VEGA – Predicting Futures Prices And Future Markets

VEGA – Predicting Futures Prices And Future Markets


Vega is an automated business bionetwork where users can allow AI to improve the practice of various machine learning methods to send automated trading to many exchanges, which will be applicable in order to predict future futures and market prices. There the Ecosystem conducts social media analysis because of the irrefutable fact that a collection of data collection captures social media and press releases, it provides A Waya for index and market analysis estimates.

Next-Gen Prediction and Analysis

Vega uses a decentralized model in which contributors can choose to pool their resources with each other to increase their income and reduce their losses. Users can apply their own configuration to build different tolerance levels for risk vs. payback and collect useful real-time market data provided by AI with recommendations.
Over time this trained in the neural network to the learning device allows prediction and probability not just real-time reactions. Users will have the option to allow AI to make smart decisions and automatically place offers for coffee lovers. The capacity of P2P software uses the latest system of blocks and systems so that the user knows where each trade is positioned and tracks ongoing collateral transactions. All effort, decision making, and insensitive data will be guaranteed by blockchain.
The machine uses a community-based system consisting of many reliable sources of information with historical and current data captured by the Vega AI program learning tool. A lot of data will be captured consistently from various systems over the web.
AI robotic and configurable AI Veg gives lovers the use of something once available and then the main player is marketed.

Vega AI

Vega AI, Lyra’s network center, is with the ability of sophisticated natural vocabulary processing and reactive human interaction, enabling a sentimental research strategy. Users can connect to AI and configure investment options. The UI is instinctive and allows integration with public media channels.
Using the Q-learning model, the algorithms and special factors in weighted decision making allow for high volatility recognition to reduce investment hazards. Over time, through learning, AI can act in response to clear and concise information that increases from positive support, thus progressively lowering the probability of error.
The info gathering cluster continually directs the web API calling service to collect data, demands functions from Vega AI and sends and stores open public data on the table with a quick index on the IPFS blocking network.

Token Vega AI

Token Vega allows the holder to have an impact and interest in the network to take advantage of all future features and add for development. This token will support other intelligent agreement systems in the future.
Details of ICO Vega AIO
System – Etereum (ERC20)
Crowdsale – November 24, 2017 to January 7, 2018
Hard cover – 30,000,000 VEGA
Price per token – 0.001 ETH
Vega AI Alternatives Verdict
Cryptocurrency is rapidly turning into a wild western world. Everyone appreciates that the market is a bubble and in that scenario, ownership becomes a hot potato. When market segments are so irrational and daytime bot bots happen, informed individual decisions are of little use.
Diversified portfolios could be the choice of many holiday resort traders and Vega is a system that will help take care of the portfolio with little care. How effective it is to do it is still to be considered.


Brian Carter – CEO and Founder
Ryan Shraq – Senior Builder and Knowledge Knowledge Expert
Amanda Taylor – Business Management and
New Network Team Coordinator – Provides Placement to Operations
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TraDove – World’s First B2B Coin

TraDove – World’s First B2B Coin

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Facebook | Reddit | ANN Thread | Telegram
Significant changes in the commercial world have occurred in the last twenty years. The explosive growth of internet accompanied by the creation of social networking has made information everywhere. Smartphones and mobile devices put the world in the palm of our hands. Facebook and LinkedIn allow instantaneous instantaneous and inter-individual links on the opposite side of the globe.But B2B is left behind. In this space, information is in the Balkans. Potential business partners in the same city may not know each other. Less transparency. Even after identifying potential business partners, the “quality of business” of potential partners is often difficult to assess. In the consumer space, peer opinions are easily available using Yelp or Google Review. This is not the case in B2B space, where targeted marketing is much more difficult.

Ultimately, trust is a problem. How can we determine whether a company or a company executive that we have never run a business trustworthy? How can we ensure that we will be paid for the goods or services we provide?

Google is not suitable for this because most of Google’s information is consumer-oriented. Google information is less B2B relevant. Without a substantial modification of his “Friend Circles” Facebook is not compatible with B2B. To adapt successfully with B2B, LinkedIn products have to be redesigned substantially.

Introducing TraDove

TraDove, Inc. (“TraDove”) was established with a single mission, to meet the basic needs of every company in order to buy and sell better by creating a business network that connects buyers, sellers, products, services and corporate companies. We will be able to allow any company to market and advertise other companies through their internet products and services in a targeted and precise manner.

