Swapy Network – The Solution for Universal Credit Access

According to Global Findex’s report, two billion people worldwide do not have access to financial services, and especially access to credit. The existing banking infrastructure is expensive and consequently, banking conglomerates typically make their services unavailable to the poorest populations or those living in remote areas. This is a particular problem in developing countries. Access to credit problems can be reduced to three factors:
(1) high capital costs;
(2) information asymmetry;
(3) the high cost of banking infrastructure.

When compared to developed countries, underdeveloped countries have lower credit supply ratios and higher interest rates, making credit more costly and saving less than optimal. This is particularly a problem in Latin America and the Caribbean. The combination of banking market strength, systemic inefficiency, default risk, lack of liquidity, interest rate volatility, banking operations complexity, and tax regulations contribute to unfavorable scenarios for consumers who ultimately earn high implicit and explicit costs.

Swapy proposes that the potential and needs of the Swapy Network be motivated by the convergence of several remaining factors. These include the global pervasiveness of underserved populations in which credit is concerned, inter-state interest rate differentials, asymmetric access and ownership data, data integrity, cost to serve credit demand, and modalities of choice for transactions. We consider these factors to refer to some of the world’s economies, with a particular focus on Brazil, the G20 and the BRICS with one of the highest interest rates in the world.

Swapy is building a decentralized protocol with a series of three integrated applications that aim to provide Universal Access to Credit. This app is: The Swapy Exchange, which aims to connect smart money to emerging economies. This will introduce international investors from countries where interest rates are relatively low against credit companies in countries where interest rates are relatively high, provide better returns to investors and lower capital costs for credit companies; Swapy Financial ID, which aims to empower people, gives them a financial identity that has a purpose to apply anywhere in the world; Swapy Data Market, which aims to transform a user’s financial data into a self-determined value through a token-based system. This series of decentralized apps will allow individuals to store their own data and choose how many tokens they receive in return, and when, and with whom they want to share. The Swapy Data Market also aims to reduce entry barriers for new entrants since large data sets will no longer be exclusive to large companies, and will instead provide opportunities for new entrants. Swapy companies envision an efficient world of credit markets, with no barriers to entry to new players, where consumers have the power and reap the benefits of Universal Access to Credit. This series of decentralized apps will allow individuals to store their own data and choose how many tokens they receive in return, and when, and with whom they want to share. The Swapy Data Market also aims to reduce entry barriers for new entrants since large data sets will no longer be exclusive to large companies, and will instead provide opportunities for new entrants. Swapy companies envision an efficient world of credit markets, with no barriers to entry to new players, where consumers have the power and reap the benefits of Universal Access to Credit. This series of decentralized apps will allow individuals to store their own data and choose how many tokens they receive in return, and when, and with whom they want to share. The Swapy Data Market also aims to reduce entry barriers for new entrants since large data sets will no longer be exclusive to large companies, and will instead provide opportunities for new entrants. Swapy companies envision an efficient world of credit markets, with no barriers to entry to new players, where consumers have the power and reap the benefits of Universal Access to Credit. The Swapy Data Market also aims to reduce entry barriers for new entrants since large data sets will no longer be exclusive to large companies, and will instead provide opportunities for newcomers. Swapy companies envision an efficient world of credit markets, with no barriers to entry to new players, where consumers have the power and reap the benefits of Universal Access to Credit. The Swapy Data Market also aims to reduce entry barriers for new entrants since large data sets will no longer be exclusive to large companies, and will instead provide opportunities for newcomers. Swapy companies envision an efficient world of credit markets, with no barriers to entry to new players, where consumers have the power and reap the benefits of Universal Access to Credit.

