Loligo The world’s first ICO safety ecosystem

What is LOLIGO?

LOLIGO is the most advanced and secure ICO community fundraising platform.

LOLIGO Provides code generation through LCC smart contracts. It ensures equitable distribution of funds based on milestones and participant voting.

The LOLIGO platform provides all the tools needed for a successful and professional ICO.

Features, characteristics

  • Mineable 
    A minimum value proportional to energy expenditure is guaranteed.
  • Store value 
    LOLIGO represents a true digital storage medium, like gold, silver or bitcoin.
  • Rare 
    scarcity of the token ensures return on investment
  • Who deflation 
    emission of Loligo decreases as the difficulty increases with hashrate global appropriate.
  • Security 
    Administration Block Management LOLIGO blockchain only related to performance and error management.
  • The 
    LOLIGO Fair is the only Blockchain to impose a balanced capital-raising community relationship.
  • Decentralization 
    Loligo unaffected by any organization or entity.
  • Dedicated Network 
    Unlike other currencies, LOLIGO Blockchain is dedicated to the launch of ICOs.
  • No more before 
    LOLIGO just started the cards sold in the ICO.


  • Factory 
    Allows the ICO Launcher to edit, test, test and publish its LCC contract on the blockchain.
  • The Online Services dashboard controls your ICO campaigns through the intuitive graphical wizard, and provides classic dashboard features and more.
  • This 
    Component Market lists the ICOs and associated labels and allows the purchase of direct token.
  • Benchmarking 
    All ICOs are verified by our experts and through real-time automated analysis, the results are available in the benchmark tool.
  • Exchanges, transactions 
    This is a private electronic money exchange that supports all ICOs given through the LOLIGO platform.
  • Smart Wallet 
    Allows buying and storing LOLIGO token, participating in various ICOs, monitoring portfolio and voting for or against existing projects.

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    This is a complete package to launch the ICO. Our specialists put their experience to serve customers looking to launch fundraising campaigns. This includes technical expertise, development of different deliverables, as well as campaign scheduling and promotion.
    In response to any questions about the ICO founder and his background, our experts carefully study every aspect of the project including white paper, the usefulness of project, source in the case of free project, corresponding to the required amount and more.
    Our service is activated by region. It provides each country with a range of tools to track the financial status of accounts and take necessary measures in the event of fraud detection.


  • IDSafe: Safety label dealing with the ICO founder identity and background then checks the project relevance.
  • ICOSafe: Full safety label with a certified LCC contract. Ensures technical support and interventions independently of the target amount.


The timeline shows upcoming activities.



Our advisors

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