Cryptocurrency financial platform Stips


From a technical point of view, modern cryptoindustry looks very attractive and promising. Blockchain, smart contracts, decentralized services have proven their advantages over the classic models of such solutions. Already today we can observe the beginnings of these technologies in the form of various decentralized ecosystems, which are designed to solve a variety of financial and technical problems. Thus, the cryptocurrency sphere becomes attractive not only due to the technical leave, but also due to the financial one. As in this industry, these concepts go side by side, and in a cryptocurrency economic model, money is more intelligent than in the classical one, so to speak. And all because all the abundance of various cryptocurrencies rotating currently on the market are representatives of certain technologies. If we discard the manipulation of courses, then the cost of the token depends on the development of its project, its real work and demand. This property makes cryptocurrency an attractive investment tool.

The Stips project is planning to create a decentralized crypto-financial platform for investment and asset management. The mission of the project is to create a convenient and technological ecosystem for investors, which would allow creating favorable conditions for increasing the financial assets of users. The complexity of the cryptocurrency industry lies in the fact that various projects appear in large quantities, every day. Of these, it is difficult to select something really worthwhile. To understand the potential of the project need to analyze a lot of information about it. Track the news of the team, be aware of all events as all these informational factors significantly affect the rate of cryptocurrency assets. If you invest your funds in cryptocurrencies, you naturally diversify your portfolio by purchasing in some quantities tokens of different projects. And now you need to keep track of all the projects in which you have invested in order to increase or decrease this or that position in time. To make your investment most effective, analytics of 10-20 projects turns into a lot of work. Stips took into account all the intricacies of investing and offer investors the full provision of current and complete information about an asset. On the basis of Stips, comfortable conditions will be created for like-minded people aimed at increasing their assets. In essence, a community is created that will be regularly supplied with the results of fundamental analysis. For the convenience of assessing the trend, the Stips20 index will be introduced on the platform, designed for traders, investors and funds. The team’s plans also include the development of the 20Fund tokenized index fund, with the help of which users can easily and quickly invest in cryptocurrencies. As well as Smart Fund, which on the basis of Stips analytical data will distribute funds within the fund.

In Stips, each user will be able to customize the cabinet for themselves with the help of various widgets, as well as have access to various exchanges, funds and technical analysis.

The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly and is gaining popularity. The main difficulty that the cryptocurrency economy now faces is the recognition of its and cryptocurrency instruments at the state level. This approval will certainly give a strong impetus to the further development of the industry. And when cryptocurrencies become legitimate and will not be considered money substitutes, the high point of financial and technical projects such as Stips will come. Crypto-currency financial platforms will be able to work in full force, as a massive influx of users begins. And I must tell you – this time is not far off, already today a number of states have recognized cryptocurrency at the legislative level. This means that Stips appeared at the right time.

Tge stips

Currently, to implement its financial and technical platform, the team is conducting a TGE to attract investments. A STIPS token is presented for sale, on the basis of which the entire internal economy of the Stips platform will be realized.

The period of the TGE is August 2018 – January 2019.

Total tokens issued 242,367,507 STIPS

Token Architecture – EOS

Number of tokens available for sale 146,151,260.50 STIPS

Payments accepted: USD, BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, EOS

Token cost

1 Round – $ 0.07

Round 2 – $ 0.085

Round 3 – $ 0.1

SOFT CAP $ 4,400,000

HARD CAP $ 11,400,000

We should not forget that the project has quite a strong, dedicated team and a few already working products is STIPS | 20 (index) – , and STIPS | 20Fund – . If you look at Stips as a complete solution, then we will see that the platform solves the needs of the user in a complex, whether it is a trader or an investor and offers complex functionality that no more platform offers.

Stips team

Such are my conclusions and thoughts.

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Gooreo: Blockchain Technology Empowers New Students

It’s no secret that employees and graduates throughout the world struggle to find positions that fit their profile. Studies show that 3 out of 4 graduating students do not find work in the fields they study. In western countries like the United States, higher education can quickly become a lifelong trap for students because tuition costs skyrocket. After you graduate, the last thing you want is not to find a job in your field to start paying back the education loan. With the help of disruptive technology, the blockchain, however, this complicated process will soon get an increase thanks to a promising project!

