AETERNUM the place of investment

This time I am here to discuss a new infection platform, a platform that gives us the opportunity to invest in some of the world’s greatest inventions, innovations and inventions that can change the world. Spend money or save money on something in the hope that someday will benefit financially. Examples are purchases of financial assets, such as bonds, stocks, insurance. You can also buy items such as cars or real estate, at home and others. Due to the capability of investing in profitable projects that we will get, there will be more investment can also be interpreted as a safe deposit of funds and facilitate the management of funds for long-term benefits. The platform is “AETERNUM”.


AETERNUM a new block-oriented platform, created as an investment site. Developing the world of science, they offer investors a fund management system for crypto-currency not only that Aeternum also gives us the opportunity to invest in some of the largest inventions, innovations and discoveries in the world of science in the future that can change the world.

They created an intellectual contract compatible with the ERC20 as their currency, known as the Aeternum (ALF) token, Aeternum provides a very conservative service so that traders will get long term benefits from their investments, Token ALF as a sales tool will be used as payment for BitLats, with its conservative structure and approach, Aeternum makes transactions and investments with a balanced vision.

The lower line
Aeternum is a partner ecosystem in order to create a knowledge-based economy in Latvia with one national beat.
The Science Foundation is taking the first step to show the public that the intellectual potential of all scientists in the world can be the core of the ecosystem.
In the fundamental science the following members of the board: Ojars Sparītis, ivars kalviņš, aigars rostovkis, valentīns jeremejevs, more zaporožec.

create a platform where everyone can invest in the intellectual property rights of scientists around the world.



Today many new new digital currencies with different functions and needs, but most of the created criptocurrency is not supported by assets in the real world, it is often harmful to the general public, there are also projects active in the world of science that have assets in the real world, but they are hampered by space and means to develop their ideas.

Solution of the Aeternum


A new crypto currency with support for intellectual property and science for eternity will be given to each holders of ETF tokens, which have valuable value of the krypton itself, which leads to an increase in demand

Aeternum Fund

Investments for a project that has value and is open to all people who have Aeternum tokens, these investments are carried out exclusively through the Beatles

Clever city

ehrenum ecosystems are physically prepared for the development of a project, exchange and other services that occur in smark contracts in the process of using bilalates

Aeternum Finance App
financial application as a mechanism in a smart box, controlled by the Beatles as an exchange.

Aeternum token function

Tradable and liquid

The aerodrome token (ALF) supports projects that are ready for the market, which will be a plus for investors, as its value will continue to grow.

Admission ticket

To participate and benefit from the smart city and the Aeternum Foundation, you need to get or use Aeternum Token to stimulate the demand for tokens and increase the cost of future tokens.

Priority access

Anyone who has an AUternum token is the top priority for information about the project that we support comes from Smart City.

With the support of projects in the market

Most of the time ICO is supported by ideas without proven extensions, but Aeternum will invest in projects that are ready for sale or have a very good and tested volume, and also have market demand.

Growing value as a profit

The reinvested 25 percent return received by the Aeternum Fund will be reinvested, in turn, increasing returns in the future.

Clever city

We will build a smart city to help scientific projects achieve results. Part of the profit received by Aeternum Dana will come from Smart City

Use of Aeterum Token

Accept ROI

50% of the profits received by the Aeternum Fund will be used to extract the new Crypto Currency (BitLats), which in turn will be sent by a dropper to ALF Holders


in ALF Exchange will be sold on the exchange, so you will always have the opportunity to sell the ALF token.

Use ALF to participate in Smart City

Token Aeternum owner will be able to access the opportunities created by Smart City and / or purchase goods or services made by Smart City Members

Why invest in aeternum?

The first platform offering investment services that contribute to the development of the world of science, since we know that there are no other platforms besides Eternum that offer similar services, Eathernum is also covered by all financial applications ALL IN ONE, using Criptocurrency as a tool for investment and exchange, as many other platforms have we meet

Funding Objectives of the Aeternum Fund

  • 10% development of the environment
  • 20% of non-technical labor resources
  • 30% for the Deep Science project
  • 40% smart city




I think this is an intelligent innovation, as we know there has been no platfrom other than Eaternum offering similar services. This is the first platform to offer investment services to help develop the world of science, Eaternum is also embraced by ALL IN ONE financial applications, using Criptocurrency as an investment and exchange tool as other platforms we have met. Let’s support this great project by joining ICO AETERNUM.



