Well-Decentralized Platform Utrum With Blockchain

A new era in the development of technology today that is growing so rapidly because based on various factors demand factors to the various needs that also continue to increase so that the development of technology continues to increase increasingly improved and also innovation and make the direction of growth in life the better, the level of growth itself is getting more qualified as well as the potential for the future is getting bigger, because the various fields today are quite important in requiring the role of a technology because of the need factor in the field both in the system management system and also the control system on the security as well always put forward on safety safety,this proves that the importance of improving the quality of technology in the role of activities and also the interaction to maintain stability, and with the development and improvement of technology to make solutions and revolutions quickly to overcome and in various problems can solve well, with the latest technology that is on the development of well-decentralized blockchain technology will bring significant changes of change to various fields both in quality development, productivity levels, growth rates as well as improvements in relationships, as well as increased incomes will be much better and much improved,here we will introduce a new breakthrough in the level of technological development that is in a technology in control system and review for the better and more increase, namely Utrum an innovation to various info and review review about development of various features of newest feature in cryptocurrency, in purpose to be easy to understand and to get more familiar with the quality of the latest technology that is increasingly beneficial in the present and in the future.in order to be easy to understand and to get more familiar with the quality of the latest technologies that are increasingly beneficial in the present and the future.in order to be easy to understand and to get more familiar with the quality of the latest technologies that are increasingly beneficial in the present and the future.
Utrum, is an innovation in a concept and also a structure that has been implemented in a special platform that provides an overview of various reviews of Cryptocurrency to become better known, with well-decentralized blockchain networks increasingly bringing greater stability, review important reviews, and provide predictions on the global marketplace to provide enhancements to clients for an ever-increasing revenue stream, as well as an increasing understanding of the latest technology review reviews in Cryptocurrency with improved quality levels in the present and also in the future which will come.
Mission Utrum: Provides accurate analysis of cryptocurrencies in order to provide an addition to the science of cryptocurrency and to observe global market circumstances to provide better and more profitable revenue and revenue.
The role of the Timeline or the roadmap is important to provide a review of progress on progress, Utrum begins on the concept development that begins in September 2017, solid team development in October, announces the project done in December, after which the manufacture of whitepaper as media for more complex explanations in February, then in April held a token sale, in May entered the exchanger, at Q2 Alpha realese, in Q1 2019 Beta realease.
Ultrum Features: 
1. Able to control and mamanjemen database systematically and also tekontrol well
2. Have a good acceleration system, in the level of trust or trust
3. Credibility on good rating
4. Avoid high risk risk by doing a pretty good selection
5. Build the system by rewarding the contributors
6. Level of cheking and also good security.
Important Elements in Observation of Cryptocurrency Analysis In The Ultrum Platform: 

1. Developer Development Level Crypto, ie with the competence and also this expertise will increasingly bring a great influence on the quality of a crypto for the higher quality and also has a good value to the marketplace

2. Crypto Investor as a driving factor in the impetus towards the quality of a crypto to continue to grow and also increasingly has an increasingly widespread interaction level
3. Crypto Novice, for the beginner will be more understanding of the various characters in the selection of qualified crypto and also will increasingly increase in management control in Crypto observer 
4. Crypto Analysis, to find various steps in determining the various sources of crypto or in observing the market in order to create an increasing and increasing profits.
Advantages with Platform Ultrum: 
1. Creating a new strategy in market observation and analysis is increasingly increasing
2. Reduce the level of risk of increasingly better losses.
3. Understanding level of cryptocurrency will increasingly increase.
4. Increase profits, and also provide benefits to beginners who are just learning and will increasingly increase.
5. The level of data and management systems are good in the selection of various analyzes so that it will be easier to understand.
Activity Details Crowdsale Utrum: 
Preico activities will be held on April 24, 2018
Preico activity ends on May 10, 2018
ICO activities will be held on May 20, 2018
Total Supply is 216 Milion OOT
For Supply Circulation is 54 Milion OOT
Price token is 0.12 $
Softcap is $ 1 Milions
Hardcap is $ 5 Milions
Payment using Komodo, bitcoin, bitcoincash, zcash, dash, ltc
1. For Token sale linkage is 23%
2. For Team Development Activities is 15%
3. For Platfrom Activity is 50%
4. For Activity Operations is 10%
5. For Bounty Activities is 2%
Details of All Team Utrum: 
1. Sridhar Panasa, Founder, Project Lead
2. John Westbrook, Manager
3. Pratap Patil, UI / IX Designer
4. Maksym Logvinov, Full Stack Developer
5. Gurkan Aygormez, Business Development
6. Chris Maarseven, Research Development
7. Onur Ozcan, Growth Marketing
8. Chainmakers, Blockchain Consultant
1. JL777 (KOMODO), Blockchain Advisor
More information About Utrum: 
Website:  https://utrum.io/
Author: nguyenluancmg

SPRINTX – A Platform For Entrepreneurs

SPRINTX – A Platform For Entrepreneurs And The Development Of New Business Ideas, Which Will Unlock The Market Potential Of Cryptocurrency

The Startup community is characterized by talented people and great people. They use their ideas to make each of their respective industries bigger and better; further more, they give back to the Entrepreneurs community, mentoring, advising, and guiding to be successful.