TraDove has developed a proprietary process to authenticate users on the general network. Much more difficult to forge a profile. This is a social network tailored for corporate purchases and sales. It connects business people, products / services and companies seamlessly to share knowledge, experiences and opportunities in a much more relevant way.

TraDove Business Social Network

TraDove was born to solve this problem:

  1. How do you find business partners quickly and credibly?
  2. How do you ensure the quality of a potential business partner and the quality of the product / service you are going to buy?
  3. How do you market your B2B products / services to hidden demands in a targeted way?
  4. How do you make sure you get paid for what you give or get what you pay for?

TraDove Value Proposition

Business social networks connect buyers, sellers, and other companies to interconnect products / services and companies in a way that:

  1. Shorten the search cycle and identify potential business partners in a credible way
  2. Make B2B time and effort more transparent and concise (with reference, support, etc.)
  3. Is a company-based precision advertising company via the Internet
  4. Increase trust in B2B transactions and payments
The main purpose of TraDove’s B2B 2.0 is to ensure and maintain credibility, both on and off the network. There are several ways to achieve it. The basic authentication of potential network members is at the first level. TraDove has developed a proprietary process to ensure prospective new members efficiently. Once logged in, democratic rankings such as those deployed by LinkedIn or Yelp retain the members credibility level. This activity is very important. This is a device that helps maintain the quality perception of the TraDove network


TraDove will use Ethereum-based tokens, blockchain technologies, and advanced user authentication to solve fundamental trust issues in B2B and international commerce. Confirmed, checked and reviewed buyers and sellers will use smart contracts to trade through the global business-to-business platform, ensuring payment is successful.

Details Of Token Sales

Token Sales ScheduleFebruary 1, 2018
Purchase TokenEthereum, Bitcoin, Fiat
Price Token1 BBCoin = $ 0.16
Total Supply Token1.000.000.000 BBCoin

Project Road Map


MembersKent J Yan – Business, Finance, and General Management
Matt Ciantar – Sales, Marketing and Business Development
Jian Zheng – Blockchain Technology, AI, Product Development
Igor Gustincic – Sales and Business Development, Europe
George Cheng – Network, Security, Big Data and Cloud
Rick Roux – Web Marketing, User Acquisition
Jia Liu – Mobile Development
Albert Wang – User Experience and User Interface
Advisors & InvestorsRichard Rosenberg – Former Chairman and CEO of Bank of America
Phil Duff – Former CFO of Morgan Stanley
Gerhard Schulmeyer – Former CEO of Siemens, Inc.
Gary Cowger – Former Group VP of General Motors
Gordon Kaufman – Professor Emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management
Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach – Former SVP, Deutsche Telekom
Mike Honda – Retired US Congressman
Mario Rosati – Name Partner, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati
Xiongwen Lu – Dean of School of Management, Fudan University, China

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SwissBorg – the first revolutionary CyberBank

SwissBorg – the first revolutionary CyberBank

About SwissBorg

Imagine a bank offering Best Of Breed’s investment solutions for everyone without limits and limitations. Whether you are an individual, a DAO or a financial expert, SwissBorg creates a democratic, decentralized and professional ecosystem for the management of a portfolio of cryptoactive assets.

The main advantages of the platform are

🔸  Made in Switzerland
🔸Smart contracts are based on a set of multitasking intellectual contracts that provide an ideal basis for individual investment strategies.
🔸Highly intelligent people (all owners of CHSB tokens will have the opportunity to participate in the development of the SwissBorg network through the concept of “proof of meritocracy”)
🔸Crypto asset services (each person is unique and must have a tailor-made solution appropriate to his or her needs in terms of risk, target returns, financing and other services)
🔸Alpha investment strategy and (team offers more than 90 years of professional experience from leading investment companies.)
🔸Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) (corporate structures will be redone in the DAO) Swissborg will help DAO minimize their high combustion rates, creating a financially healthy and sustainable organization in the long term, and as a result Swissborg will become the ideal investment technology for DAO to maximize its chances of achieving their goals and bring real value to our society)
🔸the financial community (it is time for managers on wealth become more creative and SwissBorg ready to help in this)

Pla SwissBorg form of capital management consists of a set of features designed to empower the community to:
🔸1.Komanda project is aimed at regulating in a few countries.
🔸2. Will provide technologies, products and services for managing cryptographic technologies B2B and B2C.

CHSB (SwissBorg network token) is a universal token used for participating in the SwissBorg network.
Tokens owners benefit from a staged referendum poll to determine the evolution of the network, a set of privileges designed exclusively for members of the network (early access to products, services and bonuses).

