I welcome the community, in this blog I will talk about the JoyTokens Infrastructure Protocol project for the gaming industry, after discussion:

Existing gaming market

The existing gaming ecosystem largely depends on reputation – this is the reputation created by the growth of advertising. To win and retain players, casinos are forced to spend large sums of money to gain trust and reputation through the recognition of the brand. In addition, large casinos control the development of games. Players are forced to trust this casino due to lack of transparency, players can not track rates and therefore can not judge the validity of each bet.
Smaller developers also suffer from the fact that they pay a small share of the revenues from the game and face difficulties in publishing new games, such as: lack of direct income and access to major gaming platforms.




Joy Gaming solutions are based on block relationships and allow developers to create games that work on their backend through smart contracts, rather than directly on the chain. Since all results are written in a block chain, there is a much lower deception. Thus, the player can check that the developer starts the game exactly as described in the block chain. In addition, game developers and home software can connect and integrate with liquidity providers, such as casinos, to provide direct access to their games. Both casinos and developers benefit from increased revenues and improved gaming innovations.

Selling tokens

JoyTokens will be available for purchase on the Ethereal network as an ERC20 marker. There is a current problem with the ERC20 token: if you send a token to Smart Contract, you must use the “approve + transfer” function to initiate the transfer. But, if you send your token to an external address, you must use the “transfer” function. Unfortunately, if you make a mistake using this function, money is lost.

Example code for the ERC20 interface token



We are aware of this problem and are working to ensure that this does not happen to our Customers. We plan to switch to a new and developed standard ERC223 (after full development). ERC223 has a new function that runs, in the case of the scenarios described above, and the money is automatically sent back to the client.

Structure of sales of tokens

  • Crypto currency is accepted: ether
  • Hard cover: JoyToken on sale has a hard cover [].
  • Soft cover: JoyToken on sale has a soft cover []. If the amount indicated below, the offer is considered a failure.
Timeline: starts at [] and lasts until day 31 or until all tokens are distributed.
  • Oversubscription: when JoyToken rates increase more than [], the sales of tokens will soon be closed. There is a possibility of oversubscription. In this case, the amount of exceeded funds will be returned within 15 days after the closing of the sale of the tokens. Please note that in this case, interest will not be paid.
  • Failure: if the sale of the marker does not apply to soft printing, it will be considered an unsuccessful sale of the marker. In this case, the offer is immediately terminated with the amount of funds exceeding within 15 days after the closing of the sale of the tokens. Please note that in this case, interest will not be paid.
  • Other risks: the sale of tokens includes a number of other risks described in the Personal Placement Memorandum (PPM) that accompanies the document on the sale of goods. These risks include, but are not limited to, the possibility of losing value in tokens, the inability to resell tokens, the inability to develop Joy Gaming networks and the viability of technological risk. Readers are strongly encouraged to read the PPM for a fuller explanation of the risks and get the right advice before continuing to invest.

Distribution of tokens



Some resources for reference:


ICO PureGold – Gold Tokens

ICO PureGold: First payment gateway that will use gold tokens is a dedicated virtual shop for value-added selling of gold and silver coins and bars. It is one of Singapore’s best private companies with its own in-house factory. It aspires to be the main core of premium gift in quality and creativity in the manufacture of coins and bars that are made in Singapore. manages and manages an online platform, Bullion Currencies (Pte Ltd), enabling
traders and consumers to use gold as the base currency for all transactions. With its experience in the gold price market, has entered the gold trade and electronic trading with gold, achieving a successful trajectory, has received several awards for being a remarkable brand every year, evaluated in the aspects such as brand image, longevity, esteem and familiarity, goodwill, customer loyalty and general market acceptance.

As a successful gold business operator, Puregold is a very strategic and critical way
to support PGG, a cryptocurrency supported by Gold, as well as to develop and expand a payment gateway with PGT and PGG. It is the first payment gateway using PG, so it attracted
business associates and professionals with similar ideas, thus forming the Puregold team to launch this Token Swap for PGT and PGG.