Bitcoin, the first real major product of this technology, has proven to be an international success with low price increases thanks to a system without trust and decentralized nature. The fact that no one can mess up the recordings stored on the blockchain is a big step forward in the architecture of trust, opening the door to exciting new opportunities and industries such as, supply chains, transfer of value and more.

Interfering with the Traditional Recruitment Process one candidate at a time!

Blockchain technology can improve the recruitment process and HR related tasks. Entrepreneurs around the world are currently facing significant problems with verifying possible candidate credentials. To verify the claims made by everyone in their resumes, employers must rely on expensive third parties who do not always find useful information about candidates. These scorched costs are unfortunately needed for every large company because they cannot risk hiring unhealthy candidates even if that means spending some extra funds to do so.

Saving all of these credentials on a distributed ledger system, the company will be able to query in real time this credential while being 100% sure that the information stored can be trusted. Previous companies and certification bodies that can prove a candidate’s claim can validate the stored data. Needless to say, that an incentive system can be applied to encourage companies and individuals to participate together in such a decentralized system.

Such a system can be extended to other records that require certification by authorities such as medical certificates, address changes, tax files, and position history. After this kind of information is stored in the block, HR representatives who have access to the system can access and receive this certification form. With the help of Smart Contracts, tokens or other types of rewards can be given to those who can authorize claims on such a system so as to provide an opportunity to create another revenue stream for this authority.

Students, in particular, can get significant benefits from such a system because they can register earlier on the platform, giving employers the opportunity to find potential candidates for their positions before they even graduate. Here are the main advantages of using blockchain in HR:

– Compliance with Complete Data Privacy 
– Removing Human Error Factors related to Data Entries 
– Tamper-proof and Scalable Systems 
– Accelerating the Recruitment Process tenfold

Introducing OREO Coins: A Decentralized Platform for all Your Career Needs!

With the help of the Gooreo platform, newly graduated students can find work for their special specialties while giving employers to find potential employees for full-time or part-time positions. At present, the entire recruitment process has become a hassle and money for employers and employees. Candidates must spend time and adjust resumes specifically for the work they wish to submit, and employers must issue resources to verify the claimed certification and consult with the company beforehand to check employment history. With Gooreo, this problem will be significantly reduced because the claims and certifications stored in reliable distributed ledgers cut costs and the time needed to hire someone.

1. Entrepreneurs
who use the Gooreo platform will be able to reduce their recruitment costs significantly, such as with the help of OREO Coin and the ecosystem behind it, they will have access to an all-in-one recruitment solution that can certify candidate credentials from certificates, diplomas and previous work experience. Certification authorities will be given incentives to guarantee all their employees with OREO Koin so as to maximize the profits of all parties involved.

2. Students and Employees
Regular users and job seekers can significantly benefit from the platform by having an anti-easy system to store their certificates and work-related achievements supported by blockchain technology. An incentive system can also be implemented to accelerate the adoption of such platforms in the form of Oreo Coins; These tokens can be used for utilities on the platform or only exchanged with their value deposits. It goes without saying that as Gooreo is becoming more popular in the HR world so it will be of value from Oreo Coins.

OREO Coin: The Machine of Recruitment Revolution on the Blockchain!

Based on the highly scalable ERC20 architecture, OREO Coin will facilitate seamless exchange of values ​​between the collection of job and business applicants who want to be hired. Gooreo will even allow employers to pay their employees on OREO Koin so that it directly benefits from low transaction costs and the ability to connect to the Blockchain Architecture which is very scalable. Utilizing the power of Smart Contracts payments and salaries can be automatically released do not have to depend on special personnel to do it, not to mention the elimination of human error factors.

Tokenomics Oreo Coin Brief:

To realize this vision, a total of 1 billion OREO Coins have been printed. If you are interested in participating in this project at an early stage, you can do so from November 18, 2018 when the Pre-ICO phase begins. The team is looking to raise 2000 ETH at this stage with a 50% purchase bonus. Thus, 1 ETH will produce 20,000 + 10,000 OREO Coins.

