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Today I would like to introduce a project named Engineer in this article, thank you for taking the time to read this article.

About Engineer.aI

Engineer.ai is a block based and AI-based ecosystem that helps anyone make their custom software faster, more cost effective and have higher success rates than current consulting models.

Faster and lighter

Creators do not need technical knowledge to implement the project. AI combines ideas with appropriate components and development teams.

Simple and secured

Duplicate operations are removed because existing components are used without being reused. Reduce costs and shorten deadlines, allowing you to focus more on custom elements.

Management and trust

Each step is managed through an agreement on exact payment terms and eliminates payment risk.


  • Project management, payment management and distribution are all managed by our ecosystem.
  • Customers create ideas using the drag and drop interface. They send a NAYA token every week to get started.
  • AI builds the project by selecting components from the existing building blocks.
  • Scoring and proof of payment Stakeholders are assigned construction tags with atomic level details.
  • Several independent joint stock partners confirm the results.
  • Successful projects automatically issue margin funds through smart block chain contracts.
  • Storage and maintenance is managed by AI and cloud operating costs and costs are automatically adjusted.

Our mission

Engineer.ai’s development team is established and has experience through its existing network of 26,000 engineers, 3,200 customers, platform revenue of $ 23 million and annual growth rate of 150%. Transitioning to block and AI center models enables the process to be industrialized, scalable globally and achieving key objectives.

Anyone can develop software

AI eliminates the need to consult clients and break the concepts into detailed projects that fit the existing components and the best available professionals.
Ensure cost, time and quality
Quality assurance and deliverables are managed with wise arrangements to eliminate price and payment risk and delay production.

Streamline production processes

Our building block library helps to grow faster and lighter by preventing duplication of existing functions.

Anti-corrosion and maintenance functions

Storage, management, and updates are automatically provided with a faster concept of production scheduling and continuous functionality.

My token

NAYA is an ERC-20 token used in payment networks distributed to customers and collaborators.


Customers are guaranteed to successfully distribute their projects while purchasing their work on the market of contributors.

Quality assurance

NAYA conducts the project to verify the accuracy of the work with a QA kit from a network of collaborators.

Margin payment

Each project has a related smart contract that acts as a margin. Once you reach the milestone, the amount will be paid.
Engineer Platform 
AI Engineer is an all-in-one custom software platform.


HR AI support runs an online assembly line platform to create custom software. Builder runs on trusted distributed identity management networks, ensures distribution, IPR, security, dispute resolution. and payment of related parties.

Take care of builders

A warranty service that allows customers to receive updates to custom software by allowing third-party libraries to corrupt over time and keep the project running.


Use AI to manage the launch of your application using the cloud spending management platform, keep your software running and bring all the services you need together in one place.

Sale Token

The development team of Engineer.ai has established and gained experience with proven track record.
  • Initial target $ 20 million
  • $ 3 million
  • Sale before $ 17 million

Roadmap of the project

Project construction, management and distribution payments are managed as a three-tier platform.

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