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Bitcoinus- Bitcoin payment is only 2 Seconds

Bitcoinus, found online in Bitcoinus.io, promised to transfer the bitcoin payment in two seconds. Find out how it works today in our reviews. What is Bitcoinus? Bitcoinus is a payment platform that claims to transfer bitcoin payments in two seconds. The platform uses the “cutting edge payment processing” technique to allow you to receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more than 100 major cryptoes.

This network is supported by Ethereal blockchain. The goal is to create a global e-commerce solution.

Typically, the bitcoin payment processing platform currently charges about 1%. Bitcoinus BIS , on the other hand, charges a fee of 0.5%. No monthly charges are continuing. Users enjoy free admission, free payment, and instant currency exchange.

The token sale for token tokens runs from January to May 2018. How does Bitcoinus work?

Bitcoinus aims to offer a fast and easy payment solution using crypto as a transfer medium. The platform can process transactions in 2 seconds. The cost of Bitcoinus only costs 0.5% on the way – far less than 1% charged by other cryptocurrency processors and significantly less than platforms like PayPal and credit cards, which charge 3.5% and higher.

The platform also offers a clean and flexible API so that online business developers can use it to develop their own solutions with integrated crypto payments. Plugins will be available for all major trading platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, and others.

The goal is to integrate 100 altcoinsin the first year of operation. Bitcoinus will mostly serve an online business, allowing all businesses and retail customers to buy, store, spend, and receive crypto assets.

Other features of this platform include a merchant reputation system and a blockchain based KYC.

In the end, if you are an online business that often transfers money between global currencies, Bitcoinus can help you save some money every year with transaction costs.

Who’s Behind Bitcoinus BIS? Bitcoinus is led by co-founders Tomas Mičkauskas and Xavier Murtza.

Tomas has 6 years experience in trading on the stock exchanges of Frankfurt, London, and New York. He also has experience with startups and project management, and has managed to tell millions of dollars in ICO . Xavier, meanwhile, has successfully developed an international credit management business with offices in London, Manila and Singapore, and has 17 years experience in credit management and credit risk solutions.

The company is headquartered in London, England under the name Bitus Ltd.

Bitcoinus BIS ICO

ICO Bitcoinus goes gradually. Here’s how each stage strikes:

  • First Sale (Ends on February 22): 1 biu = 0.001 ETH, 8 million tokens available at a discount of 47%
  • Second Sale (February 23 – March 23): 1 biu = 0.001 ETH, 17 million tokens available with discount 40%
  • Third Sale (24 March – 15 April): 1 biu = 0.001 ETH, 15 million tokens available with 30% discount
  • Fourth Sale (April 16 – May 1): 1 biu = 0.001 ETH, 7 million tokens available with 15% off
  • Fifth Sale (May 2 – May 10): 1 biu = 0.001 ETH, 3 million tokens available at a discount of 5%
  • Any unsold token will be burned by a smart contract.

Bitcoinus BIS ICO Conclusion Bitcoinus aims to be a “pioneer of crypto online processing”. Platform will charge 0.5% when processing payment. Users can pay “token tokens” to lower costs further. In the meantime, the receiving party can receive payment in the transaction method bitcoin, Ethereal, Litecoin, EUR, USD, and other popular transaction methods.


Formation of the Team
Development of MVP starts Creating concept, initial wireframe of prototype and strategy
Start of ICO
Initial testing of decentralized KYC
Integration of internal blockchain based currency exchange solution
End of ICO. Tokens will be listed in exchanges in 15 days after the end of ICO.
Alpha version of MVP development ends. Basic functionality level reached
Global business development & Marketing campaign starts
Beta version of MVP development ends (Beta; payments with over 50 Altcoins; integration for all major e-commerce platforms; APIs)
11, 2019
Implementation of card processing; additional Altcoins Q1, 2019 Fully functioning e-commerce solution (Over 100 Altcoins integrated)
Q4, 2019
In the first financial year we aim to reach $ 10M turnover Q4
Q4, 2020
Turnover reaches $ 40M (over 200 Altcoins integrated); Bitcoinus further develops the global crypto payments ecosystem