Token Information

Coin Name:OREO Coin
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Contract Address0xfb71ab03d371c43f5e2f3747e5f790370399e778

Budget Allocation

Further information:



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ConcertVR The Future of The Entertaiment Industry


Today, I will introduce you to a very interesting and potential project, the ConcertVR project – a very interesting project for the application of VR technology in the entertainment field.

ConvertVR is the first multi-platform blockchain platform for high-quality VR content from the music and entertainment industries. You can enjoy real concerts in virtual reality and you can choose according to your requirements at the time of your choice. Once you find what you like and choose what you want, everything you choose can be enjoyed on all platforms including: on your smartphone, VR glass, browser or SmartTV. Choose from different camera angles, you can feel the concert from different categories and can find your favorite artist and action. is that good?

Not only can you purchase individual songs or all concerts with in-app purchases, enter your coupon code and enjoy the free selected content. Let your friends know which concerts you watch through social media and feel their reactions in real-time in the app, rather than inviting friends directly in concerts and chatting with them. they. It’s really interesting.

Solution of ConcertVR

ConcertVR would like to do this by ensuring that fans can enjoy live concerts from around the world in comfort at their homes. Fans can also choose their location in the hall even right next to their favorite artists. Fans can also share the good news about the concert they’re watching on their social media pages. Artists and ticket sellers will also be able to sell an unlimited number of tickets for existing live concerts and on-demand content.

ConcertVR’s unique products will create a win-win situation for both the artist and the fans. Fans will watch live concerts from their homes at affordable prices. The solution will also feature additional features such as backstage coverage, a 1-1 performance and social media integration that will enhance the user experience. ConcertVR will establish long-term contract with the artist. and the organizers of the concert. available to fans. Viewers will need to download the concerVR app or purchase the code via standard payment or electronic money and enjoy concerts while wearing their VR glasses. Users can purchase access codes from the app, from the VR concert site, from the ticket vendor or concert booth.

Main features of ConcertVR

The main features of the concertVR include:

  • Users will enjoy concerts in virtual reality or on demand
  • When they buy concert tickets, they can enjoy content on various platforms including smartTV, browser, smartphone or VR glasses.
  • Users can choose the camera perspective they want to experience the concert from
  • People can enter the coupon code and get to pick the content they want for free from multiple selections
  • Viewers can let their friends know which concerts they’re watching on social media
  • Users recognize their friend’s responses in real time
  • Users can invite friends directly when the concert is going on and chat with them.

Business model

ConcertVR is a platform based platform, based on the content of music and entertainment, created by Goodstuff-Media, based in Berlin / Germany. ConcertVR will provide high-quality VR content such as concerts and real-time or on-demand songs for music fans. The target audience includes all the tech music fans around the world who want to experience concerts from home. The concertVR team will include an experienced and visionary international media, technology and financial experts. This will ensure the rapid and professional deployment of concertVR to become the leading real-time concert provider in Europe. Low competition. Companies like Deutsche Telekom or Universal Music are trying to penetrate the online music market,

Therefore, concertVR will be the first European market exclusively dedicated to the transmission of real-time and on-demand concerts to your home. Pricing models will be registered based as well as based on the purchase of one-time concerts and songs in real time and on demand. Purchases can be made directly on the concertVR application, the VR concert site or through the ticketing provider or at the concert hall. ConcertVR accepts all known payment systems as well as electronic money to purchase CVT Cards. Marketing and distribution partners will mainly artists and ticket providers. In addition, the VR concert will work closely with social media companies such as Facebook or Instagram.


– About the token:

  • The CVT token is a token that will be used to enable various transactions on the site. ICO will take place from April 15 to May 15, 2018. The total number of codes to be sold in the semi-public process is 220,000,000. Each card is worth 0.00015 ETH. The CVT Token can be purchased by Bitcoin or Ethereum. The site is also set to start accepting credit cards and paying through PayPal soon. The CVT Token will be listed on different trading platforms for trading.
  • Token name: CVT
  • Total number of tokens: 400,000,000
  • Fixed cost of token: 0.00015 ETH
  • Pre ICO limited: 1.200 ETH
  • ICO will lead to market capitalization at 60,000 ETH
  • Pre ICO sold in less than 4 days
  • The main ICO will last for 31 days or until reaching the hard hat

– Allocation of ConcertVR card

  • 55% sold during the sale of the token
  • 18% is used for platform development and maintenance
  • 12% will be given to the mentor
  • 10% held by the company
  • 5% will be reserved for partnership with the artist and the
  • the biggest challenge that the company will face


– ConcertVR has a strong team:

ConcertVR’s development team consists of members with IT skills, marketing, application development, sales, management, human resources, media, blockchain, and many years of experience. in the areas where they were active. Together with experienced consultants, the development team is well prepared to provide a perfect platform for the global market.