For more information, please visit the link below:

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Financex next generation electronic money exchange

What is Financex?

Financex is dealing with the country’s currency: This is the biggest difference with FinanceX. Because transactions can use their own local currency to buy / sel other currencies through multiple types of payments. The FinanceX platform allows users to trade with different systems from multiple countries. This connection will make transactions and electronic funds transfer and fiat easier in the user’s land as well as the local currency of other countries.

What is Financex better than other exchanges?

Simple transaction:

Modern, intuitive user interface and simple order process so you can trade from day one

High liquidity:

This platform ensures high liquidity with stable trading volume creating an attractive playing field in the trading process of traders.


The system is built on the most advanced and stable cloud infrastructure to ensure the highest availability.

Security and privacy:

Secure your information and keep money in your wallet in the deal

Low price:

This platform ensures that players receive competitive therapies and costs compared to those in each country

Transparent fee structure:

We provide a simple fee structure with low rates. No hidden fees



The FinanceX exchange platform allows users to trade in local currencies from multiple countries. This makes trading faster and easier when users can buy / sell electronic money directly instead of using slower and harder methods using intermediaries, such as BTC or ETH. This also means that users can trade from different countries without further difficulty, which makes us different from other exchanges.

FinanceX makes this process easier by allowing users to choose from a variety of payment methods. These include local or international bank transfer, VISA or MasterCard and electronic wallet options (PayPal, Screw, etc.). Moving from fiat to wallet takes about 30 seconds, fiat money withdrawal takes less than 60 minutes compared to transaction time. FinanceX is turning to more convenient transactions than ever before.

Sell ​​token:

FinanceX will issue 900 million FNX alerts.

FNX will be the official trading currency on the FinanceX encrypted trading platform and will provide greater liquidity for the platform.

Round 1 ICO:

Amount: 120 million Token

Price: $ 0.028

Round 2 ICO:

Amount: 110 million Token

Price: $ 0.036

Round 3 of ICO:

Amount: 90 million tokens

Price: $ 0.047


phan phoi.jpg


Using FNX for the transaction, users will receive a discount:

First 6 month period: 50%

2nd 6 month period: 20%

Year 2: 15%

Third year: 8.5%

4th Year: 0%


Aug 2017: Baseline

Aug 2018: Launching in Vietnam

Nov 2018: Open new exchange in Indonesia

Feb 2019: Open exchanges in Thailand and The Philippines

2019: Open exchanges in Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar and Singapore

2020: Open exchanges in Asia Pacific countries

2020 – 2021: Open Decentralized Exchange

2021: Open exchanges in UK & CIS countries


FinanceX was founded and developed by professionals from all over the world such as Japan, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia with over 20 years of experience in finance, information technology and securities exchange.

doi 1.jpg

doi 2.jpg

For more information, please visit the links below:











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Bitdepositary – platform overview

Bitdepositary is the first and largest new generation of QC-community Market ICO with integrated payment solutions. It is designed to make the investment process more secure. The platform is an intermediary and a payment platform for project managers and a large investor community.

Existing problems

There is no doubt that unscrupulous and low-quality ICO projects are still on the market. Perhaps not all of them are fraudulent, but a significant number of them are not able to provide the initial decisions or promises made to the community of crypto-investors. Not only this, but also the majority of ICO in the block space is focused on communications (20.5%, in the amount of> 2 008 000 000 US dollars), finance (15.5%, more than 1 512 000 000 US dollars) and Trading & Investing (10.0%, more than 976 000 000 US dollars) in the first 5 months of 2018, according to CoinSchedule. While other industries receive virtually no funding. At the same time, I add that 434 start-ups raised $ 9.8 billion through initial offers of coins. How many of them will meet expectations? This is a major investment, but there is no certainty,
Within the Bitdepositary space platform, TeamBit operates. This is an organization that includes a group of experts, community leaders, accountants and legal advisers who serve the community of crypto-currency investors. Actions taken by TeamBit provide greater protection against fraud, theft of tokens and incorrect investment decisions.
To date, there are a number of problems in this area:

  • Prevent theft of the marker. Unfortunately, with the popularity of crypto currency, a huge number of hackers have appeared, so cyber attacks occur regularly.
  • Identification of fraud. It was difficult to determine worthy ICO. After all, a lot of scammers appeared. Almost 80% are doomed or fraudulent.
  • Definition of wrong decisions. Greater likelihood of collision with fraudulent or failed companies. Therefore, it is advisable to create a space that will help to make the right decision.