Token info

Price in ICO
1 BITS = 0.001 ETH


Ends Feb 2247%
Feb 23 – Mar 2340%
Mar 24 – Apr 1530%
Apr 16 – May 115%
May 2 – May 105%
Tokens for sale

Investment info

Distributed in ICO
The developers can be contacted using the link below:

KORA – Infrastructure For The Community’s Inclusive Financial System

Access to financial services, as well as the ability to store and transmit value securely, taking loans or insuring your assets is vital to a person’s ability to manage and develop their wealth. For example in 2002 when the Mexican bank of Banco Azteca opened more than 800 branches of banks that specifically focused on providing goods and services for low-income and middle-income communities, there was an increase of 7.6% in informal business owners, an increase in employment by 1.4% and a 7% increase in average revenue.
However, according to The 2014 Global Findex Database there are about 2 billion adults who are not given access to the service. this exclusion from the millions of people from growth and their disproportionate collection of capital has increased the gap between rich and poor, resulting in constant agitation in various regions, social instability and indirectly resulting in political instability. These are all humanity crises and economic crises as a third of the world’s potential for the creation of ostracized values. On this project will introduce Kora which will be described below.

What Is Kora?

Kora is a project of hope for billions of people who are served by the financial system at the moment and burdened by access that is quite expensive and convenient for financial services. They will be excluded from a better solution because of high costs, lack of proper identity, poor access to banking locations and distrust or poor understanding of the banking system. After that, the learning curve of many existing platforms and reasons such as lack of access to infrastructure such as electricity, expensive access to internet and insufficient capital to buy smartphones and steep learning curves.

In this kora we believe that technology should empower instead of moving existing communities and networks to achieve the understanding and trust needed for massive adoption. The Kora Network will also be built on four layers of infrastructure to provide low cost, universal access to financial services on accessible SMS / USSD platforms on phone features or intenet access through mobile applications that are enabled by blockchain technology. This will help communities to build community-owned financial services ecosystems. By drastically reducing the cost and time required to provide financial services and attracting a diverse range of stakeholders into operational networks, it will open up a global Long Tail economy,

Network Architecture

The kora network will be built on the Ethermint that applies the Ethereum Virtual Machine with Tendermint consensus. The project chose Ethermint as it supports the community on Ethereum development which is one of the largest in blocking space while meeting the following important networking requirements:
• Scalability
• Programmability

This Kora Network decentralization will be secured with a fashionable version of DPoS, whereby users who have staked Kora Network Token or KNT’s original cryptocurrency delegate their shares to the candidate block manufacturers.

Kora Network Token (KNT)

In general these cryptocurrencies cryptographically store a certain amount of value maintained through a decentralized network. They are different from the dominant currencies that are in the currency in some way. Firstly where the currency is secured by methods such as anti-counterfeiting actions against physical bills, crypto escalation is guaranteed by using public and private keys to encrypt and encrypt information within the network. Secondly, where the currency is usually issued through the central bank, cryptocurrency is published and distributed entirely in peer-to-peer. No one party can control the currency.

There Are Three Main Currency Types Described As Follows:

1. Currency: the first use for cryptocurrency is just as a digital currency
2. Token utility: that is crypto that has use in the outside network with the value of money
3. Asset crypto: this is just a token that can be redeemed for principal assets.
The KNT will be used as a battle mechanism to select block producers, as well as one medium to pay the costs incurred by the Kora Network. The use of other smaller KNTs is a currency that connects between eFiition currency pairs and other decentralized currencies.

Details Of Token Sales

  • Token Sale Schedule March 18, 2018
  • Purchase of Ethereum Token
  • Price Token –
  • Bonus –
  • Total Supply Token 755,007,338 KNT


  • Dickson Nsofor – CEO & Co-Founder
  • Maomao Hu – COO & Co-Founder
  • Eugene Fine – CTO
  • Zahen Khan – Head of Marketing
  • By Ostroverkh – Project Manager
  • Lauren Harrington – Blockchain Researcher
  • Bryan Uyanwune – Business Development Lead
  • Roman Katsala – Lead Developer
  • Victoria Mygalko – Product Lead
  • Vladimir Mitso – Blockchain Developer
  • Faisal Khan – Leading Banking & Payments Consultant
  • John Edge – Chairman, ID2020
  • Nako Mbelle – CEO, Fintech Recruiters
  • AA Atayero – Wireless Network Researcher, Covenant University