Beautiful interface, eye-catching and easy to see, contains all the necessary information about the ICO as well as the development direction of the project. Show the professionalism of the ConcertVR team in project operation.

It contains information about the project, development team, roadmap, development direction, operation and ICO. This white paper is designed very nicely, the information is illustrated in detail and clear. This illustrates the great effort that the ConcertVR team has put into this project.


It is expected that ConcertVR will expand its activities beyond the world. I believe that with the potential, transparency, security as well as the strength of ConcertVR, ConcertVR will have a solid foothold in the trading floors in general and the crypto world in particular.

Personally, I highly value this project. I think I should invest in it. With high liquidity in the market, it will automatically increase the price, this is a very favorable signal for investors to buy these codes in the early days of the ICO, the price is still cheap. ConcertVR tokens can be accepted in most leading transactional markets, which results in relatively large discounts on deals.

If you want to invest in ConcertVR, this is a good time to invest. Join now, visit :






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DOMINIUM – The first global real estate platform on Blockchain

What is Dominium?

Dominium is a project that seeks to improve the real estate sector by incorporating blockchain technology in various aspects of the industry such as finance, listing and asset management. The project will help open the area for listed agents, new affordability levels and multiple nationalities.



Code: DOM 
Token Type: Utility Token 
Start Date ITO: August 15, 2018 
ITO Phase I Start Date: September 3, 2018 
Caps: € 2,500,000 
Hats: € 92,500,000 
Total supply Token Token: DOM Token of 1,000,000,000 (one billion) 
Currency accepted: IGNIS, ARDR, NST, BNB, LTC, EB, ETH, BTC, and EUR.

Real estate market

Real estate investment is mainly done by buying a property. However, it can also happen through real estate investment funds (REITs), real estate mutual funds, or real estate funds (ETFs). Regardless of the type of investment, this area is considered one of the best types, especially since it is safe. It’s risky, not volatile, and is a hedge against inflation.

Although this area continues to experience growth, there are some challenges limiting ease of use. A major challenge is liquidity, investment in the sector is mainly in the long term and therefore difficult to participate in or leave investments. The sector also requires a lot of capital to limit the participation in wealth or coordination of some (less affluent).

Why Dominium is important

Dominium will have a platform to invest in this area. The platform will be characterized by tokenization and the use of blockchain which will allow anyone to enter the market by buying a piece or token. It will now be able to enter or exit the market with ease. The decentralized asset trading floor will allow anyone to invest in this area, thus eliminating important entry barriers.

Dominium will also have a platform for managing individual characteristics. Real estate professionals, agents, tenants and property managers will store data on blockchain technology. Such decentralized data will remain unchanged for fraudulent, impenetrable and transparent purposes. This will make the management of the sector smoother and more advanced.

Dominium will generate a utility token that does not represent property ownership. All payments on the Dominium platform will be settled using the DOM token. A token will be used when participating in activities such as signing a purchase agreement or rental agreement, listing property for sale or rental, voting for charity, creating a support ticket and creating or asset transaction.

Dominium on social media

You can learn more about the new platform by following the company on social media. You can follow them on Twitter to visit their tweet. They are also on Facebook and Telegram. By engaging them in social media, you are guaranteed to receive accurate and reliable feedback. You can ask any questions about the project through social media and be sure to get the exact feedback.

Dominium Review

Dominium is expected to revolutionize technology and real estate business strategies for all stakeholders around the world. The use of blockchain will allow investors of different wealth levels to put their money into a fully liquidated market. The asset management sector will become attractive and benefit from the transparency management solution provided by the technology. As the project is being developed by a broad experienced team, you are guaranteed to help solve the core challenges of the industry.

