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From a technical point of view, modern cryptoindustry looks very attractive and promising. Blockchain, smart contracts, decentralized services have proven their advantages over the classic models of such solutions. Already today we can observe the beginnings of these technologies in the form of various decentralized ecosystems, which are designed to solve a variety of financial and technical problems. Thus, the cryptocurrency sphere becomes attractive not only due to the technical leave, but also due to the financial one. As in this industry, these concepts go side by side, and in a cryptocurrency economic model, money is more intelligent than in the classical one, so to speak. And all because all the abundance of various cryptocurrencies rotating currently on the market are representatives of certain technologies. If we discard the manipulation of courses, then the cost of the token depends on the development of its project, its real work and demand. This property makes cryptocurrency an attractive investment tool.

The Stips project is planning to create a decentralized crypto-financial platform for investment and asset management. The mission of the project is to create a convenient and technological ecosystem for investors, which would allow creating favorable conditions for increasing the financial assets of users. The complexity of the cryptocurrency industry lies in the fact that various projects appear in large quantities, every day. Of these, it is difficult to select something really worthwhile. To understand the potential of the project need to analyze a lot of information about it. Track the news of the team, be aware of all events as all these informational factors significantly affect the rate of cryptocurrency assets. If you invest your funds in cryptocurrencies, you naturally diversify your portfolio by purchasing in some quantities tokens of different projects. And now you need to keep track of all the projects in which you have invested in order to increase or decrease this or that position in time. To make your investment most effective, analytics of 10-20 projects turns into a lot of work. Stips took into account all the intricacies of investing and offer investors the full provision of current and complete information about an asset. On the basis of Stips, comfortable conditions will be created for like-minded people aimed at increasing their assets. In essence, a community is created that will be regularly supplied with the results of fundamental analysis. For the convenience of assessing the trend, the Stips20 index will be introduced on the platform, designed for traders, investors and funds. The team’s plans also include the development of the 20Fund tokenized index fund, with the help of which users can easily and quickly invest in cryptocurrencies. As well as Smart Fund, which on the basis of Stips analytical data will distribute funds within the fund.

In Stips, each user will be able to customize the cabinet for themselves with the help of various widgets, as well as have access to various exchanges, funds and technical analysis.

The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly and is gaining popularity. The main difficulty that the cryptocurrency economy now faces is the recognition of its and cryptocurrency instruments at the state level. This approval will certainly give a strong impetus to the further development of the industry. And when cryptocurrencies become legitimate and will not be considered money substitutes, the high point of financial and technical projects such as Stips will come. Crypto-currency financial platforms will be able to work in full force, as a massive influx of users begins. And I must tell you – this time is not far off, already today a number of states have recognized cryptocurrency at the legislative level. This means that Stips appeared at the right time.

Tge stips

Currently, to implement its financial and technical platform, the team is conducting a TGE to attract investments. A STIPS token is presented for sale, on the basis of which the entire internal economy of the Stips platform will be realized.

The period of the TGE is August 2018 – January 2019.

Total tokens issued 242,367,507 STIPS

Token Architecture – EOS

Number of tokens available for sale 146,151,260.50 STIPS

Payments accepted: USD, BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, EOS

Token cost

1 Round – $ 0.07

Round 2 – $ 0.085

Round 3 – $ 0.1

SOFT CAP $ 4,400,000

HARD CAP $ 11,400,000

We should not forget that the project has quite a strong, dedicated team and a few already working products is STIPS | 20 (index) – , and STIPS | 20Fund – . If you look at Stips as a complete solution, then we will see that the platform solves the needs of the user in a complex, whether it is a trader or an investor and offers complex functionality that no more platform offers.

Stips team

Such are my conclusions and thoughts.

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