ISHOOK – electronic book with all social media in one place

ISHOOK is an electronic book that will be the place where all social media (Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, instagram, etc.) become one.

ISHOOK is a decentralized flatform with blockchain technology. Blockchain technology itself has become a popular commodity in world economic world, because of its ability is able to remove an imbalance between hosting with content providers. Blockchian is also able to manage a financially and secretly.

In the last three years, the iShook platform has evolved from the ebook platform to a sophisticated content delivery platform with marketing applications created for writers. The iShook team has more than 100 professionals including software engineers, project managers, graphic designers, and marketing professionals who have created the iShook platform as it is today.

ISHOOK’s goal is to connect content creators and viewers while utilizing blockchain technology and of course to ensure rich content is delivered to end users. what started out as a vision and a successful flatform that allowed publishers and booksellers to share their work with millions of users trying to break the boundaries and switching to all forms of content.

ISHOOK will be a haven for all creators of inspired content who are looking for a flatform, a community – a home. This is a revitalized content economy.

ISHOOK seeks to improve a single network to facilitate and host digital content and increase the viewer’s visibility distance. Instead of making content creators lose a lot of distribution networks and social media channels.

Ishook will provide a single social network gateway between the author and their audience.

ISHOOK differentiates itself from existing startups, utilizing blockchain technology on existing flatforms.

The advantages and advantages of iShook are:
1. For users or readers will get better access in search of content they want
2. Share Notepaders who want to share information directly with other users.
3. For Creators / Authors looking for a single network or privileged network, they will gain access to write, publish, organize or market their own content.

Smart contract:

The Ishook Token will be printed from the Ethereum blockchain as the default token ERC-20. The importance of the Ishook token that complies with the standards, it is compatible with the ERC-20 compatible wallet (myEtherWallet, MateMask, IMtoken, etc.) but to ensure our procedures within the Ethereum network are centralized.

In addition to the standard rates set by Ishook in the royalty process, the creators will also have the ability to receive additional royalties for their content in the form of Ishook tokens.

The users on the flatform will get a discount on both the content issued by the author and the items listed in the E-commerce store.


Token Ishook will have a complete inventory of 1,000,000,000 (one billion) tokens, 570,000,000 will be printed during our token creation event according to our smart contract parameters.

Token allocation:


For more information please click below:

Website: https: //

Twitter: https: //

Facebook: https: //

Whitepaper: https: //

Bounty link:

author: nguyenluancmg


FroshFeel  is an easy-to-use, decentralized Platform for students to conduct transactions related to their needs using FroshFell (Froins) coins from all over the world. of course with the application of special discounts. transactions with Frost will be made within the froshfeel platform or with business partners. transactions that can be made include, Fees for student accommodation or dormitory, purchase of package books, pay tuition, pay student tickets if any, and uniform expenses and others. and all this can be done with our existing Smartphone devices as long as they are registered and have a Froins coin created based on a decentralized Blockchain technology,


  • In the FroshFeel Platform students will be able to view all types of courses available for courses at a particular University. Complete with the Terms. and FroshFeel users will have a guide tool on the Platform that will guide students in the selection of a course to be followed, of course according to their interests.
  • The Questions and Answers forum will be available to users of the FroshFeel Platform in the Social Style category. education and lifestyle. users will be able to post questions, and discuss their questions, and get feedback on those questions from other people in the forum.
  • The “Classroom” feature will allow social discussions about classes, events and features to be used by tutors, mentors, teachers and lecturers to create a private class with the help of Slide and uploaded notes, as well as live discussions in realtime. This platform.
  • The agenda feature helps students manage time.
  • Job Portal is another feature where full-time and full-time jobs will be enrolled by institutions and businesses for students. Students can upload their CV / Resume on this feature.
  • Classified ads feature that allows students to post what they want to buy and sell in Froins among FroshFeel users
  • The Business Directory feature will allow FroshFeel users to find businesses registered on the Froshfeel platform. in addition, Platform users will be able to see the business followed by the users they follow
  • The “Offers” feature will allow users to see the closest offer in terms of where they are located. students will have access to like, comment, or recommend it. and all transactions will be made using Froins coins
  • Competition is a feature that allows business users to run the competition for users with rewards given in the form of Froins coins
  • Advertising Features are designed for advertisers so the FroshFeel platform can generate passive revenue
  • Events are a feature that allows recording of educational, social events, etc. where users will have the opportunity to view future work agendas.
  • The tutor will allow for communication between students and tutors, this obviously helps students to find material or discuss.


