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Invox Finance – The New Way of Connecting the World



What is Invox Finance? 

Invox is an invoice distribution platform that enters the invoice financing industry worth US $ 2.8 trillion.

The team at ABR Finance Pty Ltd is behind Invox Finance. ABR Finance is a successful invoice finance company and has helped fund businesses across Australia with A $ 30 million in invoicing.

ABR will also be the first customer of Invox Finance, allowing multiple sellers and buyers to test the Invasion Financial Platform with ABR Finance as a leading investor. some sellers and buyers to test the Invasion Financial Platform with ABR Finance as a leading investor.

How Invox Finance works

Sellers who have invoices they want to sell to speed up cash flow Investors hope

gain higher profits and diversify their investment portfolio.

Buyers who will receive an invoice payment period are updated and rewarded for verifying invoices.

Invox Financial Model

We plan to disrupt and revolutionize the traditional invoicing finance industry by implementing a distributed global peer-to-peer loan platform called the Invox Finance platform.

This platform will completely eliminate the need for investor involvement by linking businesses that want to accelerate their cash flow through the sale of their invoices.


Decentralized Platforms:

Invox Financial Platform will enable sellers, buyers, investors and other service providers to directly connect, interact, share and distribute information.

Lower Rate for Seller:

Sellers will be able to obtain financing at lower rates than those normally received from traditional investors operating outside the block.

Dynamic Invoice in Distributed Ledger:

Dynamic invoices give all parties the ability to update invoice information in realtime, ensuring conservation and managing access to sensitive information.

Bringing All Parties together:

Invox Financial Platform maintains trust and transparency between all parties through the permitted access, verification, and reward system built into it

Direct Investor Access:

Invox Financial Platform will sellers direct access to individual investors. This new direct loan environment will benefit both sellers and investors.

New Way for Investors to Diversify:

The Invox Finance platform will expose investors to loan products consisting of loan fragments from businesses in various industry sectors.

Reduce the Risk:

Invoice loans will be fragmented into smaller increments allowing investors to purchase loan fragments to reduce their risk profile and increase their diversification.

Invox Token


In conjunction with the Invox Finance platform, Invox Token will be created on the Ethereal Network.


The Invox Token will give the seller access to the Invox Financial Platform. Through the Trusted Members Program each seller will be required to pay a certain amount of Invox Tokens as an annual membership to gain access to the platform.


The system will reward buyers and sellers with Invox Tokens for verification and invoice payment.

Initial Coins Offer

The reason behind doing ICO is to prioritize membership to the system through Invox Tokens sales.

The Invox Token will entitle the right holder to access the Invox Financial Platform through the Trusted Members Program. By participating in the Invox Finance two-stage fundraising process, you will be given the opportunity to earn Invox Tokens at a discount.

ICO will be ICO ICO itself ICO’s ICO plans. The maximum amount of Pre-ICO, along with our open source smart contract at Github.


Roadmap and target

For more information please visit the link below:

Website:  https://www.invoxfinance.io/

Whitepaper:   https://www.invoxfinance.io/docs/Invox-Whitepaper.pdf

BTT profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1233872

Missions That Can not Be Done Without Good Data and Quality

Some call it New Oil, while others choose the expression of New Gold. The truth is that there is nothing new about it, it is always valuable and powerful through all human history. Often a decisive factor between winning and losing in many wars and wars, the most powerful allies in your hands or the worst enemies in the hands of the opposition. The government needs it to govern; the general needs it to win the war and the Company needs it to make progress and overcome the competition. In our day need it for LIVE. Our present and future life is unimaginable without it. This great thing we call DATA.
Just imagine that you need to spend millions USD to design, develop and create some products that you plan to launch on the market for the first time. This will be an impossible mission without good data and quality. What people like, what will they use for money, what price should be put into the product, what competition, colors and design are most appealing to consumers, if it’s in a plastic box or cardboard and hundreds of other important answers You need to have it even before you start with your project. The more data you collect, the more money you will save and ultimately the more profits to be made when your final product touches the market.
In the 21st century, inter-company wars for consumer data became more intensive than ever before. The data broking industry is growing rapidly, and it is expected that this trend will continue in the future. The data tells us (I say so;)) that the industry is worth more than 250 billion USD per year and has a huge impact in the business world. However, there are some major problems facing the data intermediary industry today. From unfair business models, stealing personal data, disrespecting customer privacy, distributing fake and incomplete data to over-charge businesses that want to use it. This needs to be changed now!
Once again the blockchain revolution provides the perfect solution to this problem by connecting customers directly with the company. There are even some blockchain-based projects that thrive on this idea, I consider OPIRIA as one of the best opportunities for success in the future. The Opiria Project was created by a team full of impressive individuals with a great experience in the industry. They already have a work product that is being used by a large number of Fortune 500 companies and proved profitable.


