BITRACE – Proyek Pengembangan Racing City Yang Berbasis Blockchain

BITRACE – Proyek Pengembangan Racing City Yang Berbasis Blockchain and bounty program

Greetings community, on this blog I will elaborate on the BitRace project – To build FORMULA 1 City 3 Million $ Reward, the following Reviews:


BITRACE INVESTMENTS LTD is a British investment company based in London, England, which is a member of KJ Holdings Corp. where our company is the first company to engage in a blockchain-based racing city development project.
Currently our company is in the process of developing the Racing City Racing Tunisia project, the project consists of the construction of an integrated sports complex including the Formula 1 Line surrounded by upscale hotels and recreation units: (Total Assigned Land: 300 Hectares) in Hammamet, Tunisia .
INVESTMENT BITRACE LTD has successfully completed an agreement with BDSwiss Holding PLC, to allow its investors (BITRACE Buyer) to Trade Shares, Indexes, FOREX, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies with CFDs, using BITRACE Tokens
BITRACE INVESTMENT LTD has also successfully completed an agreement with Margarete’s Beauty in Toronto Canada to start promoting and marketing LaBelle & LeBeau Beauty Salons worldwide to enable its investors (BITRACE Buyers) to purchase Franchise products and services using BITRACE Tokens.
BITRACE INVESTMENT LTD also plans to make a little acquisition of Tour Operator, holiday resorts and also introduce BITRACE payments in Tunisia, Northern Africa and southern Europe.


A blockchain-based platform has an ICO (INITIAL COIN OVERING) program where it determines its next major program whether it will have sufficient funding to enable it to grow with a pre-defined road map.
  • Token Symbol: BRF
  • HARD CAP: 57,626,400 US $
  • Soft cap: 3,000,000 US $
  • Total token supply: 1,000,000,000,000 BRF
  • Token for Pre-Sales: 220,000,000 BRF
  • ICO Token: 356,264,000 BRF
Geography: Available to investors from all over the world other than the United States and the Republic of Singapore.
  • Price token: 0.10 US $
  • Peron: Etereum
Smart-contract: The smart-contract address will be available on the company’s website. during the sale of the crowd.
  • Payment method: ETH, BTC, BCH
  • Standard token: ERC20
  • Additional token: Emissions Not available
  • Token emission date: Right after ICO finish.
  • Purchase limit during ICO: Purchase of at least 100 tokens.
  • Unsold token tokens: Unsold token will be burned within 48 hours after ICO closes.

BITRACE Bounty Program:

Bitrace also has a bounty program for bounty hunters where the program aims to introduce this corporate platform by using social media from every bounty hunter so as to maximize the ICO program held by bitrace.
  • 20% for Social Media Campaign (10% – Twitter, 10% – Facebook)
  • 15% for Translation Campaign and Moderation (Including ANN thread and WP)
  • 20% for Pool campaign for influencers (Youtube & Article / Blogs)
  • 20% for Signature Campaigns
  • 5% for Telegram Bounty
  • 20% for other bounty


Bitrace has 3 main teams where it has perannan respectively so that this company can run well in the future and can compete with other companies.

Bitrace Investment LTD TEAM

  1. Khaled AKID is President & CEO
  2. Joseph BOURNE is the head of Business Development
  3. Aymen BOUAOUN is the head of administration
  4. Jedidi Ben ROMDHANE is the Chief Financial Officer

Tunisia’s Racing City racing team

  1. Chadly ZOUITEN is President & CEO of TUNISIA RACING F1 CITY
  2. Nadia ZOUITEN is Vice President
  3. Fatma BEN HaMouDA is the Deputy Director General
  4. Abd Elmajid HASSAIRI is the chief financial officer
  5. Taoufik BEN HADID is Chief Architect and Technical Officer
  6. Neila BOUASKER is the Head of Administration
  7. Ines NASRI Digital is a marketing specialist-technology optimist-speaker-trainer
  8. Miriam Ben Abdelmoumen is a Human Resource Manger


  1. André DIVIÈS General Manager of the Nogaro series
  2. Eddie LEONG CEO of Tokyo Associate
  3. Dr.Hasnah ISMAIL Chairman Collaboration Center UUM Industrial University
  4. Thierry BOUVERET CEO Joy & Happiness.

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