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Wellmee – the personal coach


Wellmee presents a mobile application that helps people live their lives better. On the other hand, it creates a unique ecosystem for entrepreneurs and employees. Together with Wellmee tokens, it allows employers to reward employees who use the Wellmee application, because happier people also show better results at work.

Wellmee is a mobile application that positively serves its users in a variety of meaningful ways. From mentoring, advising, getting involved, entertaining to relaxation. Its essence is to contribute to the welfare of users. (See more about welfare see in 3.3.1) This helps people feel better and more satisfied in their lives.

By using the Wellmee application, users continue to improve their welfare. Research conducted by the CAGE research center found that happy employees reached 20% more productive than unhappy employees. While happiness can be influenced by DNA and living conditions, professor, at the University of California Riverside, Sonja Lyubomirsky suggested in his best-selling book The How of Happiness that we still control about 40% of our happiness. “2 This is the place to work for the Wellmee application.

Because happier people are more productive, that is also the employer who will benefit from the use of Wellmee. Based on complex algorithms and metrics behind the application, companies will be able to see how efficiently their applications are being used by employees and based on this they will be able to reward their employees with Wellmee tokens – e.g. every year.

The Wellmee application is purely personal. Only users who experience application content. What happened at Wellmee remained at Wellmee. Entrepreneurs will only be able to get data extracted from tracking usage progress – the content of how and with what progress made will not be transferred to other parties in any way.

That is why the relationship between users and the Wellmee application is built on trust.

Happier people up to 20% are more productive at work. We present the unique Wellmee mobile application, which enhances the overall well-being of users through mentoring, attracting and entertaining. With the Wellmee application, people are more productive and creative, which brings more benefits to their employers. To reward their employees, there are Wellmee tokens that are linked to the application. This token will have a lot of value on the real world market.

“We all have human needs to feel valued. The Wellmee application allows companies to create a more harmonious environment that makes employees happy, encouraged, valued and valued. ”

Barbora Cermakova was a former HR consultant at Korn Ferry Hay Group

“Having applications that use unique data for each individual user to positively stimulate them, involve them or even give them the opportunity to be rewarded, is indeed revolutionary.”

Frantisek Mareth, former director of Deloitte and Financial Group CIO


Why is Wellmee?

Wellmee is special. On the one hand, it brings a mobile application that helps people live their lives better. On the other hand, it creates a unique ecosystem for entrepreneurs and employees.

Wellmee’s goal is simple – to improve the welfare of every user. Together with Wellmee tokens, it allows employers to reward employees who use the Wellmee application, because happier people also show better results at work.

The Wellmee application is purely personal – no social network The
way it works is supported by the findings of major studies on positive psychology
It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning
Ecosystem Tokens are beneficial for employees, employers, and markets

Seeing the target for the Wellmee business model, in 2018 Fortune Global 500 companies employed more than 28 million people. By expanding this focus to more than 1000 bluechip companies, we can estimate that in the first 5 years there can be contracted 125 companies and there can be 5 million employees part of the Wellmee business ecosystem.


Research shows that unhappy workers harm the US alone between $ 450 and $ 550 billion in lost productivity every year, and that 7 out of 10 US workers do not work to their full potential. And this is a global problem. Even 87% of C-Suite executives recognize that employees who don’t work are one of the biggest threats to their business.


All 40% of happiness is determined by our actions. Wellmee aims to cover 8 key areas that are very important for everyone’s well-being, including: Positive emotions, active involvement, relationships and meaning & purpose. Welfare improvements will be tracked in the app for regular evaluation by employers – maintaining privacy is the highest priority of the application. (Entrepreneurs will only be able to extract data that tracks usage). That is why the relationship between each individual user and the Wellmee application is built on trust.

Remove user interface and AI

On the front, this application is based on clear user interface components (metaphor, mental model, navigation, interaction and display) so that the links from the navigation panel are mainly search fields, sliders, icons and image carousels. On the back, uses AI and all the latest SW technology that might include the geolocation of smartphones, sensors, cameras, etc. To minimize user input needs for tracking and monitoring welfare improvements.



Ann Thread:


Overview of the Athero project

About Athero

Athero is a foundation for the future of  sponsorship  built on top of the blockeread Ethereum. The mision is building better world through technology. THO is a global, open source and decentralized supercomputer that anyone can access.


Blockchain technology has the potential to create new bussines and deliver measurable and measurable benefits to the public and private sectors. To unlock this potential, the Athero protocol is designed to address the key challenges, limiting the exchange of expertise and integrity of data in the product’s intelligent chains. With smart packet data becoming increasingly fragmented, the scalability and cost implications of today’s distributed solutions become apparent.

A set of markets and finance

THO’s ultimate goal is to become an all-in-one solution and provide a range of services from market to finance. Customers – both business and personal – will access all the services they need from a single platform. Blockchain technology gives us the opportunity to make your finances grow faster with better returns.

Smart city concept

  • Broadband WIFI network ready. Locates around the world in smart cities.
  • Smart parking technology (independent sensor networks in different areas can be detected, via magnetic field, whether parking or space occupancy)
  • Intelligent and healthy environment (Network with air pollution sensor, radio / wifi sensor focused on health-related impact)

They search for practical applications. Athero will fill a void in the current economic model. The currencies that will go on to become big caps or big caps will be those who actually have a distinct business use case and customer value proposition.

Global Athero Summit


Advanced hierarchical and hierarchical cryptography provides efficient and removes an error point.


Athero is the launch partner in various fields to bring blockchain technology into use in the real world.

Cutting edge technology 

Athero continually researches the latest technological standards and continually expands its cooperation with international research organizations to keep technology safe and up to date.

Expansion + Adoption

Athero is focused on web technology and has the first mobile approach to bringing blockchain technology to the new level of adoption.

Athero platform

The Athero foundation is a sustainable public decentralization and decentralized computing infrastructure that focuses on growth and prosperity. Athero is a platform designed to improve commerce by combining Internet of Things and blockchain technology. Athero combines a distributed operating system with an  open blockchain, uses business virtualization for business networks, and a consensus algorithm to identify better offline solutions for information flow and sourcing needs. products.

Blocktherain Athero Protocol and Athero Token

THO is the native currency encoding currency that is being created to be integrated and used on Athero networks, for distributed applications on the network. Initially, the proposed THO was issued and implemented on the public ERC-20 Ethereum blockchain asan token.

The Athero team will integrate its existing “wallet” functionality to keep THObalances, and allow users to use THO cards immediately after activating the token. The Athero protocol is being developed for implementation on  its own open source blockchain. In this scenario, the original THO based on ERC-20 will be exchanged on a 1: 1 basis with the original THO being released on Athero’s blockchain.







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