Gooreo: Blockchain Technology Empowers New Students

It’s no secret that employees and graduates throughout the world struggle to find positions that fit their profile. Studies show that 3 out of 4 graduating students do not find work in the fields they study. In western countries like the United States, higher education can quickly become a lifelong trap for students because tuition costs skyrocket. After you graduate, the last thing you want is not to find a job in your field to start paying back the education loan. With the help of disruptive technology, the blockchain, however, this complicated process will soon get an increase thanks to a promising project!

Bitcoin, the first real major product of this technology, has proven to be an international success with low price increases thanks to a system without trust and decentralized nature. The fact that no one can mess up the recordings stored on the blockchain is a big step forward in the architecture of trust, opening the door to exciting new opportunities and industries such as, supply chains, transfer of value and more.

Interfering with the Traditional Recruitment Process one candidate at a time!

Blockchain technology can improve the recruitment process and HR related tasks. Entrepreneurs around the world are currently facing significant problems with verifying possible candidate credentials. To verify the claims made by everyone in their resumes, employers must rely on expensive third parties who do not always find useful information about candidates. These scorched costs are unfortunately needed for every large company because they cannot risk hiring unhealthy candidates even if that means spending some extra funds to do so.

Saving all of these credentials on a distributed ledger system, the company will be able to query in real time this credential while being 100% sure that the information stored can be trusted. Previous companies and certification bodies that can prove a candidate’s claim can validate the stored data. Needless to say, that an incentive system can be applied to encourage companies and individuals to participate together in such a decentralized system.

Such a system can be extended to other records that require certification by authorities such as medical certificates, address changes, tax files, and position history. After this kind of information is stored in the block, HR representatives who have access to the system can access and receive this certification form. With the help of Smart Contracts, tokens or other types of rewards can be given to those who can authorize claims on such a system so as to provide an opportunity to create another revenue stream for this authority.

Students, in particular, can get significant benefits from such a system because they can register earlier on the platform, giving employers the opportunity to find potential candidates for their positions before they even graduate. Here are the main advantages of using blockchain in HR:

– Compliance with Complete Data Privacy 
– Removing Human Error Factors related to Data Entries 
– Tamper-proof and Scalable Systems 
– Accelerating the Recruitment Process tenfold

Introducing OREO Coins: A Decentralized Platform for all Your Career Needs!

With the help of the Gooreo platform, newly graduated students can find work for their special specialties while giving employers to find potential employees for full-time or part-time positions. At present, the entire recruitment process has become a hassle and money for employers and employees. Candidates must spend time and adjust resumes specifically for the work they wish to submit, and employers must issue resources to verify the claimed certification and consult with the company beforehand to check employment history. With Gooreo, this problem will be significantly reduced because the claims and certifications stored in reliable distributed ledgers cut costs and the time needed to hire someone.

1. Entrepreneurs
who use the Gooreo platform will be able to reduce their recruitment costs significantly, such as with the help of OREO Coin and the ecosystem behind it, they will have access to an all-in-one recruitment solution that can certify candidate credentials from certificates, diplomas and previous work experience. Certification authorities will be given incentives to guarantee all their employees with OREO Koin so as to maximize the profits of all parties involved.

2. Students and Employees
Regular users and job seekers can significantly benefit from the platform by having an anti-easy system to store their certificates and work-related achievements supported by blockchain technology. An incentive system can also be implemented to accelerate the adoption of such platforms in the form of Oreo Coins; These tokens can be used for utilities on the platform or only exchanged with their value deposits. It goes without saying that as Gooreo is becoming more popular in the HR world so it will be of value from Oreo Coins.

OREO Coin: The Machine of Recruitment Revolution on the Blockchain!

Based on the highly scalable ERC20 architecture, OREO Coin will facilitate seamless exchange of values ​​between the collection of job and business applicants who want to be hired. Gooreo will even allow employers to pay their employees on OREO Koin so that it directly benefits from low transaction costs and the ability to connect to the Blockchain Architecture which is very scalable. Utilizing the power of Smart Contracts payments and salaries can be automatically released do not have to depend on special personnel to do it, not to mention the elimination of human error factors.

Tokenomics Oreo Coin Brief:

To realize this vision, a total of 1 billion OREO Coins have been printed. If you are interested in participating in this project at an early stage, you can do so from November 18, 2018 when the Pre-ICO phase begins. The team is looking to raise 2000 ETH at this stage with a 50% purchase bonus. Thus, 1 ETH will produce 20,000 + 10,000 OREO Coins.

Token Information

Coin Name:OREO Coin
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Contract Address0xfb71ab03d371c43f5e2f3747e5f790370399e778

Budget Allocation

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