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Tranquil welcome of the universe, this time I will talk about ICO or task AIDUS, a debt of gratitude is in order for setting aside opportunity to peruse this article. Sampean Pancen Ngeten (JOSS).

AIDUS Global D-Fund Platform is a decentralized reserve showcase built up upon the ETHEREUM system to fill in as an expert resource the board stage in which worldwide speculators and resource the executives organizations can utilize Blockchain innovations and SMART Contracts to securely and straightforwardly make and sink into P2P (Peer-to-Peer) subsidize assentions.

Different data in regards to the settled store understandings will be enrolled in the Blockchain organize and will consistently be refreshed through the Oracles* Agent.

This undertaking, formally named as the ‘AIDUS Global D-Fund Platform (ADFP)’, is decentralized stage business by building up a ‘decentralized reserve showcase stage’ in which the AIDUS Coin will fill in as the primary money that would be utilized for the marking and reclamation of different store portfolios.

The stage will interface worldwide speculators (the interest gather for the advantage the board) with expert resource the executives organizations, while it would supply the ‘Quant Trading System(QTS)’ to the benefit the board organizations with the goal for them to make different high benefit finance things, all going for really reforming and building up another environment of worldwide resource the executives advertise

This ‘ADFP Business’ is the primary ever novel venture in the whole world that must be pushed forward by the extraordinary individuals here in the AIDUS Project Team.


The AIDUS Global D-Fund Platform is a decentralized store showcase built up upon the ETHEREUM system to fill in as an expert resource the executives stage in which worldwide speculators and resource the board organizations can utilize Blockchain advancements and SMART Contracts to securely and straightforwardly make and sink into P2P (Peer-to-Peer) finance understandings. Different data with respect to the settled store understandings will be enrolled in the Blockchain arrange and will ceaselessly be refreshed through the Oracles* Agent.

The center aggressiveness of the AIDUS Project Team is the advancements and knowhows in steadily anchoring benefits through the FOREX (Foreign Exchange) edge exchanging framework in the FOREX advertise, empowering the AIDUS to infiltrate the single biggest market in the whole world, the worldwide resource the board.

Center Tasks of the Project

First is the foundation of a safe decentralized reserve showcase framework.

Setting up of an immediate exchange through the decentralized store showcase framework dependent on the Blockchain advancements.

Fast and precise exchange of reserve marking and reclamation through the SMART Contract.

Giving of valid and sealed store data.

Building up of security framework that ensures private data and resource property of financial specialists.

Organizing of condition that can be advantageously gotten to by both worldwide financial specialists and resource the executives organizations (Online/Mobile).

Furnishing of financial specialist arranged administrations with least administration charges.

Second is the selection of a solitary money utilizing the digital money.

Need of the selection of genuine digital money framework empowering boundless repayment in marking in and recovery of different remote store things.

Need of a defensive measure for coin holders (speculators) by imparting an essential to the digital money.

Activity of a solitary cash framework empowering the cryptographic money for venture and resource the board.

Setting up of the biological system of different sorts of benefit the executives and anchoring of assets through the single money framework.

Third is the giving of a high-benefit arrangement.

Resource the executives organizations need high benefit arrangement

High benefit arrangement must be outfitted with high level of security


AIDUS Coin Single fiat money with the base of coin basics

Assurance on the Fundamental Value

ICO Asset Management through QTS Simultaneous Profits from Asset Management and Increase in the Coin Value

Genuine Currency – Single Currency on the Fund Market

Activity of Single Currency for Signing, Exchange, and Redemption

Brilliant QTS, restrictive high benefit arrangement

Restrictive QTS on the Platform

FOREX Trading-based QTS completely Developed QTS is Provided to AMCs inside the Platform Safe and High-Profit Fund Portfolios can be Designed

Decentralized Fund Market Investor-accommodating worldwide subsidizing market

Free Access in Signing into Global Funds

Free Access in Signing and Authenticating in Funds

Giving Verified Fund Information

Least Fees charged to Investors

Free Usage of Platform

Least Fees to Investors for Exchange and Redemption

Driving the computerized resource the executives biological system AIDUS environment methodology that will enhance the advantage the board marke

Foundation of Digital Asset Management Ecosystem

Foundation of Global Consortium Co-Operation of Digital Asset Management City District

The board of Ecosystem Development Fund

Advancement of Innovative Technologies and Start-up (Incubating)



AIDUS is a decent ICO program.

Think business is truly phenomenal. It pulls in individuals frequently.

Experienced and talented collaboration is hard to accomplish.

We can assemble the capacity to accomplish objectives.



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