ImmVRse – a breakthrough in the virtual reality industry


  • Title: ImmVRse
  • Business model: Purchase and sale of virtual objects that connect sellers and buyers
  • Country of location: United Kingdom
  • Start ICO: March 30, 2018
  • Minimum investment: $ 50. USA
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • In what currency can you make investments: ETH
  • How much they want to collect investments:
    • Min: 5 million US dollars
    • Max: $ 20 million
  • Rating: Icobench – 4.6, TrackIco – 4.1
  • Official website: https://immvr.se
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/immvrseUK
  • Facebook: https://facebook.com/immvrse
  • Telegram: https://t.me/immvrse/

ImmVRse is a decentralized website, an application for android and iOS, as well as a coin based on the ERC20 standard in the Ethereum network. The beginning of the project is dated to the fourth quarter of 2017. The creators plan to develop an entire autonomous ecosystem. On this platform, developers of quality virtual reality content (VR) can interact with advertisers and ordinary users.

ImmVRse will launch an internal IMV coin for mutual settlements between all network members. These tokens will be traded on exchanges, but the main application is a means of internal settlement of participants in the system.

Founders and developers of the company

Members of the ImmVRse team have experience managing large-scale projects in marketing, personnel management, infrastructure development and, of course, blocking. Experience in developing complex investment projects, combined with experience in cryptography, creates a successful basis for launching a decentralized platform for blocking technology.

The main employees of the company:

  • Farabi Shyor – CEO and co-founder;
  • Limon Rahman – COO, co-founder;
  • Adrian Chen – head of marketing;
  • Peter Hostikar – chief engineer;
  • Jason Taylor – Head of Development;
  • Shahad Chaudhury is a developer of blockade;
  • Shamira Churfi is a developer of Android applications.

Figure 1. Founders of the company

The company is located in London, accordingly, the legislative regulation will be carried out in the legal field of Great Britain.

Features of the developed platform

ImmVRse is a decentralized blockbuster video sharing platform where VR content producers can show their products to a wide audience. Advertisers can hire content producers or advertise in finished products on the ImmVRse platform.

A simple viewer, in turn, interacts with the community, appreciating, commenting and exchanging video, receiving as incentive a reward.

Target audience ImmVRse – first of all those who participate or want to participate in the production of VR-content. The age range of people is 16 to 45 years.

The corporate target audience varies from small and medium-sized enterprises, only trying themselves in this area, to large brands and well-known Internet users.

The structure of the ImmVRse ecosystem

The ImmVRse network consists of several elements:

  1. IMEN token. The internal centralized currency of the platform.
  2. Wallet for storing IMV tokens.
  3. Protocol ImmVRse. An important element for doing business. An e-book containing information about the current state of the network and all transactions conducted.
  4. Application (DApp). It allows interacting platform participants, and viewers receive award badges as an incentive provided by the user retention protocol. Part of the advertiser’s payment will be distributed among active viewers.

The main components of ImmVRse will be based on Ethereum Metropolis. This allows you to apply “smart contracts” that will function on this platform. When signing a contract in the ImmVRse system, the funds are blocked and held without outside interference. When the purpose of the contract is reached and all parties have fulfilled their obligations, coins are transferred to the recipient. This will help avoid disputes and mutual claims of developers and advertisers.

Digital currency ImmVRse

The ImmVRse token (IMV) is the domestic currency in the ImmVRse ecosystem. The coin distribution outside the network will be regulated by the platform users themselves. On the one hand, companies or individual users will have to purchase tokens on the exchange to pay for the content on the platform. On the other hand, developers get paid for their product with IMV coins, which they can exchange for the currency of interest to them in exchange services.

The development of its own crypto currency has several advantages:

helps to make settlements between users from different countries and jurisdictions;

promotes exchange trade in currency pairs IMV / BTC, IMV / ETH and others, including fiat;

provides the ability to perform calculations between users using automated algorithms based on “smart” contracts, without human intervention;

gives an opportunity to raise funds for projects within the platform;

The presence of constant demand and supply to the IMV token balances price fluctuations and reduces volatility.