Bullion Currencies (Pte Ltd) is a subsidiary of Pte Ltd. It provides an online platform where customers can buy and sell gold and also use gold as a means of payment in the purchase of goods and services. She believes in the idea of ​​”Gold is money” and literally took it to the world of e-commerce.
Working together, they offer customers a complete and enjoyable service experience when dealing with their gold transactions.

With its extensive credentials and experience in the gold business, the Token Swap capabilities will enable Puregold to expand its roadmap to achieve the vision of worldwide adoption of gold as a de facto international currency throughout world trade and transactions.

With strong commercial positioning and extensive gold expertise, the Puregold Token Swap team predicts to be the first payment gateway using PGG, cryptocurrency gold. This platform will be fully based on all critical components:

• PG Stored Value Cards – to be issued to consumers with a PG account that can store PGG and PGT;
• PG payment terminals – to facilitate merchants accepting payment for PG cards;
• PG Gold Dispenser Machines (DM) – to be installed in multiple locations to provide 24/7 convenient access to account holders;
• PGPay payment gateway – the complete set of backend system and frontend application for online and mobile transactions.

 There are two equally important sides to the infrastructure needed to ensure the  rapid adoption of the gold economy. The ability to make payments and the ability to  receive payments. The Puregold mobile commerce application will process payments and utilize the vast resources of the world’s largest payment providers using decentralized digital payment technology, without the support of POS terminals to receive payments.
The Puregold team has been actively building a decentralized alternative payment,  business solutions covering all areas of commerce, especially the retail sector, such as  restaurants and bars, for street traders and internet shops. The Puregold business mobile commerce application will be a mobile solution specific to all  businesses and across all industries. Functions include:
 Gold currency trading;

 Transaction history;

 Detailed payment management;

 Currency filtering, payment time, purchase methods etc .;

 Connections of new stores;

 Customized loyalty and refund programs.

Puregold E-Commerce Solutions

Puregold Gold Commerce solutions will generate traders’ ability to accept gold coins, but also:
 Conversion between gold coins and fiat money on the Puregold platform (available after completion of the Token Swap campaign);
 Increased payment speed, it takes approximately 1 minute compared to days for current payment methods (except cash);
 Reduced costs. On average, payments through the Puregold infrastructure will be 4 to 5 times cheaper than the cost of acquiring cards;
 Flexibility with a wide range of payment solutions;
 Reliability, all solutions have been tested over years of development and real-time.


 There are two equally important sides of the infrastructure required to ensure the rapid adoption of Gold economics. The ability to make payments and the ability to receive payments.

The Puregold mobile commerce App will process the payments which in turn will utilise the vast resources of the world’s biggest payment providers by using digital contactless payment technology through supporting POS terminals to receive payments.

Nevertheless, there are still millions of businesses that for a wide variety of reasons are unable or unwilling to connect to this payment network. For example, you will not find many street traders in Delhi that have a contactless visa terminal.

The Puregold team has been actively building alternative contactless payment solutions for business covering all areas of business life from key retail sectors such as restaurants and bars, to street traders and the internet stores.

The Puregold mobile commerce App for business will be a dedicated mobile solution for businesses that can be applied to all sectors. Functions include:

  • Gold currency exchange
  • Transaction history
  • Manage payment details
  • Filter by currencies, payment time, shopping methods etc.
  • New store connections
  • Customised loyalty and cashback programs


15 JANUARY 2018 – MARCH 14, 2018

Week 1 and 2: 15% Bonus
Week 3 and 4: 10% bonus
Week 5 and 6: 5% Bonus
Subsequently: 0% Bonus







Instructions for registering with EtherJack get 1 JACK

[Airdrop] Instructions for registering with EtherJack get 1 JACK

Everyone knows that Ebay is the largest auction site in the world, where millions of people visit to bid for a product until the purchase or to temporarily abandon the next time. So what if there is another form in which people bid and only the last person with the highest price will receive a large share of the total assets of all those involved in the bet? Maybe some of you are familiar, it is very famous Jackpot game.