The team advocates a legal and transparent scheme for investment and monetary exchange, takes into account tax collections and prevents money laundering . At the moment the company does not have direct competitors.

: 07/12/2017 – 10/01/2018 Symbol: CHSB
Volume of issued tokens: CHSB
Soft cap: 5.000.000 CHF
Hard cap: 50.000.000 CHF
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, XRP, BCH, LTC & Fiat

Whitepaper: -white ..
Blog Medium: @swissborg
AnnThread BTT:

ugChain: Creating Decentralized Game Ecosystems Through Blockchain

ugChain: Creating Decentralized Game Ecosystems Through Blockchain

ugChain is an ecosystem consisting of a decentralized set of applications, and essentially a decentralized account system (DAS) that utilizes blockchain technology where they have a built-in exclusive token named UG Token (UGT), which as well as having equity attributes and monetary attributes.

DAS or may also be referred to as a Decentralized Account System featuring user autonomy built on Ethics, providing a user experience that is not troublesome in authorizing information across service providers by simply asking the user to sign with his or her key, rather than the traditional way of registering and login password under each of the centralized service providers.

Gamma board certainly will not discuss this project if it is not related to the game at all, yes, ugChain first entered the gaming industry and worked with 360, Hoolai and other famous game operators to design game ecosystem solutions with application scenarios including game distribution channels, game accounts, game payments, virtual commodity purchases, E-games, league holdings, fundraising, community and other scopes.

After two months of collaboration adjustment, ugChain has officially completed integration with a well-known Japanese game team led by Andy and issued a new cryptocurrency named UGC. ugChain uses a double blockchain mechanism, which complies with the application of a decentralized ecosystem and the ease of use of principles to support eco-participants in different countries and regions setting up participant apps; ugChain will also expand global markets, promote innovation in the blockchain industry, and then benefit all members of the community .

The main goal of ugChain’s establishment is to build a “blockchain UG”, which leads the global ecosystem of a decentralized gaming industry with the ultimate goal of achieving large numbers, the strong influence of a decentralized account balance system, and solving most of the problems in today’s centralized applications. After six months of continuous development, ugChain completes the integration of initial resources and application construction for the gaming platform, and will enter a critical period of application promotion and ecological chain construction.
ugChain is an open platform that offers a variety of contract programs to facilitate active participants in the gaming community as channel operators, they can access the games they want, and then retain their users, get the appropriate benefits when users download, reload, etc. Access games can be distributed at distribution centers provided by UG service providers. Each participant holding UG accounts can create independent channels based on services provided by the platform to build their own profit promotion system.

In traditional transaction mode, inter-player transactions will be processed by a third-party service provider that will confirm the seller’s game assets, connect the seller and buyer accounts to transfer accounts and funds, and collect fees. This centralized transaction mode is vulnerable to fraud from buyers or sellers. The industry of game asset transactions is now growing rapidly, but the centralized transaction mode has hampered industry development due to fraudulent risks, long transaction times and other losses.

However on the ugChain system, Game assets owned by game players can be registered with blockchain according to the player’s address. Therefore, users can transfer the game assets safely and quickly through smart contract. For the transfer of game assets controlled by smart contracts, the transaction process will become more transparent, convenient and secure, and transaction results will be irreversible and can be tracked permanently. More details please note the following picture:

Users can recharge inside the game, buy props and do other things with the ugChain platform. Recharging and other processes involving payment of tokens and transfer of game assets will be done through smart contract . Prop trading will be supported with asset support from game carrier. Assets are transferred by contract through blockchain. Contract performance will simultaneously realize the gainsharing to channel operators, and everyone can be a channel operator where it is suitable for many scopes including games, gift broadcasts, paid reading, ugChain already have strategic partners in this field.
Users can recharge inside the game, buy props and do other things with the ugChain platform. Recharging and other processes involving payment of tokens and transfer of game assets will be done through smart contract . Prop trading will be supported with asset support from game carrier. Assets are transferred by contract through blockchain. Contract performance will simultaneously realize the gainsharing to channel operators, and everyone can be a channel operator where it is suitable for many scopes including games, gift broadcasts, paid reading, ugChain already have strategic partners in this field.
Carry itself is a point-to-point mobile game fighting platform, a battle platform that can be customized with gambling conditions and win prize pools, supporting multiple mobile games including the King of Glory .