Figure 2. Invocation of the IMV token

Basic ICO

To develop the platform, it is planned to attract investments through the ICO. Anyone can participate, independently assessing the risks and consequences. The only restriction applies to US residents – due to discrepancies in legislation, they will not be able to participate in the acquisition of tokens.

The launch of the initial offer of the ImmVRse coin, within the framework of which 100 million tokens are planned to be distributed (33.3% of the total issue), is planned for the first quarter of 2018. The deadline will be limited to 6-8 weeks from the moment of launch.

Features of ICO token IMV:

  • ImmVRse is planning a total issue of 300 million coins, of which only 100 million are to be put on the ICO;
  • the cost of one IMV token is $ 0.2;
  • You can buy coins for the etherium and store them in the MyEtherWallet purse;
  • the minimum investment is equivalent to 50 dollars;
  • The price of the coin will remain unchanged throughout the ICO period;
  • the first participants will receive a 20% bonus;
  • the purpose of placement of coins is fixed and amounts to 20 million US dollars.

Distribution of tokens and funds collected on the ICO

The total issue will be 300 million coins. They will be distributed as follows:

  • 33% were realized within the initial placement of coins;
  • 10% are distributed between the team and consultants;
  • 4% are distributed in the framework of awards and advertising campaigns;
  • 53% will remain at the disposal of ImmVRse.

Figure 3. Distribution of coins of total emission

The funds of $ 20 million collected under the ICO will be distributed in this way:

  • 30% are directed to the platform support fund;
  • 15% – for future employees;
  • 15% – administrative and operating expenses;
  • 25% – marketing and advertising companies to promote the ImmVRse platform;
  • 10% – research and development of virtual reality;
  • 5% – legalization of crypto-currencies in various countries of the world.

Figure 4. Distribution of collected funds within the ICO

“The funds raised within the ICO framework will be invested in the development and integration of technology and artificial intelligence. This will help create an incredibly powerful, self-sustaining ecosystem “- Farabi Shyor, CEO and co-founder of ImmVRse.

Road map

ImmVRse has posted a detailed roadmap on its website. Main stages of development:

  • 4th quarter of 2017. Start the development of the platform.
  • 1st quarter of 2018. Start the marketing company with different channels. Preliminary ICO for private investors.
  • 2nd quarter of 2018. Issuance of the IMV coin to circulation on several popular crypto-exchange exchanges.
  • 3rd quarter of 2018. Expand staff to develop the full version of the application. A broad marketing company aimed at attracting users.
  • 4th quarter of 2018. Opening of representative offices in the EU and Asia. Launch ImmVRse Alpha Launch – the alpha version of the application.
  • 1st quarter of 2019. After launching the ImmVRse platform and the IMV token, the EcVRse ecosystem is launched. Third-party companies and advertisers will be able to purchase IMV tokens to pay for content developers. Continuation of research and development of virtual reality technologies based on the blockbuster.
  • 2nd quarter of 2019. Running the full version of the application after extensive testing of the beta version of ImmVRse. This coincides with the plans of Intel, Facebook and Apple to release their own headsets for virtual and augmented reality. That will create a high demand for VR-content.

Interesting! Goldman Sachs predicts that the capitalization of VR-based technologies by 2025 is capable of growing to $ 110 billion.

Expert evaluation of the project ImmVRse

Some experts agree that virtual reality technologies can become the fastest growing industry in the coming years.

“This is a good idea, especially knowing the potential of this industry over the next few years. Good team too! “- Jan Scaraf, Blockchain ICO Consultant / Counselor. Founder of Crypto Consulting and Investments LTD.

Figure 5. Expert in the field of ICO

Others believe that the development of the platform will attract a huge number of freelancers in this area from other platforms.
Most experts consider the ImmVRse team to be high-class specialists, but a platform with a unique concept and high perspectives, especially given the growing interest in this area.

“Great team. An amazing concept, taking into account the growing interest in VR. I’m glad to see how ImmVRse grows. Team Luck “- Tyler Sanford, ICO Advisor, ICO marketing campaigns, branding and web development.

Expert evaluation of the platform rating, in which the ICO is evaluated, the development team, the concept and the final product, is 4.6 points out of 5 possible. This is a very high figure for such a young project. Such an assessment means that the project is really worthy of attention of investors and interested users.