As with any other betting game, there are two issues that need to be addressed: transparency and security, and there is currently no effective and reliable solution to the blockbuster technology of Blockchain.

And EtherJack is such a jackpot game built on Ethereum blockchain technology.

The rules of the jackpot are simple: there is a big bonus, and people bid to register the opportunity to receive the bonus within the time allowed after the final bid. Without additional bids, the last one receives a large 80% of the bonus, the remaining 20% ​​is paid to a jackpot tester. If the bid continues to increase, the bonus will increase.

The next bid time is also shortened based on the bid count to ensure that the jackpot can be stopped:

Affiliates may earn from activities such as depositing funds into% share restaurants, reselling to other players, or trading on approved JACK slots.

The content and mode of operation of the EtherJact project is just that. The built-in platform will work on an intermediate token, JACK. JACK is like a coin in the casino floor, but only the value of JACK is not fixed but fluctuate based on market demand. Demand increases while the number of JACKs is limited, which ensures that the value of JACK will continue to increase.

Only 1 million JACKs will be released.
The ICO will stop when EJ mobilizes 333 ETH for its project.

The information about EJ is not very well, all their documentation is sketchy, even without the development team. You can find out more at:

Currently EJ is Airdrop for the first 1000 subscribers, each 1 JACK = 0.006 ETH = 6 $ in the ICO:

JACK will be 0.01 ETH immediately after the ICO finish and continue to increase 0.006 ETH per 100 bids -> increase 0.07 ETH per 1000 bid -> 0.61 ETH after 10k bid = maximum 3 months.

Here we will register EJ Airdrop offline!

First go to the website:

Scroll down the bottom, you will see the email box available.

As soon as you enter the email, you will receive an email confirmation request.

You open the mail, about 5-10 seconds with a confirmation message sent, click on the location indicated that we have completed authentication.

Next, EJ asks us for the ERC20 purse so they can send a JACK.

That is the registration is complete. In the EJ’s documentation, the ICO’s start date was announced, indicating that as soon as 333 ETH had finished, the ICO would end and 48 hours later it would start operating. I will try to update the information to you as soon as possible.

Game Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram

Bitmora-Building exchange for the people, by the people

Bitmora-Building exchange for the people, by the people

Bitmora is a US-based crypto exchange platform that is set to revolutionize the way the world of digital currency exchange operates. We will bring one of the great trading platforms to the market with low cost, enterprise-class security, and unique polling system designed to put the future of cryptographic exchange in the hands of activists and users.

Our founders, Colton Brister, Elias Mansour, and Joseph Dagostino have gathered to create an exchange not only built for the people, but also by society. Our service will provide a platform that allows users to globally exchange cryptocurrency professionally and help set standards for all professional cryptocurrency trades.

Core Values

Leading – Bitmora’s goal is to revolutionize the way the world sees cryptocurrency investment. All major revolutions have been achieved not by the leader alone, but by the people behind the leader. Instead of going against history, we will put all major decisions directly in the hands of our users.

Community Outreach – We care about our community and are willing to prove it. From day one, we will provide superior customer support to what is currently offered and mobile apps with coin offerings far exceed our competitors. More importantly, we recognize that the problems facing today’s crypto-cardiac community will not be the same as tomorrow, so we’ve built a unique voting system that can adapt to this ever-changing landscape in a very efficient and fair way .

Public Awareness – We want to help the world understand Bitcoin, Ethereal, and other altcoins. By placing a crypto future in the hands of our users and pairing with global crypto technology leaders, we will give the world a chance to not only testify, but play a role in the formation of the future currency.

