Airp2p Improvement and Development of Computers

Airp2p is an improvement and development on previous and existing computer systems. This emergence aims to solve the common limitations faced by ordinary people who have prevented people from enjoying the benefits and capacities of mega machines through the emancipation of blockchain and cryptoarcadia technologies in an innovative and ethical way. The idea was drafted in December 2017 afterwards. it’s marketing and business plan developed in March 2018
Airp2p was founded by a set of refined industry expertise: Sigurour Benediktsson (CEO), Kristinn Spence (Project Manager), Daniel Oskarsson (Developer) and many others.
FEATURES OF  AIRP2P  Authentication Protocol
Private and security
Cloud Data Storage
External Integration and more.
Integration of cloud-based ecosystems with blockchain features allows careful ecosystems on blockchain technology credentials. All transactions are recorded in a safe and decentralized manner. Of course, you want the bank on a secure and transparent system based on the integrity of the Bitcoin foundation. It gives users access to their own virtual PCs online. Individuals who use high end software such as Adobe and Lightroom will not be left out of this benefit. This will not only be beneficial for crypto holders but also students, professional graphic designers who require high end configurations and premium engines to continue their work.
Airp2p gives everyone the same access to advanced computers. It reinvents the use and access to a standard PC. It will run on the Ethereum-based blockchain technology which is the same bitcoin powering, the biggest-selling cryptocurrency worldwide. This is a system that enables the smooth running of all the technologies in it and ensures user accessibility and safety with the help of dedicated professionals on the alert to secure transactions conducted under the system. Students related to the design of games and multimedia will no longer discover the cost of purchasing a great new system that is often the main and basic constraint.
Airp2p will provide a better solution to the obstacles because of the accessibility of every part of the world to hire high end systems to assist with the work and assignment of their projects.
On the other hand, through the Airp2p Payment System Platform, individuals and companies may also choose to lease their systems for use by others. Inadequate funds have been proven and a great challenge to glowing professionals and freelancers, who often hamper their professional progress. However, with the help of Airp2p’s effort, this problem can be solved well through a peer to peer network where freelancers will benefit to hire systems that are supported by top-class configurations to accomplish their tasks easily and provide their careers with a huge boost in this launching stage .
The primary token sale begins in June 2018 while the development of the Airp2p platform begins in October 2018. The global network should be formulated to allow computing technologies to be rented on your doorstep. What a pretty and very promising offer for the future!



Token AirP2P will be released based on Ethereum platform. This is a token compatibility with third-party service wallets, exchanges etc., and provides easy-to-use integration.

ICO will be held in three phases as follows:

Pre-ICO from May 18, 2018 – June 3, 2018 (30% bonus)

First token primary sale from 3 June 2018 – 3 July 2018 (20% bonus)

Second stage tokens sales from August 3, 2018 – September 15, 2018

Detailed statistics on pricing and supply per phase will be updated

Start:        June 3, 2018 (12:00 PM GMT)

Number of tokens on sale:       3,960,000,000 P2P (12%)

End:        August 3, 2018 (12:00 PM GMT)

Token exchange rate:        1 ETH = 825.00 P2P

Acceptable currency:       ETH

Minimum transaction amount:          10,000 Token





December 2017 The idea of ​​AirP2P was born

January 2018 The basic idea is solved 


February 2018 Planning begins 


March 2018 Marketing plan & business plan developed 


April 2018 Marketing initiates & finalizes the ideology of the AirP2P Platform and its functionality  


May 2018 Incoming and pre-sale private investors begin 


June 2018 Main token sale begins – Get listed on the mainstream ICO / cryptonews website 


July 2018 Implementing the marketing strategy plan “Exodus” 


August 2018 The sale of the main token phase 2 begins 


September 2018 distributes tokens after ICO and get P2P on the exchange – make sure market liquidity


More Information Please Visit:

BUDDY: A platform for decentralized automation of development

Welcome my dear. Today, I will be evaluating a project called Buddy. Let’s learn it through our next comment.

BUDDY was founded in 2015 to use vertical automation in application development so programmers can focus on creative work instead of using the wrong purpose of repetitive work. BUDDY quickly became a partner of Github, Google, Microsoft and many other large companies, wanting to help programmers deliver faster and better products. more

A product that effectively addresses the practical problems of a multi-billion dollar market, including well-known brands such as Inc. Doc-planner ‘Magazine and CGI.

