MARKSPACE Future Internet Revolution

Understanding the Internet network is a combination of a network of two or more computer devices that exist around the world and can be said is a series of the largest computer device in the world, and its size will continue to experience a development until indefinitely in the set during the technology continues to grow and advance in this world. However, a computer device is only part of some definition of an Internet network, because when we discuss an Internet network is aimed at all who depend on the predicate that has been attached to it as an example of an information and its users and a software and hardware utilized.
One industry that is developing the concept of network internat ready to use for the needs of human needs is increasingly complex is being done by MARKSPACE.

industry that stands in singapore country which in fact is a very crowded city with its business and famous as the Asian tigers signifies the seriousness of the project being done.After careful analysis of economic trends and developments, Singapore was chosen as the country to register our company, due to government regulations they are very friendly towards crypto-crypto.Read and understand the official website

Symbol: MRX
Inventory Token:  3,000,000,000
Maximum Purchase: 10,000 ETH / 3000000 MRX
Minimum Purchase: 0.001 ETH / 3 MRX
Token Price: $ 0.1
To get a free unit in this project, minimum purchase is 1 ETH.
MRK is the ERC20 token to be released on the Ethereal platform. The MRK token will be used for all transactions in the MARK.SPACES platform. You can get the MRK token in the following ways:
By selling or renting your units, or even buildings and entire neighborhoods;
-Sell goods and services
-With selling 3D objects you’ve created
-Selling ads
-Selling digital content.
Pre-ICO 31 October 2017 – November 17, 2017
ICO November 21, 2017 – December 21, 2017
Payment system using ETH and BTC

Bonus Purchase Token

1. Demand for virtualization of commercial projects is too difficult to implement, at present. In terms of cost and virtual store creation, merging such a project is unlikely to be questioned.
We have built a platform that allows one to create and design a commercial VR space, without needing to know the basics of 3D encoding and modeling.

2. The complexity of crypto mining currencies is growing rapidly, and many crypto-currencies initially use POS or plan to switch to POW. The financial welfare of miners is threatened
That means hundreds of thousands of high-end users, who need terabytes of content to create. We have created a protocol for rendering decentralization and data storage. Miners can download our program to do rendering. For data storage, they will accept.

3. Popular social communities, together with advertising revenue, are owned and operated by one company.
By being a community creator of MARK.SPACE, you can choose between “Business”, “Community”, “Shopping” and “Ruta” districts. This social community will distribute your management roles and earnings.
4. Many ICOs are accused of having useless evidence without real value. Therefore, their rates are always down.
The MRK token is the internal currency (utility token). All users can use it to sell real and virtual goods and services, hire employees and pay for their work, create units (and fill them with objects and content for their individualization). Miners will be paid as tokens for platform support. Unit price stays in token, with a limited number of units. Unit value will always increase, Each unit can have a popular and powerful neighbor (eg, a well-known brand). All of these factors are the undeniable drivers of the token price growth.

For more information you can visit the Official Website or read the documents that have been provided by the WhitPaper company  or want to interact directly with the work team can join the social media with LINK is below as a reference material.

Facebook     Twitter     Linkedin     Telegram     Ann Tread BTT

Momentum is Redefining the way customer relationships are built

In most cases a business is as good and profitable as its relationship with its customers, businesses that are able to build a strong army of loyal customers are likely to stay on top of their game as compared to those that treat their customers as trash. By their nature people always gravitate to those establishments that treat them with respect and are keen to listen to their concerns than those that do not.

One way that a company can build loyalty in its brands in the marketplace is by appealing to its potential customer base via marketing campaigns. However, as time change traditional marketing gimmicks are starting to prove to be ineffective on customers as they are often badly timed, lacking personal appeal and in some instances appear as spam to clients.

Momentum is the world’s first blockchain and crypto-token based marketing automation platform that seeks to enables companies to reward their best customers and supporters with crypto-tokens. It promises to be the panacea to the problems facing the marketing world as it is going to revolutionise marketing and customer loyalty as it seeks to redefine the way companies are building relationships with their customers.

