Boon.Tech Freelance Job Market will revolutionize the house instantly

Boon.Tech Freelance Job Market will revolutionize the house instantly

Why Boon Tech?

The labor market today consists of three parties: the owner, the employer and the self-employed. Each party serves as a role that keeps the growth and development of the platform. Although each functions as a critical function, these parties work with very different goals to keep in mind and present models do not provide a means by which incentives can coexist and be harmonized.
Boon Tech aims to support the following contributions to the free economy and online communities:

  • A large part of the exchange is rewarded with amortizable markings on the stock exchange and sent back to the person providing the valuable contributions.
  • Through this process, create a currency that can reach a wide range of markets, including those who have not yet joined any cryptocracy economy.
  • By making our service free for both employers and freelancers, our platform rewards both parties and enables employers and self-employed to earn more for the effort.
  • Free enemies and employers are encouraged to use the platform by providing a bonus for both parties and encourage community activities.

What is Booncoin?

Boon Coin (BOON) is the basic unit of accounts on Boon Coin blockchain. All other tokens get their value from BOON value. Generally, BOON must be held for a short period of much needed liquidity A person who wants to enter or exit Boon Tech platform must buy or sell BOON. Once BOON is purchased, it should be converted to Boon Dollars (BD) to reduce the impact of long-term dilution.

For example, someone who buys Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency and sells it
That ten days later could easily lose 3% or more due to price fluctuations. Some one who buys Bitcoin and then sells it on the same day will usually pay more than 0.4% in market fees only. In other words, the inflation rate is effectively insignificant During a typical individual time period will hold Bitcoin. Boon Coin Boon

recognizes that the value of all user participation is greater than the sum
of its parts. Single participants are worth nothing, but millions of participants Work hard for the success of a multibillion-dollar platform.

Single participants provide some quantitative value, but having millions of users is
a very effective strategy.

Because everyone benefits, everyone participates. People tend not to leave the platform, unlike all currency-based platforms today, because of transaction costs. In other words, no individual users are expected to pay
anything, but should be paid for everything they do that brings value to Boon Tech Platform.

In the quest to hire the best talents, the entrepreneurs are very focused on who should pay to let them miss the real reality: everyone benefits from each contribution, so everyone has to pay or no one has to pay, depending on how you look at it . .

The Boon Tech platform passes micro-payments entirely because when an Entrepreneur hires and pays a freelancer, all parties involved (Entrepreneurs, freelancers and communities) benefit.

Entrepreneurs get a job well, coupled with an award. The more capital they spend on the platform results in Entrepreneurs making more rewards.

The recipient of a freelancer is paid for and is rewarded. The more work they do through the Boon Tech platform, the more benefits a freelancer gets.

People are increasingly compelled to add capital to the Boon Tech platform.
The mental energy associated with making the economy decisions becomes a barrier to the participation of most people. For example, thinking giving up 20% Earnings only to be given a job is seen as a barrier to taking a job. In addition, the $ 25 charge just to bid on the task ( is too much to ask someone who has a little money (hence why they are on the first entry site).

Every freelancer on the existing fiat platform wants to work directly with Entrepreneurs once they build trust to avoid membership fees, service fees and late payments.

The existing platform has a time lag for freelancers to get paid., for example, has a 30 day time lag. Which means a freelancer is paid for his job after 30 days he finishes his job.

Some existing platforms charge a freelancer to bid on each project. Thumbtack, for example, has the highest bid cost. For a web design project, charges $ 25.00 for one unsecured offer for the job. and charge $ 2.00 – $ 3.00 for an offer after 60 initial offers. Thus, casual workers do not have the incentive to work as the same Entrepreneur for repetitive work which, in turn, reduces the engagement ratio for casual workers.

Returning ratios Employers and remote workers extend beyond all of these fiat-based platforms because of these factors.

On the Boon Tech platform, Entrepreneurs and freelancers are rewarded for returning to the platform for awards.

The more they engage in the platform, the more money and rewards they get.

Minimum balance

The concept of forcing users to keep the minimum balance flowing naturally from user value. Anyone running a business knows that every user has significant value. Businesses spend anywhere from $ 30 to $ 200 to get users. Sometimes they pay users directly, next time they pay to do advertising. Sometimes all companies are purchased only for their user base. Once companies acquire users, they often give them plenty of free services to keep them long enough to make money through some other means.

Ripple uses a minimum balance of scale with the use of account resources and requires that new accounts be funded at least with this minimum balance. Currently, this minimum balance is about $ 0.15 which is greater than $ 0.10 which we expect will allow a person to transact freely at least once per week.