Elementh – Blockchain for e-commerce


Elementh is blockchain for e-commerce, which is a list of ownership of goods with the power to write a special smart contract and the use of nomenclature standards to make decentralized and centralized applications for e-commerce as soon as possible. Elementh has absorbed the best achievement of a year more recently in the blockchain, which has the goal of solving the problems of modern e-commerce world.

Elementh is blockchain for e-commerce, which is a list of ownership of goods with the power to write a special smart contract and the use of nomenclature standards to make decentralized and centralized applications for e-commerce as soon as possible.

Elementh has absorbed the best achievement of a year more recently in the blockchain, which has the goal of solving the problems of modern e-commerce world. Elementh is blockchain for e-commerce, which is a list of ownership of goods with the power to write a special smart contract and the use of nomenclature standards to make decentralized and centralized applications for e-commerce as soon as possible.

System of Goods

Along with the token system, Elementh has a system of goods, which can also be used in some large applications, such as searching for the specific movement of goods from its creation to the present, searching for genuine goods and detecting counterfeit goods. . In contrast to the token system, the goods system also provides the power to “remove” specific products at specific addresses, indicating all possible data items (such as names, manufacturers, barcodes, etc.).

If the identical item is already in the blockchain, the publisher will also receive a message about it, and he will also have the opportunity to show you what items want him to “show”. When an item has a serial number, you can be sure when the transfer operation is done.

To provide protection for the forging data, only the hash of the serial number is decided in the system, therefore only the person who knows the initial number has the power to conduct a valid transaction. With no serial number when the item “ejects”, the system generates it randomly and the holder can use it to identify the specific item by printing the QR code on the packaging, write it in the RFID tag or perhaps with an easy different step.

Nomenclature Unified Goodsmore

One of the most important features of Elementh is the existence of a uniform nomenclature. To make sure that the item is as accurate and accurate as possible, and to reduce the chances of making a duplicate card, the cost of making and using the card will also be different.

To create merchandise cards, participants must pay, for example 1 EEE (the price will also be set by selecting a delegate). When the person has given the item to the system, he is offered to use the existing card or create a new one. Existing card usage is 100 times smaller than the new one (eg 0, 01 EEE).

The card holder receives the gift for each who owns the goods that wear the card, and to do the transaction using this card. Each participant in the system can complete the info on the card, and the cardholder can accept or reject the suggestion of the change.


An immediate competitor of this project is an on-line B2B e-commerce project, such as Indix. In this segment, innovative Elementh projects use Blockchain and can be used by decentralized markets that use crypto for internal payments.

There are also some Blockchain bases for Ecommerce so competitors for Elementh, for example VeChain, INS Ecosystems, Connectius, Flipz, StopTheFakes, and so on. Interestingly, some of them are niche products, and they are not really infrastructure bases but just applications for smart contracts for e-commerce.

We think Elementh has more infrastructure projects and can be used by different markets and bases. Beyond that, the advantages need to be Elementh is a great experience in the B2B E-commerce market from 2012 as well as businesses that work with true customers.

Different markets are also the type of competitors for the Elementh project, because they can be developed without Elementh and in this case they will also work in the same market. This is so necessary for Elementh’s team to gain partnership with all of today’s decentralized markets that have worked or will also start as soon as possible.

Official Website: https://elementh.io/

Whitepaper: https://github.com/ElementhFoundation/Documentation/blob/master/ElementhWhitepaperEN.md

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2590603.new#new

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Elementh-1371154296341075/

Official Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/Ahooleeman

Official Telegram Channel: https://t.me/elementh_community

Horizon Communications – Wireless Internet for the Caribbean

We all like to sit at the computer and enjoy surfing on the Internet, but you will agree – it’s awful to get angry when the Internet slows down and everything starts to go awry. That’s the people of Bermuda suffer very much because of the slow Internet! All because the Internet is unreliable and critically lacking speed, as on the islands obsolete copper wires are worn, which wear out badly because of strong hurricanes and corrosion of sea salt

And all because there is no single supplier that could meet the demand of the population, offer high-quality and fast Internet, high-definition television and telephone services!