Swapy focuses on the decentralization of loans and financial data. Credit providers in developing countries (high interest rates) can raise money at lower costs than developed countries (low interest rates) without intermediaries. The project proposes a second layer above Ethereal by using PoS for decentralized data storage and data processing to provide data and insights without intermediaries and follows high privacy standards. The data market provides incentives for people to share their data independently, without intermediaries. This market data is supported by its own sovereign identity, and awards in SWAPY can be used as loan guarantees, reducing interest rates. With a powerful model, Swapy aims to create opportunities for the uneducated. Swapy Exchange Alpha (v.0.0. 3) DApp web & desktop has been launched! A project authorized by Tim Draper, Don Tapscott and Singularity University Ventures!

Swapy Token (Details)
Symbol: SWAPY
Token Type: ERC20
Supply amount: 100,000,000 SWAPY
Price: USD $ 0.65 = 1 SWAPY
Hard Achievement: USD $ 30,000,000
Minimum contribution: USD $ 1.00
Only accept payment by ETH

Stages of Distribution of Corporate
Partner & Adviser
Team & Investor Early
External Developer Fund

Q3 Development Map 2017
Swapy software development has been started since July 1, 2017.
On July 31, we launched our personal Swapy Exchange alpha as a preview containing a fundraising contract.
Swarm exchange

Q4 2017
On October 10, we launched the Swapy Exchange public alpha in the Ropsten test net, and use our protocol openly.
Since then we have developed a side feature for fundraising flows, auditing our codebase and eliminating the dependency of centralized login services. In mid-December, we will release the latest version of Swapy Exchange D’App.


Q1 begins after the TGE
Swapy Financial Public alpha ID on a net trial provides identification and authentication of Swapy Exchange assets.

Q2 begins after the
Swapy Exchange and Swapy Financial ID private beta on the ultimate net transactor benchmark. Every credit company we are negotiating will have its own timeline to start using Swapy Exchange depending on the compliance process.

Q3 starts after TGE
Swapy Exchange and Swapy Financial ID public beta on the main net. Commonly connected “Swapy ID” APIs are available. Anyone can use it for any purpose and transact real tokens.
Swapy Data Market on a private beta that transacts real tokens and real data from Swapy Financial ID.

Q4 starts after TGE
Swapy Market Data beta is common in the main net.
Swapy Exchange and Swapy Financial ID improvements.
Next year’s planning takes into account community surveys.

More information:
Website: https://www.swapy.network
Whitepaper: https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/swapynetwork/SwapyNetwork_TokenSale_Whitepaper-EN-US.pdf
ANN Thread: http: // bitcointalk .org / index.php? topic = 2372636.0
Bounty: https://bountyhive.io/join/Swapy%20Network


What is Traxia?
Traxia is a Cardano-based project that will disrupt trade finance. Traxia enables small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to trade accounts receivable, at a premium rate, to obtain instant liquidity.

What really happened?

Simply put, Traxia will allow SMEs to sell invoices (receivables) to investors. This will provide liquidity to the business by making accounts into short-term assets shortening the billing cycle.

Examples of this are:

  • A clothing manufacturer signed a deal with Nordstrom to deliver 1000 shirts.Nordstrom will pay importers when shipping.
  • Manufacturers started working on shirt projects and estimated finishes in 60 days.Manufacturers must pay employees and purchase inventory before payment.
  • Manufacturers use Traxia to “sell” their Nordstrom invoice for 90% of its value.
  • The manufacturer receives payment from Traxia for invoices.
  • 60 days later the delivery of clothing arrived at Nordstrom and the investor received payment from Nordstroms directly.
In this example the manufacturer receives 90% of their payment 60 days in advance.This increased liquidity allows them to make additional offers, create more merchandise and grow their business faster.

It sounds familiar?

Factoring Accounts are financial transactions and types of debtor financing where the business sells its receivables (eg invoice) to a third party (called a factor) at a discount.It’s a big business and everyday happenings.
Traxia wants to make it easier for SMEs to get access to factoring without relying on banks. They want a small portion of the $ 43 trillion daily receivable market.

How does Traxia do this?