This is the Startup community image that inspired us to develop this project. We understand that, even within today’s ecosystem of opportunities, funding has always been a major problem that slows growth.

Startups are usually trying to get funding through traditional financial institutions, which often lead to failure because the current financial system prefers to invest in companies that have generated profits or have extensive experience and trajectory.

However, how does Startup – a new company with no previous records or earnings – show that their ideas and talents can be combined to create real solutions to real-world problems and improve people’s lives?

This is the essence of how our project was born. We want to provide support for Startup that the current financial system is not included and help them become successful. We want to contribute back to the community of entrepreneurs where they are drawn from; in effect, perpetuate the growth and prosperity cycle of business and life around their communities.

Introducing SprintX

We found that the creation of platforms with the primary goal of linking violations between the real world and the virtual world can speed up their business initiatives by providing the necessary technological tools for Startups to launch their own ICO and to achieve their vision.

To ensure the success of ICO launch, we must provide Startup by converting their funds from Crypto to Fiat. We also know that newly created tokens for Startup must be registered on the Exchange, and are provided to provide trading values ​​as soon as possible and make them available to other investors.

We categorize this into two ICO and Crypto services we call SprintX & SwitchX which will help:

  • Launch ICO for Startup
  • Trading Tokens and Fiat currencies respectively.
The next component we have to deal with is someone with a comprehensive knowledge of the Startup world and its needs. This is why we are partnering with Fundación NOVA. By funding and guiding entrepreneurs through their different programs, NOVA strives to have a positive impact on developing countries and serves as an example of an industry that produces highly skilled technological human capital.

Vision And Mission Of The SprintX Project

Vision – Create an independent community using blockchain technology for business innovation to improve people’s lives.
Mission – Build Smart City which serves as a technology center for Startup that allows the tools and financial entities necessary to launch their own ICO and convert their crypto currency into fiat currency.

The SprintX Ecosystem

To communicate our vision, we must think about the combination of SprintX – SwitchX – Fundación NOVA as the whole ecosystem. One that interacts with others and who seeks profit from investors, companies and Startups.
The SprintX ecosystem will count with the following components, each designed to meet the needs of our clients and to solve specific problems in today’s Startup and Finance industries:

How Does The SprintX Ecosystem Work?

Each component of the SprintX ecosystem is an independent entity that will work in a lasting partnership for mutual benefit and each will have specific goals for the type of support offered for each Startup:


Will manage the ICO aspects for all Startups and analyze whether ICO is feasible and appropriate.

Fundación NOVA

It will take each Startup to NOVA Campus which is a Smart City designed specifically for business and technology development to grow their business in that location.


Will be the bank behind our operations and will manage the financial and regulatory aspects of our funding activities on a global scale.


  1. Startup application files via the SprintX web page to apply for the Incubation Process.
  2. This app is reviewed and accepted.
  3. Fundación NOVA onboards the Startup team and starts setting targets and milestones that will be required Startup during their 16 weeks Incubation process.
  4. When the Incubation process is complete, Startup will choose to launch their ICO through the tools offered by SprintX.
  5. After ICO expires, Startups may choose to convert the raised cryptocurrency to fiat using SwitchX.
  6. Tokens made from ICO will then be added automatically to SwitchX and available for trading.


MembersJOSÉ RIVAS – Co-Founder at SprintX
Adrián Gómez – PR Director
Fabiola LEÓN – Head of strategy
CARLOS Carranza – Digital Marketing Specialist
OSCAR MACHADO – Information Specialist
CHELISA Acosta – Social Media Manager
EDUARDO Argueta – Investigation Specialist
EDUARDO MEJÍA – Front End Developer
XOCHILT GUARDADO – Strategic Designer
AdvisorsYagub Rahimov – CEO / Co-founder – 7marketz Inc. Group.
Steve Good – Digital Strategist | Cryptocurrency Expert & ICO Advisor | Founder – Coinvestors.io | Keynote Speaker (Microsoft).
Elie Galam – Mathematician & Alternative Investments Expert | Chief Investment Officer at Eastmore Group
Dan Handy – Software Security Advisor | President at VisualCue
Daniel Amato – Investor advisor | Partner & Chief Business Development Officer
Joaquín López Lérida – Development advisor | CEO at Colloquium.
Carlos Rivas – Business Strategy Advisor | Co-founder at Sig Capitales
Gerardo Rivas – Business Strategy Advisor | Co-founder at Sig Capitales


