Antique Sewing Machines

Antique Sewing Machines: Determining Age and Rarity

One of the most time amazing inventions to hit the general populace would have to be antique sewing machines. Attempts to invent, develop and manufacture automated sewing machines dates back as early as 1755 when a British patent was issued to Charles Weisenthal, a German inventor. Although there was never any proof of the machines existence, the patent eludes to a new type of sewing needle that was to be used in an automated machine.

Antique Sewing Machines

Antique Sewing Machines

First Patent

The first patent to be issued for a completed machine used for sewing was later issued in 1790 to Thomas Saint; an inventor and cabinetmaker in England. More attempts to develop a sewing machine were made in 1804, 1810, 1814 and 1818 by several inventors; all prototypes met with little or no success. This streak of bad luck where the sewing machine was concerned seemed about to end in 1830 when Barthelemy Thinmonnier; a French tailor, developed a machine that used a single chain stitch, the same as used in embroidery. However, any plans to further develop or market the machine were brought to an abrupt end when an angry band of French tailors almost killed Thimonnier and burnt the garment factory he owned to the ground because of their fear of unemployment resulting from his invention.

With every attempt made by various inventors to develop a working sewing machine, success was coming closer to producing a fully functioning machine. Around the year 1834, a man named Walter Hunt was the proud builder Americas first successful working machine, however, he later lost his interest in trying to have a patent for the machine because he feared that such an invention might cause widespread unemployment in the then fragile garment industry. Later, in 1846 an American patent (which was the first) was granted for a sewing machine to a gentleman named Elias Howe. Although Howes machine did function properly, he spend several years trying to enlist help in marketing the machine, as well as defending his patent from other inventors trying to imitate his invention. Howe had no way of knowing that his vision for his sewing machine was about to receive a boost in the marketing area as well as boosting his own financial assets.

Mass Production

In the late 1850s, Isaac Singer began mass-producing these functioning antique sewing machines, having improved on the previous designs. However, since Elias Howe owned the first patent, after many years of court battles to defend his patent rights, Howe was granted sole patent rights to the eye pointed needle used in sewing machines. With his patent firmly in place Howe was now entitled to a portion of the profits from every sewing machine sold by any company using a pointed eye needle in the machine. Singer, as well as other sewing machine manufacturers, were forced to share the profits from the sell of their sewing machines. Over the course of 13 years, Howes portion of these profits added up close to two million dollars testifying to the number of machines purchased.

What Are Some Signs A Machine Is An Authentic And Rare Antique

When looking at antique sewing machines, the best way to determine the age and rarity of the machine is to arm yourself with knowledge. Do research into the different styles and types of machines that were available. Generally, if the machine is in good condition and an authentic piece, then somewhere, usually the bottom, the machine should have some sort of small metal plate that identifies the manufacturer and sometimes the year it was produced. As long as you can find some type of marking identifying the manufacturer, doing a history search of the company can give you valuable information including when the machine was produced and how many were produced.

Some Of The Original Manufacturers

Many people dont realize exactly exactly how many different brands of sewing machines were produced during the machines early years. This can lead to a tendency of disbelief that a machine is authentic, because the manufacturing company may not be one that a collector recognizes or is familiar with. Dont discount a sewing machine simply because you do not recognize the name of the company that produced it, its quite possible that the company only existed for a short time. Utilizing the Internet to do research on the company can often prove valuable in gaining not only the information you require but perhaps even finding out about the machines details. Some companies offer online catalogs that, in some cases, date as far back as their beginning. Some of these catalogs give in-depth details about every model that was produced, things such as; the year, the name of the model, the price and the design specs.

How To Determine A Machines Value

Determining the value of an antique sewing machine is based on several factors; demand for that type, rarity and condition. The market is determined by the demand for that particular machine, the higher the demand, the higher the value. And if the piece is one that is not easily found, this will also add to the value significantly. Finding the piece in excellent condition is a huge plus, depending on the profit that can be had, you may want to consider restoration as well.

Some Of The Best Places To Find Antique Sewing Machines

One of the best resources for finding these types sewing machines would be antique stores, but some of the other available sources might surprise you. Flea markets are great for finding rare, old treasures. People do not always recognize the value of something at first glance and have a tendency to want to be rid of it, especially if it is old and dusty, so yard sales can offer some surprising results too. Resale shops and thrift stores can often yield some surprising results as well. You make want to check the local ads in your area and the local sewing business too, there are people who decide that an old sewing machine is simply in their way and want it gone. Enjoy your treasure hunt for antique sewing machines.