The traxia ecosystem consists of several players and components. The main players are:

Seller – Upload their invoices to sell their receivables.

  • Buyer – Purchase of the seller’s products. They must confirm (using private key) that the invoice is correct and agree to pay it. The buyer’s credit rating affects the rate that the seller receives on his invoice.
  • Publisher Provider * – Converts an invoice into a smart contract and makes it a tradable asset. They are connecting with blockchain and LiqEase will initially provide this service.
  • Liquidity Providers * – Investors of funds or institutions that initially buy assets before reselling them on the exchange. Has paid the spread.
  • Warehouse Loan – The facility owned by Traxia (digital) which will initially act as a provider of liquidity.
  • Listing Provider * – Exchange where the assets are registered. Linking liquidity providers with investors.
  • Investors – Individuals who visit the market to invest and trade a portion or collection of invoices (now digital assets) in the hope of gaining profits in such trades.

Let’s See Early Examples from Manufacturers Shirts:

Seller (manufacturer) and buyer (Nordstroms) signed an agreement for 1000 shirts.Sellers want to use Traxia so they convert their accounts into tradable assets through LiqEase and Traxia. To do this, Nordstroms verifies and authorizes transactions using their private key.
The invoice is converted into a smart contract (digital token) by the publishing provider (LiqEase) and registered on the market for sale by list provider (LiqEase). At this point individual investors can purchase assets (invoices) at a premium providing instant liquidity to the seller.
If the contract is met then the buyer will buy a digital token (smart contract) from investors and investors will take advantage.

What is LiqEase?

Traxia consists of two entities, the nonprofit Trauma Foundation and the LiqEase profits business . LiqEase builds technology behind the platform and will act as a provider of liquidity and preliminary lists in the ecosystem.
When reviewing the documentation and traxia sites, the names sometimes seem interchangeable as team members and the concept float between each entity.

Tell About That Sign.

Token, TMT, is the utility token required as a payment by issuing the provider to add a new invoice to the system. This system allows the mass adoption of the platform because buyers and sellers can continue to operate using FIAT.

How about Tim?

This balanced team starts with entrepreneurs and fills with marketers, and business veterinarians. CTO has worked on active blockchain technology (liqease). The team currently employs additional devs.
The counsel is very strong with heavy support from the VC group and legal counsel.Cardano is the main investor through their incubator Emurgo and Darren Camas, a senior advisor, is an investor and adviser on this project.
The team has a working MVP and use cases with Porche China.
Team (additional team and advisor on Traxia website)

Florian Pfutze – CEO / Founder of

Florian Zeim – Co-Founder and Product Development Lead

Jean Michel Lied Lied – CTO

Bruno Botelho – CMO

Sebastien Cheng – Business Development Executive


William Bao Bean – General Partner at SOSV

Darren Camas – Emburgo

Zennon Kapron – Former Intel and Citibank


What’s wrong with the ICO?

At present the ICO includes four presale rounds that offer 40% of the total token inventory to be sold. The token base price is $ 0.15 and can be purchased with ETH or ADA.
The first round of presale is currently open and offers 22% of total offer with a maximum discount of 40%. The discount is available until March 18 and requires a minimum contribution of 10 ET and limits the individual to a maximum of 1000 ETH.
The second round of presale lasts from 9 to 9 April and offers a 20% discount. The minimum contribution is reduced to 0.1 (or the ADA equivalent). This round offers 18% of total supply for sales.
It seems that the third and fourth rounds will sell the remaining tokens from the first two rounds with a 10% discount followed without a discount. If required, round 4 will end on 2 June. Max individual cap lifted for round 4.
Hardcap from token sales is $ 41.4 million and no soft stamp.
According to whitepaper a total of 60% of total TMT tokens will eventually be sold to the public. According to CMO Bruno Botelho an additional 20% will be sold to create additional capital if needed and will likely not be sold within the first 3 years.