Blockchain can impose a minimum value per user through a simple process that requires minimum balance. Any business that wants to bring new customers to blockchain can fund the previous user account with that minimum balance
will enable them to transact. Requiring a relatively large fee ($ 1.00) to join naturally will determine the quality and uniqueness of each account before enrolling them with blockchain.

Keeping the minimum balance effectively is the same as getting users to pay for a transaction fee with interest they can get from their balance. The minimum balance is just the balance required to earn enough interest to pay the costs
in a relatively short period of time.

Fortunately, the minimum required balance can be as low as a dollar, and this is something the user can understand and appreciate. The opportunity cost for losing interest does not incur cognitive costs of micro-costs and is much more acceptable to users.

Payment Distribution

One of the main goals of the Boon Coin reward system is to generate the best discussions on the internet. Every year 10% of Boon Coin’s market capitalization is distributed to major contributors. On the size of Bitcoin, this could be as much as $ 1.75 million dollars per day given to top contributors. The actual distribution will depend on market capitalization, but we imagine that most of the rewards will be distributed to the hardest workers.

The Zipf law is one of the empirical rules that characterize real-world phenomena that are surprisingly excellent. It is said that if we order large collections based on size or popularity, the second element in the collection will be half the size of the first, the third will be the size of the first third, and so on. . In general, items with one-thousandth of a rating will measure about 1 / k from the first.

Taking contribution as a measure of coarse value, then the value of each item is given by Zipf’s Law. That is, if we have a million items, then the most popular 100 will account for one-third of the total value, another 10,000 the other third, and the remaining 989,900 in the last third. The collection value of item “n” is proportional to log (n).

The economic effect of this is similar to a lottery in which people overestimate their probability of getting votes. Thus they do more work than the value of the expected reward and thus maximize the amount of work that community service does.

Revenue Item

1.Price price after initial quota

  • 1 $ for Projects under $ 1000
  • 2 $ for Projects between $ 2,000 and $ 4,999
  • 5 $ for Projects between $ 5,000 and $ 9,999
  • 25 $ for Project $ 10,000 and above

2. Membership fees for Gold and Platinum
membership 3. Two types of membership for Entrepreneurs
4.Featured Offer Costs vary according to project price.
1000 $ value project will require a 5%
Bid Offer 5. There will be three excellent offers like Google Ads

Patent-pending technology to protect against jitters in cryptography. We have developed Boon Dollars and thus removed the fluctuations of the crypt currency; so all participants will be able to use the platform without worrying about crypto currency fluctuations. This feature will provide a surprising advantage over price-based platforms and any other micro-business marketplace platform platform.

  • Public contributions: 50% of the BOON created during the contribution will be allocated to the Contributing Contributors who send the ETH to the smart contract address.
  • Research and Development: 15% of the BOON created during the contribution will be allocated to the research and development of the platform.
  • 10% Assets for Future Stakeholders
  • 5% Marketing and Legal and Compliance: In addition to establishing an international financial services operation, there are also legal costs. Some services, such as the exchange of ‘fiat to token’ planned for the Boeing platform, may require appropriate regulatory approvals and licenses in some countries. These licenses are often difficult to acquire, which is the case.
  • 20% Boon Core Dev created during the Contribution Period : Status Core Dev ; The founders and crew were locked into a clever contract with a 24-month vesting period and a six-month cliff.

Icon Metrics

  • 20 Million Hard Cap  – The amount to be deducted during Token sale
  • (1 billion)  – Total money
  • 500.000.000,00 (500 million)  – Sale of Tokens
  • 500,000,000.00 (500 million)  – The remaining symbol is used for distribution over the platform – Total currency – Token sales
  • $ 0.04  – The price of money

The use of
Funds from these funds will finance development, partnership programs, regulations and most importantly, marketing and customer acquisitions …. The

money we receive from pre-sales during our minimum will largely go into marketing and customer acquisitions. This creates a value multiplier for this project: because we have more money, we can spend a higher percentage of customer acquisitions and increase spending equally.

Summary of Allocation


12,500,000 or 12.50 million BOON tokens equivalent to $ 500,000 reserved for Bounty Campaign.

  • 15% Translation
  • Social Media 20% {Facebook and Twitter alike}
  • 20% Articles Blog & Video Campaign
  • 20% Signature Campaign
  • 12% Telegram Bounty
  • 13% Various prizes {Coming soon ..}

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