Arcona – a new world of augmented reality

Future technological developments can be seen now. What used to be the usual discovery of a science fiction writer, ceased to be so fictitious and part of the modern world. One of the most striking examples of this is the Arcona project – the Augmented Reality ecosystem, based on blockbuster.

Now, to create the complex object of augmented reality, it takes the programmer army and over a laboring month, including observation, research, etc. But everything changed thanks to Arcona. Developers have created a whole world that lies between the real and the virtual and calling it the Digital Land.Every small part of this land will be strictly in accordance with a particular location in reality, therefore, users of this ecosystem can successfully interact with each other, being on different ends of the planet.

Now, everyone can become a unique content manufacturer in the newly created virtual world. At the same time, the quality of such content will be an order of magnitude higher than we can observe now.

How it works and what you need

Arcona allows everyone, regardless of location, to create a unique virtual installation anywhere in the world. The project developer – PiligrimXXI has implemented 8 virtual parks in different parts of the world, which can be really visited by every tourist. For example, you can see with your own eyes the arrival of an “Aurora” cruiser or other important historical event. It only requires smartphones and headphones. In the future, after the development of virtual glasses, it will be an indescribable spectacle.
Users will be able to purchase digital land and create their own virtual world on it. Any digital property will be protected by copyright and blocking technology.

The first question arises: why invest money and real time in creating a virtual world without a smartphone and seeing something will not work? Here everything is simple. In the new virtual world, it is possible to build a complete business. This platform provides the possibility to rent, buy and sell digital properties.
By buying “naked” digital earth land, it is possible to virtually build on it almost anything: old-vanishing monuments, to create every event, etc. It will involve the public, and as a result, there will be many who are willing to rent this property for their event own.
In the future, with the help of Digital Land, it is possible to hold global events such as international exhibitions, product reviews, etc. Do you want to start your own business in Tokyo or New York while staying at home? Arcona gives an opportunity like that.

Economic projects

The entire economic project will be built on the same ARCONA token. With their help, users will be able to purchase digital land and virtual properties in the primary market, as well as interact with other network participants in the secondary – to buy and sell ready-made objects or plots.
The Arcona platform will charge commissions for every operation in the system.
According to developers, tokens will be released in limited quantities – 135 million.With the growth of ecosystems, an increase in the number and quality of virtual properties, there will be a token deficit, which in turn will lead to an increase in its value.

Details of ICO

A total of 135 million tokens are prepared for sale.
ARCONA token fee is 0.0025 ETH.
The minimum purchase amount is 0.025 ETH.
The minimum objective is to attract investment in the amount of 2746 ETH.

Should I invest in Arcona?

The Arcona project is developed by experienced professionals specializing in AR technology, regularly investing in research in this field, and successfully implementing 8 augmented reality parks. This shows the professionalism of the team, and gives confidence that the ICO is not favored by developers, and developers really know what they are doing.
As for the topic of augmented reality, it is highly relevant in the context of sustainable technology development. People already have very little real world, and life activities with confidence begin to spread to virtual. Almost everything happens – from regular communication, online shopping, and investing in business.The Arcona project has gone beyond the limits of habitual perception and created a virtual world where everything will be present – business, creativity, communication, and even virtual travel.

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