Asobi coin


It’s a Japanese company, they make online games, a huge experience, as many as 15 years and 600 employees around the world. Some of their games are Avabel online, Toram online, Iruna online. The total number of downloads is 50 million, sales in online games Avabel is $ 200 million.

The goal of this project is to create its own platform, where you can buy products and sell them, the name of the trading platform Asobi. It should be noted that the platform already exists, but the drawback is that users are not given the right to own the product. For example, if one of these platforms is closed, users will not be able to use the purchased product. The Asobi market will provide the right to content, and a decentralized security system will be used to protect transactions.

You can buy or sell the following:

  • EBook
  • video
  • music
  • Game item

You can buy products from manufacturers and users at lower prices. After the sale of goods, the money will be credited to your wallet. This platform will also be of interest not only to users, but also to manufacturers. If we look at the Amazon platform, then when they sell second-hand books, it’s not profitable for publishers. In the market, Assobi will use smart contracts, and profits will be distributed and distributed automatically.

For example, a book costs $ 10, a smart contract will allocate the following benefits:

  • The seller will receive 5 dollars
  • The publisher will receive $ 3.5
  • The author will receive 1.5 dollars

Concepts and solutions


Trading digital content in distributed secondary markets. New economic era of blockades for publishers and users. The Asobimo DApps platform will make digital content in the secondary market a valuable asset for all parties and will provide a safe trading experience with minimal costs and without friction.


Digital content is sometimes too easy to copy. How can I allow content redistribution that works for users, content creators, and publishers?


Asobimo DApps will provide a distributed secondary content platform with a “Decentralized Security System” (DSS). blockchain will provide evidence of possession of undisputed content.

Distributing secondary content platforms

  • Secure Data Content Platform
    We will provide a cloud system called “Decentralization of Security Systems” (DSS) using blockchain technology.
  • Distributed Content Platform
    We will create a distributed platform of secondary content P2P.
  • View details
    You can buy and sell digital content, such as comics, games, music, that you want to share with others.


ASOBI MARKET uses blockchain technology to provide a secure system for the distribution of secondary content (used).

  • Game item
  • software
  • eBook
  • music
  • video
  • E-ticket

When you make purchases on ASOBI MARKET, we can guarantee you a secure exchange between secondary content (used) and crypto currency through the DSS system.


  • Hard cover: 5 500 000 000 yen (about 50 000 000 US dollars)
  • Soft cover (※ reach): 550,000,000 yen (about 5,000,000 US dollars)
  • Issue of the coin: 16 500 000 000
  • ERC-20 marker


Token Utility: tokenization

Selling tokens
In ICO, we will sell 50% of tokens to provide liquidity.
Our team and advisors
will provide 20% of tokens for teams and advisors.
we would receive  a bounty program. There is no lock. 
Water drop
We will distribute 10% of tokens to users of ASOBIMO games.
There is no lock.
We will store 10% of tokens as a backup

Token Utility: continue selection

  • Software Development
    We plan to allocate ASOBI MARKET for the upgrade of the DSS system.
  • Promotion
    Used to promote ASOBI MARKET and ASOBI COIN
  • Business development
    After ICO, we plan to look for partner companies and work even more efficiently.
  • Law
    Used to confirm and resolve problems with legal problems

Road map


For more information, please click the following link:

Author Bitcointalk profile:;u=1233872

Overview of the Humancoin project


What is Humancoin?

Humancoin is a revolutionary project that combines philanthropists and receivers on a single platform in a practical and transparent way. Donors can quickly make donations around the world, monitor their spending online and receive discounts from platform partners. Charity projects can receive money with minimum operating costs and in a short time in a practical currency.
Humancoin is a revolutionary platform that is revolutionizing the philanthropy sector, created specifically to work effectively with the e-commerce market and cryptocurrency, which has added value. total of $ 3.5 trillion! Humancoin tokens can be easily converted into cards, miles, bonuses, other coupons. Cardholders are encouraged to keep them to enjoy the attractive benefits, which provides long-term stable demand. As the number of partners and the scale of cooperation in the Humancoin network increases, the popularity of cards increases.
This is the first time in the history of a blockchain project, may be a global gathering of e-commerce loyalty programs. With the Charity Card Association, it offers a unique advantage in developing loyalty programs with partners to create powerful emotional resonance. Instead of competing with existing programs, Humancoin signals can be easily integrated into existing systems – just set the conversion rate.