Partnerships with GitHub, Docker, Google, Amazon and Microsoft have helped launch GitHub Marketplace, Google Cloud, Azure, Docker Store and (very soon) Amazon Web Services Market respectively.

An independent commercial version of the system. A closely related group of sixteen people, working together for many years (most of the collaborators and shareholders) has proven that it provides top quality solutions for multi-tasking region.

BUDDY extends the application on autopilot and builds scalable application development, Dev Ops and GRID market development designed to challenge developers currently under construction, deployment and testing. Their application is like.

Learn more about BUDDY

BUDDY is a fast-growing, award-winning automation system for the fast-growing $ 345 billion market by 2022. Accompanied by industry leaders such as Github, Docker, Google and Microsoft Azure. More than 7,000 programmers use BUDDY every day in more than 120 countries. Highlights: INC., Magazine, ING Bank.
They aim to become the backbone where qualified people can develop services and applications are changing around the world. Their goal is to support tons of programmers by unloading anything that can be automated – giving them the reverse time for art.

The automation of growth brings great value, but its acceptance is challenged by application difficulties, a deep culture and a host of tools. That’s why BUDDY aspires to be the key differentiator and the driver who is worth it can enjoy the entire IT business. Research shows that automatic application by medium to large precision artists will save more than $ 30 million a year.

We believe that BUDDY, supported by a recognized product and for the purposes stated in the BUDDY white paper, will bring great importance to the cardholder.

Features of BUDDY

• GRID Automation and privacy sharing: The private and shared infrastructure can be expanded to run a multitude of sandboxes, pipelines, and blockchains.

• Ops block chain: steps to apply in mechanized piping, dedicated to the process of the chain

• Dev Ops Marketplace: An open system that allows programmers and professionals to develop their solutions that can be connected to mechanized pipelines.

• [Delivered] Sandbox β: The completed load samples and the test environment act as snapshot previews for each branch code.

• Automation Pipelines [Delivered]: Growth and deployment of applications with more than 70 ready-to-implement steps.

• [Delivered] Native Docker Hold: Develop a docker image on each commit and place it on Amazon, Docker Hub, or Personal Registry.

• Integration [Integrated]: a rich palette of 30 Plus integrated dedicated to a complete organization for many growth stacks.

Token details:

• Symbols: BUD
• Price: One ETH = 0.0002
• Provides full chips: Mostly BUD 300M chips are distributed to BUD Card Sales. The closing value will depend on the amount of bonus that will be used in public transactions.
• Conditions: BUD cards not sold in public auction will be destroyed by delivery mode
• Type: ERC: 20
• Issue rate: No token left
• Hard cover: 60,000 ETH

Assign tokens

• ICO: 60% of the BUD code used in the ICO is issued to suppliers who have purchased a token on their booking platform
• Group: 20% of the chips are distributed to the Group to the ICO card holder. Make sure they pay attention to the BUDDY team
• Reserve funds: 17% of the BUD is dedicated to new contributors, partners and community initiatives, or burned if it is not necessary. Define Ensuring the long-term sustainability of BUD.
• Advisor, Bounty: 4%
• Airdrop: 1%. To ensure that the Buddy token starts with a huge user base, 000,000 BUD Tokens will be discovered to pay loyal customers.

Use money:

Increased funds in the ICO will be applied to the application development process, decentralization and deployment systems that include personal and shared GRID automation, the Dev Ops market, the open source Buddy and the technology for Block-Block Application Development: Application-oriented operating system, distributed as a service block and blockchain.

As a well-developed SAAS business, we also know that having a huge product is not enough. To ensure the success of the market and the return on investment of the BUD buyer, ICO will finance the implementation of its marketing plan. In addition, we look forward to going to the region to learn the current blockbuster skills and develop, powered by free access to the Buddy platform (students and teachers). ).


Szymon Szczepankowski
General Manager, Product Manager and Co-Founder

Raphael Sztwiorok
CTO, project manager and co-founder

Thomas Korwin-Gajkowski
Blockchain architect solution

Martin Kudla
Software Architect and Co-Founder

Michael Hankus
Senior Software Engineer and Co-Founder

Thomas Prus
Senior Software Engineer

Alexander Kus
Head of Growth

Paul Olek
UX / UI Director and Co-Founder

Lucas Czulak
Data Analyst

Bart Piela
Front-end developer

Darek Sztwiorok
Java Developers

Krzysztof Stryczek
QA Engineer

Michał Bigos
QA Developer

Oktawia Dobrowolska
Head of Growth

Patryk Trojanowski
Customer Assistant


Simon Cocking
Editor-in-chief of Irish Tech News, CryptoCoinNews and InvestInIT. He is also a business coach and consultant working with over 110 successful ICOs.

