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BitGuild platform

BitGuild is a decentralized platform based on blockbuster and smart contract technologies that will allow players to really own all their game content from buying and selling in-game items until transferring them to another game. Unfortunately for the whole gaming community, the developers do not care that some players are simply not in a state of endlessly paying for the game content, their production is aimed only at their own enrichment.

BitGuild aims to rewrite the basics like online video, games are working. Games on BitGuild will be built from the ground up to every character, element, and in-game asset is completely unique and trade – that puts power back into the hands of gamers. Where there used to be, the epic sword was only an intangible data on a private server, that the weapon really belongs to the player in the form of a marker on the blockchain. They own it, they can keep it, what can be sold, it’s up to them. No more players will vegetate, overbearing restrictions on what they can and can not with their virtual objects in the game – or even between games. The possibilities and consequences of network games built on the blockchain are virtually limitless, and BitGuild wants it to happen.

How does it work

Business models have undergone a lot of changes since the 90s of the 20th century, when various games began to be distributed, which certainly seem primitive, casting a glance at them from today. Players had to search and buy floppy disks with games as a rule at high prices, and not always had a good assortment of those.

With the massive expansion of the Internet, the industry has undergone a second revolution, the Internet that has allowed players to compete with each other in different parts of the world. Also, the opportunity to buy games without a physical medium began to appear, as it was decades before, players began to buy games via the Internet.

In the future, the entire industry began to separate games that began to be called “competitive” at the same time and the first professional gamers appeared, people who earned their living by video games. Competitive games began to resemble sports, strong players rallied to teams and conduct constant training as their colleagues from classical sports. Today, most competitive games are free, game developers have come up with another way of monetization, namely the sale of game items. It is under the latest model and is adapted BitGuild, which is created as for companies and for the convenience of players.

ICO Details

Token: PLAT
Price: 1 ETH = 80,000 PLAT
Platform: Ethereum
Acceptance: ETH
Minimum investment: 0,5 ETH
Hard CaP: 14,062 ETH

BitGuild will start the ERC20 marker in the network of the Etherium called platinum (boards). This key can be used to play BitGuild games, trade in the BitGuild market, support projects in the design of the BitGuild house and much more.


Before us is quite an interesting platform that will bring diversity to the gaming industry. It is worth noting that in the last year, many similar projects began to develop the product, but Bitguild looks like one of the most powerful and promising. Good pre-sale fees, once again prove the interest in the project among serious investors.

More information can be found here:

Website: https://www.bitguild.io

Whitepaper: https://www.bitguild.io/assets/bitguild-whitepaper-v0.72-en.pdf

Bitcoin talk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3099965.0

Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1233872

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