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About MFTU

MFTU has a goal to protect the development of music in the future, because of the rise of piracy and also various multiplying legality, making the more sad the fate of the people who work in the field of music. This project provides a permanent resolution to the gaps that threaten the future of the music industry.
In its development, the way is very traditional because, in addition to involving third parties, all royalty is not conveyed to the artist or musician. In addition, many obstacles such as the laws that regulate.
Therefore, the MFTU project creates an online royalty payment model that uses blockchain technology that is placed over a decentralized ethereum network. To smooth out the project, MFTU is supported by a double token named “CYFM” (CyberFM) and “MFTU” as a token instead of the MFTU itself.

Why Blockchain?

The blockchain is a perfect choice for the MFTU project because with decentralized ledger capabilities it is reliable in distributing royalties for the smoothness of the ecosystems that MFTU wants to build, in addition, Blockchain has been tested for safety, efficiency, and transparency since it was first introduced in 2008.

MFTU Token

We have created an open source online royalty payment model with information reviewed by co-workers around the world through a distributed ledger system. The Dual Token ecosystem is named as the “MFTU” token “” Mainstream For The Underground. “
in this project CYFM tokens and MFTU plans will be used as a universal payment instrument accepted in the International and will be closely monitored. However, this token does not have the role of profit and success of Cyber FM company and also this Token is not sold on CyberFM site or in other words there is no Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).
The MFTU Token represents a truly digital, fair, and cryptographic Criteria Performance Organization for Independent Artists. Protect their rights and payments throughout the world!
Smart Contract token MFTU will implement the ERC-20 standard using OpenZeppelin libraries that have been tested and reviewed and audited thoroughly by professional experts at Quantstamp.
Progress of the project
The progress or progress report of this project I took directly from the official website here: and here is a description that I summarize in my article:

Business plan The

The company is 10 years old and stands independently. In addition, the company also has a major investor and consistent income every year.

User Base

If you are not yet a fan, you’d better visit CyberFM soon! Then download the app.

Customer base

One of the reasons for this project: CyberFM gets so overwhelmed with the number of Artists.

Mobile Apps

Available on the Google Play Store and of course the Apple App Store.



Special wallet (wallet)

Register our wallet at Hexel. You get the added benefit of being able to spend on Tokens there too.

Merchant Online

Token CYFM and MFTU can already be traded on multiple Exchange, here is Exchange to dual token listing:




For more information, you can visit:

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