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Kind time of day dear visitors of my site. At the moment there is a huge amount of ICO on the Internet, in some it’s better not to go, but Seal Network ICO is definitely worth the attention and at least learning the material!

What is Seal?

This project is an identification offer with the help of which any user can scan any product using his smartphone, after which Seal will tell him whether the potential buyer holds the original brand products in his hands, or in front of him a brazen fake.

At the heart of the platform is the block, as well as block chains, which eliminates the possibility of data falsification or the occurrence of a failure in the project. This fact by default causes a great deal of trust both from users and from organizations whose products are regularly checked using Seal. To store a large amount of data and to protect against hacking, the platform uses Ethereum, and also collaborates with various start-ups and companies working in the field of blocking, which will help improve the work of Seal.

Relevance of the problem

Nowadays it is quite easy to stumble on a fake, even buying from official suppliers, you will be able to come across a replica. This applies to clothing, equipment, accessories, equipment, in principle, they now forge everything and sometimes it’s very good.

But in most cases, stumbling upon a fake, you will not be surprised by its quality, in fact the problem at the moment is very urgent! Especially in the fight against non-original products, the Seal Network service is already being developed , which is now at the ICO stage, especially since it has already collected software.

Solving the problem from the Seal Network project team

Everything is ingeniously simple! Probably each of us used NFC chips in everyday life, I remind you that with the help of them you can pay for the goods from the phone simply by attaching the phone to the terminal. Seal Network is inherently something similar, with the help of NFC chips you can check the product for originality.

To do this, just bring your phone to your chosen thing, which is equipped with an NFC chip, the Seal Network app calculates the data and sends it to the Ethereum block system, they are transformed into the information that you see on your mobile phone.

An example of how the Seal Network works

Seal application example

Ie as you can see, the application at first glance is nothing complicated. But in fact, the application is responsible for a large team of developers and it is not as simple as it seems at first glance. The NFC chip transmits the data to the system that distributes the data and redirects it to the Smart Contract, after which you see all the data about the product, where and when it was created, as well as the brand name and its smart contract.

Information about ICO

Name of the token: SEAL

Standard: ERC20

Number of SEAL tokens: 1.2 billion;

Approximate price = $ 0.08;

Currencies available for investment – ETH;

Soft cap: 36 million SEAL;

Hard cap: 492 million SEAL


seal roadmap.jpg


team 1.jpg


team 2.jpg

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