Objectives As the demand for Bitcoin, Ethereal, and altcoin rocketed to an all-time high, the majority of bourses did not produce much improvement. Forced to trade on dated machines with poor security and slow customer support systems, the exchange users recognize the need for improvement. We are ready to provide the solution. Everything from our machines to our interface will set a new standard in an outdated market.

We will open more than 40 pairs of cryptocurrency to trade on our platform, with margin trading available on the first day. Our networks and servers will be scalable and will have some failover engines in case of DDoS attacks. Our voting system will ensure that every user has a voice in the decisions we make as a company.

Our destination:

• Revolutionize the cost of cryptocurrency exchange system.

  • Establish a voting system that places the future of crypto in the hands of users and bitcoin activists.

• Launch the best iOS and Android app of cryptococcus next to the web interface that will accommodate our trading platform and voting system.

Our Timeline:

  • Launch the beta at the beginning of Q1, 2018

• Full launch at end of Q1, 2018

An exchange built by true traders and innovators who not only listen to the crowd, but make their ideas come true.


The exchange is built by real traders and innovators who not only listen to the general public, but make their idea a reality.

The world’s first digital exchange of assets built by society. Bitmora is set to host fully functional mobile apps, support staff of the phone over time, and an established user voting system to give users tremendous trading experience. With a revolutionary cost system that has fixed costs and percentages, Bitmora allows easy and inexpensive trading fees for small and large volume accounts.


Bitmora was founded in May 2017 by Colton Brister, Elias Mansour, and Joseph Dagostino. We are a C-Corporation business established in Delaware. We are building a service that allows users to globally exchange cryptocurrency and vote on the framework in which the crypto-curr exchange is built.

Cost System

Charges on the current exchange can not be accepted. Bitmora realizes the need to change this. Our cost system will allow users to choose the cost they want, our first step to control back into the hands of our users.

After registration, users will be given two options: fixed rate or basic percentage. Users will be able to change it at any time by contacting our support team via ticket or phone. However, seven days of “cool down” will be utilized to prevent misuse of costs.

Our rates:

Fixed Price – $ 7 + 0.03% Takers / 0.01% Makers

Percentage Based – 0.24% Takers / 0.14% Creator


Unlike brokers, crypto-cardiac exchanges do not have laws that require them to release financial reports to the public. We at Bitmora consider transparency very important to the money service business. Starting from our official launch, we will release monthly financial reports that will be available on our site. These include but are not limited to; income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and other more specific data pieces such as coin volume.

Security and Compliance

Security is very important. We will monitor everything from our servers to cold storage 24/7/365, while using routine audits to make sure nothing is missing. All cold storage will be stored off-site, undisclosed locations with security at all times. There will be no automation software that connects our cool wallets and hot purses. We will use the strict and confidential guidelines that the company follows to attract funds.

All Bitmora employees will undergo background checks and security checks. Anyone who has access to move funds from the account will go through a very thorough security check. Your average customer support representative will not have access to move or touch your funds, they will only see privileges. All employees will undergo extensive training to ensure they not only understand the Bitcoin and Blockchain networks, but also our security procedures and systems.

All data will be encrypted, both on the way and at rest. We will not take risks when it comes to user information. We will use an automated system that checks login requests and unusual withdrawals. Even in the very unlikely case someone gets access to your account without 2FA enabled, our automated system can still stop the withdrawal request.

All exchange data will be backed up in real time to prevent disruption as it flows through the network. Our system will be set up to automatically protect against Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, using limits boundary limits, and active white list / blacklist controls.

The hardware will be stored in several Tier-3 data centers around the world with security and biometric access controls. The database and exchange will be hosted on the internal hardware.

Compliance under US law is very important for us to retain an existing company. We will fully comply with FinCEN and their KYC / AML laws. For simple verification, we will use an automated process that can give results in minutes. Under US COPPA rules, a minimum age of 13 years for sharing information online.


The main benefit of Bitmora

Your Sound Problem

Our team works every day to reach out to people to see what features you think are included in the exchange, and we listen with an open mind.