Using Momentum, companies are able to reward customers in exchange for their attention, business, brand advocacy and data insights, meanwhile in the process giving the consumer full control over their personal data. Momentum will enable retailers and brands to easily launch their own token-based incentive and reward scheme. Therefore, retailers will be able to offer crypto-tokens to customers supporting their brand, e.g. for buying, reviewing or telling all their running friends about their new sport shoes. The information acquired will make up a vast store of important data that gives a detailed understanding of customer needs, behaviour and trends which can be used in future to meet customer expectations in service delivery.

At the heart of the Momentum ecosystem is the MobileBridge Momentum Token which is a utility. According to the team behind Momentum, The MobileBridge Momentum platform will bring consumers two things they don’t get today; relevant marketing that is actually connected to what they care about, and a share in the value they bring to a brand or retailer. The token that they are offering has 4 main uses:

a) As a rewards and loyalty token ~ It is used to reward consumers for their attention, business, brand advocacy and data insights.

b) As a ‘gateway’ token ~ The Momentum Token enables consumers to convert company branded loyalty rewards into Momentum Tokens, which in turn can be exchanged for other reward tokens or crypto-currencies.

c) As a platform payment currency ~ Companies who are using the MobileBridge Momentum Platform will pay for it in Momentum Tokens.

d) As a crypto-currency ~ An encrypted, decentralised digital currency, holding value and transferred between peers.

The Momentum token sale is coming in the first quarter of 2018 and a lot of investors are looking forward to it. Keep an eye on the Momentum website for more information on the event and any possible whitelisting opportunities.

More Information on Momentum


Lina Review Gives Benefits On Bussiness Platfrom Becomes Better


Know What is Lina Review,

Lina Review Gives Benefits On Bussiness Platfrom Becomes Better

New breakthroughs in an era of business to be better and also more quality with new innovations in the world of technology in business, in an effort to provide a business development for the better, and also has a greater level of profit, and has a good development in the future, by building more and more accredited businesses and businesses, with the power and energy of a well-decentralized blockhain system, in driving for better business development, with great power will have a major impact on the economy better, and also has a large community and has a wide range of business and business that is widespread and also worldwide and known by the global,here we will introduce a new breakthrough in technology development in business that is Lina Review, a development platform in business for business increasingly improved, and arranged neatly by building a developer paltfrom Lina Review, which will bring a progress on business and more and more professional business growing more.
WhitePaper Lina Review

Lina Review, is a well-implemented concept and structure in a platform in an increasingly better and more robust business drive with a solid foundation of development, as well as an integrated system integration on an integrated Lina Review Platform well, and have a good acceleration in interacting in various transactions so that will be able to improve the quality of the business production process that will be better, and will provide benefits and will also be more useful in the present and in the future, and the interaction with the community is getting bigger and wider in the world globally.

With well-structured roadmap structures, from start of event, and prototype release, then reales on security system and alpha, then build adopt in public beta, and also open marketing campaign, release infrastructure development, and product operation, and start product and feedback. and merelease from apps platfom 2.0  Advantages of Lina Review: 1. Having a good system Transparency, and also a good level of system quality, this will provide convenience for the client 2. No manipuation, and also the level of trust or high trust 3. Have specific detail as well as, good selection quality on various compositions

4. Balance on balanced monetise and stable reivew
5. Introduce good hybrid system and acceleration on good network supported by well-decentralized blockhain network
6. Has a wide and worldwide network liquidity, and build a community that is global

Structure Of Distribution Token 

1. For Lina Development is 48%
2. For Legal activity 10%
3. For Marketing Activities 17%
4. For Operations Activities 10%
5. For Activity Helping network 10%
6. For Activity Bounty 5%

Activity Detail Crowdsale Lina Review;

Crowdsale Activity is held on January 15, 2018

Crowdsale Activity will end on March 28, 2018
With token price per token 1 $
With 300 Millions per token 1 $

Details All Team Lina Review:

1. Mitchell Pham, Co Founder

2. Leigh Flounders, Co Founder
3. Greg (Zvi) Kushnir Co Founder
4. Vu Troung Ca, Co Founder

more information about Lina Review: 


Ann Tread:
Bounty Tread:  https: // bitcointalk. org / index.php? topic = 2773215.0

TOKENLEND – Complete Loan Service For All Parties

TOKENLEND – Complete Loan Service For All Parties

Tokenlend strives to help users worldwide benefit by lending funds with less risk and hassles. We believe that by using blockchain technology, we can make lending process easier and cheaper to use without the bureaucracy of traditional banking services.

