ConcertVR The Future of The Entertaiment Industry


Today, I will introduce you to a very interesting and potential project, the ConcertVR project – a very interesting project for the application of VR technology in the entertainment field.

ConvertVR is the first multi-platform blockchain platform for high-quality VR content from the music and entertainment industries. You can enjoy real concerts in virtual reality and you can choose according to your requirements at the time of your choice. Once you find what you like and choose what you want, everything you choose can be enjoyed on all platforms including: on your smartphone, VR glass, browser or SmartTV. Choose from different camera angles, you can feel the concert from different categories and can find your favorite artist and action. is that good?

Not only can you purchase individual songs or all concerts with in-app purchases, enter your coupon code and enjoy the free selected content. Let your friends know which concerts you watch through social media and feel their reactions in real-time in the app, rather than inviting friends directly in concerts and chatting with them. they. It’s really interesting.

Solution of ConcertVR

ConcertVR would like to do this by ensuring that fans can enjoy live concerts from around the world in comfort at their homes. Fans can also choose their location in the hall even right next to their favorite artists. Fans can also share the good news about the concert they’re watching on their social media pages. Artists and ticket sellers will also be able to sell an unlimited number of tickets for existing live concerts and on-demand content.

ConcertVR’s unique products will create a win-win situation for both the artist and the fans. Fans will watch live concerts from their homes at affordable prices. The solution will also feature additional features such as backstage coverage, a 1-1 performance and social media integration that will enhance the user experience. ConcertVR will establish long-term contract with the artist. and the organizers of the concert. available to fans. Viewers will need to download the concerVR app or purchase the code via standard payment or electronic money and enjoy concerts while wearing their VR glasses. Users can purchase access codes from the app, from the VR concert site, from the ticket vendor or concert booth.

Main features of ConcertVR

The main features of the concertVR include:

  • Users will enjoy concerts in virtual reality or on demand
  • When they buy concert tickets, they can enjoy content on various platforms including smartTV, browser, smartphone or VR glasses.
  • Users can choose the camera perspective they want to experience the concert from
  • People can enter the coupon code and get to pick the content they want for free from multiple selections
  • Viewers can let their friends know which concerts they’re watching on social media
  • Users recognize their friend’s responses in real time
  • Users can invite friends directly when the concert is going on and chat with them.

Business model

ConcertVR is a platform based platform, based on the content of music and entertainment, created by Goodstuff-Media, based in Berlin / Germany. ConcertVR will provide high-quality VR content such as concerts and real-time or on-demand songs for music fans. The target audience includes all the tech music fans around the world who want to experience concerts from home. The concertVR team will include an experienced and visionary international media, technology and financial experts. This will ensure the rapid and professional deployment of concertVR to become the leading real-time concert provider in Europe. Low competition. Companies like Deutsche Telekom or Universal Music are trying to penetrate the online music market,

Therefore, concertVR will be the first European market exclusively dedicated to the transmission of real-time and on-demand concerts to your home. Pricing models will be registered based as well as based on the purchase of one-time concerts and songs in real time and on demand. Purchases can be made directly on the concertVR application, the VR concert site or through the ticketing provider or at the concert hall. ConcertVR accepts all known payment systems as well as electronic money to purchase CVT Cards. Marketing and distribution partners will mainly artists and ticket providers. In addition, the VR concert will work closely with social media companies such as Facebook or Instagram.


– About the token:

  • The CVT token is a token that will be used to enable various transactions on the site. ICO will take place from April 15 to May 15, 2018. The total number of codes to be sold in the semi-public process is 220,000,000. Each card is worth 0.00015 ETH. The CVT Token can be purchased by Bitcoin or Ethereum. The site is also set to start accepting credit cards and paying through PayPal soon. The CVT Token will be listed on different trading platforms for trading.
  • Token name: CVT
  • Total number of tokens: 400,000,000
  • Fixed cost of token: 0.00015 ETH
  • Pre ICO limited: 1.200 ETH
  • ICO will lead to market capitalization at 60,000 ETH
  • Pre ICO sold in less than 4 days
  • The main ICO will last for 31 days or until reaching the hard hat

– Allocation of ConcertVR card

  • 55% sold during the sale of the token
  • 18% is used for platform development and maintenance
  • 12% will be given to the mentor
  • 10% held by the company
  • 5% will be reserved for partnership with the artist and the
  • the biggest challenge that the company will face


– ConcertVR has a strong team:

ConcertVR’s development team consists of members with IT skills, marketing, application development, sales, management, human resources, media, blockchain, and many years of experience. in the areas where they were active. Together with experienced consultants, the development team is well prepared to provide a perfect platform for the global market.

Beautiful interface, eye-catching and easy to see, contains all the necessary information about the ICO as well as the development direction of the project. Show the professionalism of the ConcertVR team in project operation.

It contains information about the project, development team, roadmap, development direction, operation and ICO. This white paper is designed very nicely, the information is illustrated in detail and clear. This illustrates the great effort that the ConcertVR team has put into this project.


It is expected that ConcertVR will expand its activities beyond the world. I believe that with the potential, transparency, security as well as the strength of ConcertVR, ConcertVR will have a solid foothold in the trading floors in general and the crypto world in particular.

Personally, I highly value this project. I think I should invest in it. With high liquidity in the market, it will automatically increase the price, this is a very favorable signal for investors to buy these codes in the early days of the ICO, the price is still cheap. ConcertVR tokens can be accepted in most leading transactional markets, which results in relatively large discounts on deals.

If you want to invest in ConcertVR, this is a good time to invest. Join now, visit :






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