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Recently, online money is gaining traction, primarily because of its anonymity, security and immutability. A breakthrough digital solution related to transactions. The relevance became in question with the advent of crypto currency, which is gaining popularity every day. Moreover, virtual currencies are not subject to the jurisdiction of governments, which means that their value is not regulated by the central authority. Competition is on the rise, new coins are emerging, but not all can meet the needs of users.

ZeCash is a kind of crypto currency, a distinctive feature which is the function of additional confidentiality. Protected transactions do not show the price for the services of the sender and the recipient, which contributes to greater secrecy on the site than other currencies in the crypto market. ZeCash has open source and is based on the PoS algorithm. Through ZeCash, it is planned to create new applications and maintain complete confidentiality of users. It focused on the practical application of currency – to simplify electronic commerce, private payments and online business. Despite the fact that now many options are offered, there is still no simple and convenient solution for traditional payments. Most currencies are used for speculative purposes and, thereby, they lose their true value.

Let’s designate several more goals of the project: 
– Possibility of mining and fixed commissions using low interest rates. 
– Security of the PoS algorithm with ZeProtocol, which contain a chain of trust 
– Anonymity with the “ZeAnon” protocol, which allows anonymously to carry out transactions confirming them without requiring and viewing the translated tokens. 
– Very fast transaction speed.

An example of how this will work.

ZeCash is a revolutionary crypto currency based on the PoS algorithm. The new currency was created to simplify e-commerce, make any payments and transactions in the Internet business, and not just in retail stores. Operations on the network do not have commissions and are quickly implemented. Since free extraction of ZeCash is impossible, we can confidently talk about the strict framework for its release and the high level of security during operations. The coin can be considered decentralized, unlike other crypto-currencies. A qualitative difference is the orientation toward real and practical use of it. Despite the fact that the market is oversaturated with various crypto-currencies, today there is no simple and convenient solution for traditional calculations. Most currencies are used for speculative purposes, just to make money, thereby losing their true purpose. The globalization of the digital economy will inevitably lead to the fact that in the near future almost all services and goods will be paid not only by the currency, but also using digital currency, as happened with bank cards in due time. This is an important condition for the globalization and development of the ZeCash project.

Currency features

The main feature of this currency is, perhaps, anonymity. All data is encrypted, and to confirm the actions you need your personal script. The rest of the system is taken care of, you have nothing to worry about. Evidence with zero disclosure allows you to confirm the reliability of the transaction, but not to decrypt it. Blocks are known as fast data processing technology, the development team claims to use a more advanced version of it, so the bandwidth can be up to 440,000 transactions per second. That is, all transactions will be conducted as quickly as possible. And the used network Lightning provides the minimum commission fees during operations. The computational power is replaced by a virtual resource, so the benefit from ZeCash mining is greater than from the mining of other coins.

Problems to date

One of the most significant problems faced by users is the constantly inflated interest charges for transactions and transactions. They are not quite justifiably high.
– And in addition to this problem, the problem of the speed of transactions is added. All this happens because the number of users is growing, and the operational software products for their solution are just starting to work. In addition, the transaction speed is decreasing, and will continue to decline. The paradox and problem in the block system and bitcoin – the increase in the number of users provokes a decrease in the speed of operations.
– Another problem – the question of the anonymous network was not resolved. That, the origin of transactions could be more detailed and hidden in the financial history of the user, you need to make a lot of effort and spend time for it. It is for this reason that many traders and bitcoin-entrepreneurs, who want to remain anonymous, are gradually moving away from Bitcoin.

All of the above problems undoubtedly require an early solution. 
ZeCash team and the project itself were created and are aimed at eliminating all these problems by implementing a technical initiative that will gain immense popularity among all owners and users of crypto currency. And also to improve the mechanisms and processes that are in the crypto-currency structures.

ICO. Details.

Token: ZCH
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Cost: 1 ZCH = 285.81 USD
Sold tokens will be sent to:
65% – development and launch of new crypto currency ZeCash;
20% – marketing campaigns
15% – other operational and legal costs.

Thanks to ZeCash, even a user with low initial capital can enter the crypt industry with a guaranteed stable income, since there is no need to buy expensive equipment for coin mining. You can get extra profit when mining ZeCash just because you already have this coin in your wallet.

Stages of development for 2018-2019gg.

  •  Listing in token exchange, Dev Zeprotocol, Dev ZeAnon, Dev Lightning Network
  •  ZeCash exchanger, Dev ZeWallet application for Windows / Linux and for mobile devices, Dev ZeCash.io online wallet
  •  ZeProtocol Beta
  •  ZeAnon
  •  Integration with Beta-testing ZeCash
  •  Creation of the first block of the ZeCash coin
  •  The bet / mint starts
  •  ZeCash full POS
  •  List of releases in the exchange of coins
  •  Integration into popular books
  •  Interaction Visa ZeCash with the integration of mobile devices receiving coins
  •  Enter the list of Top 20 coins


They got rid of the shortcomings that prevented complete full crypto-currency within ten years of existence, taking care of the following opportunities for users. Team ZeCash approached this using the most relevant innovative technologies that exist. They managed to solve such problems as speed of carrying out of transactions, to bypass high commissions, to give full anonymity and protection of their users. Team ZeCash does not set excessively global goals, does not give loud promises.

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