Review Endchain ICO (ENCN Token)


Currently, one of the areas that is causing managers a headache in management, is the transport and transportation sector. Although some companies have tried to improve, the problem has not been resolved thoroughly and effectively. Blockchain is a technology solution that companies want to address to solve the problems of transport and transportation are in stock.

Endchain is one of the patent pending blockchain companies focused on applying blockchain technology to transport management and tracking using QR codes and bar codes. The main goal of EndChain is to become a universal solution based on blockchain technology, a very necessary solution in the field of transport and logistics services.

What is Enchain?

EndChain is a decentralized platform that uses open protocols and utilities for the management of the transportation industry, the manufacturer, the forwarder and other stakeholders through transparent transactions. simple The result of this will be the seamless exchange of goods safely and traceable.

EndChain insists on the whole process of logistics supply chain. That is, from manufacturers, businesses, retailers to consumers. This will allow EndChain to become an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand blockchain solution for all players in the supply chain.

By addressing the needs of the logistics industry during production, EndChain will improve the overall experience and facilitate the mass adoption of blockchain.

How does Endchain work?

EndChain will integrate all products on its supply chain with patent pending bar code and QR code combination to help businesses and end users easily use the chain. In addition, this combination will reduce confusion between logistics providers and allow EndChain to easily integrate existing systems.

The main challenges facing producers today are supply chain management. EndChain provides solutions to this problem by tracking all products from the moment they are established to their end. To perform the tracking, each product was scanned at the production site and assigned a unique identifier in the chain.

In addition, EndChain will eliminate theft and ensure accountability through carrier code, scanned and sent to distribution and shipping centers. This tracks the paths of the items through the distribution process to their final destination.

Once the consumer receives their item, EndChain will reduce the amount of work done by shop staff and consumers since the employee will only be required to scan the item to register the product as sold on. blockchain.

Consumers can resell their items using the EndChain system, which will facilitate the whole process to ensure the authenticity of the old item.

Highlights of Endchain


All data related to items on EndChain is written to blockchain. This allows users to view the history of items but can not change or delete any data, thereby minimizing employee errors while protecting the privacy of consumers.

Direct connection

EndChain has an encrypted communication process that facilitates all communication in production and transport. The lines of communication are secure, as only the participants have access to it.

Physical security

EndChain reduces the theft cases in the supply chain process by marking all stolen items in the system. This allows it to identify and quickly detect theft in the production and transport process.

Smart contract

This platform will implement smart contracts with the supply chain, ensure transparency and compliance with all parties involved in the process, and ensure the validity of digitized documents in the supply chain. the response.

Details Endchain ICO and ENCN token

– Token:  ENCN
– ICO Day:  1/12/2018 – 15/1/2019
– ICO Price:  1 ENCN = 0.24 USD
– Bonus:  50%
– Bounty: topic = 5056363.msg47217041 # msg47217041
– MVP / Prototype:
– Platform: Ethereum
– Accept contributions:  BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC
– Soft cap:  US $ 4,000,000
– Hard cap:  15,000,000 USD
– Country:  Hong Kong
– Whitelist / KYC:  No

Distribute the tokens as below:

Main team of the project

  • AARON PERKOWITZ : CEO, currently working in the logistics department of HNA Group. He has participated in a number of logistic projects worth up to $ 500 million. After working for a multinational company in the logistics supply chain, Aaron set himself up for Endchain. Aaron graduated from Shanghai Transportation University and has a master’s degree. 
  • PIERRE ANGOT : Chief Technology Officer, Pierre is a blockchain enthusiast who has graduated from the École Centrale Lyon College, one of France’s leading universities. He currently supports leading companies of France integrates artificial intelligence and application of blockchain technology. 
  • FELIX ENGELHARDT , Business Development, Felix has over 6 years of business development experience in Asia. He worked for Bright Tech Technology before moving to the Endchain project. 
  • VASIL DUKOV , Marketing Manager , Vasil began his career at CROSS Invest in Europe before moving to Shanghai as a M & A. Vasil was also the senior manager of the HNA project. 

Project Portal


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