BetterBetting Betting Currency in the Future

BetterBetting Betting Currency in the Future

Hello friends .. this time I will introduce a project about a future money bet called BetterBetting . Please take a good look

Understanding BetterBetting

BetterBetting is a useful crypto currency for betting that will set bets in sports with a completely decentralized system on the internet. Just like all platforms in the crypto world, BetterBetting also creates a blockchain-based crypto currency with the BETR symbol that serves to alter the gambling system that we all know by making the blockchain system instead. BETR is being built by a veteran in the gaming industry that will make BETR the exclusive crypto currency of some of the world’s leading game operators. betterbetting brings new changes in sports gambling to ensure a fair and strong betting opportunity between the two sides, and will eliminate most of the friction associated with sports betting placements.

A team called Brink has created a sports betting system with a transparent and fair proportional peer-to-peer system not owned by central management. With a team of industry experts, BetterBetting is now in the final stages of introducing BETR to the world.

Usefulness BetterBetting

BetterBetting relies on effective technical implementation to achieve a goal that provides Global Betting Liquidity Pool. Along with the development of business needs, an investigation has been conducted with the aim of finding the optimal technical solution. The point is to provide a pool of global betting liquidity for use by targeted market creators and bettors. In principle, anyone can make a bet bidding based on a real sporting event, this is more traditionally known as a bet.

Each Bet will be grouped by market and an event listed in a searchable directory. Bettors who want to make a bet then can search easily in directories and find the bets they want. The betting acceptance process then involves blocking Ethereal to maintain an agreed bet contract which also has shares and liabilities in escrow, and the system will use self-issued token bets (BETR). When the event is over, the bets associated with the event can be completed. To complete a bet, the result of the selection should be determined.

The smart contract in the bet will contain information about the parties who will supply the results of the selection. In the case of bets offered by a sports book this is generally a Bet Offer Creator / bet bet. Another solution is to direct a third party to a result / can be a data feed or pointing to a special third-party node that is a knot node. This will be completed according to the rules based on all other similar settlements.

Two Systems in One Application

The Ethereum Network will be used for bet contract management whereas BETR tokens will be used to other systems to provide UX to Bet and Bettors by running the betting directory service as a distributed database. This system we call the Better Betting Node ( BBN ).

BBN is an app that can be downloaded and installed on a user’s device and includes an ethereum wallet. This is similar to a blockchain application that operates without a central server and nodes communicating with each other to maintain the state of the database. BBN does not need to store data indefinitely, and that is one aspect that distinguishes it from standard blockchain networks where each node (or miner) stores a full copy of the transaction ledger.

Details and TokenĀ  BETR

Betterbetting will introduce a crypto currency (BETR) through the ICO program and the token sale is part of a plan to facilitate peer-to-peer based transaction platform that will make transactions transparent and secure.

Token Details:

  • Name: BetterBetting
  • Symbol: BETR
  • Type: ERC20
  • Platform: Ethereum Blockchain
  • Payment received: ETH, BTC, BCH, DASH, LTC, and currency.
  • Distribution in ICO: 55%
  • HardCap: $ 30 000 000
  • Price: 1 BETR = 0.1 USD

Sales Token

about $ 2 million dollars to $ 30 million will be raised slowly in token sales. These funds are used to:

  • Better bet protocol development and release.
  • Software and node development.
  • Marketing to key stakeholders and consumers.
  • Legal and administrative costs.


“The sale of Token (ICO) will soon end on January 31, 2018. For that friends must immediately rush to participate in the purchase of this BETR token because the sale is at the door.”

Roadmap (RoadMap)

For more information about this BetterBetting project please check below:



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