Councilor   Vladimir Nikitin

A world-class expert with over ten years of experience in the legal, financial, distribution and IT sectors. A recognized expert in e-money and consulting for ICO (Top-5 global experts certified by ICObench).

Nikolay Shkilev

Passionate about Crypto and mentor. Rated 5 best in People Blockchain. Have 20 years of experience in large scale transaction projects. He has many awards and honors in the computer field. Awarded “self-made Russia”. Technical Expert Premium Super TOP, etc. Founder and CEO of Private Business Club. His organization received the “Company of the Year” award at the Kremlin. There is a company in different directions. Co-founder of “Best ICO Advisors”.

Ian Scarffe

Top 5 Blockchain and Crypto Consultants, a serial entrepreneur, an experienced investor and consultant all over the world. As a business leader, he pursues a personal mission to develop a corporate culture that helps start-ups realize their full potential and also helps to develop existing businesses. . The leading expert in bitcoin, the blockbuster industry, is at the center of the financial industry revolutions around the world and currently advises a number of companies for millions of dollars.

Jason Hung

Businessmen and inventors in the field of mobile technology, blocking, digital marketing, AI and ERP. He is the co-founder of Treas Phat, Chidopi and TimeBox. He has over 20 years of experience in R & D management, IT, sales, consulting. He is also the official person in charge of PeopleSoft and JDE.

Daniil Morozov
candidate for economics. More than 10 years in the field of financial consulting, winner of the “100 best Russian products”, “Russian Finance 2007”, “Russian Finance 2008”. Angel Business, 15 companies in the portfolio. Co-founder of the site is a revolutionary start of high technology. ICOBench Expert (TOP 10), Block Chain People on ICOBench (TOP 50).

Jared Polites

In the past 4 years, she has worked in marketing for high-tech start-ups and blokcheyn, including a year for leading venture capital firms. His specialty is marketing growth, focusing on public relations, product marketing and the implementation of exit strategies for early-stage projects.

Alex Chang

CEO of Sony Entertainment Network, Taiwan co-founder and Timebox CEO, Founder and CEO of Gravity Hong Kong, Founder of Keyman Technologies FENCIT (Beijing) Chairman (Far Eastern Wave Tire Company Group (Beijing), Director of IBM IGS SSR , Citibank Bank Associate and ICOBench Expert Bank.

For more information, please visit the following links:


White Paper:




ANN thread:

My profile:


SGame Pro ICO

With a growth of nearly 20% YoY, the global mobile gaming market remains a prominent segment of the overall gaming market that is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3 years 9.4% to $ 142bn. The main drivers behind this are increasing smartphone adoption, increasing mobile internet connectivity and growing number of high-quality mobile games.
Mobile as the largest source of gambling revenue has paved the way for new business modeling and integrated payment solutions ranging from subscription fees, pay-per-play, in-app purchases (IAP), royalties to premium accounts, increased remuneration and – most importantly – ads in the application (ADV).
Within this framework, the swivel mode, with revenue earned from ADV and the sale of digital goods, has emerged as the dominant model. Supercell, Clash Royale ™ and Clash of Clans ™ mobile game maker, generated $ 2.3 billion in sales by 2016, all from players who buy digital goods to compete with each other.

What Is Sgame Pro?

Sgame Pro is a mobile game platform aggregator (“Sgame Pro”), owned by Sgame SA, a company based in Switzerland (the “Company”). In development since 2016, Sgame Pro successfully launched the Alpha version in 2017 to more than 50,000 downloads without marketing spend. Sgame Pro is fully focused on the fast-growing mobile gaming industry and has developed two key technical innovations:

  • First, Sgame Pro allows players (“Player” or “Player”) to be rewarded with a crypto-token (“Sgame Coin” or “SGM”) utility that we just released while playing the world’s most popular mobile game. SGM will be (i) the only way to access and benefit from Sgame Pro Platform and (ii) a single settlement method for all transactions with the Sgame Pro ecosystem.
  • Secondly, Sgame Pro incorporates a fragmented sector of independent and large publishers (“Publisher” or “Publishers”) into one-stop-shop gaming platforms. At Sgame Pro, Players not only can find all the latest games, but will also have the opportunity to challenge others in a game that was previously a single player game (“Challenge”), creating a whole new game mode (“Asynchronous Multiplayer”). This innovation is really annoying considering 78% of the mobile gaming market is a single player while most of the revenue comes from multiplayer games.
At Sgame Pro, Publishers will earn much more revenue as new ecosystems encourage increased Player engagement through the technical innovations mentioned earlier. Publishers will also benefit from increased user acquisition based on Sgame Pro’s leading marketing campaigns in conjunction with Influencer Partners (“Influencer”). The Sgame Pro users include the likes of Pewdiepie, Tweakbox, and more, with over 80 million highly engaged followers spread all over the world.
In a world where Influencer’s revenue streams are becoming increasingly uncertain, especially on large traditional platforms like YouTube ™, Sgame Pro is perfectly positioned to help Influencers better interact and monetize the highly targeted Player community through an innovative “never-ending” reference program.

Key Features Of Sgame Pro


The challenge is one of the core features of Sgame Pro, allowing Players to play in Asynchronous Multiplayer mode games that are traditionally only single players. The Public Challenge is matched by Sgame Pro and allows random players with the same skill level to compete for a predetermined SGM amount, tied to the SGM amount saved to their SWallet. To ensure fairness, Sgame Pro has developed an opponent matching algorithm to match players with the same level of skills based on their Win / Lose ratio. The Personal Challenge allows Players to challenge their friends, without using appropriate algorithms, allowing them to bet any amount.


Leaderboard is a global ranking for certain games, allowing Players to measure their performance against other Players. Sgame Pro’s innovative approach consists of:
  • Leaderboards on iOS and Android: only through Sgame Pro can Players compete with other Players from both operating systems.
  • Leaderboards are appreciated: Players who achieve a new high score or a special goal are rewarded with SGM, encouraging increased Player engagement and longer playing time.

User Profile

Each Player and every Influencer will have a special Public Profile profile area that contains an overview of the score, play time, and other related Player information. Additionally, Profiles contain the following information:
  • Rank level
  • Challenging stats
  • Live performance
  • Game played
  • Balance SWallet


SGame Marketplace provides a list of prizes that can be purchased from Merchant partners using SGM. Marketplace offers a variety of digital and physical goods.


The Referral Section of Sgame Pro offers players the ability to:
  • Invite new Players to Sgame Pro instead of some SGM generated by them
  • Receive a welcome bonus at SGM to join Sgame Pro
The Referral System is designed to generate viral growth, and it is of interest to Influencers who can use their high profile social media accounts to publish Sgame Pro.


More and more online players build their fan base through live streaming. The Live feature offers a sophisticated and affordable streaming solution for mobile gamers.
Donations are one of the main sources of revenue in the world of live streaming. Sgame Pro allows fans to show their support through SGM transfers to their favorite players during Live sessions, a feature that is becoming very innovative in mobile games

Other Features

  • Developer Area: Sgame Pro is developing a vast Developer Area dedicated to helping independent developers test and promote new gaming and phone concepts. Developers will be required to pay a subscription fee at SGM.
  • Messaging: to further enhance the social elements created by the Challenge concept, the Platform will contain a comprehensive messaging system for Player to Player communications.
  • Anti-cheating: Sgame Pro has integrated an advanced anti-fraud system designed to capture a wide range of bad actors including but not limited to: bots, automatic tapping, fake users, and multiple accounts.

Token SGM

SGM is a utility token based on the ERC-20 standard, enabling Sgame Pro to fully utilize the Ethereum ecosystem and easily integrate with existing infrastructure. SGM will be available for use on Sgame Pro from day 1 when token is forged. The maximum supply of SGM Token (“SGM Supply Supply”) will be issued in a single genesis block and limited to 350,000,000.

