DOMINIUM – The first global real estate platform on Blockchain

What is Dominium?

Dominium is a project that seeks to improve the real estate sector by incorporating blockchain technology in various aspects of the industry such as finance, listing and asset management. The project will help open the area for listed agents, new affordability levels and multiple nationalities.



Code: DOM 
Token Type: Utility Token 
Start Date ITO: August 15, 2018 
ITO Phase I Start Date: September 3, 2018 
Caps: € 2,500,000 
Hats: € 92,500,000 
Total supply Token Token: DOM Token of 1,000,000,000 (one billion) 
Currency accepted: IGNIS, ARDR, NST, BNB, LTC, EB, ETH, BTC, and EUR.

Real estate market

Real estate investment is mainly done by buying a property. However, it can also happen through real estate investment funds (REITs), real estate mutual funds, or real estate funds (ETFs). Regardless of the type of investment, this area is considered one of the best types, especially since it is safe. It’s risky, not volatile, and is a hedge against inflation.

Although this area continues to experience growth, there are some challenges limiting ease of use. A major challenge is liquidity, investment in the sector is mainly in the long term and therefore difficult to participate in or leave investments. The sector also requires a lot of capital to limit the participation in wealth or coordination of some (less affluent).

Why Dominium is important

Dominium will have a platform to invest in this area. The platform will be characterized by tokenization and the use of blockchain which will allow anyone to enter the market by buying a piece or token. It will now be able to enter or exit the market with ease. The decentralized asset trading floor will allow anyone to invest in this area, thus eliminating important entry barriers.

Dominium will also have a platform for managing individual characteristics. Real estate professionals, agents, tenants and property managers will store data on blockchain technology. Such decentralized data will remain unchanged for fraudulent, impenetrable and transparent purposes. This will make the management of the sector smoother and more advanced.

Dominium will generate a utility token that does not represent property ownership. All payments on the Dominium platform will be settled using the DOM token. A token will be used when participating in activities such as signing a purchase agreement or rental agreement, listing property for sale or rental, voting for charity, creating a support ticket and creating or asset transaction.

Dominium on social media

You can learn more about the new platform by following the company on social media. You can follow them on Twitter to visit their tweet. They are also on Facebook and Telegram. By engaging them in social media, you are guaranteed to receive accurate and reliable feedback. You can ask any questions about the project through social media and be sure to get the exact feedback.

Dominium Review

Dominium is expected to revolutionize technology and real estate business strategies for all stakeholders around the world. The use of blockchain will allow investors of different wealth levels to put their money into a fully liquidated market. The asset management sector will become attractive and benefit from the transparency management solution provided by the technology. As the project is being developed by a broad experienced team, you are guaranteed to help solve the core challenges of the industry.

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