UG wallets will be available that can be used to manage blockchain assets, blockchain assets can be transferred in and out, including UGC and ETH, also a token management tool application for users. In addition, the wallet app is an autonomous community of players, users can participate in voting, discussions, etc. The wallet has a balance management function that can realize the addition of blockchain asset transfer now.

Each UGC holder can also start a proposal in the ugChain community. The proposal should be in accordance with the direction of community development. The results of joint proposals are chosen by the whole community. By the time the proposal is launched, the current status of the block will be considered a reference standard for UGC shares. The more holders of UGC hold, the greater the weight of the holder.

Competition point-to-point on blockchain, offline league, live and timeline drills, these four dimensions expand the vitality of the game to create a sub-ecommerce e-sports industry.


ugChain is a platform that utilizes blockchain technology from ethereum using smart contract ERC-20 which will help you in transacting much more safely, including buying and selling of in-game items as well as some other scopes. We think this concept will be useful for the future.

Diclaimer : The PapanGame team and author are not part of this project, all articles in this page are informational only. If there is still you do not understand and want to be asked please visit their site below:


SYMM-New investment in cryptocurrency with smart contract

SYMM-New investment in cryptocurrency with smart contract

Website           Whitepaper            ANNBitcointalk        Twitter         Telegram

Growing investor interest in crypto-karsioners is making the possibility of investing in a very interesting crypto trading fund. With the ability to invest at multiple levels, safely store funds, and incorporate into how managed cryptocurrency investment funds, Symmetry Fund (SYMM) offers investors an opportunity to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market without the hassle of personal trading. itself
As with investors in SYMM, you will include managed funds that allow you to take part in unrestricted effortless kriptocurrency exchanges and capital investments that are otherwise unnecessary when trading individually. Offering a diversified portfolio with a market cap of over $ 1B, SYMM has an average volume of at least $ 100 million per crypto it has including Bitcoin, Ethereal, Dash, Lite Coin and Ripple. SYMM is specifically designed for trading cryptocurrencies and investments in initial Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). These funds offer many of the same benefits and protections of managed funds while providing investor exposure to the cryptocurrency market.

About Symmetry Fund (SYMM)

Part of the Ethereal blockchain (ETH), SYMM is a smart contract that complies with ERC20. The fund pays a monthly dividend in ET.
A single section in the investment fund is a SYMM token. The investment fund trades and invests in ICO for crypto which includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash and Litecoin. Shareholders will have the ability to trade their tokens with peers based on market prices. This will allow the shareholders to cash in on the flow because the value of funds increases over time, along with receiving monthly ETH dividends.

The capital funds will be used for trading in various cryptocurrencies and the percentage of funds to be allocated for each currency will be determined by analyzing certain currency and signal risks. A single section in the investment fund is a SYMM token. The investment funds trade and invest in ICO and cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash and Litecoin. Shareholders will have the ability to trade their tokens with peers based on market prices. This will allow the shareholders to cash in on the flow because the value of funds increases over time, along with receiving monthly ETH dividends.

Symmetry Fund (SYMM) ICO

An unlimited number of SYMM estimates will be released at the SYMM Initial Offering Offer (ICM). ICO will be open for a period of 60 days at a rate of 0.1 ETH per SYMM. A SYMM token will represent a share of the funds. From ICO, most of the funds raised will be used for trading purposes. A small portion of the collected funds (up to 10%) will be held by a reserve fund and careful administration. Reseating these funds is part of the SYMM risk mitigation measures. An unlimited number of SYMM estimates will be available for purchase at a rate of 0.1 ETH per SYMM during ICO. By sending Ethereum to ICO smart contract address, investor will be able to purchase SYMM token. After sending the ETH to the address, the investor account will be credited with the corresponding amount of SYMM shares.

There will be 2 classes of stock:

Moving from ICO to the Trading Phase

ICO will be closed manually at the end of 60 days. This can be closed by the nominated administrator account. After the closing of ICO, funds will be withdrawn from the contract and exchanged for other currencies. To ensure that SYMM has no adverse impact on the market to be traded, withdrawals from the ICO phase will be completed within a few days or weeks. Withdrawals will be settled on different exchanges to reduce potential market impact. As funds are withdrawn from the contract and exchanged with fiat currency, the balance of funds will be published and announced on the block. Trading will begin immediately after the initial withdrawal is made from the contract. SYMM has a long-term vision and interest in cryptocurrency stability and will not take part in any activity that could compromise the longevity and development of crypto in the future. The initial value of SYMM funds will be USD-equivalent to the Ethereum exchange rate withdrawn from the fund when ICO is closed.