WEBSITE https://sprintx.io/
whitepaper https://sprintx.io/docs/whitepaper-sprintx-en.pdf
TWITTER https://twitter.com/ICOsprintx
WITH FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/pg/ icosprintX / about /

Author:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1233872

London Crypto Currency Exchange

London Crypto Currency Exchange: Most Trusted Exchange In the World

The world revolves around the revolutionary ideas which most of us discard at first. Nothing has ever been achieved by those who played too small. Taking chances at the right time for the right ideas brings revolution. The history is full of examples where people took a risk and achieved great things. The technology space has been on the upward scale where new products are launched daily.

The cryptocurrency is another invention which has made people realise the importance of technology and its impact on the society. The lack of trust on the current platform is the accumulative result of many incidents of hacks and thefts of cryptocurrencies. People are worried about the security of their crypto assets. They need a secure, transparent and robust platform to achieve the total financial freedom.

Solution Offered

London Cryptocurrency Exchange  is the answer to all the current problems of the cryptocurrency exchange. Based in London and utilising the blockchain technology, they are ready to become the most secure cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Keeping most of their asset in the cold storage for the safety and having a low withdrawal fee for the consumers is one of the many attractive features of the platform.

24/7 customer services, unique matching engine, multi-currency support, multiple device support and transparent investment opportunity are a few of the many top qualities of the platform. 0,25% to 0,5% trading fee is charged on the platform for each trade made on the platform. They have designed a robust cryptocurrency exchange which supports the insurance facility for the crypto assets.

The most effective solution for the cryptocurrency scaling is the development of real-life application and clarity in the government regulations. People and the various governments are worried about the future of the cryptocurrency.


100 million LXT Tokens are created for the project in which 60% is reserved for the ICO. The token sale is currently live on the platform until 30th April 2018.

35% of the funds will be utilised for the development of the platform while 25% is reserved for the marketing and PR. The team behind the platform is experienced in the field of blockchain technology.


The large-scale investment in the cryptocurrency sector has further boosted the morale of the creators. Exchanges trading the cryptocurrencies are being launched daily but the real issues of the investors and traders are still not solved. There is a surge in the cryptocurrency exchange in the recent months and many of the problems related to the trust and security are still not solved. There needs to be an open discussion about the usage of cryptocurrency and the laws related to it. It’s a matter of time before the world starts using the cryptocurrency in the everyday life. But, the time period can be reduced with innovation and development of useful applications. What do you think about the cryptocurrency spending solutions?

More info:

Website: https://www.lccx.io/

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3046661.0

Whitepaper: https://www.lccx.io/LCCX-WhitePaper.pdf

Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1233872

Bitpenta-Smart Contract Based Investment Platform

Before I start writing I need to explain that all the writing that I type here is not to offer investment to all of you, but to learn and introduce one of which I write now is BitPenta, if you want to invest the necessary know konusltasi  to your investment advisor, if you are a beginner to be mentored, which I am now writing is about smart contract based investment platform that is BitPenta, which become information, which on offer by BitPenta is: Trading CryptoCurrency, Mining Solutions Bitcoin (mining bitcoin) and token penta.

Token Penta itself is not a legally binding investment, they are not registered in any government unit, so this token stands alone to develop and is allocated to Project Bitpenta, one of the projects offered by Bitpenta is Trading Cryptocurrency, many probably do not know about cryptocurrency because I have not had time to write on this blog, essentially like the currency in the forex, but crypto type and only exist in online, without physical, you can trade crypto with the help of BitPenta, then others on offer by BitPenta is Cloud mining, This cloud mining is crypto mining without the need for hardware or other technical necessities, easy and all is available and now offered by BitPenta, but Cloud mining also needs a deeper understanding,how the provider has a good reputation and security or not, but also the price of cloud mining can be approved or not and other factors, then your pent tokens can contribute to build Bitpenta by buying Token Bitpenta, because the sale of Token Bitpenta will be allocated to project that run Bitpenta, if the project is successful the possibility of selling price will later exceed the purchase price now directly, Also note there are prizes and risks, everyone involved in the type of forex and crypto trading involves risk, but also may be able to get high profit by studying and selecting the right one.then your penta token can contribute to build Bitpenta by buying Token Bitpenta, because Token Bitpenta sales will be allocated to Bitpenta-run project, if the project is successful, the selling price will likely exceed the current purchase price immediately. the risk, everyone involved in this type of forex or crypto trade involves risk, but may also be able to get a high profit by studying and choosing the right one.then your penta token can contribute to build Bitpenta by buying Token Bitpenta, because Token Bitpenta sales will be allocated to Bitpenta-run project, if the project is successful, the selling price will likely exceed the current purchase price immediately. the risk, everyone involved in this type of forex or crypto trade involves risk, but may also be able to get a high profit by studying and choosing the right one.anyone involved in any kind of forex or crypto trade involves risk, but may also be able to earn high profits by studying and choosing the right one.anyone involved in any kind of forex or crypto trade involves risk, but may also be able to earn high profits by studying and choosing the right one.