Q1-Q4 2016

  • Research and market development in student environment

Q1-Q2 2017

  • The initial research is completed and the concept has also been completed
  • Development of detailed user Interface for web and mobile based applications

Q3-Q4 2017

  • Accept the requested beliefs from various educational institutions
  • Business entered an important category once confirmed through interest for FroshFeel and Froins

Q1 2018

  • FroshFeel conducts ICO Program and Whitepaper announcement to Public

Q2 2018

  • Development of FroshFeel Platform – as well as Internal infrastructure

Q3 2018

  • Development of client-based applications

Q4 2018

  • Preparing for launching – Marketing Campaigns

Q1 2019

  • Officially launching the FroshFeel Platform to the public

Q2 2019

  • Expanding based on Geography

FroshFeel Team

Mohamed Rahemtulla – Founder and CEO

Warren Heyneke – Co-Founder and CTO

Stephanie Hall – Co-Founder and Brand manager

Riaan Rashid Essop – Co-Founder, COO and Advisor

Ryan de Azevedo – Head designer

Dury Marto – Head of marketing

Victor Jeyakumar – Head of finance

Flavio Pinto – User interface specialist

Ryan Marks – Head of technical support


Pre-ICO Schedule, ICO and Pre-ICO Token Allocation

In Project FroshFeel will be the main Sales token. but prior Pre-ICO will commence on March 1, 2018 and will run until March 20, 2018, with a minimum purchase of 0.1 ETH. for Pre-ICO itself Minimum target is set as 1000 ETH and target maximum is 5000 ETH, and for payment instrument in Pre-ICO this is KickCoin and ETH


ICO FroshFeel itself will start from April 1, 2018 until April 30, 2018. The price per token reaches 1 USD. and set for 1 ETH = 1000 Froins, the maximum purchase is also set at 0.1 ETH or 0.01 BTC with the accepted payment instruments being ETH and BTC.
there will be about 250 Million tokens to be created in the Project this time, and for unsold tokens sold program will be in BURN after the ICO program ends. The issuance of coins will commence on May 15, 2018. with the token allocation as follows

  • 74% of total token supply will be allocated to Sales Program
  • 10% of total token supply will be allocated to founder FroshFeel
  • 10% of the total token supply will be allocated to the company’s reserve fund
  • 6% of total token supply will be allocated to bounty, Partnership and advisors

ANN thread:










Projecet koios, how koios work


AI Developers & Learning Machines will find a place to live on the unrivaled Koios Platform in it’s sophistication and ease of use. To increase trend activity and build networks, koios offer a set of tools, algorithms, and information units to build blocks.

The Titan Protocol will initially be responsible for two aspects of the Koios Platform.
1.) Enabling daily customers to anonymously perform AI pattern by way of way of becoming a member of a mesh of international part gadgets offering CPU tools to Koios.
2.) Enable the distribution and decentralization of AI & ML content.

A decentralised marketplace pushed via the AI developer community. All content material is confirmed via the Koios Team to guarantee that it conforms to proper trade criteria and plays as designed. Validated content material is then on hand for acquire at the marketplace via consumers.

What are the platform economics?

The Koios Utility Token (KOI) may be used to energy all sides of the ecosystem . Koios will set up a self-sustaining digital economy founded mostly on how customers will have interaction with the platform. Developers may be required to buy Koios Tokens to have interaction with the platform.
The following actions Koios Tokens:
1. Developer Subscription to AI Lab
2. Machine Learning Training through Tital Protocol
3. Machine Learning Hosting through Tital Protocol
4. Content Purchases from Neural Net
The following actions accrue Koios Tokens:
1. Fog Mining through Titan Protocol
2. Contributing Data Sets.
3. Manual Data Tagging
4. Sale of Content on Neural Net
5. API Calls to hosted Machine Learning Models
At a excessive level, all actions accomplished by a consumer will require a couple of tokens to perform. A small percent of every transaction is allocated to Koios.