But for the people of Bermuda there is good news, the new Internet provider (ISP) Horizon Communications – this high-speed Internet provider will be based in Bermuda and serve the entire Caribbean. They will use LTE wireless communication to deliver communications to users. Their service will include Internet speeds of up to 150 Mbps in 2018 and 300 Mbps and even faster at the end of 2018 in early 2019.

In addition to high-speed Internet, they will provide high-definition television services.

Internet Protocol (VoIP) Telephone services. This wireless infrastructure will be transferred through custom software using 4G LTE-Advanced standards.

After attracting and successfully growing capital, Horizon plans to launch a business in Bermuda in mid-2018. Using this technology, they will expand in the Caribbean and other Central American countries.

It is expected that Horizon will cover with its network more than 95% of Bermuda’s houses and businesses with a small number of towers. The sea cover will cover about 15 miles from the shore. They want to build the most reliable network.

Horizon is determined to enter the Bermuda market within 5 months after the capital injection. At the same time, Horizon plans to cover at least 15% of the Bermuda market for 4-5 years.

Five-year financial forecasts of Horizon in Bermuda will generate aggregate revenues of approximately $ 44 million. The United States, compared with the cost of about 26 million dollars. USA. Thus, the total profit is 18 million. USA

Horizon will use blockchain technology in several ways. They created their own marker, based on Ethereum, called Horizon and denoted by the symbol HRZN. Token holders are entitled to discounts on services. They are also going to share a portion of the profits with the holders of the markers and execute a program for the repurchase of the token with partial profits. The target amount for dividend distribution is 15%, and about 5% is intended for the buy-out program.

Customers will be able to pay for services using the HRZN token. Employees can also pay tokens. It is planned that the token will be available for trading on different exchanges. Blockchain will also be used by Horizon to provide a data warehouse with integrated blockchain technology. Client portals will have access to an encrypted decentralized repository. Horizon also plans to offer VPN or virtual private network services, also using blockchain solutions.

There is an excellent opportunity to improve wireless network offerings in the Caribbean region and especially in Bermuda. Current proposals in these regions can be very slow and unreliable. Most of the competitors can only offer speeds of 10 Mbit / s. Fast and reliable Internet has become important for many people and business. Tourism and cruise ships provide an additional opportunity for wireless Internet providers. In 2016, more than six hundred thousand tourists visited Bermuda. Horizon plans to offer services for tourists and cruise ship ports.

Video presentation of the project

The Horizon team is headed by the founder Gilbert Darrell, who has extensive experience in the telecommunications industry.

Meet their team
They are the best professionals in this field

Founder Horizon Communications
18 years of experience in the field of information technology and telecommunications. Accompanied several projects for companies from the Fortune 500 list, such as Microsoft, Energizer and Siemens. Develops Horizon Communications for 18 months. Separate firefighter and paramedic with 18 years of experience in emergency services.

Chief operating officer

20 years in customer support and billing systems, senior management in the Caribbean for a large telecommunications company.

Vice President, Business Development

28 years in Telecom. He started his own launch in Canada in the 1990s, before selling to a bigger competitor. They opened new markets for telecommunications service providers throughout the Caribbean and South America.

Sales and marketing

20+ years in marketing and sales conducted a major campaign for a technology company in Europe and the US.

Technology consultant

20 years in the development of wireless networks, wireless point-to-point systems, launched projects in South America, the Caribbean and the US, designing and installing wireless networks.

Technology consultant

18 years in the field of information technology, former US military contractor DOD. Expert in the field of large-scale networks and routing. CEO of Networking and Managed Services in Detroit, Michigan.

Business consultant and cryptanalyst

Reference information in the field of accounting, finance, technology and project management. He worked in large corporations, such as MUFG, Fidelity and AIG. Crypto joined in 2016 – Trader and investor ICO through syndicate GAMBIT. Marker mechanics and economics are interested. Up to 30 years and traveled to almost 50 countries. Brian is also an adviser to the working group on the crypto-monetary policy of Bermuda.

Consultant Blockchain

Expert and developer of Blockchain technology, including Ethereum. They helped to develop a technical document Horizon and the structure of the ICO.

For more info:

Website  : https://www.horizoncomm.co/

WhitePaper  : https://www.horizoncomm.co/feast-content/uploads/Horizon-Whitepaper.pdf

Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2960817
https: // t. me / HorizonCommICO

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