Unsold tokens will be burned.

Token will be distributed at the closing of the crowd, when hardcap is reached or on 2 June.
Team members, early investors, strategic advisors and partners will have 60% of their tokens locked for 12 months and the remaining 40% locked for 24 months. Treasury funds will also be locked for two years.

Supply Marketcap & Token

The hardcap project will have a marketcap of about $ 41.4 million (400 million TMT) if no additional tokens are released at that time. In the current ICO environment, the calculated marketcap is on the high side.
The high amount of funds needed to fund properly the loan warehouse that is being implemented by Traxia. See allocation of funds on the left.
The loan warehouse will allow Traxia to buy its receivables and hold them until they are repurchased by the buyer. In the early stages of the project, the warehouse will play an important role in matchmaking and prevention of ecosystem congestion.
Total token supply is 1 billion TMT.
The project has not announced many partnerships but their technology partners are Cardano and Emurgo. Emurgo will use Traxia as a test case to migrate platform from Ethereal to Cardano.
Traxia also partnered with creditafe.com which is a credit rating service for the company.
Although not an official couple, Traxia has completed use case (MVP) using Porsche China specified in whitepaper.
Social & Hype
TMT Telegram Group has 1,000+ members and reflects that the project is in the early stages of marketing. Telegram is increasing in activity and team members including CEO Tobias and CMO Bruno both seem to answer the question.
The crowd is not overly hyped at the moment but is expected to increase as token sales build momentum. This is the first project built on Cardano and supported by Emurgo, both of which will help increase interest.


The receivable industry is an industry worth $ 43 trillion / day. The team rated their project at 0.35% of this market (or $ 150 million). It is a project that can leverage blockchain to solve real-world problems and the ability of buyers and sellers to use FIAT will help the adoption.
This project is the first to build Cardano and will act as a test case for Emurgo and their migration services. Emurgo (Cardano’s investment incubator) is also a leading investor in the flagship field showing Cardano’s confidence in the project.
We encourage you to do additional research if the project interests you.

For more information visit: 

Invox Finance – The New Way of Connecting the World



What is Invox Finance? 

Invox is an invoice distribution platform that enters the invoice financing industry worth US $ 2.8 trillion.

The team at ABR Finance Pty Ltd is behind Invox Finance. ABR Finance is a successful invoice finance company and has helped fund businesses across Australia with A $ 30 million in invoicing.

ABR will also be the first customer of Invox Finance, allowing multiple sellers and buyers to test the Invasion Financial Platform with ABR Finance as a leading investor. some sellers and buyers to test the Invasion Financial Platform with ABR Finance as a leading investor.

How Invox Finance works

Sellers who have invoices they want to sell to speed up cash flow Investors hope

gain higher profits and diversify their investment portfolio.

Buyers who will receive an invoice payment period are updated and rewarded for verifying invoices.

Invox Financial Model

We plan to disrupt and revolutionize the traditional invoicing finance industry by implementing a distributed global peer-to-peer loan platform called the Invox Finance platform.

This platform will completely eliminate the need for investor involvement by linking businesses that want to accelerate their cash flow through the sale of their invoices.


Decentralized Platforms:

Invox Financial Platform will enable sellers, buyers, investors and other service providers to directly connect, interact, share and distribute information.

Lower Rate for Seller:

Sellers will be able to obtain financing at lower rates than those normally received from traditional investors operating outside the block.

Dynamic Invoice in Distributed Ledger:

Dynamic invoices give all parties the ability to update invoice information in realtime, ensuring conservation and managing access to sensitive information.

Bringing All Parties together:

Invox Financial Platform maintains trust and transparency between all parties through the permitted access, verification, and reward system built into it

Direct Investor Access:

Invox Financial Platform will sellers direct access to individual investors. This new direct loan environment will benefit both sellers and investors.