How does Bitdepositary plan to solve these problems?

The platform offers start-ups in these less-funded sectors a chance and get their idea, reviewed by TeamBit, experts and the investor community themselves. Each token of sales passes through the platform system. This reduces the risk of stealing tokens with certain security measures when setting up privileged user accounts. The risk of fraud will be reduced by conducting a unique audit, which consists of lawyers, tax advisors, professionals and community users, all the unifying forces before the adoption of the project.

How it works?

Users receive their tokens free of charge from the project owner if the project successfully achieves softcap. Thus, every company that presents its project must spend tokens on everyone who voted in support of or against the project using the Bitdepositary system.
The project will not be accepted if the points are below the 55% threshold.

The voting process


Additional platform features:

  • Integrated payment solutions with a credit card
  • The user has the opportunity to invest in different currencies in future projects
  • Multicurrency tokens from successful ICO are included
  • Credit and credit card
  • Direct investment in ICO using our wallet solution
  • Based on Salesforce

Information on the token

BitDepositary (BDT)
BitDepositary represents the first ICO crowdfunding platform to provide a secure and easy digital wallet for platform users, enabling them to trade crypto currency or exchange Fiat currency. Bitdepositary will first start with the main cryptoactive assets, such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin and Zcash, and much more will follow.

BDT is a token that serves as a reward for users who decide to invest in the early stages of the project before they are accepted into the community. If the project conducts the ICO successfully, the user will be able to invest using other tokens, in addition to the BDT token.

Token Token – BDT

The total volume of issued tokens is 1 billion BDT

Softcap = $ 1 million

Hardcap = $ 50 million

Private pre-sale period:

  • For sale: 60 million BDT
  • Minimum investment: $ 500
  • Cost of the token: 0.05 $

Open pre-sale

  • For sale: 60 million BDT
  • Minimum investment: $ 500
  • Maximum investment: $ 150,000
  • The cost of the token is 0.05 $

Open sale

  • For sale: 630 million BDT
  • Minimal investment: $ 10
  • Maximum investment: $ 150,000
  • The cost of the token is 0.10 $

bit 1.jpg

Road map

roadmap 1.jpg
roadmap 2.jpgroadmap 3.jpg

More information


Bitcoin talk Username: luioanh
Bitcoin talk profile link:;u=1233872

Evaluation Engineer Project

Today I would like to introduce a project named Engineer in this article, thank you for taking the time to read this article.

About Engineer.aI is a block based and AI-based ecosystem that helps anyone make their custom software faster, more cost effective and have higher success rates than current consulting models.

Faster and lighter

Creators do not need technical knowledge to implement the project. AI combines ideas with appropriate components and development teams.

Simple and secured

Duplicate operations are removed because existing components are used without being reused. Reduce costs and shorten deadlines, allowing you to focus more on custom elements.

Management and trust

Each step is managed through an agreement on exact payment terms and eliminates payment risk.


  • Project management, payment management and distribution are all managed by our ecosystem.
  • Customers create ideas using the drag and drop interface. They send a NAYA token every week to get started.
  • AI builds the project by selecting components from the existing building blocks.
  • Scoring and proof of payment Stakeholders are assigned construction tags with atomic level details.
  • Several independent joint stock partners confirm the results.
  • Successful projects automatically issue margin funds through smart block chain contracts.
  • Storage and maintenance is managed by AI and cloud operating costs and costs are automatically adjusted.

Our mission’s development team is established and has experience through its existing network of 26,000 engineers, 3,200 customers, platform revenue of $ 23 million and annual growth rate of 150%. Transitioning to block and AI center models enables the process to be industrialized, scalable globally and achieving key objectives.

Anyone can develop software

AI eliminates the need to consult clients and break the concepts into detailed projects that fit the existing components and the best available professionals.
Ensure cost, time and quality
Quality assurance and deliverables are managed with wise arrangements to eliminate price and payment risk and delay production.

Streamline production processes

Our building block library helps to grow faster and lighter by preventing duplication of existing functions.

Anti-corrosion and maintenance functions

Storage, management, and updates are automatically provided with a faster concept of production scheduling and continuous functionality.

My token

NAYA is an ERC-20 token used in payment networks distributed to customers and collaborators.