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Antique Dining Chairs Tips

Antique Dining Chairs: Determining Vintage And How Rare They Are

As with any type of antique furniture, all antique dining chairs are unique and need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. However, there are common traits to look for when attempting to judge the vintage and rarity of a piece. Antique chairs, in particular, can be difficult to judge because they almost always come as a set. This makes judging their value as an entity more complicated because some chairs may appear older, show more wear, or be slightly different from the rest (due to past handling or refurnishing attempts). It is also important to remember that, when determining the level of vintage of a set of chairs, is not uncommon for one chair in a set to break and be replaced in the course of its lifetime, leaving the chairs in the set – while probably still aesthetically similar – quintessentially mismatched. Antique furniture experts define “antique furniture” as furniture crafted before the 1930s.

Antique Dining Chairs

Antique Dining Chairs

Guidelines To Assessing The Vintage Quality

  • Look for the craftsman’s signature on antique dining chairs. It was common practice in the past (and still is, to some degree, today) to include some sort of signature on the items one creates. It will not be obviously viewable, that would diminish from the chair’s aesthetic value, so you should check places such as the inside of the chair’s legs and under the seat. If a signature is located, you can consult reference books, an expert, or the Internet in hopes of discovering its origin.
  • With wooden dining chairs, as with any wood furniture, the wood is going to shrink and warp slightly as it ages. If you measure a piece from several different angles and the measurements should match perfectly but they don’t, this could be taken as a sign the piece of furniture is vintage. This is not a fool proof indicator, by any means, but it is something to consider.
  • If at all possible, attempt to (very carefully!) remove a screw from the chair in question. By looking at the end of the screw, you should be able to determine if the chair was constructed before or after the mid-1800s. If the screw has a sharp point, it is probably a more modern piece of furniture because up until the mid-1800s, screws were crafted to have a duller, flattened end.
  • You should attempt to test the chair’s finish, if there is any way you can be allowed to do so. This is one of the most accurate ways to date a very old chair. You should test the piece in an inconspicuous spot, using only denatured alcohol (and only a very small amount). If the finish dissolves, it is shellac. This could help you date the piece because lacquer and varnish were not invented or used on furniture until the mid-1800s. However, if a piece is exceptionally old, it might also have been finished using milk paint, wax, or oil. If the piece is painted, you should test its paint with a very small amount of ammonia. Ammonia will remove milk paint, wax, and oil. Knowing that one of these substances was used to paint the antique dining chair can help you determine its vintage.
  • As far as judging how rare antique dining chairs are, it is probably best to consult an expert unless you have a lot of experience. Because there are many variables and tiny details to consider, an expert opinion will save you a lot of time in the long run, as well as probably being more accurate than an amateur opinion. So how do you find this expert?

Finding Antique Appraisers Who Might Help You Gauge Rarity

  • Ask local antique dealers or antique auctioneers to recommend someone for you.
  • Attend an antique event or show in your area. You should be able to find an antique dealer (or a good recommendation for one) at these events.
  • Create an account at websites like iTaggit to find out when free antique appraisal events are happening near you.
  • Try going to an Antique Roadshow convention! Their tour dates can be found on the PBS website or by simply typing the shows name into Google. Find out when they are coming to a town near you and make a day of it, this could be fun as well as an effective way to have your antique dining chairs judged! Keep in mind that many well respected, certified appraisers offer free antique appraisals at their homes or business locations – all you have to do is ask! Also, you can often find one of these experts offering their services at community events, lectures, or fundraisers.