Unique features of Humancoin

 This is the first blockchain project that has the potential to become a global e-commerce clientele
The combination with charity gives it a unique advantage in developing a loyalty program with partners that creates a powerful emotional resonance.
=> Instead of competing with existing programs, the Humancoin token easily integrates into existing systems – just set the conversion rate.


Long-standing charities, including banks, non-governmental organizations, government agencies and law firms, will be at the forefront of distributed accounting technology. The use of the blockchain platform will be able to provide a digital mechanism that will be used to record and view any transaction.
This new technology, on a larger scale, will be able to facilitate the development of a direct financial platform. The charity as well as the benefits of selling their money.
The growth of the charitable industry needs to be significantly increased, thanks to the tremendous benefits of blockchain technology.

How it works 

This platform offers the opportunity to track the full range of online donations, as well as to vote and rank projects and charities, as well as other features.

There is also an option to receive a receipt for each donation used for the tax deduction depending on the tax jurisdiction of the donor.
Future expansion projects will be funded at 5% by funds raised for charitable projects, four times less than the market average.

Notice of Sale

  • 3.055 million ERC20 humans are available
  • All unsigned tokens will be registered
  • The price of a token is $ 0.01
  • Minimum purchase – 0.1 ETH
  • July 1st – August 15th
  • Should generate $ 1 million
Notice of Sale
  • September 15th – November 1st
  • Softcap – $ 6 million
  • Hardcap – $ 26 million
  Sales bonus  code   for sale 3,055,000,000
  • Presale: 50% Bonus – 150,000,000
  • Step 1 of the sale of chips: 35% Bonus – 945,000,000
  • Step 2 sales note: 20% bonus – 960,000,000
  • Step 3 of the sale of chips: 0% Bonus – 1,000,000,000
Distribute the token
  • 3,055 Mil – For sale
  • $ 1,000 million – Partner Development Fund
  • 600 million – Bonus group => 50% blocked by a smart contract for 6 months. = 50% blocked in 12 months
  • 600 million – Councilors and Ambassadors
  • 500 million – Consult and exchange
  • 245 million – Bonus program, antenna and introduction
The proceeds from the sale of chips determine the company’s financial strategy and will be dedicated to the development of the project in the fourth quarter of 2018-2019. Humancoin’s ongoing maintenance will be funded by a 5% donation to the association.

Team and mentor

Giles Gailer – CEO
Kate Bublik – Marketing Director

Finally, what can I say is that this is a potential project. The ICO is complete and very impressive. This is a great open road to enter the ICO world.

I would like to wish you a lot of luck in your investment and you will receive maximum profit. All information please visit:






ANN thread:

Bitcointalk profile:;u=1233872


Loligo The world’s first ICO safety ecosystem

What is LOLIGO?

LOLIGO is the most advanced and secure ICO community fundraising platform.

LOLIGO Provides code generation through LCC smart contracts. It ensures equitable distribution of funds based on milestones and participant voting.

The LOLIGO platform provides all the tools needed for a successful and professional ICO.

