Creation of innovative corporate products on Luxcore

Creation of innovative corporate products on Luxcore

Luxcore is a comprehensive system of services, solutions, which is focused on the creation of ready corporate products of confidentiality, security. The Luxcore platform is based on the underlying algorithm PHI1612. It is equipped with an individual network, which is designed to implement and develop the main products. The most important element of the ICO project Luxcore is the individual token Lux Coin. Crypto currency has open source code. It is oriented to entrepreneurs, closed source products: Parallel Masternodes, LuxGate.

The platform ensures that in the course of its work Blokchein is used in the mainstream by bridging the gap between corporate users and ordinary consumers. The principle of this project is accessible, convenient for all users. In addition to reliable Lux Coin crypto currency, Smart-Contracts, Segwit, and LuxGate will also be provided. This is done through the innovative Parallel Masternode system. It provides a private network for businesses, businesses over the Masternode function.

The work of the service is carried out on the basis of smart contracts. They allow you to combine block circuits through PMN and LuxGate. The separation of transactional records is carried out through the introduction of SwgWit. This is provided by removing the signature from the output data. The information is structured at the end of the transaction.

Luxcore products

Specialists of the Luxcore team are working on the development, implementation and improvement of various products. Further, the most promising and successful developments will be described.

Lux Masternode   is a private network that is aimed at meeting the safe, reliable needs of institutions and enterprises. This function is based on i2pd technology, SAM protocol. Due to this, Lux safety is enhanced. Parallel Masternodes will be available only to trusted and reliable business organizations, government agencies. The network functions as an information secure gateway on the Block. Any transaction or purse on the Parallel Masternode is encrypted with an automatic change of the IP address. Thus, ongoing transactions, purse data remain invisible.

To run Lux Masternode, the user must have 16 120 LUX in the wallet. Owners of Masternode are entitled to a fee for providing additional services, active support of the network. The fee is about 40% of the established rate. The funds are paid to all participants who support the network, regardless of their experience on the Luxcore platform.

LuxGate – a technological innovation in the block-space. LuxGate allows you to maintain communication between the tested block circuits with the ability to perform, to solve all kinds of functions and tasks. With this technology, the bitcoin chain functions with an Ethereum chain and a block Monero chain.

The PoS web purse is a key product that is available to all ICO Luxcore members. It will remain free for users of LUX Coin. Developers plan to license this tool. Variants of services, licenses for PoS Web Wallet-as-a-Service will be available for purchase using LUX Coin. Thanks to this, the project economy will receive additional value.

Multi-user transactions from Luxcore

Taking into account the requirements for security, Lux will be able to use several signatures. They are necessary to ensure that all interested parties are required to authorize a particular transaction (only in a specific case). Thus, users are provided with an additional level of security. There are several examples in practice with the use of signatures, namely:

  • the pair has a joint account, as well as two separate signatures (are valid for confirming certain actions). One of them is enough to automate a particular transaction;
  • the couple has a joint account. However, for the conclusion of a transaction, a subscription of both parties is required. Accordingly, one party will not be able to perform a certain action without the consent of the second party;
  • The number of signatures can be as large as necessary to protect the account. In this case, a sufficiently high level of supervision is allowed.

LuxGate functions – features of using the service

LuxGate can interact fruitfully with centralized functions. For example, it could be banking institutions together with the PMN network. It will act as an autonomous system. If necessary, Luxcore will provide the necessary technical assistance, as well as consulting services for the installation of PMN. The deployment of individual networks for private institutions can also be carried out with the support of LuxGate specialists. As a result, the network will be a reliable centralized environment. The client will be able to verify its data to confirm the legitimacy of the transaction.

With the help of this functionality Luxcore seeks to violate the classical principles that are resorted to in the banking sector. The ability of LuxGate and PMN to strengthen two levels of different security algorithms is a specific feature. At present LuxGate and PMN products are actively working. The developers plan to conduct their testing in early 2018.


Brian Oliver – General Director
Kosmin Tudor – Chief Product Developer
Brian F. – Technology Specialist
Hari Sadasivan – Business Strategy Specialist
Sebastian Berger – Web Developer

In January 2018 will be updated purses with trading functions. As of the beginning of this year, it is also planned to complete the first marketing phase, create mobile purses, and test them. The developers also plan to hold supportive consultations.

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Telegram – https: // t. me / LUXcoreOfficial
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