 Details Of Token Sales

Token Sales ScheduleJune 2018
Purchase TokenEthereum
Price Token
Total Supply Token350,000,000 SGM



Gip Cutrino – FOUNDER & CEO
Nicola Rizzo – CO-FOUNDER & CFO
Natale Ferrara – CO-FOUNDER
Luca Carrozza – MD OPS
Dragan Bozic – MD MARKETING
Francesco Ongaro – CTO
Domenico Ferrari – VP OF ENGINEERING
Giuseppe Rizzo – FINANCE MANAGER
Davide Bisognin – GAME MARKET
Simone Bortolan – GAME MARKET
Pietro Ferro – BUSINESS DEV
Jennifer Rugghia – EVENTS MANAGER
Aaron Cesaro – BLOCKCHAIN ​​DEV
Validity Labs – SMART CONTRACT

Advisors & Partners

Igor Pezzilli – ADVISOR – BUSINESS
Roman Hammerl – ADVISOR – FINANCE
Robert Taylor – ADVISOR – CRYPTO
Lars Schlichting – ADVISOR – LEGAL
Marzia Bisognin – PARTNER – INFLUENCER
Ignacio Sepulveda – PARTNER – TWEAKBOX

Quick Links

Telegram: sgamepro
ANN Thread:
Author: luioanh

Bitcointalk Profile:;u=1233872

A reliable investment tool – CiCoin

The world of investment is very huge, but not without problems. One of the most serious is the safety of means and data. Because of fraud, both investors and the stock exchange suffer, suffering millions of losses. I want to present you a project based on the technology of blockade, which is designed just to solve this problem.

about the project

The project is called CICoin and is a decentralized self-regulating financial payment network created to provide users and traders with an opportunity to receive a stable income and not worry about the safety of funds, and also to feel on themselves what advantages the blockage can give when using in this area .

The main features of CiCoin are:

  • CiCoin digital token ERC20 guarantees full transparency of data and transactions
  • the technology of blocking allows making payments all over the world, without any restrictions on the time and amount of funds. Transactions on the platform do not depend on banks, any other intermediaries or other financial institutions, which is why we receive minimum fees.
  • security and transparency of all transactions, which is also secured by the blockbuster. Financial institutions can not regulate or influence payments: all transactions are autonomous and decentralized.
  • transactions for all their security are also of an anonymous nature, that is, everyone can view the payment status, but will never know who initiated it.

Investment program

The Crypto Investment Program on the platform works on the principle of allocating investment capital for portfolios and trading strategies on exchanges to maximize profits and with minimal risks. The optimal investment tool is selected using artificial intelligence and based on the StopLoss algorithm.

To avoid accusations of manipulating the price of platform tokens, as was the case with some potential competitors who ultimately failed to fulfill their promises to investors, CICoin’s trade will only occur on external exchanges. This makes it possible to completely exclude the possibility of influencing the project company on the price of tokens.

Thus, this investment program is optimal and will allow you to receive a guaranteed daily income without freezing funds for long periods.


The project goes through the ICO, and here are its main points:

Sales will be held from May 28, 2018 to June 27, 2018 in several stages.
Token: CIC;
Token emission: 12,000,000 CIC tokens;
For sale: 10,000,000 CIC tokens;
The price of the token will vary from stage to stage from $ 0.8 to $ 2


ICO Structure

ICO will be held from 15 May to 15 June, planned to hold 15 rounds, each will be held a number of different tokens. [May 15, 2018 – June 15, 2018]






Profile URL:;u=1233872

WINIOTO ICO And Bounty Company

About company 

WINIOTA develops a community based on the On-Tangle Provably Fair Casino & Artificial Intelligence, an improved platform for sports betting. WINIOTA aims to be a world leader in an innovative decentralized game and betting industry, focusing on transparent and fair technologies. The platform is based on transparent, almost instant, peer-to-peer Open Blockchain technology – Iota channels and Iota channel.

Unlike the vast majority of crypto casinos, WINiota uses the IOTA communication environment, not the blockchain. The advantage for WINiota community is of great importance: micro-rates and high-speed gameplay through Iota Flash Channels revolutionize the experience of online casinos.

WINIOTA want everyone to join the WINiota community of players. That’s why they offer flexible micro transactions. The WINiota team consists of experts on online gambling with traceable work records in the top 5 online gambling companies; IT specialists and blockchain involved in Iota projects; and experienced entrepreneurs involved in marketing, finance and legal issues. To comply with the rules and regulations, WINiota will receive a license Gibraltar Gambling.