Customers are guaranteed to successfully distribute their projects while purchasing their work on the market of contributors.

Quality assurance

NAYA conducts the project to verify the accuracy of the work with a QA kit from a network of collaborators.

Margin payment

Each project has a related smart contract that acts as a margin. Once you reach the milestone, the amount will be paid.
Engineer Platform 
AI Engineer is an all-in-one custom software platform.


HR AI support runs an online assembly line platform to create custom software. Builder runs on trusted distributed identity management networks, ensures distribution, IPR, security, dispute resolution. and payment of related parties.

Take care of builders

A warranty service that allows customers to receive updates to custom software by allowing third-party libraries to corrupt over time and keep the project running.


Use AI to manage the launch of your application using the cloud spending management platform, keep your software running and bring all the services you need together in one place.

Sale Token

The development team of has established and gained experience with proven track record.
  • Initial target $ 20 million
  • $ 3 million
  • Sale before $ 17 million

Roadmap of the project

Project construction, management and distribution payments are managed as a three-tier platform.

Asobi coin


It’s a Japanese company, they make online games, a huge experience, as many as 15 years and 600 employees around the world. Some of their games are Avabel online, Toram online, Iruna online. The total number of downloads is 50 million, sales in online games Avabel is $ 200 million.

The goal of this project is to create its own platform, where you can buy products and sell them, the name of the trading platform Asobi. It should be noted that the platform already exists, but the drawback is that users are not given the right to own the product. For example, if one of these platforms is closed, users will not be able to use the purchased product. The Asobi market will provide the right to content, and a decentralized security system will be used to protect transactions.

You can buy or sell the following:

  • EBook
  • video
  • music
  • Game item

You can buy products from manufacturers and users at lower prices. After the sale of goods, the money will be credited to your wallet. This platform will also be of interest not only to users, but also to manufacturers. If we look at the Amazon platform, then when they sell second-hand books, it’s not profitable for publishers. In the market, Assobi will use smart contracts, and profits will be distributed and distributed automatically.

For example, a book costs $ 10, a smart contract will allocate the following benefits:

  • The seller will receive 5 dollars
  • The publisher will receive $ 3.5
  • The author will receive 1.5 dollars

Concepts and solutions


Trading digital content in distributed secondary markets. New economic era of blockades for publishers and users. The Asobimo DApps platform will make digital content in the secondary market a valuable asset for all parties and will provide a safe trading experience with minimal costs and without friction.


Digital content is sometimes too easy to copy. How can I allow content redistribution that works for users, content creators, and publishers?


Asobimo DApps will provide a distributed secondary content platform with a “Decentralized Security System” (DSS). blockchain will provide evidence of possession of undisputed content.

Distributing secondary content platforms

  • Secure Data Content Platform
    We will provide a cloud system called “Decentralization of Security Systems” (DSS) using blockchain technology.
  • Distributed Content Platform
    We will create a distributed platform of secondary content P2P.
  • View details
    You can buy and sell digital content, such as comics, games, music, that you want to share with others.


ASOBI MARKET uses blockchain technology to provide a secure system for the distribution of secondary content (used).

  • Game item
  • software
  • eBook
  • music
  • video
  • E-ticket

When you make purchases on ASOBI MARKET, we can guarantee you a secure exchange between secondary content (used) and crypto currency through the DSS system.


  • Hard cover: 5 500 000 000 yen (about 50 000 000 US dollars)
  • Soft cover (※ reach): 550,000,000 yen (about 5,000,000 US dollars)
  • Issue of the coin: 16 500 000 000
  • ERC-20 marker


Token Utility: tokenization

Selling tokens
In ICO, we will sell 50% of tokens to provide liquidity.
Our team and advisors
will provide 20% of tokens for teams and advisors.
we would receive  a bounty program. There is no lock. 
Water drop
We will distribute 10% of tokens to users of ASOBIMO games.
There is no lock.
We will store 10% of tokens as a backup

Token Utility: continue selection

  • Software Development
    We plan to allocate ASOBI MARKET for the upgrade of the DSS system.
  • Promotion
    Used to promote ASOBI MARKET and ASOBI COIN
  • Business development
    After ICO, we plan to look for partner companies and work even more efficiently.
  • Law
    Used to confirm and resolve problems with legal problems

Road map


For more information, please click the following link:

Author Bitcointalk profile:;u=1233872

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