     The Koios Utility Token (KOI) can be used for the energy of all sides of the ecosystem. One token generation opportunity only has already happened, making it limited to 1,000,000,000 Token KOI. Koios has allocated a limited number of tokens for interested events that want to secure previous Koios tokens public sale Early adopters may be able to secure tokens at a replacement cost of as many as 4x auctions set at
the volume of tokens purchased on Personal Token purchases is limited to 50 main participants.
Koios has allocated 400,000,000 tokens for auction Utility Utilities General Sale will begin on the 23rd from April and finished on May 7th Koios Tokens can be indexed at some of the General Stocks at the end of the Token Sale. Koios may receive Ethereum’s contribution instead of the Koios Utility Token. Complete information about replacement ratio and tiers may be distributed to interesting events that register on the Koios website or touch us via Telegram channels To replace the Ethereal Koum token for Koios, you may need an Etereum Wallet that is detached from the Crypto Public Exchange.
The facts of the token and fund allocation may be discovered below:

Crowdsale Caps

Soft Cap: 5M USD (5885 ETH)
Hard Cap: 40M USD (47060 ETH)

Funds Allocation

Category: Soft / Hard
Development: $2.5M / $20M
Marketing: $1.25M / $10M
Hiring: $750K / $6M
Admin/Legal: $500K / $4M

Token Allocation

Symbol: KOI
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Team: 50,000,000
Community: 150,000,000
Crowdsale: 400,000,000
Koios Platform: 400,000,000

CRESTONIUM – Shipping And Admission of Currency Current

CRESTONIUM – Shipping And Admission of Currency Current, Fast, And With Zero Cost.

Foto Crestonium.
In short, crypto currency is a decentralized digital currency – there are no bank owners or government banks; it belongs to the people. The advantage is zero cost and, in many cases, instant transactions from anywhere in the world. Currently, there are many crypto-currency types – more than 1000+ in between. But no crypto bank or bank-currency will allow the storage of most of them, and more importantly spend them. That’s the problem with the crypto-modern-day currencies, and we’re here to solve this problem.
There are several main factors where Crestonium is different from their competitors. The most prominent
one is a 0% fee policy.
Other advantages are instant transfer, and support for various other crypto-currencies.
In addition, Crestonium offers 100% Token Holder Protection guarantee. Users will get full refund of their original transaction if the value of CXS is not appreciated 150% within 6 months since the end of ICO. The quantum crypt of crypto-currency technology is the ability to reach a global consensus as long as it’s decentralized and distributed networks without a trusted third party eliminating many useless factors as long transaction costs and times. Not all crypto-currencies achieve this goal.
Crestonium offers a smooth delivery experience and foreign exchange receipts at zero cost. Crestonium aims to provide unlimited use to mainstream users because crypto-kardurrurrency becomes a phenomenon accepted by all Crestonium built, not just for storage, but for actual shopping – which remains one of the significant challenges of modern cryptourrency. Crestonium prides itself on being one of the few cryptoes out there at zero cost and transaction speed in a split second.
Formed in blockchain, and subject to automatic execution at the time of pre-defined occurrence
criteria / events and subject to certain conditions, CXS marks are valid indefinitely and are the property of their respective holders. The Crestonium platform uses OpenAPI standards so your contracts will become automatically compatible with the wallet, and other contracts or exchanges also use this standard.
Benefits of Crestonium:
Smart Money: Gateway for banking decentralization. Mobile and Desktop apps will allow you to hold and manage different types of crypto. More importantly, this will allow you to spend it. Accessed 24/7 worldwide on your laptop, desktop, and mobile device alike.
Safe: Crestonium is designed for everyday use and provides a strong and secure environment for your Cryptocurrency. The user has a private key and has access to the feature.
FEEL / Feeless: No more merchant fees and credit card fees. Pay only the actual cost and get the most out of your Cryptocurrency with the lowest exchange rate. If you continue to make transactions while holding CXS, you will receive cashback – up to 70% higher. The Rewards program will also allow you to earn additional CXS.
Crestonium offers not only Mobile apps but also fully synchronized Desktop apps. Crestonium connects your blockchain assets to everyday use. Credit cards and banking licenses will allow us to become a hub for the blockchain ecosystem, to connect you to the real world. We use protocol where
any connected block that allows us to give you a 0% fee. Blockchain ecosystem
also allows us to scale the masses and be more inclusive.
ICO Summary
The initial market value of 1 CXS is set to 0.00002 BTC.
Currently we receive the following currency-crypto:
– Bitcoin BTC
– Ethereum ETH
– Ripple XRP
– Star Lumens XLM
– Monero XMR
– Litecoin LTC
– Dash DASH
– Bitcon Cash BCH
– Etereum Classic DLL
All tokens will be sent after purchase. You can also send CXS manually from the user dashboard for example: CXS gained from referrals or additional CXS purchased at a later date.
More information on how to install Ethereal wallets can be found on the website.
On the page below, you can find a table with overviews of ICO overview.
Crestonium offers not only Mobile apps but also fully synchronized Desktop apps. Crestonium connects your blockchain assets to everyday use. Credit cards and banking licenses will allow us to become a hub for the blockchain ecosystem, to connect you to the real world. We use a protocol where every block is connected that allows us to give you a 0% fee. The blockchain ecosystem also allows us to scale the masses and be more inclusive.
Crypto-Currency Inclusivity
We believe that the inclusiveness of all crypto currency is very important because it is not only owned by everyone and believes in different crypto-currencies but also the total market consists of all the cryptography together. Some crypto-currencies may fall or be underappreciated while others can rise to the top and overtake popular coins. That is why Crestonium will support as many crypto currencies as possible. Our main goal is to support ALL crypto currency.
Cres tonium Token Sale Of fering
To stimulate the growth and subsequent causes of Crestonium, we have designed our pre-ICO phase sales pattern, where you can be an early participant today. We offer a wide bonus for our pre-sale period:
 Pre-Sales: 25-45% Extra Token
 First Sale Period: 15% Extra Token
 Second Sales Period: 10% Extra Token
 Third Sale Period: 5% Extra Token
ICO pre-sales and sales dates can be reviewed below.
The majority of tokens will come to our contributors and supporters – mostly 73%. contrary to ICO and other companies, our team and advisor will only earn 5% of total generation tokens.8% dedicated to Foundation, required for innovative development and innovation. a fraction of the total token will also go to our Strategy Partners and for Bounty to further build our community the last 10% will be held in the Reserve.
More information visit:


Boundless interactions based on the Crypto-currency with EOZ

EOZ is the newest financial platform that actively works with crypto currency, while users can be in absolutely different places of the world, and this will not interfere with their mobile, safe and profitable interaction. Networks of artificial neurons and blocking technologies help to provide the best automated transactions occurring within a few minutes without various exorbitant bank charges and other financial costs.

The financial industry occupies a huge part in the life of every modern person, every day we face the need to make purchases, make payments and transfers, which is not always quick, convenient and profitable due to the inevitable obsolescence of the banking system as a whole, which simply does not keep pace with what is happening progress. EOZ achieves good results due to the active introduction of the latest high technologies into the sphere of finance, which makes it more flexible and mobile, and also provides access to any person regardless of location and other parameters.

What are the possibilities for financial transactions offered by the EOZ system to its users:? Lucrative
lending – each holder of EOZ tokens can put them into the credit turnover within the system and make good money without it;
• EOZ currency is unique – these tokens are developed with the help of a special hybrid algorithm, so that they will make a profit in the form of a high interest, simply stored in the user’s account in a safe wallet;
• Each user has the opportunity to extract EOZ tokens, after which they can be profitable to trade on exchanges;
• Virtually unlimited exchange opportunities – the currency EOZ can be exchanged without loss for another currency and profit;
• EOZ has a loyalty program EOZ Luxuru, which allows participants to purchase luxury goods by advertising the EOZ system and its lending functions.

Although currently on the market there are platforms with a function similar to the proposed EOZ, this system has a number of advantages for which it is chosen by many users. So, EOZ is completely safe due to the fact that it is a decentralized platform with the possibility of using its own crypto currency. Block-based technologies also have a huge impact, and decentralized solutions help to reduce risks of any kind – financial, protect against fraud, unauthorized access to the user’s wallet, etc.

The main mission of the creators and developers of the EOZ system is the creation of the world’s first crypto currency exchange platform, which will be truly stable and safe for each participant. The EOZ ecosystem excludes any errors related to the human factor that play a large role in traditional financial transactions, so all processes are fully automated and occur in real time.

Investing in the EOZ is incredibly profitable already at this stage. All incoming investments are equally allocated to three types of algorithms, which makes it possible to obtain maximum profit at the lowest possible risk. This is made possible by the artificial neural network in the basis of EOZ.

Founders of EOZ have more than 15-telny experience in the field of finance, the last 4 years of which are actively engaged in exploring the possibilities of crypto currency. Thanks to the introduction of artificial neural networks in the process, it was possible to get the maximum benefit at a rate of 200% as quickly as possible in the stock markets. Due to the high volatility in the traditional market, it was simply impossible to achieve such results earlier. Now, with the help of building our own algorithms based on neural networks, it was possible to create a truly profitable platform, at the same time accessible to everyone, where it is possible to profitably apply their means and choose the most convenient investment option in terms of profitability and risk.

Home page:
White paper:
Telegram 24/7: https: // t .me / eoznews

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