Trading cryptocurrency mining

Bitpenta is a company registered in the UK, they provide an online trading platform, but it is specialized in CryptoCurrency trading and Bitcoin mining (Mining Bitcoin), they are quite experienced in the world of forex trading and stock market since in 2005, they are also a professional team.
Bitpenta platform needs trust capital, they want a secure platform and for its users get a nice profit, but it also connects with a mutually beneficial client with good quality and service, but also the advantages of Bitpenta is Withdraw the instant, easy to use, support can be contacted 24/7, expert advisor, safe platform, for beginners easy to use, there are 3 levels of investment and 3 levels for refferal.

Bitpenta will raise funds for future income, all clients and people who already support Bitpenta, the funds will be allocated for the development of Project Bitpenta, one of the largest allocated for mining development and trading, and the other for marketing, litigation and security, all to develop the Bitpenta project.
there is a phase that can be followed in the sale of Bitpenta, namely pre sale and public sale.

Pre-sale Details:

  • Pre Sale starting from 27 March 2018 – 2 April 2018
  • token price 1 ETH = 1400 x bonus 32% = 1848 Penta
  • Supply for pre sale 1,800,000 Penta + 32% bonus (576,000 penta) = 2,376,000 Penta

Public Sale Details:

  • from April 2 to April 15
  • the token price is 1 ETH = 1400
  • No bonuses
  • Supply 5,670,000
Trading cryptocurrency mining

If you need to read more details about Bitpenta please visit the link below, hopefully you can be more wise in investing your funds and investing for your business.

Website: https://bitpenta.com/penta-ico
Whitepaper: https://bitpenta.com/whitepaper-bitpenta.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bitpenta/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitpenta 
Telegram: https://t.me/bitpenta_com

Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1233872

Overview BitGuild ICO


BitGuild platform

BitGuild is a decentralized platform based on blockbuster and smart contract technologies that will allow players to really own all their game content from buying and selling in-game items until transferring them to another game. Unfortunately for the whole gaming community, the developers do not care that some players are simply not in a state of endlessly paying for the game content, their production is aimed only at their own enrichment.

BitGuild aims to rewrite the basics like online video, games are working. Games on BitGuild will be built from the ground up to every character, element, and in-game asset is completely unique and trade – that puts power back into the hands of gamers. Where there used to be, the epic sword was only an intangible data on a private server, that the weapon really belongs to the player in the form of a marker on the blockchain. They own it, they can keep it, what can be sold, it’s up to them. No more players will vegetate, overbearing restrictions on what they can and can not with their virtual objects in the game – or even between games. The possibilities and consequences of network games built on the blockchain are virtually limitless, and BitGuild wants it to happen.

How does it work

Business models have undergone a lot of changes since the 90s of the 20th century, when various games began to be distributed, which certainly seem primitive, casting a glance at them from today. Players had to search and buy floppy disks with games as a rule at high prices, and not always had a good assortment of those.

With the massive expansion of the Internet, the industry has undergone a second revolution, the Internet that has allowed players to compete with each other in different parts of the world. Also, the opportunity to buy games without a physical medium began to appear, as it was decades before, players began to buy games via the Internet.

In the future, the entire industry began to separate games that began to be called “competitive” at the same time and the first professional gamers appeared, people who earned their living by video games. Competitive games began to resemble sports, strong players rallied to teams and conduct constant training as their colleagues from classical sports. Today, most competitive games are free, game developers have come up with another way of monetization, namely the sale of game items. It is under the latest model and is adapted BitGuild, which is created as for companies and for the convenience of players.

ICO Details

Token: PLAT
Price: 1 ETH = 80,000 PLAT
Platform: Ethereum
Acceptance: ETH
Minimum investment: 0,5 ETH
Hard CaP: 14,062 ETH

BitGuild will start the ERC20 marker in the network of the Etherium called platinum (boards). This key can be used to play BitGuild games, trade in the BitGuild market, support projects in the design of the BitGuild house and much more.


Before us is quite an interesting platform that will bring diversity to the gaming industry. It is worth noting that in the last year, many similar projects began to develop the product, but Bitguild looks like one of the most powerful and promising. Good pre-sale fees, once again prove the interest in the project among serious investors.

More information can be found here:

Website: https://www.bitguild.io

Whitepaper: https://www.bitguild.io/assets/bitguild-whitepaper-v0.72-en.pdf

Bitcoin talk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3099965.0

Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1233872

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