Security Driven

Security at our exchange is very important to us. We are dedicated to providing the best security we can to ensure no funds are lost.

Corporate network

Days of seeing the loading screen when you click “Sell” has expired. Our system works with lightning fast speed to ensure you get the price you want.

Innovative Costs. We are all tired of paying silly fees. That is why we introduce a revolutionary cost system that was never used by earlier cryptococcal exchange. You can choose between two systems, and depending on the type and volume of your trade, one system may be more affordable than others.

Built by you. Bitmora is the first exchange that allows the community to choose user suggestions for new features. Vote on polls and be proud when you see it live by knowing that you are helping through it!

Fully Legal. Bitmora Inc. is a fully registered C-Corp in the US, according to MSB with FinCEN, and backed by a strong bank deal.

Modern Interface. Whether you use your desktop or mobile device, you can trade, analyze and control your investments. We make it easy for beginners, but also effective for experienced users.

Special Support Our support team is dedicated and measurable. We guarantee fast ticket response time and offer direct support to the phone when we open.

Secure. Our cold storage funds will be distributed worldwide in some undisclosed locations. We provide regular audits, corporate DDoS protection, and ensure funds are safely protected by many access control systems and software.

Financial Transparency Download our monthly financial data and see all the fees we receive in tandem with monthly volumes redeemed for all pairs. Your trust is very important to us.



The exchange built by you.

Say what will happen in the future. Sign up, select, and invest. Let your voice be heard.

  • Invest.
  • Post a suggestion.
  • Vote on other user suggestions.
  • Vote on coins to add on launch.
  • Accept priority beta access during open beta.
[    Website    |    Whitepaper    |     Announcement Thread    |   Slack   |    Twitter     |     Facebook    |     Medium     ]

AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action

AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action

This time I will discuss an article that discusses a very interesting service that is on offer AIDA platform. AIDA has a vision to change the business process in the industry for the better. In AIDA services all participants are equal and get the same opportunity. The only mandatory requirement is the ability to meet production obligations. The other thing remains like in the good old days. Quality of production is important again. The race for quantity becomes the second main topic.



The development of the AIDA project began three years ago. Currently we can offer two types of franchises:

  • tools designed for logistics experts and warehouses;
  • tools for promotional partners and sales revenue with our services. This tool is available for both housewives as well as for experienced entrepreneurs, advanced bloggers or advertising agencies.

The building supply market was chosen for the goods and expertise of the founders of the AIDA project in this area. However, we are aware of the fact that issues similar to those we have solved with our service are in other business areas.

After the testing and implementation process of the products we consider entering other markets in areas such as: –

  • Food
  • Furniture
  • Equipment
  • Computer hardware
  • And also gain access to global markets.


AIDA is a decentralized, automated service that brings together all participants and provides an opportunity to exchange information quickly and on time.

This service contains six main elements:

  • multilingual market
  • Customer’s member area
  • Production management system
  • Logistics management system
  • Warehouse management system
  • Promotional tools for affiliate networks and purchase funnels

There is a special market for sales and marketing on the AIDA project. The market is designed for the search and selection of building supplies and suppliers. Search results are sorted by price and availability. The card arrives automatically from the manufacturer. The factory has its own price list automatically synchronized with the market in real time. Also, if some material has already appeared on the system, the manufacturer will be offered the option to remove the material with the possibility to edit the information.

What is a smart contract and how does it work in  AIDA services ?

The idea of ​​a smart contract back in 1994 to Nick Szabo. He is a lawyer and cryptographer, he understands that it is possible to conclude “Smart Contract” based on a decentralized registry. But then there is no suitable platform, so it can be translated into reality. However, the situation changed in 2008, when the chain block technology emerged.


In turn, the Block Chain is a technology that is talked about all over the world. Information about chain block technology is recorded in encrypted form and distributed to all computers on the network.