Ways You Can Evaluate Rarity On Your Own

  • Do your research. There are countless books, journals, magazines, newsletters, and websites full of information for people interested in judging antique furniture. There are even specific ones made for people interested in antique dining room chairs! Note as many characteristics of your antique as possible, then begin to search out the rarity of that trait. Pay special attention to color, finish, style, size, and craftsmanship.
  • Like when you are trying to gage the vintage of a piece, it can be extremely helpful to your cause if you can locate a signature from the craftsman on the piece. If you find the signature, you could research it to learn if the particular maker was someone who made many pieces of the same furniture, or if he liked to make unique, individual pieces. This will obviously help you to determine if the piece is rare.
  • Lastly, use your own common sense and judgment when deciding how rare you believe a piece to be. If it looks like something that could only be build as a one of a kind piece (if it has very intricate, hand-done work, for example) then you should still do your research but also follow your gut feelings. Likewise, if the piece appears to be of a nature that would be easy to replicate, you should be suspicious that it might not be that rare of a piece.

As you can see, determining vintage and rarity in antique dining chairs is a very complex, multivariable undertaking. However, if you can find that perfect set of antique dining chairs, it is well worth the effort.

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Ultimate Dreams Mattress: Tips Mattress for Side Sleepers

Ultimate Dreams Mattress: Tips The Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

The Ultimate Dreams  mattress Latex is the best mattress for side sleepers, and that can be hard to find. You always have to find a mattress that supports you and your frame, and this often means that it has to be customized for the firmness you desire. Ultimate Dreams does that, and you can find it in any size desirable from twin to California king.

Why the Ultimate Dreams Mattress?

Ultimate Dreams Mattress

Ultimate Dreams Mattress

The Ultimate Dreams mattress is a latex mattress, and it features a bamboo zipper cover. Purchasing it is relatively easy, but many customers will get upset because they can’t figure out how to specify the firmness they desire. This is nothing to get upset over because a few days after purchasing your Ultimate Dreams mattress, each customer will be contacted via email to specify how firm they desire their mattress and how to tell.

This mattress is the best mattress for side sleepers because it boasts three inches of Talalay Latex which will conform to your body and give support in all the right areas. This also helps with pressure relief, so Ultimate Dreams is sure to make it where you never wake up sore again. Side sleepers often don’t get the support they need, and their mattress is usually either too firm or too soft. The Ultimate Dreams mattress completely eliminates any such problems.

For those who prefer things that are biodegradable, this company even makes sure that the cover of the Ultimate Dreams mattress is completely biodegradable and made from bamboo fibers. Underneath, reflex foam can be found which will eliminate the feeling of jostling throughout the night, and you won’t have to keep tossing and turning, which can strain your back, shoulders, and neck. Tossing and turning can even tire out your legs, but it’s no longer a problem with the Ultimate Dreams mattress.

These mattresses are even hypoallergenic, cutting down on allergies, which are commonly a problem for any side sleeper, as their face is closer to the mattress than traditional sleepers. By cutting down on allergies, it helps customers to get a better night’s sleep on this mattress.

The Catch?

There is no actual catch. However, many customers fear that buying a mattress online, such as the Ultimate Dreams mattress, means that they won’t get the firmness that they require in their mattress. Even though you are contacted before your Ultimate Dreams mattress is sent, it doesn’t mean you’ll be completely satisfied. For a nominal fee, the company allows you to change out the density of the latex, which is why it has a cover. This allows you to be completely sure that you’ll be satisfied with the comfort of your mattress.

Pros & Cons

For those of you who like the pros and cons laid out for you, see the list below. The pros far outweigh the cons, as most of downsides will go away within a few weeks.

Ultimate Dreams Mattress

Ultimate Dreams Mattress


  • You decide your own firmness, and you can order a different latex density if needed.
  • It eliminates the need for tossing and turning by providing support.
  • It reduces the amount of motion you feel if you’re sleeping with someone next to you.
  • It forms to your body, offering support and making it the best mattress for side sleepers.
  • Customer service will actually help walk you through the process of choosing your firmness.


  • You can’t tell if you’ll like the latex density until you get it.
  • This mattress has an odor once it arrives. This odor may take a few weeks to be gotten rid of. It’s not necessarily a bad odor, but many people do not find it pleasant.
  • You may have to wait up to 24 hours for it to fully expand, so that you’ll get the maximum firmness you ordered.

What to Remember:

This mattress won’t be perfect, but it is the best mattress for side sleepers due to the support system and its customization options. You just have to remember to let it fully expand before you sleep on it, or this can damage your mattress. Also, remember that an odor will be present when it’s delivered, and this can take a couple of weeks to go away on its own. Sprays can be used, and many customers find it useful. You should think hard on what firmness you desire before you buy the mattress because if you don’t have an idea in mind customer service can only help so much. If you’re willing to pay a fee, you can get the density of the foam exchanged, but it’s best if you get it right on the first try.