New Way for Investors to Diversify:

The Invox Finance platform will expose investors to loan products consisting of loan fragments from businesses in various industry sectors.

Reduce the Risk:

Invoice loans will be fragmented into smaller increments allowing investors to purchase loan fragments to reduce their risk profile and increase their diversification.

Invox Token


In conjunction with the Invox Finance platform, Invox Token will be created on the Ethereal Network.


The Invox Token will give the seller access to the Invox Financial Platform. Through the Trusted Members Program each seller will be required to pay a certain amount of Invox Tokens as an annual membership to gain access to the platform.


The system will reward buyers and sellers with Invox Tokens for verification and invoice payment.

Initial Coins Offer

The reason behind doing ICO is to prioritize membership to the system through Invox Tokens sales.

The Invox Token will entitle the right holder to access the Invox Financial Platform through the Trusted Members Program. By participating in the Invox Finance two-stage fundraising process, you will be given the opportunity to earn Invox Tokens at a discount.

ICO will be ICO ICO itself ICO’s ICO plans. The maximum amount of Pre-ICO, along with our open source smart contract at Github.


Roadmap and target

For more information please visit the link below:

Website:  https://www.invoxfinance.io/

Whitepaper:   https://www.invoxfinance.io/docs/Invox-Whitepaper.pdf

BTT profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1233872

Missions That Can not Be Done Without Good Data and Quality

Some call it New Oil, while others choose the expression of New Gold. The truth is that there is nothing new about it, it is always valuable and powerful through all human history. Often a decisive factor between winning and losing in many wars and wars, the most powerful allies in your hands or the worst enemies in the hands of the opposition. The government needs it to govern; the general needs it to win the war and the Company needs it to make progress and overcome the competition. In our day need it for LIVE. Our present and future life is unimaginable without it. This great thing we call DATA.
Just imagine that you need to spend millions USD to design, develop and create some products that you plan to launch on the market for the first time. This will be an impossible mission without good data and quality. What people like, what will they use for money, what price should be put into the product, what competition, colors and design are most appealing to consumers, if it’s in a plastic box or cardboard and hundreds of other important answers You need to have it even before you start with your project. The more data you collect, the more money you will save and ultimately the more profits to be made when your final product touches the market.
In the 21st century, inter-company wars for consumer data became more intensive than ever before. The data broking industry is growing rapidly, and it is expected that this trend will continue in the future. The data tells us (I say so;)) that the industry is worth more than 250 billion USD per year and has a huge impact in the business world. However, there are some major problems facing the data intermediary industry today. From unfair business models, stealing personal data, disrespecting customer privacy, distributing fake and incomplete data to over-charge businesses that want to use it. This needs to be changed now!
Once again the blockchain revolution provides the perfect solution to this problem by connecting customers directly with the company. There are even some blockchain-based projects that thrive on this idea, I consider OPIRIA as one of the best opportunities for success in the future. The Opiria Project was created by a team full of impressive individuals with a great experience in the industry. They already have a work product that is being used by a large number of Fortune 500 companies and proved profitable.


Opiria creates a secure and efficient personal data market that allows users to sell their data directly to companies without intermediaries at the expense of their privacy. The Opiria ecosystem is supported by their PDATA Token that will be used as a payment asset on the platform. Users will have absolute control over their revenue from selling their data or participating in surveys. On the other side of the Opiria ecosystem, companies need to issue PDATA tokens to buy customer data or send their surveys directly to consumers. Such systems will provide them with the highest quality and lower-priced personal data without the involvement of the middleman.



As I mentioned already Opiria has a work product that you can visit OPIRIA PRODUCT WEBSITE and get more information about product functionality, business system, and price. If you feel attractive and as a potentially profitable investment, start your due diligence by reading the information on OPIO WEBSITE ICO. At this time there is pre-sale going on with a minimum purchase of $ 10,000 and a substantial discount is offered for this phase. The main sales of PDATA TOKENS start on 03/26/2018 where you can participate in any amount. The hard hat is set at $ 19 million, and all unsold tokens will be burned after the end of the token sale.