Traditional banking products and services are very old and sluggish because of all their bureaucracy and documents. In the world of transcontinental currency transfers, decentralized databases and smart contracts, people are still limited by their geographical location and residence. Different legislation, currency and complicated taxes make business activities more complicated than they should and may be. The lack of integration between financial services forces people to deal with many intermediary institutions with their own verification policies, costs and restrictions. This can turn a seemingly simple operation into a great headache.

The solution

The idea for TokenLend comes from the peak of our investment experience and our extensive experience in software development. Our goal is to build a reliable and reliable ecosystem that provides a complete funding loan for all parties involved.TokenLend will give people around the world the ability to invest in real estate loans using a variety of crypto and fiat currencies. Our platform will remove the uncertainty facing small investors by helping them build secure loan-based investment portfolios that provide competitive, predictable and consistent rates of return. The platform will contain a carefully selected list of carefully selected loans and pre-checks available for investment. TokenLend will only receive loans from trusted EU loan originators. The presence of a legal entity as a counter party allows us to take the necessary precautions in advance to receive timely payments by the lender and reduce the risk of default. TokenLend personnel will re-validate the information received by the lender, including personal data of the borrower, appointment information, appraisal and LTV ratios.

Loans will only be listed on the platform if they meet TokenLend strict loan selection criteria.

TLN Token

In the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaign, TokenLend will offer a Lend Coin token (TLN) for sale. The TLN Token is a digital representation of the rights to exclusive membership on the TokenLend platform. TLN holders have the ability to invest the desired amount of funds from their accounts into every available loan listed on the TokenLend P2P platform. The account balance on the platform represents the number of TLN tokens stored in the Etherealum of a member TokenLend account at any given time. The TLN token will be traded outside the TokenLend platform. Since they are the ERC-20 tokens, they will have an inherent value on the exchange.Tokens purchased during ICO campaigns will provide two types of revenue for holders. Token holders can use TLN to invest in registered loans on the platform and receive revenue like other platform users. However, only ICO participants will receive a regular revenue share from platform operations. The TLN token holder is guaranteed a share of the company’s profits. The distribution size will be determined by the proportion of tokens associated with each member’s account on the date of payment.

The LPN market will allow users to trade LPN with each other, this is only available to registered users. Users are not required to sell at the original cost of LPN, they can send orders for a certain LPN according to the desired price at TLN.

Users can also add comments and details about LPN to be sold. All transactions will be done by sending TLN from one address to another. LPNs will be considered to be sold once the TLN transaction is confirmed by the Ethereum network and at which time the LPN owner changes automatically.


Before crowdsale begins, the TLN token will be printed by TLN’s smart contract.The total number of tokens will be distributed in the following ways:


  • 7% of all tokens will be sold during pre-sale. All pre-sale participants not only have the opportunity to purchase a TLN token with a special discount, but also have exclusive rights to participate in the beta platform testing stage and receive investment benefits before other token holders.


  • – 75% token will be distributed during ICO. All unsold tokens will be burned.


  • 3% of tokens will be given to our legal and advisory teams for their contributions.This token will be locked * for a 12 month period.


  • 14% token will be allocated to the TokenLend founder and team core. 50% of these tokens will be locked * for a period of 24 months, and the remaining 50% will be locked * for 48 months.

Token Sales Details

* Participants willing to contribute to TokenLend platform development can do so using the crypto method and other payment methods listed on the Website.

* Number of tokens: 473.466.667 TLN

* Contributors receive a TLN token at a rate of 2,500 TLN per ET

* Contributors will receive token bonuses during pre-sales and crowdsale as described below.

* Sales will begin on March 26, 2018

* The contribution period will run for 45 days

* Pre-sale will start on March 1, 2018 and maturity is 11 days and will close at 11,047 ETH with minimum contribution of 1 ET

* During the sale of the ICO tokens, there will be a soft cover of 20,000 ETH and a hard cap of 140,000 ET.

* All unsold tokens will be burned

* TLN Token received by contributor will be transferable 7 days after the end of the Initial Coins Bid Offer.