Is It Worth It?

Yes, this mattress is the best mattress for side sleepers, making it worth the money. However, no mattress is perfect, and you need to figure out what you want before you order. Determine the firmness desired, and then make an order. If you are going to exchange the foam density, you may want to wait a little while to be sure of your choice.

Novaform Gel Memory Foam Mattress

An Overview of Novaform Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Novaform gel memory foam mattress is one of the toplevel mattresses which have been around for a couple of years now. But the recent growth in the popularity of memory foam as material used in pillows, mattresses and mattress toppers, has made this sleep innovations memory foam become more popular especially among the lovers of memory foam’s comfort.

Novaform Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Novaform Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Novaform Gel Memory Foam Mattress Specs

Today, it is one of the most sought after gel memory foam mattresses across the world. Its effectiveness and competitiveness has made it become the hottest topic in the world of mattress specifically among those who pine for premium level comfort of memory foam on a budget.In this piece of article I will talk about the design of the novaform gel memory foam, highlight a couple of upsides and downsides of the mattress, as well as what some users say about it in their reviews.

At the end of this piece, you can be confident to determine whether or not this mattress makes an appropriate fit for you, and where you can get the best deal possible when you are buying the novaform gel online. The DesignThis mattress comes with a thickness of twelve inches. The topmost layer consists of 2.5 inches of patented gelmemory foam innovation while the middle 2.5 inches consists of textured foam, as the 7 inches lower layer consists of superiorbase foam.

Novaform Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Novaform Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Novaform Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Going by this breakdown, you will realize that a user only gets the 2.5 inches of memory foam on the topmost layer. But this doesn’t seem to hinder the amount of pressure relief the sleeper gets with the novaform gel because it is designed to be dense and includes unique gel beads for maximum relief. Each and every inch of this mattress is made of superior quality and super comfortable.

The other two layers are not as essential as the first though, but it appears that they have been designed specifically to support the gel layer on top. Sleeping on this gel memory foam or the novaform gel memory foam mattress topper for a couple of days, you will perceive no uneven sections. Everything will just seem to feel even and that’s what one would expect from a premiumlevel mattress. The MaterialWhen it comes to materials, the novaform gel mattress is always on top of its competitions.

It is crafted from hypoallergenic, CFC free materials. As such, it is ideally suited to those allergic to plasticky smells and other allergy sufferers. Before now, latex was branded the best option for allergy sufferers, but with this kind of mattress, you don’t need to expend your hard-earned money on expensive latex mattress to get antibacterial or hypoallergenic qualities.

Sleeping on this Memory Gel Foam Mattress Another thing that makes this gel foam mattress stands out from crowd and which most users often rave about is the comfort it offers. It offers more support and comfort for your hips and back while you sleep, thus you don’t have to turn or toss again. One of the major characteristics of a good memory mattress lies in its ability to completely take off pressure points on the sleeper’s back and that’s exactly what this novaform gel mattress does.

Novaform Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Some Costco novaform gel memory foam mattress reviews I was able to lay my hands on before compiling this text as well as those sleep innovations novaform gel memory foam mattress reviews written by realtime users compared sleeping on this mattress to sleeping on the cloud (you will know what they mean when you sleep on one).One common issue with memory mattresses especially the dense memory foams is that they tend to get hotter at night.

The novaform gel mattress however rectifies this by maintaining a constant temperature all through the night. With its specially designed circulation system, it is able to let out heat properly and ensure that heat doesn’t remain trapped in it.According to most Costco novaform gel memory foam mattress topper reviews and those written by previous users including Costco novaform vs tempurpedic reviews, the only downside of this mattress is its weight.

Novaform Gel Memory Foam Mattress- final thoughts

With its over ninety pounds of weight, it could be a bit daunting to carry upstairs. But this may not be an issue for some users since they are not going to be carrying it about much once it is in place. Buying the Novaform Gel Memory Mattress.This requires a bit of hunting around, and the best deal at the moment is through Costco and/or Amazon.

The novaform gel memory foam mattress is available in a range of styles and sizes including the standard, twin, king or even queen sizes all a discount rate.