Opiria creates a secure and efficient personal data market that allows users to sell their data directly to companies without intermediaries at the expense of their privacy. The Opiria ecosystem is supported by their PDATA Token that will be used as a payment asset on the platform. Users will have absolute control over their revenue from selling their data or participating in surveys. On the other side of the Opiria ecosystem, companies need to issue PDATA tokens to buy customer data or send their surveys directly to consumers. Such systems will provide them with the highest quality and lower-priced personal data without the involvement of the middleman.



As I mentioned already Opiria has a work product that you can visit OPIRIA PRODUCT WEBSITE and get more information about product functionality, business system, and price. If you feel attractive and as a potentially profitable investment, start your due diligence by reading the information on OPIO WEBSITE ICO. At this time there is pre-sale going on with a minimum purchase of $ 10,000 and a substantial discount is offered for this phase. The main sales of PDATA TOKENS start on 03/26/2018 where you can participate in any amount. The hard hat is set at $ 19 million, and all unsold tokens will be burned after the end of the token sale.


About GoHelpFund

Technology is very useful for everyone, especially in the world of economics. The concept of economics has advanced rapidly and has now penetrated the digital world. Even for a payment can be done with a digital currency that we call cryptocurrencies. The growing cryptocurreny can be used for the benefit of all who are involved in it.

This cryptocurrency based on blockchain can also be used as an aid. Go Help Fund  is what we need to be human. This is not just a charity organization. This is the help system of the future. Blockchain is not just for making money, with the  GoHelpFound project  it will also give forever.

On these cloudy days, many people need help, especially babies and girls. With blockchain technology, today there are many possible things. So, why not help?

The Go Help Fund platform will be based on the latest available technologies, and the HELP token as a means to send payments. With this in mind, Go Help Fund is a distributed platform driven by Ethereum and Amazon Web Services. Its goal is to help empower people to donate for a wide variety of charitable events and causes, but it also uses the HELP token as the currency of choice for all transactions on the network. Based on this, the HELP token is a standard Ethereum token ERC20, which will be used as the main currency in the platform. In the future, the company will migrate to its own chain of blocks, for greater flexibility and more functions, as entity master nodes.

All the fundraising campaigns of the platform will use the HELP token as the main currency, which will increase its value continuously.

The best platform, the most suitable for NGOs such as the Red Cross, UNESCO, UN, Save The Children, World Relief, Refugees International, Action Against Hunger, People in Need.

The only platform that uses cryptocurrency for fundraising based on humanitarian actions.

We are developing the first global platform that brings together NGOs and collaborators. The fastest way for NGOs to obtain funds, without the overhead costs of using traditional payment methods.

Funds are stored in smart contracts that eliminate counterparty risk and allow rapid automatic payments to entities.


May 12, 2017
GoHelpFund Genesis – GoHelpFund idea concept and market research. – I started working on the platform based on Amazon Web Services.

June 13, 2017
Blockchain / Wallet R & D: we started research and development to implement our own chain of blocks and wallets.

September 25, 2017
Website available – GoHelpFund.com domain name registered for the platform – Website available and social networks enabledGoHelpFund . com domain name registered for the platform – Website available and social networks enabled

January 26, 2018
Previous Token / Token sale event – Start – Token Sale launch event – Acceptance of multiple contribution forms, including BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XMR and more

24 Mar 2018
Token / Token Sale Event – Finishes
– Token Sale Successfully Ends – Start requesting big changes to get a list

April / May / June 2018
– Monthly incremental versions that will be included in the alpha version: – Website application – iOS application – Machine learning RTD

Beta version – August / September 2018
– Monthly incremental versions that will be included in the beta version: – Platform public API – Android application – Artificial Intelligence RTEP

Pre-production version – October / November 2018
– Migration of the Ethereum network to our own Blockchain – Wallet application – Entity master nodes

Production version – December 2018
– Official launch of the GoHelpFund platform – Continuous integration and development based on regular comments from our users

About the Token and ICO

Period of sale: from January 4, 2018 to March 24, 2018.

