination with charity gives it a unique advantage in developing a loyalty program with partners that creates a powerful emotional resonance.
=> Instead of competing with existing programs, the Humancoin token easily integrates into existing systems – just set the conversion rate.


Long-standing charities, including banks, non-governmental organizations, government agencies and law firms, will be at the forefront of distributed accounting technology. The use of the blockchain platform will be able to provide a digital mechanism that will be used to record and view any transaction.
This new technology, on a larger scale, will be able to facilitate the development of a direct financial platform. The charity as well as the benefits of selling their money.
The growth of the charitable industry needs to be significantly increased, thanks to the tremendous benefits of blockchain technology.

How it works 

This platform offers the opportunity to track the full range of online donations, as well as to vote and rank projects and charities, as well as other features.

There is also an option to receive a receipt for each donation used for the tax deduction depending on the tax jurisdiction of the donor.
Future expansion projects will be funded at 5% by funds raised for charitable projects, four times less than the market average.

Notice of Sale

  • 3.055 million ERC20 humans are available
  • All unsigned tokens will be registered
  • The price of a token is $ 0.01
  • Minimum purchase – 0.1 ETH
  • July 1st – August 15th
  • Should generate $ 1 million
Notice of Sale
  • September 15th – November 1st
  • Softcap – $ 6 million
  • Hardcap – $ 26 million
  Sales bonus  code   for sale 3,055,000,000
  • Presale: 50% Bonus – 150,000,000
  • Step 1 of the sale of chips: 35% Bonus – 945,000,000
  • Step 2 sales note: 20% bonus – 960,000,000
  • Step 3 of the sale of chips: 0% Bonus – 1,000,000,000
Distribute the token
  • 3,055 Mil – For sale
  • $ 1,000 million – Partner Development Fund
  • 600 million – Bonus group => 50% blocked by a smart contract for 6 months. = 50% blocked in 12 months
  • 600 million – Councilors and Ambassadors
  • 500 million – Consult and exchange
  • 245 million – Bonus program, antenna and introduction
The proceeds from the sale of chips determine the company’s financial strategy and will be dedicated to the development of the project in the fourth quarter of 2018-2019. Humancoin’s ongoing maintenance will be funded by a 5% donation to the association.

Team and mentor

Giles Gailer – CEO
Kate Bublik – Marketing Director

Finally, what can I say is that this is a potential project. The ICO is complete and very impressive. This is a great open road to enter the ICO world.

I would like to wish you a lot of luck in your investment and you will receive maximum profit. All information please visit:






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