Trading Phase

After ICO successfully closed and funds withdrawn from ICO, the trading phase will begin. The trading phase will continue indefinitely with changes in trading activities such as traded pairs and the allocation of funds may be selected by shareholders.

At the start of trading phase, the value of SYMM capital will be from 90% of capital in ICO. This capital will be converted into fiat currency and quoted in USD.

Summary of ICO SYMM

  • One SYMM share equals one ERC-20 compliant token.
  • The ICO duration is 60 days from 30 November 2017 to 30 January 2018.
  • During ICO, 1 SYMM share will be charged at 0.1 ETH.
  • ICO Soft Cap is 3,000 ETH.
  • No Hard Cap for ICO.
  • Trading in BTC, LTC, DASH, ET and XRP will be made using 70% of the fund’s capital.
  • 20% of funds will invest in high-potential ICO. SYMM will secure deep discounts (up to 50%)
  • ICO which has not been released for public sale.
  • 10% of the funds will be held by the funds in the reserve to ensure that the entire fund is never exposed at all times.
  • 50% monthly trading profit will be paid dividends to investors every month. Dividends will be paid in ET.
  • 50% monthly trading profit will be held for compounding growth.
  • To reduce risk and ensure the stability of the value of funds, SYMM funds will be held in USD and EUR.
  • Risk mitigation strategies will be undertaken.
  • Management fees will not be charged if there is no profit.
  • Under the scenario of symmetry and projected funds, the estimated annual ROI for the SYMM investor is estimated at more than 50%.
  • All shareholders will have the opportunity to vote on major funding decisions, which further encourage trust and sparency between the fund and its shareholders.
  • All transactions performed by SYMM will be specified in the relevant exchanges.
  • Funds held by SYMM will be subject to an external audit each month.
  • The balance of the account and the value of the SYMM funds will be reported to the stockholders on a daily basis.
  • Until SYMM is listed on the main exchange, all shareholders will have the ability to sell their investments for instant liquidity

The specific signal risk for each cryptocurrency will also be used to determine the allocation of funds and the risk of equilibrium.
This is similar to the way a mutual fund balances risk on non-cryptocurrency funds. Additional risk mitigation Strategies to be implemented include:

With significant capital investment expected for SYMM, this could mean that the value of funds is sufficient to influence the market direction. To reduce the risk of SYMM funds affecting the marketing direction, the fund will spread its trade in many exchanges. This will prevent market demand from decreasing or rising beyond its natural rate due to SYMM trading activity. To keep funds below a tolerable level of risk, margins can be used so that less funds are exposed at that time
trading. With a trading strategy designed for multiple daily select actions, this methodical and conservative approach will support the long-term growth of the value of funds and the return of investors. At the launch of the trading phase, SYMM will exchange a selection of pairs believed to hold significant data on Analyzing this data, along with a conservative approach to funding will allow reliable risk and low risk of trading to be executed Over time, expansion to different crypts may occur based on growth funds and risk analysis. Expansion of funds to other cryptocurrencies and markets will be incorporated into the shareholders
vote. Shareholder votes will be made through smart contracts in blockchain.


When SYMM generates a monthly profit, dividends will be paid to shareholders in ETH through smart contracts on day 3 of the month. Dividends will soon be available to SYMM investors when payment is sent to the dividend contract. Investors can then withdraw funds when they choose.


As a technology company, SYMM offers an opportunity for individuals to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market without the complexities of managing their own trade and related technologies. Embedded in ETH block, SYMM is a token corresponding to ERC20.

It is embedded in blocking ETH as a smart contract. Other SYMM financial functions will also be supported by blockchain contracts including ICO management, dividend payments, transparency actions, and voting.

There are several smart contracts that will operate throughout the different phases of SYMM funds from the ICO phase into the trading phase. This contract handles various parts of the fund. For example, when an investor buys a SYMM share in exchange for a token in the ICO phase, the contract will take action of supplying SYMM shares in exchange for tokens.

Future of SYMM

The base currency and other trading partners will be launched by SYMM as the funds become more established and the initial ICO trading phase has matured.

The purpose of SYMM is to be able to provide various levels of risk to investors so that there is a solution for any investor interested in having exposure to cryptographic. As we launch new investment opportunities, and expand our funding, SYMM will investigate how investors can offer special offers and benefits for new offers.

For more information please contact the website below:






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