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What Is Special About the Beautyrest Recharge

What Is Special About the Beautyrest Recharge

The Beautyrest Recharge is the best selling mattress for Simmons. The company, which is more than a century old, is now being known as the makers of the most technologically advanced and the most scientific mattresses in the nation. It has made its impression as a company that provides only the best to its users and the Beautyrest Recharge is the best iteration that has come from this company.  We have seen so many mattresses in this lineup that it becomes very difficult to decide which one is the best. There is the cool and comfortable Recharge Classic, the plush Recharge World Class and the most elegant and elite mattress in the world, Simmons Black Label mattress.

Beautyrest Recharge

Beautyrest Recharge

The good about the beautyrest recharge

The Beautyrest Recharge series is the culmination of all the good things that you can see in the Simmons mattresses. If we start moving from the basics of this mattress then we will find the native pocketed coil technology. This technology means that all the coils are very densely packed and are able to support your body weight to the fullest. The density can be as high as 800 to 1000 coil units and you would also see an extra 1000 micro pocketed coil density over the fundamental coils in order to provide more structure and support to the mattress.

Moving up the Simmons Beautyrest mattress you will find various layers of foam. There is also a layer of AirCool memory foam as well as AirCool foam. This foam is the best in the industry. The AirCool memory foam is also responsible for allowing air to pass freely through the mattress and ensure that you never have to feel uncomfortable during the night at any time. Moreover, the heat buildup inside the mattress is completely eliminated due to the AirCool technology and you get a sound sleep.

The third most important part of the Beautyrest mattress is that you will find a TruTemp Gel Layer that would take care of the excess heat that is produced by your own body. Most of the times, the heat buildup inside the mattress is complemented by the natural body heat that we, as warm blooded species, release. As a result, these two kinds of heats mix and the mattress becomes too hot to sleep on. This possibility is completely removed by the TruTemp Gel and you get to sleep on you Simmons full mattress with ease and without any discomforts. The Gel would automatically attract and store heat in its micro beads and release then when the pressure over them is released or when you wake up. Is there a better way to get a good sleep?

Tell me more about Simmons Beautyrest mattress

The mattresses also boast of the GelTouch technology, because of which your back gets great support from the mattress. The spine of humans is naturally curved. Therefore, if we sleep on a straight flat and rigid bed or a very fluffy and soft bed, then your back would obviously be very problematic and we may even suffer from chronic back and neck pain. The people who already have these issues or the people who suffer from joint pain are the ones that are affected the most in this case.

The GelTouch technology ensures that one does not have to go through these problems. The top layer of the mattress has been designed in such a manner that it accommodates the natural curves of your spine. As a result, you do not have to sleep like a soldier during the night. You can sleep in pretty much any position that you like and it will always be very comfortable as the mattress will take the shape of your body. However, this will not cause any permanent body impressions on the mattress and your mattress will always look like new.

Where shall I buy a Simmons Beautyrest bed?

If you want to buy a Simmons bed, then you must better head to the online stores. It is true that you will be able to touch and your mattress and see it in real time when you go to a physical store, but it is equally true that you will be getting a lot of cost advantage when you go to an online store. The prices are really low at these online stores and you will easily be able to find a huge discount there. There are daily deals going on as well, because of which there is better chance that you will be able to get the best mattress at the best discounts possible.

All you have to do is simply enter an online mattress retail website and the rest will be taken care of on its own. You will be able to select the best Simmons beautyrest mattress from these websites on the basis of size, design, lineup and the price. Therefore, there are better chances of getting a deal that would really be helpful for you. Not only this, the mattresses will reach you through a white glove delivered system and you will also be able to make the best of your mattress.

The Beautyrest Recharge is your best choice if you have not yet decided which mattress will suit your needs better. In fact, if you are planning to buy any mattress then you must consider only Simmons and that too the Beautyrest series. You can be assured that you will be getting the mattress in the world and you will also be enjoying the best sleeping experience with these mattresses. As a matter of fact hundreds of people who buy a mattress in US each day, prefer only the Simmons full mattress and that too when they are purchasing online. The online retail sites are also able to fulfill their demands and that too on time and this is why these sites have become such a hit all over. You too can buy a Simmons mattress and that too while you are sitting at your home. Simply log on to one of these sites.


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