Symbol: HELP

Price: 911 HELP = 1 ETH

Platform: Ethereum

Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XRP, XMR, BNB, DASH


Daniel Tirzuman: founder of distributed back-end systems

Vlad Batrinu – iOS Evangelist

Daniel Dascalu – Front End Developer

Ciprian Florescu – Automatic Learning Engineer

Isabela Trufanda – Software developer

Teona Pungaru – Quality guarantee

Adrian Ursaciuc – .NET Developer

Eduard Rascutoi – Security Engineer

Links of interest

Website: https://gohelpfund.com/

Whitepaper:  https://gohelpfund.com/assets/whitepaper.pdf

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/gohelpfund/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/GoHelpFund_com

Bitcointalk:   https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1233872

Short Reviews About The Tipper Project According to My Own Opinion


Tipper is a social media based ‘econosystem’ that allows users to trade like a ‘tip’. When you share a post on the Tipper platform, other users can tell you that you are using a native TIPR token from the network. So, your nagging and meditation can finally fund your morning coffee.
Tipper is the first decentralized social media platform established with two-way monetization. This next generation platform will balance the equation of monetization and benefits for all users by providing incentives on cultural tips; a platform that empowers and benefits the creators of popular content, common users and advertisers alike; a platform that harnesses the combined power of the people to bring about revolutionary change for individuals and collectives.

Reasons Why You Should Choose a Tipper

A platform that harnesses the combined power of the people to bring the revolutionary changes to the individual and the collective. Companies like Uber and Airbnb, have recognized the power to utilize people and resources (cars, rooms), have a hug in the future, from bringing monetization opportunities to the masses. These companies change the world because they create a way to generate more income. Tipper is a platform that empowers and rewards popular creators, common users and advertisers. The Tipper platform will allow anyone to monetize money from their online activities and earn more from life. As such, Tipper will become Uber and Airbnb’s social media that drive and stuff people with spare rooms, but with content as a commodity for user monetization.

Features of Tipper blockchain

In the current paradigm, the only way to manage is through centralization, and this is what we do today. Therefore this new network should be able to facilitate the ordering of more transactions in the form of micropayments that are required for it. Tipper has next generation protocols designed to help decentralize the Internet, must handle the largest component forward, which is video streaming data.

Tipper Blockchain Protocol is as follows:

1. 250.000+ Microtransactions / s (For a decent (YouTube) video (Video) scale
2. Transformation / s (For Tipping (payment) on blockchain)
3. Level of Mining Transactions (Breaking the mining pools)
4. Multi-chain Mining (scalability)
5. Mr. Mining
6. Quality of service
7. Personal

4 Tipper Pillars

1. Tipper Pillar First “Ad Model”
Tipper is about monetization for each user, so people can grow. That’s why 100% of all advertising revenue goes into the Tipper platform addressed to users – where it should be provided. This revolutionary incentive is designed to stimulate Tipper Social Economics, because the billions of dollars of advertising will spread among the public. This is made possible by the low cost of Tipper’s decentralized network.
2. Tipper Pillar 2 “Momentization”
Have a good time. The moment that binds millions, will produce millions.
Momentization Tip when The world we live in it is full of exciting and unforgettable moments that we share and celebrate together. The winning goal of the game, which makes the performance of history. Well, for the first time, the moment that binds millions, will produce millions.
Tipper now allows the creator of this moment, and the people who celebrate it, cashed it together by letting the user give a tip lately. Currently it will be used to raise funds to purchase income-generating assets for the community. Momentized revenue will return to ‘Tipper Social Economy’, for peer-to-peer circulation. A new era of community funding that serves the community.
3. Tipper Pillar to 3: Model Tip
This platform not only generates revenue with certain norms, but now there is no limit to what you can get at the post, unlocks an ever Pandora opportunity box, and notifies all new meanings.
As mentioned, social economy for all users to monetize their social media presence directly and inclusively.
“Like”, “vote”, and “views” limits the output to express appreciation, which spurs the social media with all their skills, creativity, and energy. But tipping is unlimited, because of the diversity of sentiments and human emotions. The more users stimulate the social economy by giving tips to other users, the more chances they get to get it.
Tipper Pillar 3: Investment Content
Tipper will be the first Market Market Content in the world, where all users can invest and get content from each. For the first time, Tipper introduced the world to the Content Investing ™ creation feature.