About GoHelpFund

Technology is very useful for everyone, especially in the world of economics. The concept of economics has advanced rapidly and has now penetrated the digital world. Even for a payment can be done with a digital currency that we call cryptocurrencies. The growing cryptocurreny can be used for the benefit of all who are involved in it.

This cryptocurrency based on blockchain can also be used as an aid. Go Help Fund  is what we need to be human. This is not just a charity organization. This is the help system of the future. Blockchain is not just for making money, with the  GoHelpFound project  it will also give forever.

On these cloudy days, many people need help, especially babies and girls. With blockchain technology, today there are many possible things. So, why not help?

The Go Help Fund platform will be based on the latest available technologies, and the HELP token as a means to send payments. With this in mind, Go Help Fund is a distributed platform driven by Ethereum and Amazon Web Services. Its goal is to help empower people to donate for a wide variety of charitable events and causes, but it also uses the HELP token as the currency of choice for all transactions on the network. Based on this, the HELP token is a standard Ethereum token ERC20, which will be used as the main currency in the platform. In the future, the company will migrate to its own chain of blocks, for greater flexibility and more functions, as entity master nodes.

All the fundraising campaigns of the platform will use the HELP token as the main currency, which will increase its value continuously.

The best platform, the most suitable for NGOs such as the Red Cross, UNESCO, UN, Save The Children, World Relief, Refugees International, Action Against Hunger, People in Need.

The only platform that uses cryptocurrency for fundraising based on humanitarian actions.

We are developing the first global platform that brings together NGOs and collaborators. The fastest way for NGOs to obtain funds, without the overhead costs of using traditional payment methods.

Funds are stored in smart contracts that eliminate counterparty risk and allow rapid automatic payments to entities.


May 12, 2017
GoHelpFund Genesis – GoHelpFund idea concept and market research. – I started working on the platform based on Amazon Web Services.

June 13, 2017
Blockchain / Wallet R & D: we started research and development to implement our own chain of blocks and wallets.

September 25, 2017
Website available – GoHelpFund.com domain name registered for the platform – Website available and social networks enabledGoHelpFund . com domain name registered for the platform – Website available and social networks enabled

January 26, 2018
Previous Token / Token sale event – Start – Token Sale launch event – Acceptance of multiple contribution forms, including BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XMR and more

24 Mar 2018
Token / Token Sale Event – Finishes
– Token Sale Successfully Ends – Start requesting big changes to get a list

April / May / June 2018
– Monthly incremental versions that will be included in the alpha version: – Website application – iOS application – Machine learning RTD

Beta version – August / September 2018
– Monthly incremental versions that will be included in the beta version: – Platform public API – Android application – Artificial Intelligence RTEP

Pre-production version – October / November 2018
– Migration of the Ethereum network to our own Blockchain – Wallet application – Entity master nodes

Production version – December 2018
– Official launch of the GoHelpFund platform – Continuous integration and development based on regular comments from our users

About the Token and ICO

Period of sale: from January 4, 2018 to March 24, 2018.

Symbol: HELP

Price: 911 HELP = 1 ETH

Platform: Ethereum

Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XRP, XMR, BNB, DASH


Daniel Tirzuman: founder of distributed back-end systems

Vlad Batrinu – iOS Evangelist

Daniel Dascalu – Front End Developer

Ciprian Florescu – Automatic Learning Engineer

Isabela Trufanda – Software developer

Teona Pungaru – Quality guarantee

Adrian Ursaciuc – .NET Developer

Eduard Rascutoi – Security Engineer

Links of interest

Website: https://gohelpfund.com/

Whitepaper:  https://gohelpfund.com/assets/whitepaper.pdf

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/gohelpfund/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/GoHelpFund_com

Bitcointalk:   https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1233872

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