Official site 
ANN BitcoinTalk 
Bounty BitcoinTalk 

ICO Details 

General information
Token: WIT
Platform: ERC-20
Standard: Ethereum
Quantity: 1,000,000,000 WIT
Price: 1 ETH = 22,000 WIT

Soft cap: 2,400 ETH
Hard cap: 24,000 ETH

Count: 5,300 ETH
Start: 06/01/2018
Finish: 06/14/2018
Bonus: 15%

Quantity: Prior to Hard cap
Beginning: 01/07/2018
Completion: 01.08.2018
Bonus: 1 day – 6%, 2-4 day – 3%, 5-20 day – 2%


Shane O’Neil
Co Founder, General Manager Senior bookmaker with extensive knowledge in all sports, as well as in the casino. 10-year experience in leading gaming companies in Gibraltar. Controls several mergers in the industry.

Friedrich Endlicher
Co is a founder, developer of CTO Core, game programming, a Full Stack programmer with 8 years of experience in leading teams for developing websites and mobile devices. Developer of the UCL Trinity wallet

Bastian Fritsche
Co, founder of CFO CRM Manager at bwin. Auditor officer and hotel director, including Alltours / Thomas Cook for more than 10 years.

Pontus Persson
User Experience Lead Lead UX designer with more than 10 years of experience in creating digital products for the industry’s leading brands. He worked on the HUGE, perhaps leading UX designer on the multi-award-winning (Cannes, Clios, Campaign, etc.) Appendix Adidas Glitch.

Karen Mareš
Head of the game design for leading gaming and television companies working both online and print media for companies such as NetEnt, Odobo, Playtech and Ladbrokes Coral, as well as Discovery Channel, National Geographic, BBC and Sky.

Anton Natarov
Full Stack Developer Game programming, a robotics engineer with more than 10 years of experience. Co-founder of

Scott Malsbury
Head of Communications Senior Quality and business management, previous experience with multibillion projects around the world. Head of Communications in Etlande.

Shalini Wood
PR and public relations manager More than 10 years of experience. He worked in the forecast markets of Delphy, Honeywell, Sheraton Hotels, Grand Hyatt Hotels.

Ulf Karlsson
Head of Affiliate Marketing Specializes in content marketing, SEO, social networking. More than 10 years of experience in games. I worked for GTech, Workation.

Patrick Soh
Relations with investors and the community manager Huge experience in managing communities and strategies ICO. Previously worked for EverMarkets, VeriME and IATokens.

Shabir Yunos Investor
Relations and Community Manager Previously worked for Delta Airlines and Yamaha. An experienced analyst and community manager. Previous experience includes the following Exchange, VeriME and EverMarkets.

Mandy Picolin
Project Manager Games 8 years experience in several roles in the gaming sector. He worked at bwin, Poker Strategy, Asian Logic.

Jessica Lee Green
Head of operations in the casino More than 10 years of experience in several managerial roles in the gaming sector. He worked for Bet365, Ladbrokes Coral Group.


Joshua Scigala
Adviser to the General Manager of Vaultoro, BTC / Gold. Early bitkoyin-investor. Serial Entrepreneur

Todd Price
Adviser Wallet Systems, Cryptocurrency Advocate, worked on

Anastasija Plotnikova
Legal Counsel A commercial lawyer based in Gibraltar and Vilnius specializing in international business and taxation.

Road map 

January 2016
The first idea of ​​a casino slimming club.

April 2018
Launched mvp: winiota is the first in the world to develop a game in a casino that uses iota flash channel technology.

June 2018
The beginning of the preliminary ico.

July 2018
Start ico.

August 2018
Development of further games in the casino. Comprehensive development of the sports betting platform and the deep study model. Listing exchange. We will contact the leading crypto-exchangers to get a list of wit. After the end of ico, the digital currency will be available for public auction.

November 2018
Launch of the following casino games, such as blackjack, roulette, video poker, etc. The launch of the sportsbetting section in the existing gaming platform.

March 2019
Full offer of games online.

May 2019
Integration of the artificial intelligence model in the sports betting section of winiotas.

Bounty campaign 

TELEGRAM Moderation – 2% –    Join –   Participants table

Airdrop & Referral – 7% –   Join –   Participants table

Instagram – 4% –   Join  –   Members table

Facebook – 14% –   Join –   Members table

Translation – 5% –   Join –   Participants table

Signature – 21% –   Join –   Participants table

Reddit – 16% –   Join –   Members table

Twitter – 14% –   Join –   Members table

Content – 16% –   Join –   Member Table

Visit bounty thread:


White Paper :

BTT profile:;u=1233872

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