For more information, visit the link below:

Digipharms- health-based Blockchain Technology

What are Digipharms?
Digipharms Solutions aimed at speeding up the restructuring of much needed healthcare delivery. systems to this value-based approach. The current shortage of the global health infrastructure results in substantial inefficiencies, wasted and least optimal health outcomes

In the current health sector, there is a lack of incentives for system health and service providers to focus on mutually beneficial collaboration

What is Digipharms Vision?

Digipharms’ vision is to be a pioneer in delivering value-based healthcare, innovative generation of evidence and patient empowerment in health

industry ‘using revolutionary blockchain technology. Digipharm aims to utilize innovative blockchain technology to overcome obstacles

innovative patient access and pricing, reducing costs for all stakeholders, and cutting back infrastructure limitations to drive value enhancement, providing innovation incentives and transformation expeditions to personalized health services.

The Reimburse Platform will utilize the lucrative features of automated ‘smart contracting’, enabling flexible real time pricing model applications and patient access schemes among healthcare providers, healthcare providers and health information systems and administrative infrastructure of participating institutions will eliminate the need for manual data handling and processing agreements price.

The reimbursement platform will drastically reduce the administrative costs currently associated with the implementation of value-based pricing schemes and potentially revolutionize drug prices and healthcare as we know it today.

Agreed, personalized contract terms will be encoded on the Reimburse platform through an easily accessible user interface and automatically

executed when the conditions of the contract are met. Reimbursement will also enable the implementation of some pricing conditions in the same deal using intelligent contract technology, thus providing dynamic and personal pricing solutions as it passes through the currently related infrastructure constraints.

The dynamic nature of Reimbursement allows health systems and manufacturers to manage and monitor their budgets more effectively than is possible today. Comprehensive pricing agreements will not result in any additional sources of use or cost to be incurred if a detailed deal is implemented using the current system.

For example, health stakeholders may agree to reimburse 50% of therapy costs after 6 months of patient survival and 75% of therapy costs between 6 and 9 months and then 100% of the cost of therapy thereafter while including conditions based on adverse events, disease biomarkers and reduced care as a result of treatment, with minimal additional administrative burden

Market Opportunities

There is currently no comparative platform available that can provide measurable dynamics and price solutions to facilitate funding solutions between producers and payers.

As pharmaceutical innovation develops further, it is expected hundreds of new agents will do so approved for the next 5 years. There are more than 7,000 drugs in the world’s clinical development, more than ever before (PhRMA 2017); with more than 450 new clinical trials starting in 2017 alone (Reuters 2017). Experts estimate that of the 7000 drugs under development there are about 70% who have the potential to be first in the class.

Furthermore, individual drugs are being investigated in different areas of the disease to find populations that would benefit from treatment.

In some areas of the disease, combine several innovative drugs to support the best possible outcomes for patients being actively investigated (eg to treat cancer). With so high levels of innovation ready to provide unparalleled benefits to patients, health systems and producers must work together to agree on innovative pricing solutions accordingly.

Cancer drugs have been the most widely studied in recent years and are driving growth in the 2009 pharmaceutical drug pipeline This poses considerable challenges because these drugs often carry with them high price tags that explain the benefits they get. The cost of patented cancer

Drugs in the US alone have increased 5-10-fold since the turn of the century, with median drug therapy costs around $ 100,000 per year with patients who are typically responsible for 20-30% as joint payments (Kantarijan et al 2014). High prices for innovative therapies that may or may not work may result in patients refusing treatment or choosing a less than optimal treatment plan due to financial difficulties they may face (Zafar et al 2013).

In the United States, the leading payers of UnitedHealth, Aetna and Anthem are close to achieving their current target of 50% of total annual health spending through value-based care

DPH token characteristics
– Supply: 100,000,000
– Fixed (ERC-20)
– Ticker code: DPH
– Decimal Places: 18
– Token Price 1.00 USD
– 9.2 DPH token characteristics

DPH token sale Information

Pre – Sale: 15,000,000 DPH
Base Price: 1.00 USD
Pre – Sale Length: 4 Weeks
Pre – Sale Discount: 35%

Main Sale: 50,000,000 DPH
Week 1: 25% Frozen 25 million token
Week 2: 15% Frozen 15 million token
Week 3: 10% Frozen 10 million token
Week 4: 1.00 USD

And for more information please visit

Twitter : https://twitter.com/DigipharmTeam

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/digipharmteam/

Website : https://www.digipharm.ch/

Whitepaper : https://digipharm.ch/docs/DigipharmWP.pdf

Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1233872

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