Features, characteristics

  • Mineable 
    A minimum value proportional to energy expenditure is guaranteed.
  • Store value 
    LOLIGO represents a true digital storage medium, like gold, silver or bitcoin.
  • Rare 
    scarcity of the token ensures return on investment
  • Who deflation 
    emission of Loligo decreases as the difficulty increases with hashrate global appropriate.
  • Security 
    Administration Block Management LOLIGO blockchain only related to performance and error management.
  • The 
    LOLIGO Fair is the only Blockchain to impose a balanced capital-raising community relationship.
  • Decentralization 
    Loligo unaffected by any organization or entity.
  • Dedicated Network 
    Unlike other currencies, LOLIGO Blockchain is dedicated to the launch of ICOs.
  • No more before 
    LOLIGO just started the cards sold in the ICO.


  • Factory 
    Allows the ICO Launcher to edit, test, test and publish its LCC contract on the blockchain.
  • The Online Services dashboard controls your ICO campaigns through the intuitive graphical wizard, and provides classic dashboard features and more.
  • This 
    Component Market lists the ICOs and associated labels and allows the purchase of direct token.
  • Benchmarking 
    All ICOs are verified by our experts and through real-time automated analysis, the results are available in the benchmark tool.
  • Exchanges, transactions 
    This is a private electronic money exchange that supports all ICOs given through the LOLIGO platform.
  • Smart Wallet 
    Allows buying and storing LOLIGO token, participating in various ICOs, monitoring portfolio and voting for or against existing projects.

logigo 1.jpg


    This is a complete package to launch the ICO. Our specialists put their experience to serve customers looking to launch fundraising campaigns. This includes technical expertise, development of different deliverables, as well as campaign scheduling and promotion.
    In response to any questions about the ICO founder and his background, our experts carefully study every aspect of the project including white paper, the usefulness of project, source in the case of free project, corresponding to the required amount and more.
    Our service is activated by region. It provides each country with a range of tools to track the financial status of accounts and take necessary measures in the event of fraud detection.


  • IDSafe: Safety label dealing with the ICO founder identity and background then checks the project relevance.
  • ICOSafe: Full safety label with a certified LCC contract. Ensures technical support and interventions independently of the target amount.


The timeline shows upcoming activities.



Our advisors

team 2.jpg

For more information, please visit the links below:


ANN Thread:




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Akasic global – technology revolution 4.0

What is Akasic Global?

Akasic Global is a platform that is a cross-platform, cross-platform, coexistence and application of Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) technology with excellent technologies and features developed by Top expert team, based in Korea.

An overview of Akasic Global.

Akasic is a potentially integrated ecosystem that is geared towards a shared economy. It is a distributed multi-platform transaction platform, application of blockchain technology combined with artificial intelligence.
This ecosystem includes: Akamess, Akatrade, Akabot, Akapay, AkaPlay, Akacard, Akastore, Akamining.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 11.22.02 AM.png

Strong advantage when using Akasic Global’s shared economy model.

Talking about the economy is a bit of a shame for you to understand, let’s just imagine it as a closely matching market between supply and demand, and third parties will be responsible for finding and connecting. They come together, from which to give the right value and the third party will stand in the middle of collecting a small fee to maintain the system. This model is always successful WIN-WIN.

Take a look at Grab, the connection between the roadman, and a pedestrian who is also home on that road, they use the grab to connect each other, the driver has his money right on. The way home, the passers go fast with the cost is extremely cheaper than traditional motorcycle many, Grab eat a small fee on the broker.
And here, Akasic uses the 4.0 technology: big data, blockchain, AI, and shared economy to create a win-win game: Akastore + Akapay + Akacard.

  • Akacard used to withdraw money from ATMs in Akasics
  • Akapay is the place of payment and uses QR code scanning technology to accept payments or transactions
  • The Akastore is a network of mobile stores that accepts Akapay payments and is paid for electronically.

All these things work in a completely closed process. Bigdata will help a large number of users, Akasics is targeting a potentially huge market.

Also, in the future, many new potential crypto products will be coming to Akasics to help them advertise their products to billions of users – thereby increasing their costs to stay strong enough. financially, develop a better ecosystem for billions of people in the future.

This is one of the most amazing combinations of all the best technologies and unique ideas in the current 4.0 revolution.

