What is SP8DE?

Sp8de is a protocol for a decentralized, blockbuster based platform with many features that are necessary for the growing blockchain gambling industry and whose robust implementation is missing in any of the currently existing projects in this space.

Token Utility

Software License

Accessing the application universe simply requires having a proprietary token of our SPX system.

Game chip

The rates within the Sp8de ecosystem are only performed using SPX. With SPX, you participate in the success of the protocol.


SPX is used to reward developers at the protocol level.


Game Search Engine

Spade is a platform for developing decentralized applications for casinos.

Inspired to create

Spade is a decentralized market for frictionless games and no barriers to entry.

White Noises Powered Fair

The voting mechanism is implemented at the protocol level: the rating of the application reflects the true consensus of the interested parties and is unchanged.

From a legal point of view

Spade is designed to fully meet all the necessary requirements.


Decentralized 3.0

The basis of Sp8de, the Cardano is the first Proof-Of-Stake protocol without compromising security.

Scalability and efficiency

Tens of thousands of transactions per second: no user experience limitations.

Smart contracts Sp8de

The scripting language Smart-Contracts, specifically designed for this

Each token sold has a specific factor associated with it, the jackpot factor. The probability of winning is much proportional to this factor.

Of course, that jackpot factors are ordered: even during one round of sales, the previous fee is rewarded with more “powerful” tokens. The distribution of these factors for each round is shown in the table above.

Participants in earlier rounds of the jackpot have a small chance to win a big game, while those who later participate have a higher chance of winning, but are awarded in smaller batches.

In addition, earlier participants participate in more rounds of the jackpot. This should not prevent late participation: the largest pooled pool of prize tokens is played during the fourth round of the jackpot.

Distribution of tokens

There are 8,888,888,888 SPX tokens that are ever delivered. Initially, during the ICO, SPX will be released on the Ethereum block chain as ERC20 tokens. More detailed information can be found in the technical document and the description of the SPX ICO. The sale of tokens is organized into 9 stages: one pre-sale and four sales of tokens, followed by a round of jackpots.

As shown above, the price of one SPX coin increases with each round of sale. The number of tokens sold and purchased increases every subsequent round, except for presale sale. Each jackpot is played back among all existing tokens holders.

Early participation allows you to participate in more jackpot-rounds. For example, participation in the Pre-Sale and the first sale gives access to all four jackpots. Nevertheless, participation in, say, a third sale will only give access to Jackpots three and four.

Before taking part in this event, make sure that you understand the mechanics of the Spade ICO process. Do not rely solely on the chart and do not forget to understand the meaning of all of its components and especially the dedicated segments of the jackpot.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev (middle front) and Alexei Kashirsky (right) at the Moscow Mining University. At that time Alexey taught information technology in the mining industry.
Now Alexey is a senior research fellow at the Blockchain Center and Quantum Technologies MISiS (National University of Science and Technology MISiS).



Igor Ribakov (right) Founder of TechnoNICOL and Ribakova Foundation and student and entrepreneur Mikhail Krapivoy (left) at the Predactum World Cup final on the initiative of Mail.ru Group. Michael is a champion in online poker and chess. He believes that Blockhane is here to save the world.

Team and advisers

The General Director and co-founder of the
IT mining engineer
graduated from Moscow State University in
the MBA program of mining engineer Nitu “MISiS” to the
General Director of
NP “Miners of Russia” and to the
adviser of the Russian Academy of
Natural Sciences
in the association
“Industrial minerals” –
presidential aide.

Alexei Kashirsky and co-founder

CIO and co-founder of
ex Ceo of Man & Machine
Robotics Research Company

Champion of several entrepreneurs in online poker and chess.
Member of the research association AI
Blockchain Evangelist
And just a cool guy.

Mikhail Krapivoy CIO and Co-Founder

experienced business expert,
specializing in
investments in crypto-currencies,
Fin-Tech and affiliate
marketing from 2013.
Co-founder of a number of Fin-Tech projects, the
last of which is DCEX,
digital currency exchange.

Evgeny BorchersCVO & Co-Founder

Responsible for
marketing, media
and creative
developmentĀ  content
to develop and
maintain brands of a
number of enterprises.

Alexander BaikievCMO & Co-Founder

A crypto-currency
evangelist, an experienced
trader of virtual assets
and very passionate
about the
development of business
in Blockchain Space.
8 years of experience in
business development.

Sergey NovoseltsevCBDO

Highly specialized senior
architect of the blockhouse
with more than 3 years

experience in developing

distributed systems,
secure multi-party protocols
and demonstrable security.
released during the first
round of funding)

Has deep knowledge of
Solidity, Ember.js
and PostgreSQL and others.

Zhusup BolotbekovBlokrain developer and games

A highly specialized
senior architect of the blockade
with more than 5 years of
experience developing
systems, secure
multi-party protocols
and demonstrable security.

Dmitry Lipnikov

Social media

With 8 years experience
copying writer
email marketing

Renata GalikbarovaMarketing

Radion has 7 years
as a seller

he sold securities
for large corporations
across Russia and Kazakhstan.
He very much believes in
bitkoyn and crypto

Manager Radion MartynshSales

Being a
risk managerĀ  in a number of firms in
the financial services industry, he has
built systems and risk processes that
support the provision of liquidity for
crypto-currency exchanges,
and has developed
arbitrage trading strategies. The Economic Advisor
of the Open Trading Network project and the
chief expert on strategy for
exchange – DCEX.

Lyubomir Serafimov Adviser on Defense Issues

far-sighted. He has experience in
placing ICO in several
projects (SONM, Humaniq, etc.).
Director General of the
digital agency “Russian Media”. 8-year
experience of Internet
and creation of web services.

Alexander Uglov Marketing Adviser

user interface designer and visual
and visual style for
web and mobile applications. Manager of
visual design and
head of design department, studio “Yodiz”.
Cool dude.
He loves Blockhane.

Advisor Artemy ZorinGraphics Design

Road map


The online gambling industry is ready to bet on Blockchain.
The new start-up, SP 8 DE, seems to think so: online casinos lay the table and tear us apart, and Sp8de is here to fix it.

Sp8de announces Blockchain for the internet gambling, Pre-ICO is
Live Blockchain technology, and the emerging crypto currency industry stands for a bold and exciting rethink of online gambling, based on transparency, security and anonymity. Blocked casinos are growing, creating profitable investment opportunities with an approximate growth last year by 292%. Blockchain has the potential to destroy the online gambling industry, providing transparency for all transactions, dramatically reducing the house’s advantage and reducing transaction costs, ensuring the anonymity of participants and the security of all exchanges.

From Las Vegas to the block code. SP8DE ICO goes …
Like everything else, the gambling and betting industry has undergone transition periods, some of them were good, and some were not very good.

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