For more information visit:

Best reviews Denaro ico

Best reviews Denaro ico

The digital currency wallet keeps the general population and private keys that can be exploited to earn or spend cryptographic money. The wallet can contain many pairs of open and private keys. In January 2018, there were over fifteen hundred forms of cryptography of money; the first and the best known is bitcoin. The cryptographic money itself is not in the wallet. If there is the possibility of a form of money from bitcoin and cryptography from the money, the digital currency is decentralized and stored in a freely accessible record. Every bit of cryptographic money has a private key. With a private key, you can imagine writing to people who are listed in general, simply spend the associated digital currency.
Denaro is a customizable installment setting that empowers clients to store, spend, and exchange their digital money form with the natural interface and check cards that tend to be a major crypto problem – physically spending it.
The Denaro’s biological system of installments consistently connects the separation between standard money and market cryptography forms. This stage empowers organizations and people to send, spend, store and exchange crypto and fiat through secure web wallets, physical check cards, vendor install terminals, and IBAN. Using Denaro’s multi-digital money wallet, you will not need more locations. Not exclusively allowing you to acquire and store various forms of cryptography of money under one address, it also lets you spend it at any ATM or store. Denaro has created a secure and customizable SCI / API for merchant advantage that will drive merchandise and corporate merchandise on the web or disconnect using the web purse or physical plastic separately. The selected Denaro group is a group of blockchain-loving aggregate powers and is a tenured master on each of their separate subjects. Their ability and nature work strongly with their sense of responsibility in conveying an answer that will be the foundation for increasing cryptography money and improving the world.
All exchanges made to / from Denaro’s wallet are ensured by using cryptographic encryption, which offers the security of extorted extortion, essentially reducing costs and exchange protection. Denaro not only provides online install channels. You can also pile up your BTC, ETH and DNO into physical Denaro check cards to take advantage of your cryptoes in a large number of stores and ATMs worldwide.
Denaro will compensate early financial givers / specialists and group interests with the framework of the liberal rewards and referral commissions. The award framework rewards initial commitments in relation to tokens sold in our pre-deal agreement and principle agreement, while the reference side of the commission framework issues group individuals with 5% of every purchase made by their referrals. The pre-agreement award framework consists of a 25% reward for specialist financial assistance. It persisted throughout the pre-sale range – 7 days.
The general agreement / agreement framework consists of a 25% reward for the 15 million initial tokens sold, 10% for the 20 million tokens attached to them sold, 5% for the next 25 million tokens sold and thereafter no rewards for 5 million tokens sold. There are 65 million tokens that are completely sold in the middle of people in general.
Denaro debit card
All cryptococcal users face the same challenges when dealing with physically spending their digital assets – opportunities and opportunities are limited. Cryptographic users are still given the luxury to pay for goods and services in crypto, because more merchant services still prefer fiat and credit over encryption. Some merchant services that are willing to support this new currency tend to support simple encryption. However, this “luxury offered” is currently being undermined by market volatility, forcing the service to suspend support.
It should not happen. Cryptocurrencies offer advanced protection from cheating, privacy, lower costs and can not withstand artificial and arbitrary reversals and reversals. Buying goods and services with them should be as easy as fiat, if not easy. Denaro debit cards handle this issue.
With a Denaro debit card, users will be able to load crypto thieves like BTC, ETH and DNO into a physical debit card and spend it on millions of online and offline stores around the world.
Market Research – February 2017
Business Planning and Strategy – April 2017
April Private Investor Appreciation – 2017
Can be company registration – June 2017
Looking for specialists – June 2017
Beta Development and Test Portfolio – July 2017
White Paper Preparation – 2017
The August concept of cryptocurrency payment terminal and IBAN – November 2017
Intelligent Development / Test / Contract Security Audit – November 2017
Open beta of Denaro Multi-Cryptocurrency portfolio – January 2018
ICO launched next to ad campaign – February 2018
ICO Ends – First Exchange 2018 March DNO – March 2018
iOS and Android app development – March 2018
Development of Terminal Cryptocurrency Payments – 2018 end of March
CoinFest UK officer – 2018 public launch of 5 April project DENARO – 2018
first week of May, consensus conference – 14-16 May 2018
List of popular stocks – 2018 end of May quality improvement of life – 2018 June-underway
For more information, please visit:

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