Each new block contains information about what things were before, leading to circuit reliability and for writing information to blocks, you need to sign the action with a unique private key, this is intended for more secure security. This ensures that no one will enter information on your behalf and without your knowledge.

That is, simply, smart contracts are computer algorithms designed to conclude and maintain a self-executing contract that is done in a chain block environment.

Because smart contracts operate on a block-chain, they give users confidence in the reliability and confidentiality of transactions where outside parties do not participate, whether government agencies or banks. It is an action / transaction made under smart, traceable, transparent and irreversible contracts.

However, smart contracts get extensive practical applications with the look and development of Ethereal projects. When the founder of Vitalik Buterin in 2013 came to the conclusion that bitcoin is less suitable as the basic protocol for smart contracts, since it was not originally designed for this task. Furthermore, Mr. Buterin decided to make from the beginning the most suitable protocol for smart contracts.

And our smart token AID contract is compiled based on the ERC20 standard ( ).
The hallmark of the AIDA contract is the token price set in USD and not in Ethereal, which avoids the risk of interest rate volatility for investors.

This technical feature is made possible by the use of Oracle, a platform featuring setRate every 30 minutes, which then transmits the actual ETH / USD exchange rate of the top five cryptourrency exchanges as a parameter of the smart-contract. The token price is set to $ 0.25 each.

In addition to investing in Ethereal, investors will be able to purchase AID tokens for BTC, LTC, BCC and USD (from debit cards). The payment process in this currency will occur through the use of an automated platform that calculates the size of every incoming transaction in USD equivalent, tracks the number of transaction confirmations and once the transaction is confirmed, generates a token on the Ethereal address, ie indicated by the investor in the personal account.

The token issue is generated by raising a method (buyForInvestor), to buy other crypto-currency signatures-BTC, LTC, BCC directly from the delivery address.

To ensure the release of tokens in real time, the shifted design principle developed by Phenom  is used, when the entire release process is distributed simultaneously between the three controller addresses, allowing real-time token production, even in case of network congestion of Ethereal.

So how can AIDA be useful?

  • Automatic platform for selling building materials
  • A regularly updated customer database: logistics experts and suppliers
  • Systems for processing orders, production and supply of necessary materials
  • The full line of construction materials in one system
  • A well-developed loyalty system for participants
  • Possibility to work without intermediaries with our services
  • Convenient market to put production
  • Ranking system and level of trust to producers and suppliers
  • Optimization of marketing and sales costs
  • high producer and supplier verification during the system registration process
  • Effective logistics solutions. Integration with warehouses and logistics experts
  • Time optimization, cost optimization for production and contractor search
  • Tracking system for order production at all stages (you always know where your order is now)
  • There are no subscription fees for both customers and suppliers
  • Elimination of corruption factors in the procurement department because of automation
  • Timely notifications at the primary stage of the process for users
  • Tools for enterprise management based on analysis and planning
  • Ecommerce market development
  • Legalization of payments for construction market production
  • Bridging the “digital gap” thanks to the use of new technology (blockchain)
  • Transparency in the composition and quality of goods

The ICO process is divided into two stages:

1. Initial sale of token to investor (Pre-ICO)

Requirements: 30.12.17 09:00:00 UTC + 6-20.01.18 23:59:59 UTC + 6
During this stage tokens are sold with a 15% bonus.

2. Main Level of ICO
Conditions: 21.01.18 00:00:00 UTC + 6-10.02.18 00:00:00 UTC + 6
No bonuses are applied at this stage.

AidaIco is the first intelligent contract to be structured and based on the concept outlined by Vitalik Buterin. Where during crowdsdale, investors are given the opportunity to fund invested 1 time:

For ETH investment: all tokens stored at investor’s address are burned and sent back to investor wallets from.

BTC, LTC, BCC investment: the process of returning funds is empowered by Oracle. Investor,.
Withdrawal key: during the main phase of ICO can only be up to 30 January 2018, inclusive.


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