And remember, a project that focuses on serving the interests of the community, giving the real value to billions of people is always successful, extremely difficult to fail.

And here MASTERNET will be a community connectivity platform for the Akasic Network project to cover all of Akasic Global’s ecosystems.

Overview of MASH:

  • Using the Erc-20 algorithm
  • 100,000,000 MAS: Used to develop products and markets
  • 80,000,000 MAS: for founding team
  • 20,000,000 MAS: for the mentoring team

Market development plan and products in 100 million MAS:

  • 50,000,000 MAS: used to develop investor & trader community
  • 30,000,000 MAS: for product development team
  • 30,000,000 MAS: for partners

Moreover MASH now has trade floor so the liquidity is extremely high:

More Information:

Whitepaper EN:


Author: luioanh

Bitcointalk profile:;u=1233872

Crypto Circle X is the most advanced Crypto Exchange on Blockchain


Meet the Crypto Circle Exchange


Since the arrival of the first electronic money a decade ago, an industry has slowly started to form around it, with many cards and coins entering the market every month. The only way to start trading them is through electronic money exchanges. However, because this is still a young industry, there are many possible problems. Over the years, many of the existing exchanges have been attacked because of the poor security they provide and many unfortunate traders have lost their electronic assets. In addition, another important issue is the problem of poor liquidity, with the cryptographic market being unable to handle large orders without changing the value associated with the relevant currency. This is the main reason for the volatility of electronic currencies that ultimately affects all of us.

Transactions have a slow processing time in high transaction volume and high transaction fees from 0.25% to 0.3% when dealing with any transaction made by both parties involved in the transaction.

One of the most well-known issues is the lack of appropriate customer support that makes many investors lose investment opportunities. When dealing with a volatile market, the pace is very important and when encountering a bug on a platform, it is important to have access to proper guidance and support.


Crypto Circle Exchange comes with a different approach by building an entire ecosystem that focuses on the needs of the trader. They will have more security features specific to their users, such as CloudFlare protection to protect against DDoS, sensitive data from AES 256 Authentication, 2FA Google Authentificator, secure tagged multi-signature , asset storage system. For their clients residing in EU Member States, the exchange is fully compliant with the GDPR.

The exchange platform is developed using the GoLang programming language, extremely fast and capable of processing millions of transactions per second with a 40 nanosecond latency. This advanced technology will allow more than 10 million transactions per second.

In order to ensure market stability, real-time market monitoring, monitoring and supervision of suspicious transactions such as large transactions, transactions through transactions, fake, layered, stuffed, hammered and ignited.

This exchange comes with a reasonable transaction fee of 0.2% transaction fee, AI bot, automated trading tools with technical analysis, trading alerts and many other useful resources that will help. the user during their transaction.

To support new traders, the Crypto Circle Exchange will provide useful resources, such as video and document tutorials and professional 24/7 live chat support.


Crypto Circle Exchange will release its own token called Crypto Circle X Coin, with CCX as the icon. CCX is an ERC20 add-on that runs on blockchain. Ethereum will reduce the transaction fee to 0.1% and it can be used by both participants in the transaction process. Message tokens can also be used to enable advanced features, such as AI bots, technical analysis charts, and more.

The Crypto Circle Exchange is currently undergoing ICO, and you can be part of this great project from scratch and purchase their cards with Ethereum at discounted rates from their official website. Soft capital is $ 3 million and capitalization is $ 20 million.

The total CCX supply is 300 million and CC3 223 million can be purchased in their ICO.

Token Distribution





In short, Crypto Circle X is a solid project, backed by honest team plans to be the change that they hope will see in the existing electronic money exchange. Their experience and determination will take the cryptographic industry to new heights, by providing an electronic money revolution and blockchain asset exchange focused on speed, security, openness. wide and 24/7 professional customer support.

For more information, please visit the links below:

ANN Thread:
Telegram: / CryptoCircleX_Official

Bitcointalk profile:;u=1233872


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